Lowry Lykoi

Lowry was a member of Cercatori d'Arte; he was both high-ranking in the Stage ranks and a member of the mysterious Trader's Guild.

He was born in a pack ruled by his father, Kerberos Lykoi, and driven out as a yearling. Not wanting to follow his Lykoi family legacy, he avoided Inferni and joined Casa di Cavalieri, only to decide the pack was not for him and joining d'Arte instead. In the summer of 2013, he infiltrated AniWaya as a spy for the Trader's Guild.

In February 2014, Lowry was killed by Judas Poer de Aika XIII, who strung up his body on Cercatori d'Arte's border tree in a macabre display.

Lowry Lykoi

by Aly



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D. O. B.

2 November 2011







Coywolf Hybrid


62.5% Northeastern Coyote
25% Grey Wolf
6.25% Red wolf
6.25% Dog




Pack Cercatori d'Arte
Rank Ringleader
Trader's Guild Infiltrator (Pending)


Pack Casa di Cavalieri
Ranks Prova (CdC); Unskilled, Trouper, Entertainer (CdA)

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    2.   6.2  2012
    3.   6.3  2013
    4.   6.4  2014

1.  Appearance

Lowry is a scrawny coyote hybrid with straw-colored fur. He has ginger accents and yellow eyes. His hair is usually spiked with beeswax, and he often wears an overlarge belt with a sheath for his knife.

1.1  Build and Species

Lowry is a skinny, scrawny runt. He is very small and looks malnourished most of the time, his ribs usually easily felt if one runs their hands along his sides. His hip bones, too, jut out -- especially in his bipedal form, which is short by really any standards.

His physical characteristics do little to suggest that he's a hybrid. Instead, he has the standard coyote build: small, big-eared, and bushy-tailed. His muzzle, however, does not seem to taper as much as the average coyote's; his entire head is less angular and might even seem wolfish, if his two giant ears didn't perch on top of it.

1.2  Coloration

Lowry has Straw (#D4B886) fur with a Stark White (#EBDDC8) underside, including washing up his legs and around his Golden Sand (#F2D971) eyes. The Lykoi red is a soft, subtle Twine (#C07C51) on his ears, muzzle stripe, and splashed across his back. A slightly darker Potters Clay (#925938) is also mottled into the colors of his back, streaked with Milbrook (#574731), which also tips his tail.

1.3  Forms


  • Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg)
  • Height: 22 in (56 cm)
  • Runty with clear coyote features.
  • Lowry uses this form often for hunting and scouting.


  • Weight: 145 lbs (66 kg)
  • Height: 33 in (84 cm)
  • Average at best and a bit skinny at worst. Tends a lot more toward speed than strength.
  • Lowry rarely uses this where Lupus will do, but he takes advantage of its bulk and speed for fights and hunting larger game.


  • Weight: 155 lbs (70 kg)
  • Height: 5ft 6in (66 in) (162 cm)
  • Short -- very scrawny, skinny, and narrow. Arms are very thin, and hip bones jut out. Hedgehog-like hair is styled toward the front, sometimes spiked and other times a pathetic fluff.
  • This is Lowry's default form, used especially for fighting and socialization.

1.4  Other


  • Small cut on bottom jaw from a knife.


  • Overlarge belt with a sheath for his knife.

2.  Personality

In a word, Lowry is fidgety. He can never keep still, his train of thought jumps from place to place, and he generally seems flighty and hyperactive when spoken to. He is friendly and well-meant, however, and often passionate in his pursuit of good -- even if his thought on "law" and black-and-white has slackened. He can be petty and silly or jealous, but most of the time he treats others warmly and can be very chivalrous to those in need.

The young male is affected by two mental disorders, however -- depression and generalized anxiety. His anxiety is prominent in his nervous mannerisms and his general jumpiness, but it runs deep in his greater thoughts. His imagination, which is normally a positive trait, gets out of hand here. He's always expecting the worst and stressing over it, or otherwise blowing things out of proportion. His depression, meanwhile, is less obvious -- but self-deprecating thoughts run constantly through his mind, and while during his "normal" periods he has them under control, at times everything crashes down on him and overwhelms him.

