Die Behr-Familie

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Die Behr-Familie



Statistics & Foundation

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Family Introduction

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Notes: The parent that contributes the Behr genes is bolded. Strikethrough indicates that a character is dead. Italics are adopted characters. Disowned Characters have three asterisks next to their names, but may be listed because they are technically part of the family, or hold family blood.

Outside Influences Show
  • Trombetta: The first birth in Nova Scotia tied these two families together. Behr and Trombetta remain super intertwined because of Panda and Venom's union.
  • Ulrich: Till and Lillith's union introduced this doggish clan into the wolves' den. Dirge's birth killed Lillith, whom was the disowned daughter of Panda, the Behr Matriarch.
  • Lykoi: Loki was the first to breed into the Behr family, which produces disowned children Elektra and Neith.
Culture and Homeland Show
  • The pentacle is used for rituals and often scribed on possessions, hung above doorways, or put into windows and carved into floors for a sacred place to stand as well as to protect buildings and homes. The Pentacle also is another symbol for the element of Earth and can invoke prosperity and sometimes call to spirits.
  • Necklaces/Gris-Gris: A tradition brought into the family by the current head of the family, Panda. Typically, once one is born, they are given a simple necklace with one charm on it. The norm would be an old silver arrowhead that is charmed with Elder futhark runes that make the arrowhead stand for strength and the charm is supposed to emulate that and help the wearer have strength or whatever other spell is cast upon the arrowhead. Other times, it has been documented that the charms are pentacles, or skull and bone made necklaces. The idea was derived from her family's tradition to wear Triads for different personality traits and ritualistic reasons.
  • The Triad is a symbol for air, and it is important in the culture of the Behrs because of their shamanic culture and how they had symbols for the four elements, Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Within the Behr tribe it was often the blacksmith's duty to create necklaces to represent the rising sign of the wearer, or to show what one's personality may be like before approaching them. These symbols can also be used to invoke the elements to their aid in rituals or to invoke certain gods that relate to the element in particular. Current head of the family, Panda Behr, can be seen with an Air Triad because of her communication skills, as well as intellect and creative nature. She is currently the only Behr in Nova Scotia who practices this. Other Behrs still practice this in their homelands. The three other symbols and elements are the following.
    • Water: emotion, healing, divination, intuition
    • Earth: Stability, order, grounding, fertility, prosperity
    • Fire: energy, assertiveness, transformation, passion, strength
    • Air: communication, study, youth, creativity, travel, and intellect
  • Spirit Animals: of the Shamanistic culture of the Behr family, they often call to the earth and other animals for guidance in life and in everyday situations. Some Behrs typically are more reserved when it comes to practicing these traditions, so it is almost exclusively practiced by the Behr clan in Panda's homeland. The Behr clan are often known to have not only several power animals, but they mostly tend to be of the URSA specie, and of various birds of prey.
  • Elder Futhark Runes are often used in rituals, but also can be used as an alphabet in which letters are coded in. Each Rune has a different letter as well as a different meaning to it, making it a tool of divination as well as a tool to have a private conversation with someone in a far away land.
Other Trivia Show
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Family Members

First Generation Show
Second Generation Show
Third Generation Show
Fourth Generation Show
Adopted Behrs Show
Non-Behr "Behrs" Show
  • Lillith Trombetta-Behr is disowned after attempting to hex her mother's mate, Aeron Ganesa and fleeing Anathema. Lillith drops her hyphenated last name of Trombetta-Behr because of this, but unlawfully keeps the Trombetta name. Lillith then unlawfully hands down the Trombetta named to her children, Neith Trombetta and Elektra Trombetta, both of whom are unrecognized as true Behrs or Trombettas for this reason. Neither of these children are allowed to pass down either Trombetta or Behr names
  • Zera'im has special connections with the Behr family via Panda Behr as a spiritual guide and soulmate.
  • Kentaro Lykoi is later disowned by adoptive mother, Panda Behr upon the ousting of his biological mother, Aeron Ganesa prematurely from her rank of Angela in Anathema shortly before Panda herself leaves her longtime home of Anathema in fear that things would become violent within the ranks.
  • Zuri Acidic-Trombetta is technically Behr by adoption/blood, but after she defuncts from her pack, Mortimer, she denounces her bloodlines Trombetta-Behr and in extension, her children, Zelda D'Acidic and Zansa D'Acidic are disowned from this family.

Unique Features

  • Coat patterns that are typical would be dark eyeliner type of pattern around eyes, dark masks, and eyes spots, solid colored tails, Light top pelt(shoulders, head, back, rump) vs. dark bottom (chin, legs, stomach, groin) dark ears or colored ear tips, various socks, gloves, and stockings. As seen in Panda the stockings sometimes connect in islands of fur like on Panda's chest and back.
  • Recessive genes in this family are pink noses, pink skin around the eyes, excessive fluffiness, short women, tall men, short tails. As seen in Lillith Trombetta-Behr Fiery Orange (#b53f16) is introduced to Behr family via Trombetta genetics.
  • It's atypical for Behrs to have any other colors besides dark brown colors. With the mixing of other bloodlines, it has been common for the Behrs after Panda's generation to have the eye colors of the outside family.
  • Recessive genes in this family are heterochromic eyes or light colored eyes.
Physical Appearances
  • Behrs tend to have healthy appetites and are almost always decently fed (many of them have bellies). Behrs typically have pink paw pads, but almost always have a black noses.
Men: The main physical features of the Behr clan is (on males) that they are branded with "X's" on the back of their hands. Males are typically average height and often heavy in weight because of healthy supplies of food and large appetites.
Women: Females have cropped ears and half-tails in this as per coming of age rituals that cause them to dock the female's tail, and drop their ears. The reason for the docking of the tails is so that females cannot reject an advancing male for breeding, since the Behr family heavily believes in arranged marriage. Their ears are cropped because females actually genetically are born with floppy ears because of weak ear cartilage that affected the early generations of the Behr family. It's an odd occurrence, and with the mixing of blood, this has been bred out. Female Behrs often throw XX genes, resulting in abnormally large amounts of females in the family.
Genetic disorders & predispositions: Infertility(females)
Typical Base Fur Colors
Atypical Base Fur Colors
RARE FUR BASE (#644820)
RARE FUR BASE (#bd9f4f)
Typical Marking Colors
COMMON Eye circles, limbs, tail (#101010)
COMMON Ears, collar (#101010)
COMMON Ear inners, toes, cheeks (#D9D9D9)
COMMON muzzle, cheeks, eyebrows (#ece1dc)
COMMON Eye circles, limbs, tail (#EDE9E0)
Atypical Marking Colors
RARE Mask, muzzle, head (#f5b79f)
RARE Leggings/Undercarriage (#f16a02)
Typical Eye Colors
COMMON BROWN (#3b1700)
COMMON BROWN (#95612f)
Atypical Eye Colors
UNCOMMON RED (#4e1003)
RARE ORANGE (#d4532a)
RARE YELLOW (#c89206)
RARE BLUE (#377675)
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