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  • Species: Coyote
  • Family Origin: ‘Souls, Nova Scotia; New Brunswick
  • Surname: English, from Old French: “the unnecessary, indiscriminate killing of a large number”
  • Archetype (Group): mercenaries, warriors, questionably lawful or chaotic, trope inversion, loyal
  • Archetypes (Individuals): vicious, temperamental, individualistic

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  2.   2.  Family
    1.   2.1  First Generation
    2.   2.2  Second Generation
    3.   2.3  Third Generation
    4.   2.4  Fourth Generation
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    6.   2.6  Sixth Generation
    7.   2.7  Seventh Generation
  3.   3.  About
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  4.   4.  Defining Features
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  5.   5.  History

The Massacre Family is a coyote-dominant family that has predominantly resided in the two incarnations of Inferni. They are largely the descendents of the brothers Venomous Massacre and Naloxone Massacre, and have close ties to the Holocaust and Addiction families. Their surname is an English noun meaning "the unnecessary, indiscriminate killing of a large number of human beings or animals, as in barbarous warfare or persecution or for revenge or plunder", and it is a common tradition for them to choose nouns to name their offspring (such as Hybrid, Priest, Havoc, etc).

1.  Adoptable Characters

Daughter of Veri Secanti and Belial Massacre

Latch Key
Scientific rule-breaker

Talys Massacre
A dainty, detail-oriented planner

Aether Creed
Inferni-born daughter of Wraith Creed

2.  Family

The parent that contributes the Massacre genes is bolded.
Strikethrough indicates that a character is dead.
Δ indicates that a character is up for adoption.

2.1  First Generation

2.2  Second Generation

2.3  Third Generation

2.4  Fourth Generation

2.5  Fifth Generation

2.6  Sixth Generation

2.7  Seventh Generation

3.  About

The Massacre family is a coyote-dominant family with ties in Inferni. Massacre family members descend from five large coyote families which originate in Nova Scotia. These five families named themselves after human words of demise as a verbal warning to their enemies and strangers alike. They are violent, bloodthirsty, and generally the 'stereotypical' vicious coyote of the 'Soulsverse.

3.1  Culture

The Massacre family is predominantly a fragmented, warrior clan. The Massacre family is a part of a larger network of similarly-minded coyote families, including the Addiction, Holocaust, Destruction, and Morte families. These families, and many others, united generations prior to solidify their strength against wolves as they encroached on coyote territory following the disappearance of humanity. While coyotes thrived in less hospitable climates during the humans' reign, after their demise, wolves returned to reclaim their historical territories. Rather than allow this, many of the families worked and trained together to fend off the returning wolf packs.

The elder generations of the Massacre family, particularly those who remained with the original clan, oppose all other predators; particularly wolves. The older generations are particularly zealous in their persecution of wolves, while the younger generations, especially those that were born outside of the traditional territory, sometimes afford more lenience.

Many of the later generations have found their homes in Inferni, as the beliefs in the clan closely correlate to original family belief systems.


Many of the coyotes of the family practice some form of fighting ability. For the most part, they prefer their lupus or secui forms if they are luperci, and indeed, many possess the ability to shift. Use of weapons is seen as detracting from a natural lifestyle. However, many are willing to fight dirty and see weapons in a two-legged form as a means to an end.


Most family members are irreligious. No major religions are practiced among the family and few members are exposed to it or interested in it.

Naming Conventions

It is a common tradition for them to choose nouns to name their offspring (such as Hybrid, Priest, Havoc, etc).

While the older generations stuck to the typical familial names -- Massacre, Holocaust, Addiction, and Anathema -- these names grew rarer through younger generations. This is a consequence of the family interacting with new families in Nova Scotia, which saw the breakdown of the tradition of giving offspring familial names, but also saw the emergence of a new trend: the creation of new surnames entirely. The tradition began with Hybrid Holocaust and Aeron Ganesa's litters, wherein Hybrid gave his two daughters, Wraith Creed and Lucilla Key, "names to live by" rather than their familial names. Aeron also named their third daughter in their second litter Pride Tormenta.

