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Ask Fylgja is the son of Stjarna Helsi and Loki Helsi, the Crone of Salsola. He was born shortly before the Inferni-Salsola War, during which he was kidnapped by a vengeful slave and subsequently taken hostage alongside his older half-brother in Inferni. Wishing to keep Ask from being raised a monster in the cruel Thistle Kingdom, Neith Heiwa pleaded with Dove Reverie to flee Inferni with the boy. Renaming him Gossamer Reverie to protect his identity, Dove fled to Cour des Miracles with Ask in late October.

Their arrival preceded the dawn of another kind of war, as a violent usurper seized control of the Court that winter. Though squirreled away for much of the pack's conflict, Ask nonetheless witnessed growing hostilities that culminated heinously in a public execution, and it was from these experiences that he began to form his own morals and opinions regarding leadership. Just as he was becoming a teenager, Dove died in a tragic accident, leaving the boy despondent. Shortly after her death, he departed Cour des Miracles and lived as a loner for a few seasons.

By some twist of fate, Ask later ran across his kidnapper, Silas Kasper. Taking advantage of the boy's directionless anger and uncertain memories, he convinced Ask that the pack he'd been stolen from was a cruel one, and offered to escort him back to Salsola to see this for himself. Though neither trusted each other, this was enough motivation for them to travel north together. Not far from Salsola, Silas pointed out Ask's father to him -- then killed Loki when he was distracted by his son's appearance. Traumatized by this, Ask fled.





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1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Predominately wolf, only his overall slenderness hints at coyote or dog heritage; he could just as easily be mistaken as a timber wolf.
  • Fur: Thick and short.
    • Optime Hair: Full, with a very slight curl. In the future, he will keep his hair fairly neat and relatively short.
  • Facial Features: Large coyote-like ears, with a long wolfish muzzle. His face is "soft", but with sly eyes.
  • Build and Size: Average for a wolf, if a bit short in the legs. Narrow but robust, lithe and balanced. He is fast and enduring.
    • In Optime: 6'5" -- 225 lbs (when fully grown).
  • Humanization: Low -- very unused to his shifted body and the usefulness of tools.


Lineart by ArtisticJackal



Hurricane (#8C7F7B)
Shady Lady (#B3ADB0)
Gallery (#EAEAEA)


London Hue (#C9ACCF)

Skin, Leathers

Bouquet (#AF8A9A)


  • Speech: Boyish, and a little squeaky as his balls drop.
  • Scent: He unintentionally smells like a hot summer day. Like a boy that's been hard at play.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: He tends to look/stare/glare at anything that moves. He would also almost definitely win every "silent game" ever played.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Vigilant, rigid, and unapproachable. Ask doesn't appear friendly and his posture often reads back off (to varying degrees of intensity).

2.  Personality

2.1  Summary

  • Uptight, cautious, dutiful, and compassionate

Due to a tumultuous childhood, Ask has regrettably evolved into an emotionally defensive creature. He shies away from relationships, treating everyone like an enemy first and an acquaintance second. Despite this defense mechanism, his true nature is one of altruism. He is a kind and selfless soul who often dreams himself the hero.


2.2  Details


  • Likes: Responsibility, routines, manual labor
  • Dislikes: Interruptions, downtime


  • Escapism
  • Achieving means through which will keep him safe


  • Coercion
  • Being incapacitated


  • He hates everything until he's given a reason not to


  • Honesty
  • Reliability




  • Unlikely to ever hold any faith in anything but himself

3.  Threads

3.1  yNPC

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3.2  Played

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3.3  cNPC

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