Camp Eclipse

Camp Eclipse

Status: Open | Players: 6 / 10 | Characters: 12 of 15 (5 NPCs)


Location: Miramichi Wilderness

  • Residence: Umbral Cabin

Foundation: February 2023 (On-Board)
Demonym: Eclipsian, Camper
Scent: Smoke, salty marsh, river water, blueberry, black ash wood, leather, livestock (sheep, horse, donkey).
Icon: by Salena Eclipse

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Created by: Viktory System, Hydra Triangle, Raze, Salena, Westy
Membership: Active | NPCs
Player Count: 6 / 10

Available character spots: 3


In order to foster a more stable and safe environment for displaced refugees, the members of this band have come together. Their values of family, loyalty, protection, growth and tradition run deep. They currently focus on nurturing their young, protecting their vulnerable and rebuilding what was lost.



Chief Executive Officer - Liam del Morte

Liam's leadership was a natural choice made by the members of Camp Eclipse. As an outgoing and laidback individual, he formed strong bonds with most of the band's members before its formation. Recently converted to worshiping the eagle-headed Valleui, he is committed to both preserving and growing their group's culture. He organizes the majority of the goings on of the band, trading with other entities and individuals most especially. He is often found spending time with the Junior Campers both in the band and visiting/staying near the area. He typically fights from horseback.

Lifeguard - Lorien Coara

Fervently dedicated to the clan traditions of Old, Lorien Coara of Osoa has strength in both his faith and also his skills as a combatant. He most usually fights in his Lupus or Secui forms. As a Druid of Nanin, he has many tales about both his god and the other gods Old and New. He can be seen performing scouting work or spiritual rituals. He has many eccentric habits and idiosyncratic behaviors, but overall has good intentions... He can just have an intense presence.

Lifeguard - Bloom Bríddn

Not of the disbanded New Caledonians, Bloom is seeking a new life after leaving behind her homelands overseas. She is a hard working, dedicated member of Camp Eclipse. She utilizes her skillsets best at this time as a Lifeguard; patrolling borders, helping others with tasks and chores around camp, and overall providing protection or a listening ear. She is a little rough around the edges and has many opinions but tries not to overdo it. She's loyal, friendly and steadily coming into her own spirituality through her patron goddess, Brig. She's ultimately just glad to have somewhere to belong again.

Groundskeeper - Gwenninûr Coara

Every camp needs someone to tend to the grounds, ensuring they are thriving just as much as the people. Though there is not much to the 'grounds' the camp holds, this devout druid of Nanin takes it upon herself to preserve the nature around the camp. Just as well, she tends to the growth of their herbs and plant resources.

GuideBeth Cormier

Daughter of O'Brien and a priestess of Nín, Beth most emulates her late mother in her exuberant and warm personality and her love of the water. She is often found along the riverbank, catching fish or creating floating shrines for her goddess, whose image she hopes to redeem. A quiet sorrow touches Beth, but she shines in spite of it to bring smiles to the others' faces.

Counsellor - Woodsmoke

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Archivist - Warsaw Lykoi

Pick up a Luperci dictionary, look up "book-worm" and there would be a picture of the young Warsaw Lykoi. Having arrived to the Camp alongside Reed O'Brien, Warsaw was quick to dive into their new life by taking wholeheartedly to that which brings them joy; reading and writing. Having been taught the written word since they could hold the quill, and having a near eidetic memory, means this Camper fits into the Archivist role perfectly. Their main role is to help Liam keep tract of trading ledgers, and also writing down past and present history of Camp Eclipse.


Junior Camper - Sphinx del Morte (yNPC to Liam)

The only child of Liam del Morte and Kule Pana, Sphinx is a pup with budding potential. They are non-binary and believe in their father's deity, the Dual-Spirited Valleui and Valleuar. Being that they embody both sides of the Souls of the Cosmos, they follow a crepuscular schedule.

Medic - Arianna Nightwalker (cNPC to Bloom)

Companion to Bloom, Ari is also from overseas. She sticks close by to Bloom when not tending to her Medic duties, collecting herbs and plants for medicinal means or concocting poultices and tinctures to use for injuries that might arise. She is very soft spoken and kind but that doesn't mean she doesn't know how to take care of herself. She loves all kinds of living things and prefers to do no harm. She is finding that her role among the Eclipsians is a valued one and is settling in well.

