Stormfast Family

  The Stormfast Family  
  • Species: Wolves and Wolfdogs
  • Family Origin: Storm Valley
  • Surname: ?
  • Archetype (Group): Feral, giants
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Warriors, hunters
Statistics & Foundation
  • Status: Active, Small
  • Statistics: 25 total (2 dead; 1 active)
  • 'Souls: CdC
  • Worldwide: Storm Valley
  • First Member: Iorek, CdC, ~2016
  • Languages: English

Family Members
Listed in Mother x Father order
Bold indicates Stormfast bloodline carrier.
Italics indicates adopted or abnormal character.
Small text indicates additional notes.
indicates a multifather litter
Strikethrough indicates a deceased character
Δ indicates that a character is up for adoption.

First Generation
  • Lovetta Stormfast X Faolan — 7/13/2014
  • Lovetta Stormfast X Faolan — 9/25/2015
    • Marrok Stormfast ♂
    • Mingan Stormfast ♂
    • Maera Stormfast ♀
  • Lovetta Stormfast X Faolan — 11/30/2016
    • Katria Stormfast ♀
    • Bleiz Stormfast ♂
    • Bestla Stormfast ♀
Second Generation
  • Lyra X Ragnar Raknison ♂ — 2/20/2016
  • Dawnina X Lycidas Stormfast — 4/15/2016
    • Dearla Stormfast ♀
    • Mharie Stormfast ♀
  • Leitha Stormfast x Aldwyn — 5/18/2016
  • Halia X Minigan Stormfast — 5/27/2017
    • Rianorix Stormfast ♀
    • Artair Stormfast ♂
    • Roarke Stormfast ♂
  • Katria Stormfast x Anakin — 9/1/2017
    • Astrid Stormfast ♀
  • Bestla Stormfast x Sirnef — 9/7/2017
    • Hyndia Stormfast ♀
    • Skadi Stormfast ♀
  • Maera Stormfast X Stormblade — 1/1/2018
  • Bestla Stormfast‡ x Greymalkin — 2/4/2018
‡ on behalf of Marrok Stormfast
  • Magnus Stormfast ♂
  • Ursula Stormfast ♀
Third Generation

Defining Features
Physical Features
Large Size

The Stormfasts have always been large, or even giant due to the genes that the founding parents brought together. Faolan hailed from the north and from a pack of giant individuals due to their Tundra and Interior Alaskan Wolf heritage while Lovetta was a mixture of Mackenzie Valley and Eurasian wolf which also gave her a large size. Being wolves of large species, many of the Stormfast family are large in size and some may be giants. Some, like Leitha and Lyra were runts but normally, they are of large size. Iorek and Aisling one of the larger examples of the family size, possibly taking after their grandfather, though it may be rare for a Stormfast to reach the size of their grandfather. Also, the genes bred from Aldwyn, Halia, and Sirnef, whom came from Basatiak added to the size gene as well as from the O'Connel line that Stormblade brought. Typically, most of the family is of large build, often between the large end of normal and even giant individuals.


Often Stormfasts are of a broad build, especially seen in males though several female members of the family exhibit this trait. Commonly stocky and geared towards strength and stamina over speed and agility. Often muscular in build with thick fur.


Common eyes colors include:

  • Blues such as Anakiwa (Lovetta & Faelan), Dodger Blue (Lycidas & Bestla), Aqua Island (Leitha), Hawkes Blue (Lyra), Resolution Blue (Maera), Viking (Bleiz), Pattens Blue (Freki), Black Pearl (Aisling), Blue Chill (Callisto), Matisse (Lyra'eve).
  • Golds and ambers such as Gold Tips (Faolan), Pirate Gold (Lyall), Tahiti Gold (Marrok), Old Gold (Minigan), Buttermilk (Katria), Hacienda (Ostrythe), Driftwood (Aegir), Porsche (Morrigan).

Ragnar Raknison introduced red eyes into the Stormfast line, Iorek Stormfast's descendants have a chance of red eyes or red-derived colors.

  • Maroon (Iorek), Crown of Thorns (Perses)
  • Honey Flower (Colette), Purple Heart (Skoll)
  • Paco (Deucalion)

Common fur colors include:

  • Whites: Zircon (Lovetta), Bridal Heath (Lycidas), Linen (Minigan, Iorek), White (Maera), Gallery (Bleiz),
  • Greys: Silver Chalice (Faolan, Maera, Katria, Bleiz, Freki), Silver (Lycidas, Katria, Bleiz, Freki, Faelan), Westar (Lyall, Perses, Lyra'eve), Boulder (Maera, Bleiz, Freki), Grey (Maera, Katria, Bleiz, Freki), Mercury (Katria), Alto (Bleiz), Scorpion (Freki), Tundora (Freki), Tide (Ostrythe), Silver Rust (Ostrythe, Lyra'eve), Mako (Aisling), Tiara (Aisling), Corduroy (Callisto), Ghost (Callisto), Pablo (Morrigan), Zorba (Morrigan)
  • Browns: Pale Oyster (Lyall, Aegir), Almond (Lyra), Cameo (Lyra), Indian Khaki (Lyra, Iorek), Mongoose (Lyra), Sandrift (Lyra), Tallow (Leitha), Millbrook (Minigan), English Walnut (Minigan), Coffee (Bestla), Napa (Ostrythe), Shadow (Ostrythe), Flint (Aegir), Swirl (Aegir, Morrigan), Masala (Colette), Schooner (Colette), Roman Coffee (Deucalion, Akaroa (Deucalion), Coral Reef (Morrigan), Fuscous Grey (Morrigan), Leather (Lyra'eve), Ironstone (Lyra'eve)
  • Golds: White Rock (Leitha), Sundance (Ostrythe), Barley Corn (Ostrythe), Buttermilk (Skoll)
  • Blacks: Nero (Faolan, Lycidas, Katria), Merlin (Lovetta), Zeus (Lyall, Marrok, Minigan, Bestla, Iorek), Taupe (Marrok, Iorek), Woodsmoke (Maera, Callisto), Mine Shaft (Maera), Black Olive (Katria), Armadillo (Bestla, Aegir,), Karaka (Faelan), Cocoa Brown (Iorek, Deucalion), Rangoon Green (Ostrythe, Aegir), Shark (Aisling, Callisto), Mirage (Aisling), Bunker (Aisling), Cod Grey (Colette), Asphalt (Deucalion), Tuatara (Morrigan), Eclipse (Skoll), Kilimanjaro (Perses).


