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'Souls always has various Out of Character and In Character things going on—there are numerous ways one can earn prizes, win things, or otherwise contribute to 'Souls via games. A huge part of the OOC community deals with having fun with your fellow roleplayers. :D

Remember, if you want to relax and kick back on the forums, you can always stop by the Games and Fun Forum! There are lots of user-generated games that have been running for a long time posted in there—feel free to start your own if you have an interesting idea.

There are some things that we do that are rather silly—e.g., the HotPotato and the TitleWars. 8D They're kind of like inside jokes, but stick around long enough and you may just find yourself laughing along, or better yet, with a new lulz attached to you. 8D

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Many of our contest have icon prizes, which are catalogued here!

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