The Prizmov Family

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  • Species: Wolves, dogs, & wolfdog hybrids
  • Family Origin: Moscow, Russia
  • Surname: Composite name from Russian, "sons of the Prism"
  • Archetype (Group): Mentors, catalysts, occultists, plural characters, artisans, assassins/bounty hunters, merchants
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Loyalists, ambitious, deceptive, mysterious
  • Icon: Reborn Prism (Information)


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by Viktory System

Adopt a Prizmov or Create Your Own
The Prizmov family is open for creation by other players. There are also adopts in the works behind the scenes. Ask Viktory System for more information.


Prizmov is a new family forged in Nova Scotia exclusively to escape past trauma. They have their roots in the Chernbelovs of Russia and those are somewhat infamous when recognized, but it is very unlikely anyone outside of the playable territory has ever heard of them. They are typically very humanized.

In terms of the present world, in Nova Scotia and Beyond the Prizmov family name is completely new to Nova Scotia and is unlikely to be recognized elsewhere. The Chernbelovs, however, are a little infamous when known to others (like London, Moscow or St. Petersburg).


PLEASE NOTE: Characters that are bolded are adoptable as open characters.

Chernbelov branch, origin of Prizmov branch

- The Prizmov name is a name chosen by Egregore Prizmov to cut ties with his old family, the Chernbelovs.

First Generation

  • Vlas Chernbelov x Aelita Orlov
    • Tatiana Chernbelov
    • Natali Chernbelov
    • Valerian Orlov
    • Varnava Orlov

Bold indicates adoptable/open character.
Strikethrough indicates deceased or stillborn character.
Italics indicates adopted or abnormal character.
Small text indicates additional notes.

Second Generation

  • Melor Chernbelov x Natali Chernbelov
    • Makariy Chernbelov
    • Lyuba Chernbelov
    • Diana Chernbelov
  • Valerian Chernbelov x Lena
    • Oxana Chernbelov
    • Praskovia Chernbelov
    • Nikodim Chernbelov

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Recent Prizmov branch, born anew

First Generation

Bold indicates adoptable/open character.
Strikethrough indicates deceased or stillborn character.
Italics indicates adopted or abnormal character.
Small text indicates additional notes.

Third Generation

  • Parent 1 x Parent 2
    • Pup 1
    • Pup 2

Fourth Generation

  • Parent 1 x Parent 2
    • Pup 1
    • Pup 2

'Souls History

Early History

The Prizmov family was originally the Chernbelovs, a family of cultists and murderers from Russia. They evolved from pet dogs in St Petersburg that had shifted and hybridized with nearby wolf populations. The Chernbelovs are heavily associated with cults and violence, so the Prizmovs have chosen their new surname to cut ties with that and strengthen ties with each other.

Other world territories are open to having interactions with the Prizmov family. Let Viktory System know if you wish to have notable interactions.

Recent History

Egregore Prizmov first made it to Nova Scotia whilst escaping a bloody trail of his own crimes in Russia and England. He assumed a new given name and surname after realizing he was plural (that is, shared his body with more than one other mind) and wanting to forget his past. His cousin Innokentiy Prizmov, through much searching, managed to track Egregore down in Salsola. Lev Prizmov (littermate to Egregore, cousin to Innokentiy) and Jekaterina Prizmov (cousin to Egregore, sister to Innokentiy) have both tailed Innokentiy to find Egregore for their own reasons.

Influence and Influences


  • Orlov via Aelita Orlov
    • Briefly had a single litter with Vlas Chernbelov after a brief mateship. Aelita took half of her offspring, leaving Vlas with the remaining two.


  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
  • Salsola
    • In order to escape his criminal past and join a humanized community, Egregore Prizmov was taken into the fold as a Salsolan. Innokentiy and Lev have followed suit for their own reasons. Niko and Jekaterina later joined after receiving word of their settling in the pack.
  • ???

Defining Features

Please keep in mind that the information regarding physical attributes for Prizmov-blooded individuals is not strict - Variations beyond the below-mentioned similarities are common and welcome.

Size and Build

  • Prizmovs have a wide variance of body type due to dog blood, though heights are typically average at the least or above average at the most due to wolf blood. Some have been known to have giantism, though it is rarely without physical issue.
  • Their faces are usually angled and sharp.
  • It is typical to see a Prizmov with extra tufts of fluff and overall thicker fur to keep warm during winter. Beards from dog blood, feathering around the legs, arms, paws, and hands, and bushier tails are common. They gotta keep warm!