Fraternal twins seem to be fairly common in the Stormfast family. Freki and Faelan, Ostrythe and Alastrine, Mharie and Dearla, Callisto and Aisling, Hyndia and Skadi, Magnus and Ursula, Colette and Deucalion, Lyra'eve and Morrigan, and Perses and Skoll have all been born as twins in the Stormfast family. Callisto and Aisling are nearly identical and Perses and Skoll are inverse versions of each other.

Mental Illness

Recently, there has been some cases of mental illness in the family. Faolan seemed to have gone mad during his last years. Lyra seemed to have a case of PTSD as did her son, Iorek. It is currently unknown if there is a trend or coincidence.

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Faolan and Lovetta met at the start of spring and after a week of courtship, they conceived their first litter. Faolan went out and found a land that had originally been home to a small pack of coywolves that he later chased out and named the valley their home. He protected the small slice of paradise and provided for Lovetta while she was carrying their first litter. She had a litter of four in the summer, Lyra, Lyall, Leitha, and Lycidas.

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Once Lyra, Leitha, and Lycidas was of age, they left the valley to find a mate to bring home. Faolan fought off a pair of Luperci loners and contracted the Luperci virus in the process. He unknowingly infected Lovetta when she cleaned his wounds. Only Lycidas returned home with a Non-Luperci wolf, Dawnina and he found that his father and mother were Luperci and had had their second litter. Marrok, Minigan, and Maera were born Luperci

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Lycidas and Lyall helped out with the second litter and only Minigan and Marrok left the valley to find a mate. Minigan brought back a strong female that was one of the hybrids that left the Basatiak and after requesting that her companions were allowed into the Valley, several people from the Basatiak entered the Stormfast. Marrok had found love with a male names Graymalkin and they also returned to Storm Valley.

Faolan and Lovetta had their third litter, Bestla, Katria, and Bleiz.

Leitha returned with a heavy heart, bringing the news that Lyra and possibly her son were killed. After a period of mourning, she eloped with one of the Basatiak males and had her first litter of two.

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Faolan and Lovetta conceived their final litter and they had one stillborn along with two children. Katria and Bestla left to find their own mates and in that time, Halia conceived and had her first litter with Minigan. Katria and Bestla returned with their mates, Anakin and Sirnef. They conceived and soon have children. Bestla offered to become a surrogate for Marrok and Graymalkin and they accepted.

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Faolan's size starts to affect his joints in the winter and then in the spring. Maera and Lovetta try to ease his pain, though he slows down. And then in mid-spring. he begins to suffer from intense headaches, infrequent seizures, and episodes of hallucinations and paranoia for weeks at a time. He stays in his den for days at a time, striking out at his hallucinations or just in anger. Only Lovetta can calm him. He does have periods of relief and is able to hunt with his children.

Influence and Influences

  • Raknison: Rangar's assault on Lyra introduced red eyes to the family as well as dog blood.
  • The Stormfast family crest can be obtained by any member of the Stormfast family, however it is preferred that characters carry the name, though it is not required.
  • You must purchase the icon via Word of the Day, pack game, 'Souls Store, or any similar contest.
  • The hover text can be Stormfast Legacy: [insert] of [insert] in which a description of your character can be inserted in.
    • Examples: Stormfast Legacy: Beast of Night (Aisling Stormfast), Stormfast Legacy: Knight of Heart (Iorek), Stormfast Legacy: Woman of War (Bestla), ect. Please feel free to discuss with Silverfrost if you need ideas.

Owner: Silverfrost

  • This family is request-only.
  • I am open to creating offspring of current family members for others to play.
  • I am also open to offers for adoption for some Stormfast characters (even if they aren't listed as up for adoption)
  • If you are interested in playing a Stormfast character, feel free to contact me!

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Generation 0

Name: Faolan

  • Species: Wolf
  • DOB: June 20th, 2012
  • Description: A massive wolf with many scars.
  • Personality: Lorem ipsum

Name: Lovetta Stormfast

  • Species: Wolf
  • DOB: April 14th, 2012
  • Description: A pretty wolf with thick fur
  • Personality:

Generation 1

Name: Lycidas

  • Species: Wolf
  • DOB: July 13th, 2014
  • Description: A large wolf, though not as large as his father. Silver with dark brown and white agouti.
  • Personality:

Name: Lyall

  • Species: Wolf
  • DOB: July 13th, 2014
  • Description: A large wolf, close in size to his sire. Tan with white and dark brown agouti.
  • Personality:

Name: Marrok Stormfast

  • Species: Wolf
  • DOB: September 25th, 2015
  • Description: A giant wolf with a strong bite. Dark brown with lighter markings and black agouti.
  • Personality:


Name: Minigan Stormfast

  • Species: Wolf
  • DOB: September 25th, 2015
  • Description: A giant male with a broad build
  • Personality:

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