The Napier Bloodline



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  • Species: Mainly Wolf, but some Hybrid lines as well
  • Family Origin: Ontario, Canada
  • Surname: French, "table cloth" (lol)
  • Archetype: Feral/Humanzied, family bonds, wolves, coyotes, mutts
  • Status: Active, Small
  • 'Souls: AT, VN, MS
  • First Member: Axelle Napier, LN, ~2010
  • Languages: English, French


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    3.   2.3  Third Generation
    4.   2.4  Fourth Generation
  3.   3.  Influence and Influences
    1.   3.1  Families
    2.   3.2  Packs
  4.   4.  Characteristics
    1.   4.1  Luperci Virus
    2.   4.2  Species
    3.   4.3  Physical Appearance
  5.   5.  Culture

The Napier bloodline began with Axelle Napier's Grandmother, Sy Napier in Ontario, Canada. Initially, it was a medium-sized family pack consisting of Sy Napier and her mate, Haiku, her brother Kaze Napier, and their children (see Generations 2 & 3). This family group consisted of three generations of their bloodline, mainly keeping the member count to only their own, with the exception of Sy's mate, Haiku. The Napier group were initially Eastern Timber Wolves, but could have eventually bred with other species in later generations.

Many of the later contributions to the line were results of bastard children, but some were mateships as well. The surname has always been carried by strong, capable females (with the exception of a few sons in the mix), and expanded by these strong, capable sons and daughters of those before them.

Even though the Napier bloodline began at a very Feral state, it is possible for later generations to have taken on a 'Luperci' way of life, either by being born into their two-legged forms or being changed by some other means.

The first Napier to come to 'Souls was Axelle Napier, also being the first to produce offspring.

1.  Create My Own?

Yes! Below is many, many family members to choose from - a lot of them haven't been developed at all, so its like starting fresh - yet you have a name and family relations to go by! Picking up one of the characters below guarantees family interaction down the line, and possible character history! If you have questions, feel free to Contact Me!

2.  Family Members

The parent that contributes the Napier genes is bolded.

2.1  First Generation

  • Sy Napier x Haiku

* A crossed out name means that they are dead.

  • Δ indicates an Open Character.
  • Sacred Phantom x Kaze Napier
    • Maelynn Napier Δ
    • Burned Phantom Δ
    • Viserys Napier

2.2  Second Generation

2.3  Third Generation

2.4  Fourth Generation

3.  Influence and Influences

3.1  Families


  • --


  • --

3.2  Packs

4.  Characteristics

4.1  Luperci Virus

While the Napier family originated within a non-Luperci wolf pack, it is possible that many of the later generations (both 2nd and 3rd) could have been either changed or born into the virus by then. Because of their Feral ancestry, most of the Napier's are comfortable in all of their forms, and hold no prejudices against those who are non-shifters.

4.2  Species

The original Napier's were pure-blooded Eastern Timber Wolves, though in later generations it is possible that Northeastern Coyote and Dog could have been introduced into the bloodline. It is unknown as far as the two earlier generations go, but there is Coyote mixed with Axelle's offspring.

4.3  Physical Appearance


Many of the Napier wolves tend to be of a medium-sized build, due to their wolf heritage; however, some of the males take on a larger build (ie. Nero Napier). Many are born Mesomorphs, but not all turn out to be this way, due to mixing species down the lines.

While Axelle and Nero's mother was of decent size, as was their father, Axelle still turned out to be quite short and Nero very tall.

Fur Colors

Earlier coat colors were naturally dark gray or brown timberwolf patterned with hints of red mixed in, however, pale coat colors were common as well - popping up in some offspring (ex. Anette Napier). Colors tend to vary by each generation; sometimes even greatly (ex. Nero Napier).


Eye colors among Napiers vary greatly. Sy had a very cool, pale blue pair of eyes - but yet, her children were born with Silver-colored eyes. Her brother, Kaze, had light green eyes and only passed that onto some of his children.

Due to Tyko Amini’s recessive traits, many of the recent generations of Napier, stemming out from Axelle and Nero, have piercing magenta-colored eyes.

Consistent Eye Colors

  • Wild Strawberry seen in Axelle, Lithia
  • Caper (#C8E99F) seen in Kaze Napier
  • Mint Tulip (#C3E7F3) seen in Sy Napier, Xia, Rhaeka
  • Silver (#C0C0C0) seen in Axelle, Anette Napier

Non-Consistent Eye Colors

  • Lemon (#F6EB13) seen in Tzila

5.  Culture

  • Fighters: Many of the Napier's were generally raised as warriors. They were trained hard from when they were young (Feral or not) and usually wind up specializing in some kind of fighting style or another.
    • Not all Napier's are trained in this way!
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