The Lykoi Family

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    The Lykoi Family    



Statistics & Foundation

Family Tree


  • Species: Hybrid (Coyote, red wolf, dog)
    • Northeastern Coyote (Northeastern Coyote)
    • Red Wolf (Red Wolf)
    • Dog* (Dog: German Shepherd Dog, Irish Wolfhound, Pharaoh Hound, Siberian Husky)
      *Precise breeds unknown IC.
  • Family Origin: Maine
  • Surname: Greek, "wolf"
  • Archetype (Group): Hybrid blood; bad mother(s); dark history; incest
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Madness, strong leaders, religious

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  1.   1.  Family Members
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    2.   1.2  Second Generation
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    5.   1.5  Fifth Generation
    6.   1.6  Sixth Generation
    7.   1.7  Seventh Generation
  2.   2.  Defining Features
    1.   2.1  Physical Features
    2.   2.2  Cultural Features
    3.   2.3  Mental & Emotional Features
  3.   3.  History
    1.   3.1  Inferni
    2.   3.2  Family Influences
    3.   3.3  Other Lykois

All of the Lykoi family is descendant of one canine, Kaena Lykoi, who came to Bleeding Souls in 2002. The Lykoi family has always been heavily involved with Inferni. Inferni family members have always made up a majority or at least a percentage of the clan's ranks; in more recent years, Lykoi blood can be found virtually everywhere within 'Souls, ranging from the coyote clan to Cour des Miracles to Salsola.

The Lykoi family is completely hybrid blood -- all members of this family have coyote, red wolf, and dog mixed in with their blood. Some members are primarily one species -- for example, the Kimaris-descended canines are more coyote than not, while the Eternity-descended canines are more wolf than coyote. Even jackal blood has found its way amongst Lykoi bloodlines with a litter of children by Samael Lykoi.

The Lykoi family boasts ties with several other major families of 'Souls -- the Eternity, the de le Poer, and parts of the Sadira family may have Lykoi blood -- or at least a Lykoi relative.

1.  Family Members

1.1  First Generation

* indicates littermates where it would cause an extraneous generation.

1.2  Second Generation

1.3  Third Generation

1.4  Fourth Generation

1.5  Fifth Generation

1.6  Sixth Generation

1.7  Seventh Generation

2.  Defining Features

China Rose, coyote (90%) Lykoi by Alaine Helotes, coyote-heavy (50%) Lykoi by Raze Myrika, coyote-heavy (50%) Lykoi by Sie Sirius, coy-wolf (37% coyote) Lykoi by Alaine Machidael, jackal-heavy (37% coyote) Lykoi by Sie Cernunnos, dog-heavy (28% coyote) Lykoi by Alaine Gabriel, wolf-heavy (25% coyote) Lykoi by Alaine Artemisia, wolf (12% coyote) Lykoi by Sie

The Lykoi family has no one defining feature, as their widely varied heritage gives them just as varied an appearance. Some members have a doggish appearance, while others seem to be purebred coyotes. Still rarer members of the family, low in coyote blood, have fully wolfish appearances. Numerous members have a balanced or mixed appearance combining features of coyote, wolf, and dog, favoring all three equally. Lykoi family members generally have have an incredibly varied appearance, as the family is coyote, wolf, dog, and even jackal in some places.

Kaena Lykoi and Gabriel de le Poer. Art by Huskie.

Kaena is more coyote than anything else. However, her last pureblooded ancestors on her maternal side were her grandparents; her last pureblooded ancestors on her paternal side were paternal great-grandparents. Her father's family came from a long line of Red Wolves who had hybridized with coyotes prior to the apocalypse; Kae's mother was half coyote and half dog.

Kaena produced children with three wolves, one coyote, and one coyote-wolf hybrid -- resulting in even more hybridized children. There are heavy elements of coyote and gray wolf repeated numerous times throughout the family in later generations. Dog heritage is also seen, albeit more rarely than other influences. In the third generation, Samael produced a litter of children with a jackal, introducing that species into the Lykoi family.

In general, the more coyote a Lykoi possesses, the smaller that Lykoi is. In particular, Kimaris-Lykois are smaller in sized, as their father was a purebred coyote. In contrast, Kaena and Ahren's litter are large, as their father was a hundred percent wolf. Gabriel de le Poer is easily the largest Lupus-form member of the family, followed by Molochai de Odi Lykoi and Kerberos Lykoi -- all the children of full-blooded wolves. By contrast, the children of Samael and his jackal lover, Djeserit Nephthys, are the smallest of any Lykoi, as they are half-jackal.