Ranger - O'Brien (cNPC to Beth)

More withdrawn but no less dutiful than other Campers, O'Brien frequents the woods around their claim to scout for danger as well as provide food for the group -- and often wanders farther than that, sometimes returning with stolen trinkets. Though he has no connection to Caledonian traditions, he is driven to provide for the band and uphold its values (even if he fears he might bring them ill luck due to events in his past).

Counsellor - Kule del Morte (cNPC to Liam)

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Provider - Smokewisp (cNPC to Woodsmoke)

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Umbral Cabin

The newly dubbed Umbral Cabin serves as Camp Eclipse's headquarters. Having faced some damage in the past, it was quite the fixer-upper in the beginning of the band's formation. After some hard work from the Campers, the building is practically good as new. While many of the Campers have made this their residence, others find homes in nearby dens, tents or previously abandoned structures. The homey and comfortable interior is currently sectioned off into Campers' sleeping quarters, a kitchen and a storage area. Nearby are the band's horse stable & stalls and livestock pasture & paddocks.


The Eclipsians are most focused on protecting each other and their practices. The practices for their pantheon is open to outsiders as they allow newcomers to join their clans. Their culture is based on mutual and collective Trust and Respect of one another. They have one democratically recognized leader that is expected to act as a representative of the clans' collective interests.


Seeing as this group's culture is in its foundational/re-formational stage, the following clans are currently being founded (or re-founded). In order for a Clan to be featured on this section, there must be at least two members. At least one of them must be actively played. Campers that are members of Clans may see higher status, recognition and other benefits in the future...


Osoa is a fusion of the two gods of Old: forest god Nanin and river goddess Nin. As the followers of an elder god, those of Osoa have a deep respect for nature and its waters. They are guardians of the natural world.


Valleui/Valleuar's Sunweavers/Moonweavers value freedom, the arts, neutrality and knowledge. These souls oft pursue growth and goodwill.


Powerful and devoted spirits to the end, Dionians focus on protection, loyalty, duty, passion, honor and healing. This clan's number are stolid and reliable to the end and beyond.


  • Family, trust, respect, peace, connection, loyalty, honesty, equality, tradition and growth
  • 1. Respect your fellow Camper. Do not kill or harm Campers, especially the Junior Campers. Stay loyal to Camp Eclipse.
  • 2. Remain responsible and considerate with use of the communal animals and stores.
  • 3. Keep the peace with other Campers, fellow Bands and neighboring packs. Don't break the peace.
  • 4. Most importantly, have fun!
    • Note: These rules are subject to change as members of Camp Eclipse form their culture and conventions.
  • Members of Camp Eclipse come from many different walks of life. Equality is a large ideal. As such, there is no central religion - though there are a few common deities to follow in the Eclipsian pantheon.
  • Polyamory/polygamy is often practiced by Campers. Same-sex couplings are more than welcomed and accepted.
  • Many Campers are non-binary, gender-neutral or otherwise gender non-conforming.
  • Ceremonies such as spiritual conversions, funerals, weddings and rights of passages vary by Clan.
  • Inebriants are not an uncommon sight. These are expected to be kept away from Junior Campers, though.
  • On the 20th of April, Camp Eclipse celebrates the Festival of Life. This is typically an event that is open to non-members.

Animal NPCs

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Large Hoofstock

Small Hoofstock

Other Animals


In the wake of the Winter of Discontent, long members of New Caledonia were either forced to flee from their home, or remain behind to deal with the hired arms from none other than Rand Coara. Ultimately, the realm was disbanded after the events, causing those that stayed behind to join those who already left to protect their puppies. Seven members of the fallen realm were joined by one returning from the Citadel. Seeking safety in their numbers and collective beliefs, they formed a loner band: Camp Eclipse.



Many of the band originated from a disbanded pack, New Caledonia. The sun and moon kingdom had suffered multiple wars and conflicts from its beginning. When a pack event resulted in the poisoning of several Caledonians and allied Salsolans, the religious extremists had returned with new numbers. By the time the spies, mercenaries and traitors were discovered, it was too late...

