• Joined: August 2011; July 2022
  • Time Zone: EST (GMT-4)
  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Slots Filled: 6/6

Hi, I'm Raze! I've played several characters over several years at 'Souls (including my long-standing faves, Vesper, Skoll Haskel, and Loki Helsi). I first joined over a decade ago, and I was previously a staff member and a leader of Inferni.

I make money cutting dog hair, and I spend that money on polyhedral dice, and that pretty much sums up my life. I'm pretty introverted, but if you're ever in need of a dog picture pick-me-up, I'm your supplier! I'm often lurking in 'Soulschat and always happy to talk threads and plots!

Active Characters

Beth Cormier
Camp Eclipse

Canine NPC: O'Brien
Animal NPCs: Dubhán, Radish, Parsnip


Canine NPC:
Animal NPCs: Babushka

Mishibizhii de le Poer
The Court of Fangs

Canine NPC:
Animal NPCs:

Nikamew Sycamore
The Court of Fangs

Canine NPC:
Animal NPCs: Fennel

Inactive Characters

I've played a ton of characters since I joined, from plot temps and failed ideas, to notable characters whose legacies lasted for years! Ones listed here are (mostly) those with 200+ posts.

Roleplay Information

Posting & Plotting
  • Reply Speed: Varies wildly! I'm always fine getting pokes or requests to prioritize a reply. <3
  • Plotting & Requests: DM me with ideas literally whenever! :D Even if I'm not technically open for threads, feel free to ask -- we can plan a future thread, or I can squeeze in a thread if it's plot-important.
  • Starting: Please poke me if I have not started or made a first reply to a planned thread within one week.
  • Thread Dates: I use flexible thread dating; you don't have to ask me to fore/backdate a thread.
  • LASKY: I only play out canon threads in LASKY. I'm happy to use LASKY for plot-important threads we can't otherwise write on-board (e.g., with inactive characters or NPCs).
Content & Preferences
  • Powerplay: Minor powerplay to move a thread along (e.g., walking to follow someone, nonviolent touches) is pretty much always acceptable. I'll let you know if anything needs changed!
  • Assumptions: I'm mostly easygoing about reasonable assumptions (things noted in my characters' wikis or inferred from posts). Again, I'll let you know if anything needs changed.
  • Fights: I prefer to plan out fight threads to allow for more fluid writing.
  • Mature Content: I am okay writing and interacting with pretty much any mature, dark, or explicit themes. I prefer fade-to-black or summary for sex scenes, but I'm comfortable with lead-up and don't care how graphic.

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