2.1  Physical Features


  • Golden eyes are the only true Lykoi eye color. Yellow and gold colored eyes are the only "Lykoi-inherited'' eye colors; other eye colors are due to outside influences.
    • The most typical shade hovers around Fuel Yellow (#EEBB20).
    • Paler yellow eyes, around Zombie (#E1DA91) in shade, are very rare, but may occur.
  • Red eyes are extremely common within the Lykoi family, though this is due to outside influences -- red eyes don't exist within Kaena's ancestry. However, Zulifer Yfel, Ahren de le Poer, Astaroth Kimaris, Laruku Tears (so every one of Kae's babydaddies except Salvaged Eternity, whee!) have red eyes. Therefore, many Lykois have red eyes.
    • Red eyes in the Lykoi family are varied -- they range in shade from Tabasco (#AC1915) to Scarlet (#F61813) and even Mahogany (#5F0707).
  • Green eyes -- primarily around Las Palmas (#B4F41A) -- are seen only in the Eternity-Lykoi line; they are not found elsewhere amongst the Lykoi family bloodlines.

Fur & Markings

  • Many Lykois are gray in coloration. Warmer grays such as Sandstone (#746663), Martini (#ADA19D), and Masala (#3D3633) are more common than cool grays.
  • Golden hues, whites, browns, timberwolf patterning, agouti coloration, and even more vivid and varied colors may be found within the Lykoi family, thanks to the many different species influencing the bloodline.
  • Black or dark saddling along the back is also commonplace, occurring in numerous characters.
  • Red facial highlights are common -- red stripes along the muzzle, red masks, etc. are found within various characters. Common colors include Metallic Copper (#6C2C1B), Korma (#913B09), Walnut (#7D371B), and Pueblo (#8E3313).
  • Completely solid colored (dark or light) characters are rare, but they do occur, especially in characters heavy on non-coyote blood -- Eris Eternity (mostly wolf) and Sepirah Lykoi (mostly jackal) are both almost completely black, while Jael is completely white and heavily wolf.

Chaos Star

In Character

The Chaos Star tattoo is also a common feature of the Lykois, though it is certainly not an inborn trait. The tattoo is a Fire / Blood Red (#AA0000), and is shaped like a star with eight points extending outward from the ring at the center. The tattoo is commonly given to a young Lykoi within Inferni upon his or her adulthood at nine months of age.


Obtaining a Chaos Star

IC (Tattoo)
  • ICly, the Chaos Star tattoo should probably only go to canines with a fairly close connection with Inferni. It's possible the tradition has continued elsewhere outside of Inferni, but that would require a bit more special explaining on your part.
OOC (Custom Icon)
  • The icon can be obtained as a custom icon by any canine with Lykoi blood, regardless of their connection to Inferni, the Lykoi family, etc. The icon is not available to characters who do not not fit the stated criteria.
  • You must purchase your icon via game points, Word of the Day, the 'Souls Store, a contest, or similar.
  • The icon must not be altered from its original state. Changing the colors, shape, etc. of the icon is forbidden.

2.2  Cultural Features

Packs and World Territories

  • Inferni heavily influences the Lykoi family and vice versa. See Inferni.
  • Salsola and Anathema have been led by Lykoi family members.
  • Scintilla heavily influences the Lykoi family, especially with some of the children of Gabriel de le Poer.
  • Eterne has minor influences on the Lykoi family, primarily through the Kimaris family.
  • Sonnerie has minor influences on the Lykoi family, specifically the small Tarasova branch of "borcoys".

Intra-Family Violence

In general the Lykois tend toward cohesiveness -- many members return continually to Inferni; however, they certainly aren't above intra-family violence, both minor and major.


There's no single religion throughout the family. Kaena doesn't really do religion; she only gave religious teachings to the Kimaris litter. Varying sects of faith are found throughout the family.


Astaroth Kimaris spun a tale of birthing demons to Kaena. Kae passed this tale on to her children Samael, Razekiel, and Ahemait. Kaena later came to disbelieve the demon tale. She never actually cleared with this her children. Nevertheless, Samael seems to be the only one who has taken the demonic prince(ss) thing into adulthood. See Kimaris-Lykoi branch for more information.


Gabriel spent a large amount of time in Scintilla, where he picked up on their faith. This was brought home with him and taught to some of his siblings, including Corona and his children, Ezekiel, Talitha, Ithiel, and Aemon. The majority of their offspring were raised within Scintilla and brought up in the faith.