  • 08 Jan: Liam is sent as a messenger to Salsola to check on their status – and attempt to sway whatever misgivings they may have formed about the Sun-and-Moon Kingdom in the aftermath of the supposed food poisoning. Liam was unfortunate enough to find that O'Riley Eternity was not easily persuaded. Convinced that the Caledonians betrayed them, he turns down the Valar's gifts of goodwill and sends Liam away. (with Liam del Morte, O'Riley Eternity.)
  • 11 Jan: Whilst on a patrol, Liam and O'Brien spot a spy weaving in and out of the edges of Caledonian territory. The two men chase him down only to discover that it is none other than Lancaster, a member of the musician troupe that performed at the Call to Court. Despite their efforts, the sneak slips away and the pair return to inform the Fili of the event. (with O'Brien, Liam del Morte.)
  • 12 Jan: Percival and Liam are assigned to scout the edges of New Caledonia for further suspicious activity. They find traces of a previous camp beyond their borders, far too close for comfort. It's clear that these Luperci have been around the block... a time or two, at this point. It becomes clear that their enemies have been keeping tabs on them for some time now. (with Percival Parhelion, Liam del Morte.)
  • RO: 12 Jan: Lorien conducts a solitary patrol due to how shorthanded the Caledonians are with many of their number sick or missing. He discovers a campsite not far from the borders. Choosing to lay low, he gathers whatever information he can on the mercenaries and leaves to report to the pack's remaining leadership. (with Lorien Coara.)
  • RO: 12 Jan: Hearing the news of mercenaries and spies gathering at their borders, Kaleidoscope fears for their life and disappears from New Caledonia. They hastily seek shelter in the Miramichi Watershed. Whilst there, they meet with Kule Pana. Sympathizing with Ida's flight, Kule agrees that it was a logical decision. Promising to bring Liam and others to Ida, Kule cautions them to stay safe and leaves for New Caledonia. (with Liam del Morte, O'Riley Eternity.)
  • Lasky: 13 Jan: Determined to reunite with Liam and find someone to care for Kaleidoscope and Sphinx's safety, Kule Pana finds Liam and persuades him to leave New Caledonia. Having clearly seen how bleak the outlook is, Liam chooses to prioritize his family's survival in lieu of risking it all in a losing battle. He gathers up the children he has raised (Sphinx del Morte, Kibi, Wojo, Jira, Smoketrail, Smokescreen, and Smokewisp) and takes them with him to the Miramichi Watershed. (with Kule Pana, Liam del Morte.)
  • [M]18 Jan: Following Rand Coara's murder at the hands of his daughter he abused, Thistle discovers the body. Disturbed by the commotion, Lorien and several other Caledonians arrive on the scene. (with Lorien Coara, Thistle Cormier, and several other Caledonians.)
  • Newspost: 23 Jan: Left with nothing but a pyrrhic victory, fading borders and many casualties, Kalypso Savoy disbands New Caledonia. (with Kalypso Savoy.)
  • Lasky: 25 Jan: Lorien and O'Brien depart from their former packlands to deliver the news to Liam. Relieved to reunite with his sick daughter, O'Brien stays. Needing to recover from the exhaustion of travel and his wounds from the final and phyrric battle, Lorien stays as well. (with Lorien Coara, O'Brien, Liam del Morte.)

The Caledonian refugees find each other in the Miramichi Wilderness and form Camp Eclipse. Under Liam's unanimously agreed on leadership, they work together to refurbish Umbral Cabin (FKA Krokar's Tuktu Lodge) into their new headquarters. Surrounding structures also see some additional work. The Campers settle in and strengthen their bonds to one another and care for their livestock & Junior Campers together. The foundations of tribal clans are laid down and cultures converge.

  • 01 Feb: While out on a short patrol, Lorien meets up with his sister, having made her way back from the Citadel. He takes her back to the cabin, where they meet up with Liam. (with Lorien Coara, Gwenninûr Coara, Liam del Morte.)
  • 02 Feb: Liam begins his fasting to undergo the Trial of Eventide. During his conversion process to become a Sunweaver, Liam meets Jonk and the Junior Campers they have co-parented together. (with Jonk, Liam del Morte.)
  • 04 Feb: Kaleidoscope bonds with and handles their newly owned mule, Berwald. Kule converses with them in the meantime. Lorien and Gwenninur arrive to meet with their two fellow Campers. (with Kaleidoscope, Gwenninûr Coara, and Lorien Coara.)