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Loner Bands are collections of Loners who have an affiliation to each other. The main idea is to allow for establishment of group-type affiliations that are more flexible and transient than Packs, which have many more requirements, but many more perks, accordingly.

Please read on to learn more about what bands are and how to make one of your own.

3.  Information

3.1  Bands are not packs

In Character

  • Bands may have an IC leader or leaders, but it is not required.
  • Ranks and basic hierarchy is allowed, but not required. Advanced rank structures, categories, and tier advancements are not permitted.
  • Cohabitation of band members is permitted, but not required. Bands may try to establish territory beyond typical Loner "den claims," but borders are not officially recognized, nor do board-wide trespassing rules apply.
  • Bands are not permitted to cohabitate in marked "city" locations, such as Amherst, Halifax, or St. John.

Out of Character

  • Bands are not allotted any official resources, such as a website or subforum.
  • Bands' territories are not marked on the official map.
  • Bands are not allowed pNPCs. NPCs cannot belong to a Band.
  • Bands cannot have Pack Games with prizes sponsored by the 'SA -- so, if your game has icons or titles as awards, they must be paid for.
  • Bands information will be listed in a topic similar to, but separate from, the Active Pack Summary.
  • Bands have no officially recognized OOC leadership. Members are free to designate roles for themselves or each other and to decide among themselves how decisions are made, but as far as the administration is concerned, each member of a band has equal weight and say in decisions pertaining to the band.
    • That is to say, if a band member is unhappy with the decisions/direction of the band as decided by the rest of the band, they're SOL. However, a single player or a minority of players in a Band cannot assert authority over the rest of the band and make decisions against the collective will of the majority of the Band -- doing so would be a rule violation and should be reported.
    • This also means that all members are expected to have a good understanding of board-wide rules and procedures, minimal realism or other issues, and good conduct records. Excellent communication skills are necessary for well-formed bands, especially where there is no formally recognized leader.

3.2  Forming a Band

Technical Specifications

  • Band must have a minimum of 3 players and 4 played characters.
  • Band cannot have more than 10 players, 12 played characters, or 15 total characters.
    • This means if there are 9 played characters, there can only be 6 NPCs (of any type) in the Band. NPCs attached to characters in a band don't have to be in the band (for example, Wolf's yNPC Wolfdog can roam as a regular loner instead). Keep in mind ages and loner realism.
  • Bands must designate a "contact point." This is not a leader, but merely a member who will be the main "point of contact" for SA communication. If the contact point goes inactive with their Band character, a new contact point must be established.
  • Bands will get a name, ranks, and a small 13x13 icon overlayed on the loner icon. Band names will be a subset of 'Loners'. See examples here:
  • As there are no OOC leaders, bands can only be dissolved by an OOC majority vote or when their membership falls below 3 players or 4 played characters.
  • Packs disbanding for failure to maintain suitable membership will be made into bands rather than dissolved completely, and packs can become bands at any time with auto-approval as long as their membership numbers fit within requirements. (Packs disbanding for disciplinary or similar reasons do not automatically become bands.)
  • Bands can be made into packs via the typical pack formation procedures.
  • There is no limit on how many bands can exist at one time; however, the administration may impose a limit if deemed necessary.

Application Form

Members must fill out a band application form and post in the Requests forum.

Band Name: What is the name of your band?
Purpose: Why did this band form?
Location: Where is your band located?
Contact Point(s): Who are the contact point(s) that will communicate with the 'SA, packs, and other bands on behalf of your band? (Maximum of two (2).)
Members: Please include the players and characters that will be a part of this band, including all NPCs.
Ranks: If your band has ranks, please include all ranks and what each character would be ranked upon band formation. Otherwise, band members will be "ranked" as their species, the same as unaffiliated Loners.
13x13 icon: Size must include a 1px white outline.


Please remember that this is a trial period and we welcome feedback. If you feel that guidelines are too strict/too lax or that they might have loopholes or unintended interpretations, etc, please let us know.

In addition, we want to emphasize again that bands are not packs. Bands do not have OOC leaders, and instead are an OOC collective. Points of contact do not have OOC authority over the rest of the band like pack leaders do with packs. OOCly, members can decide to let contact points make certain decisions, but this is not "official" or enforced by the 'SA, and can be changed any time by agreement of a member majority. If a conclusion cannot be reached, or there are realism breaches, feel free to contact the 'SA.

Essentially, these loner bands function almost exactly the same as existing/prior "unofficial" loner groups, but with title/icon perks.

3.3  Resources

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