Wraith and Lucilla both maintained their own surnames with their children, with Wraith giving the Massacre name to only one of her children and Lucilla passing down only the Key and Creed surnames.

3.2  Influence and Influences


  • Addiction — Bittersweet and Sanguine's children (and their descendents) form the majority of the Massacre family. Their two sons, Naloxone and Venomous, had one litter each.
  • Cavil — Voltaire Cavil and Bittersweet Massacre had Annei Cavil, who continued the Massacre family under her father's name.
  • de le Poer and Lykoi — Faolin and Gabriel (who is also a Lykoi), as well as Hybrid and Ryan have children that belong to both the Massacre and de le Poer family, but on opposite sides of the family tree. Hybrid and Talitha's children are also twice-over de le Poer's and Lykois; however, their heritage is unknown to most. Valkyrie, a Massacre and a de le Poer, united the families one last time with her child, Kára, with Helotes.
  • Ganesa — Hybrid's children by Aeron.
  • Holocaust — Venomous and Naloxone's children by Asphyxia.
  • Winters — Talitha's child, Cernunnos, by Caillen.
  • Savoy — Puppies between Agrippa de le Poer and Mara Savoy were conceived with the assistance of Mara's brother, Constantine.
  • SecantiBelial Massacre's rape of Veri Secanti produced one child: Isobel
  • Winthrop — The litter between Dahlia and Boone Winthrop joined these families.

Adopted Families

  • Mogotsi — Hybrid and Faolin were adopted by Segodi Mogotsi, and Faolin passed the name to two of her children.
  • Ulrich — Talitha and Cotl had no surviving children, but her child Vermilion Massacre Ulrich carries the name in his honor.
  • CollinsNathaniel King was stolen by Hybrid and raised as his son, with him none the wiser. Nathaniel only learned of the act well into his adult life, at which point he chose to remain in Inferni, loyal to his adoptive family over his birth family.


  • Inferni — Many members of the Massacre family were a part of Inferni.
  • Anathema — Aeron and her daughter Pride lived in Anathema. Aeron later went on to lead Anathema.

4.  Defining Features

The Massacre family preens itself as an idealized coyote speciman. Although none realize it, Asphyxia in fact has a very small amount of wolf in her. Children from the de le Poer and Lykoi families are all part hybrid, however this is not really seen as an issue except by Hybrid, who even then tends to overlook it.

4.1  Appearance


Scarlet Monza Golden Grass Buddha Gold Pizzazz

Hybrid and Ezekiel display the most common eye colours: deep red and gold

Red eyes are the norm for the Massacre family; however, newer generations also have gold and orange eyes. Two characters have blue eyes, owing to their dog heritage.


Most members have generally lean or willowy appearances, even by coyote standards. Hybrid, for instance, is an extreme example of this because he is incredibly thin and almost emaciated-looking. Most members of the family have a standard coyote build, with large ears, a narrow and pointed muzzle, long legs, and a bushy tail.

  • Inversely, Cernunnos has a definite doggish influence since his father was half dog and his mother had traces of dog from her own parentage.


Belial demonstrates a more subdued brown and cream coat, while Wraith demonstrates a richer, more fiery reddish-brown and tan coat

Creams, tans, browns, and reds especially are all popular coat colours. There are, however, some exceptions:

4.2  Psychology

Most easily evident by their surname, members of the Massacre family tend to be vicious, aggressive, or display erratic behaviour. That being said, they tend to invert a lot of "evil" tropes. For one, they tread the dividing line of law versus chaos, as members can alternate between being honourable, obedient to authority, and reliable. On the other hand, members can also be seen as chaotic because they flout established social conventions and thrive in the post-apocalyptic world. Furthermore, members of the Massacre family tend toward valuing individualism at the expense of order, routine, law, or authority. Although they adhere to their morals and values, the values themselves can contradict social conventions, particularly given their aggressive streak. Thus, some characters are lawful evil:

Some lawful evil people and creatures commit themselves to evil with a zeal like that of a crusader committed to good. Beyond being willing to hurt others for their own ends, they take pleasure in spreading evil as an end unto itself. They may also see doing evil as part of a duty to an evil deity or master.