  • White and gray fur is most common. Most coats are lighter with only slightly darker shades -- coats tend towards snowy white.

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  • Darker gray and black is often patterned through Prizmov coats. Dog blood can add more unique marking shapes and starker contrasts.

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  • Heterochromia is very common and not having that is only uncommon. It is considered a bad omen and may cause culling or overall poor treatment. Very bright or light shades are most common, especially any shade between red and purple/violet. Pink is very rare and has mixed opinions but is typically hailed to signal sensitivity to spirits or being born enlightened to help guide others.

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Family Culture


  • Heterochromia is a common yet valued trait within the Prizmovs and Chernbelovs. When a child is born without heterochromia, it is considered to be a bad omen. This can lead to abuse or even culling within the Chernbelovs, but this is different with the Prizmovs - they are typically awarded with more care and maybe some condescension.
  • The religious association supposes that the uniqueness and difference between each eye is a good thing, meaning your soul is inherently good or closer to 'Enlightenment'. When your eyes are not heterochromatic, your soul is considered troubled or even dangerous.
    • This trait is very common. If you wish for your character to not have heterochromia, you may do so as well as that is only relatively uncommon.

Religious & spiritual beliefs

  • The Chernbelovs originally were originally part of the The Children of the Kunstkamera in St Petersburg. Lyuba Chernbelov was exiled from their cult when she slaughtered and cannibalized her husband, Gavriil. She left with her siblings and other relatives to found a new cult in Moscow called the Prosveshchennyy (the Enlightened). It is unknown whether the Prosveshchennyy persists anywhere, but the Children of the Kunstkamera do in St. Petersburg.
  • The Prizmov family has a wider array of religious and spiritual beliefs, varying from paying homage to the Prosveshchennyy, the Children of the Kunstkamera, paganism, etc. There is a general acceptance of this diversity now (though individuals vary as they always do in opinion).
  • The most common spiritual belief system of the Prizmovs is a new one with incorporation of one huge value from the cults they were raised in: Oddity. They do not worship oddities like artifacts and disabled Luperci as the Children of the Kunstkamera had, but they do prize physical oddities as well as any other kind. They encourage eccentricity and discourage blandness. To dress flashily and act uniquely is encouraged. To dress blandly is discouraged. Individuality is to be explored, not ignored. However, they do this in their own ways. Even when one's personal taste is to behave in a way that is 'blander' in the opinion of the Prizmovs, it is looked down on. They have something to prove as a newly formed House, so opulence is all they have while they are building power through their shared wealth and reputation.
  • To this end, they have a 'pull yourself up by your bootstraps' perspective when it comes to those that are less fortunate. As they see it, you are where you are in life for a reason.
  • Their common spiritual belief in reincarnation (whether this is more literal or metaphorical varies on opinion) adds to this, making for something of a 'caste' mindset. You may be able to change your class or locale, but you cannot change your spirit as it is born at its core. This is why the Prizmovs believe your identity is essential to express via individuality and eccentricities.


  • Many members of the Prizmovs are plural, including (but not limited to) Egregore, Innokentiy & Niko. This type of existence falls under their shared belief that uniqueness and oddities are to be prized. As a result, plurality in anyone, Prizmov or not, is valued and celebrated.
  • Wondering what plurality is? Take a look at these resources:
  • This extends to (at least a majority of) neurodivergences and disabilities in general. After all, these things are a part of identity and individuality in the eyes of the Prizmovs. As such, the Prizmovs appear to take the physically and mentally 'weak' under their wing.


  • The Prosveshchennyy practiced ritualistic sacrifice and cannibalism in order to achieve enlightenment. This 'habit' has carried over to most of the Prizmovs, though it is encouraged to avoid being caught red-handed.

Reborn Prism Icon

  • The Reborn Prism icon can be obtained as a custom icon by any character of Prizmov blood who has taken the surname Prizmov, regardless of their connection to the family, pack, etc.
The icon is not available to characters who do not not fit the stated criteria.
  • You must purchase your icon via game points, Word of the Day, the 'Souls Store, a contest, or similar.
  • The icon must not be altered from its original state. Changing the colors, shape, etc. of the icon is forbidden.
  • You may choose to have any hover-text you wish, though please refrain from breaking site rules.