Family pages aren't extremely important in the grand scheme, but they are rather neat to glance over and they are an excellent way to glance around and see how different characters are related within 'Souls.

'Souls Family Tree


  1. For Families that are predominantly controlled by one Player, ask before you edit. For Families that are very large and widespread, more collaboration will likely be required. Please contribute!
  2. Each family should be separated into generations. The First Generation should be the generation that the first (relevant) barer of the family name was born into. "Relevant" means that the character was played at 'Souls. For example, even though Kaena Lykoi probably wasn't the first in her family to have the surname Lykoi, she was the first to have been played at 'Souls, and thus she would be included within the First Generation on the Lykoi family page.
  3. Litters within a generation should be listed in the order they were born.
  4. Each litter should be listed with the mother first so that it reads Mother x Father. The parent that contributes the family blood should be bolded.
  5. If an entire litter is unnamed and stillborn, we prefer for the puppies to be listed as Unnamed x 3. If the puppies have names or some significance, they can be listed.
  6. Multi-father litters are split into two litters. (formatting: [--%gray%♥%%--]) indicates a litter with multiple fathers and the same mother.
  7. Δ (formatting: '''%color=#55931D%Δ%%''') indicates an open character that is presently up for adoption. You can also check the Open Characters category!


  • When you make your character's page, if they are a member of a family (or families), make sure you link to that family's page!
  • You can also use family-based Wiki Categories!
  • When adding characters onto a family page, make sure you include the "Characters/." Thus, to link Gabriel de le Poer, you should type "Characters/Gabriel de le Poer" into your link rather than just "Gabriel de le Poer."

There is no official classification for "medium-sized" or "smaller" families. Use your best judgment.




Off-Board Families



1 Interactive Family Tree is maintained by Tammi. PM her to have your character added!

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