In 2012, a large group of the Lykoi family with strong Catholic roots emerged. This group includes the children of Kerberos Lykoi and his first mate, Leticia (an extremely devout Catholic of Spanish origin). Helotes Lykoi, Jacinto Lykoi, Basilio Lykoi, and Ilusion Lykoi are all practicing Catholics to varying levels of devoutness. Helotes fathered a child by Willam la Chemin, another devout catholic. Helotes' offspring, Azucena Lykoi will most likely follow in her families spiritual footsteps.


Possibly out of defiance to the violent reputation of their family, a hippie sect developed within the Lykoi in 2009 with Razekiel and Rikka. They value free love, peace over conflict, possible experimentation with recreational drugs, and most of them strive not to eat meat (even at the cost of their health). These values were heightened in 2011 when Razekiel lead the pack Ichika No Ho-en. Razekiel's children from his time in a hippie cult called Juniper Peace form a large basis of this section of the family: China Rose, Sage River, Clover Love, & Micah Sunrise. After time spent in the hippie commune, Rikka's children Rose and Hendrix also follow in her peaceful footsteps. Other Lykoi that fit in with the hippie beliefs include Jacinto, Violeta, and Avernus.


They definitely do incest. While Kaena never said, "go out and make babies with each other" to her young kids, it's probable she did not rail against incest terribly hard (her own experiences made it a difficult subject for her to think about, let alone talk about). Post-2010, Kaena's attitude toward incest changed drastically, and now she's likely to encourage it openly.

2.3  Mental & Emotional Features


Many members of the Lykoi family are, put simply, a bit batshit. Several members have legitimate mental illnesses while others simply toe the line of crazy. Kaena comes from a long line of crazy and was not stable in youth. Her various choices of babydaddy, ranging from the split personality to the guy born in the midst of a cult, did not help instill stability in the Lykoi bloodline.

3.  History

3.1  Inferni


The Lykoi family has always been heavily involved in Inferni; along with the Massacre family, the Lykois are one of the few remaining families from the earliest days of the coyote clan. Kaena Lykoi was amongst the first coyotes who gathered in Hell's Coast in October of 2002. Inferni then witnessed the birth of Kerberos and Maeryn in 2003 to Kaena. Their birth was probably the first in Inferni, and was followed up by subsequent births in 2005, 2006, and 2007. All of Kaena's living children were born in Inferni; her sons, daughters, and grandchildren have had a number of births on both new Inferni and old Inferni soil.


Lykois have led Inferni at several points. From the Inferni's beginnings until June 2004, Kaena subled and then later actually led the clan. 2004 to 2006 are the only years Inferni did not have a Lykoi leader, though Kaena Lykoi remained a sporadic member of Inferni through this time.

From late 2006 to the present day, however, Lykois have successively led Inferni. First Kaena from 2006 to 2007, then her son Gabriel de le Poer from 2007 to 2011; his son Ezekiel led from 2011 to 2013. When Ezekiel left the clan, he passed leadership to Myrika Tears, who is also a grandchild of Kaena.

3.2  Family Influences


Only Kerberos Lykoi links the Lykoi family to the Damaichu; for many years, too, Kerberos was not seen within 'Souls. In 2011, however, the Lykoi-Damaichu branch reemerged with Helotes Lykoi and his siblings.


de le Poer

This is a large part of the Lykoi family. The single litter of Kaena and Ahren was very large, with six children surviving to adulthood; all parts of the de le Poer-Lykoi branch are descended from this single litter.


  • Connected Families: Soul, Massacre, Winters, Ulrich
  • A large part of this branch can trace their history to Gabriel de le Poer's exploits in Zion. Both Kastra Hunting and Jezebel produced children with members of the de le Poer-Lykois, and Ithiel returned to his homeland with his mate to produce a litter of children.
  • This branch of the family is highly hybridized. Heavily wolf examples of this part of the family, such as Oak, contrast with heavily coyote characters, such as Ezekiel and Mephisto. A small part of this branch is also doggish, primarily where Lykoi blood has mixed with the Winters family.
  • Despite the heavy hybridization of this branch, wolfishness dominates: the initial litter between Kaena and Ahren was only twenty-five percent coyote (well below even Inferni's species requirements for much of its existence). Grandchildren of Kaena with a wolf parent such as Oak and his brothers, Rikka's children with Strelein, and Vitium's children with Colibri are less than twenty percent coyote.
  • This part of the family, despite being de le Poer in part, do not have the blue eyes found in other branches of the de le Poer family. Ahren, grandson of Nosferatu, carried the "flawed eyes" (red eyes) of the de le Poers.