This may include a devotion or commitment to a pack, clan, cause, or way of life. However, members of the family typically require a strict, heavy hand from their leaders; they are not ones easily swayed into communal or democratic ways of governance. They either prefer no government or a very strong leader.

Characters tend to vary in their commitment to causes. In the Massacre family, chaotic neutral characters tend to be the black sheep when they reject the Massacre culture.


  • Vicious — Although most Massacre family members are prided for their mean streak, this has increasingly become less common in the coyotes of Inferni
    • Valkyrie, Wraith, Lucilla, and Garnet do not display the traits associated with their namesakes
    • Ezekiel is subtle, but is nonetheless ruthless; though, he does not flaunt this
    • Talitha, Faolin, Asphyxia could pass as being less vicious than their relatives, but all have deep emotional trauma and a vicious streak
    • Hybrid is a vicious and bloodthirsty Massacre, influenced a great deal by his father, Venomous
  • Names — Although many canines have assumed humanistic naming conventions of offering the parents' surname to their children, the Massacre family does not necessarily do this.
    • Toxic Destruction was given his great-grandfather's name, who forged the first link between the five dominant coyote families.
    • Lucilla Key and Wraith Creed were given names that do not reflect either parent's heritage. Instead, their names are intended to stand alone to discontinue the practice of passing down the surname, instead giving children names to live by. When Lucilla had children, she used her and her sister's surnames for the puppies: Skeleton Key, River Creed, Carnivore Creed, Lock Key, and Latch Key.
    • Pride Tormenta was given her own unique name as well: Pride, as she was her mother's pride and Tormenta, from Aeron's attempt at starting a new family. None of Aeron and Hybrid's children bear their parents' names.
    • Ezekiel and Talitha assumed their father's surname: de le Poer. Although Talitha was born as Talitha Lykoi, she later assumed her father's surname: de le Poer.
    • Talitha named her three children all with different surnames: Cernunnos Winters is named after his father; Priest de le Poer has Talitha's patrimonial family name; and Vermilion Massacre Ulrich has Talitha's matriarchal name and the name of Talitha's mate, Cotl Ulrich.
    • Faolin was given the Mogotsi name of her adoptive family, which she passed on to her children, Sylvia and Niklaus.

Character alignment

Characters tend to fall into the Alignments of True Neutral and Chaotic Neutral, with some members leaning into the Evil categories. Lawful Evil is more common among the rule-abiding characters, while characters, such as Izual, who broke moral codes, fall into the Neutral Evil category.

Trope Inversion

A common theme among Massacre characters is their tendency to invert common antagonist or evil stereotypes. They may also fulfill certain tropes, such as being the subject of mockery in Lets mock the monsters; this trope was commonly used against Hybrid.

  • Absolute Xenophone — played straight with Hybrid and criticized by a few Massacres, particularly Pride
  • Sorry, I'm Gay
    • Hybrid/ Anselm, subverted. Hybrid hits on Anselm and Anselm has to explain that he's not gay and not at all interested. This of course confuses Hybrid because who wouldn't want to be gay for him?
    • Hybrid/Gabriel, subverted. Hybrid was most likely in love with Gabriel and didn't try to hide it. Gabriel gave Hybrid a beat down, but that didn't stop him from loving him.
  • War is Glorious and Blood Knight — played straight with Hybrid and subverted with Wraith and Lucilla, who grow up being taught this mindset, but generally disagree with it or try to fulfill it and fail.
  • Consent is sexy — Generally speaking, despite the family members' other tendencies, rape is one line that is not crossed. Hybrid was notorious for being a man...izer, but was never interested in a non-consensual encounter.

5.  History

The Massacre family spans across both incarnations of Inferni, but was founded outside of the clan's boundaries. The history of the Massacre family includes its beginnings with Venomous and Naloxone Massacre, the first two sons of the family, the family's betrayal by their mother, Bittersweet, and later, the family's involvement in Inferni.

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