Ehn Family Statistics

SubspeciesMackenzie Valley Wolf
OriginsThe Great Tribe


Statistics updated August 19, 2013

Total Members10
Surviving Members10
Active Members3

First Member

NameUlilohi Ehn
DateOctober 31, 2011

First Birth


Family Tree

The Ehn family came to 'Souls with Ulilohi Ehn. All current members of the family reside in AniWaya.

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1.  Members

Multiple litters are defined, but not all family members have been named. (Contact Marit if you would like to name and adopt an Ehn!)

1.1  First generation

Mother Ehn x Father Osiya

2.  Characteristics

The Ehn family is a stable, matriarchal family without many larger conflicts. They are ambitious on behalf of their children and pride themselves in the many Masters and council members that has born the name Ehn. The most recent council member, and the youngest to ever rise to that rank, is Ulilohi Ehn. This drive toward success is mainly fueled by the mother and head of the family <Name> Ehn.

2.1  Physical Features

All current members are full-blooded Mackenzie Valley wolf and therefore represent the range of fur colouration. Although Mackenzie Valley wolves are slightly larger than the mean sample of wolves, members of the Ehn family are notably taller and more muscular (regardless of gender).

  • Fur: Siblings Ulilohi, Aduladi, and Duyugodv have brown fur. While Ulilohi's is a darker shade of Metallic Bronze, Aduladi's base coat is a lighter Leather. Duyugodv's base coat is a dark chocolate. In contrast, Woya is a very light cinnamon color.
  • Eyes: No common standard for eyes has been displayed, although cool colors are more likely. Ulilohi has Paradiso blue-green eyes, while Aduladi displays Brandy Rose-brown eyes. Duyugodv's eyes are pale green ringed by dark blue. Woya's eyes are blue.
  • Stature: Typically large in size. While Aduladi and Woya's sizes are more characteristic of their subspecies, Ulilohi and Duyugodv are exceptionally tall with broad shoulders, surpassing 7' in their Optime forms. Ulilohi notably displays much fat on her bones, indicating that she has never gone hungry.

2.2  Mental and Emotional Features

Since members descend from The Great Tribe, the majority of them believe in a form of Cherokee spiritualism. They are typically aided by a spirit guide[1], although it is not uncommon for their guide to appear much later in life.

Spirit Guides

  • Ulilohi Ehn has Atisia, a male American Marten (Martes americana).
  • Duyugodv Ehn has Adnahiuwolatanatiya, a male Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus).
  • Aduladi Ehn and Woya Ehn have not yet discovered their respective guides.

2.3  Individuals


3.  Symbol

by Marit

The Ehn symbol is made out of two; the thunderbird track (center), which is a symbol for bright prospects, and the sun symbol (around) which is a symbol for happiness. These are goals that the family strive for. While it isn't something they discuss at length, their behavior reflects the fact that the thunderbird track is the one in the center; their ambition tends to come first, and the goal of happiness second.

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