The Kimaris branch of the family is also a very large influence, though Kaena bore Astaroth only three children. Part of the reason for the rapid expansion of the Kimaris-Lykoi branch is Samael, who reproduced six times with six different women of extremely varied heritage -- one a Kali, one a Sadira, the other a Rhiannon-Eternity.


  • Connected Families: Nothing, Kali, Sadira, Rhiannon
  • This branch of the family is heavily coyote: the initial litter between Kaena and Astaroth was three-quarters coyote. The subsequent generation includes majority-coyote hybrids Merodach, Merrick and her siblings, and other heavily-coyote characters.
  • Nevertheless, a strange branch arose in this family with one of Samael's trysts -- the jackal siblings, including Machidael.
  • This part of the family has (at least in part) a "titling" tradition.
  • Mkhai: The Prince of Destruction
  • Enkiel: The Prince of Strife
  • Sepirah: The Princess of Shadow


This is a small part of the Lykoi family. It includes both direct descendents of Salvaged Eternity and Kaena Lykoi -- e.g., Eris Eternity -- as well as Sirius Revlis (he is son of Samael Lykoi and more properly belongs under the Kimaris header; however, due to his Eternity heritage, he is better categorized here). Descendents of both Eris and Sirius are Eternity-Lykois, obviously.


  • Connected Families: D'Angelo, Kimaris
  • The Eternity-Lykois are generally wolfish: Eris Eternity's children, for example, are merely 12% wolf. Sirius and his children however, are more coyote examples of Eternity-Lykois.
  • The Eternity "branch" of the family is fairly disconnected from the core of the Lykoi family; Sirius lived in Inferni for a time when young, but never returned to the coyote clan. Eris essentially disowned/was disowned by her mother and left Inferni in a huge huff. This part of the family can be found in Salsola.
  • They are super incesty.
  • Eris and her ilk are the only part of the Lykoi family where red eyes cannot be found (Sirius, being of Kimaris descent in part, may have red-eyed descendents) without outside influences. On the contrary, the Eternity-Lykois are the only part of the Lykoi family prone to having green eyes.


Only Kharma Asylum and Rachias Tears linked the Lykoi family to this one following Andrezej's death. Eris, sibling to the Tears-Asylum trio, was not fathered by Laruku Tears.


3.3  Other Lykois



There may be canines with the Lykoi surname in Maine, in the sparsely populated and rural areas of of the state. These canines would be distantly related to Kaena -- through her father Andre or her aunt, Morgyn Lykoi. These Maine Lykois are almost pureblood Red Wolves by now. They would also likely carry prejudices against coyotes and hybrids, and should be considered a predecessor and nothing more.

A cousin of Kaena's, Brennen Lykoi, made a brief appearance in Jaded Shadows many years ago; beyond that, there has been no contact with the "old" Lykoi and the Lykoi known in 'Souls. The families have deviated enough to be separate entities, though they may still have the same surname.

Cruorem / Veneum

There could be maternal relatives floating around somewhere on the east coast. Extended, unknown relatives as close as Kaena's aunt or maternal cousin may exist or have existed or bore children. These characters would not carry the Lykoi surname. They would be Cruorems or Veneums, more likely the former. The Veneum dog family was destroyed but for Kaena's maternal grandmother, Sibylla Veneum. The Cruorem / Veneum canines would be coy-dogs; there was no wolf in this family in the late 1990s. Nevertheless, the Veneum clan didn't seem too picky on the species of their victims, so wolf blood may have entered the Cruorem lines by now as well. They also lived in Maine, close to Portland.


The Lykois are such cool kids, others want to be like us. ;D


  • Empusa Lykoi thought she was a Lykoi; she was told by her mother that Samael Lykoi was her father, but that was not true. Later, she changed her surname to Radu as was proper.
  • Vieira Lykoi was given the Lykoi surname despite belonging to the Kimaris family. Eris Eternity, who owned her for some time, forced the Lykoi surname onto the girl.
  • Suki Lykoi, child of Yasu Zarah and Lucifer, was given the Lykoi surname in honor of Kaena, as she and Zarah were very good friends and nearly lovers.
  • Ondine Heiwa was told by her mother that she is the daughter of Sirius Revlis, but only her littermate Delfina actually was.