Lowry is a canine who very much wants to be the hero of his own story, but his self-doubts hold him back from that.

2.1  Details


  • Likes: Stories and myths, entertainment, bright colors, goodwill, warriors, creativity, uniqueness.
  • Dislikes: Tall individuals, jackals, chance of embarrassment, writer's block.


Neurotic, friendly, imaginative, self-loathing, passionate.

  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted, submissive
  • Alignment : Neutral Good


  • Failure: Lowry fears screwing things up, not being able to prove his worth, and ridicule in general. It contributes greatly to his anxious fixations, especially because he can imagine himself failing in spectacular (if improbable) ways.
  • Sexual Assault: After being molested, Lowry is more and more uncomfortable about the thought of intimacy with another -- and is especially nervous and paranoid around touchy individuals, and men. He's generally okay if the other isn't using their size on him, or otherwise invading his space, but it's a fear that does come up on occasion. This fear extends to others as well, making sexual assault one of the things he is most passionately ready to punish.


  • Goodness and protection of the weak
  • Proving himself


  • Gender: More comfortable with females, though respected male authority figures are idolized. Otherwise, he is uncomfortable around some men and being close to them.
  • Packs: Lowry sees Inferni and, by extension, the Lykoi family as barbaric and violent. He makes a point not to associate himself with them despite his family ties.
  • Species: Nervous around coyotes and jackals. Previously resentful of large dog breeds and wolves, but has gotten over it.


  • Pansexual, though identifies currently as straight
  • Previously flirtatious and chauvinistic if well-meant, now far more timid
  • Some fear of being assaulted, or others being assaulted, so is shy about sex


  • Would likely indulge in substances and not be able to handle them because he's a wuss? Not hardcore enough!!


  • Jokingly swears by the muses
  • Non-religious, but open-minded
  • Doesn't reject belief in anything; thinks religion is true for its worshippers
  • Sees myths and scriptures from a storyteller's standpoint, and appreciates the richness of these stories

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

3.2  Family: Lykoi, Damaichu

3.3  Other


  • meep

Family Relations

Minor Relations

Former Relations

  • darp

4.  Interaction

4.1  General

  • Scent:
    • Cercatori d'Arte scent: earthy, clay, slightly flowery smell.
    • "Warm" smell like sun-dried grass, and often whiff of beeswax from hair. Lykoi scent.
  • Speech:
    • Mid-range, prone to jumping with pitch in excitement.
    • Voice becomes smoother and more mature when telling stories.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Constantly gesticulating, especially when storytelling.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Lowry generally has submissive body language, sometimes hunching slightly away from a more dominant canine. When angry or confident, he tries to make himself look as tall as possible.

4.2  Assumptions

Anything beyond the okayed assumptions, PM and ask first. Cercatori d'Arte members may assume the following:

  • Seeing Lowry around Cercatori d'Arte, hunting or scouting.
  • Seeing Lowry sitting by himself and making up poems or stories.
  • Seeing Lowry at the stables with his horse, Bark.

4.3  Companions



Former cNPCs

4.4  Residence

Thornbury, Cercatori d'Arte

  • derp derp bed


Lowry previously resided in the Fort Kingsbury courthouse when he lived in Casa di Cavalieri.

4.5  Abilities


  • Knife Combat: Lowry does not have the strength to fight merely with fang and claw; he needs something a bit sharper than a fang to get the job done. In order to defend himself, he has taken up fighting with small blades. He is still learning, but most of his failures come from mental mistakes rather than his ability to handle a blade.
  • Poetry & Prose: Lowry has a mind for stories. After learning that he had a natural talent for reading, he read as much as he could. Nonfiction books do not interest him; he needs a protagonist in a story. He enjoys reading poetry, as well, and has tried to both compose his own poems and tell his own tales. He likens himself to a bard for this reason.
  • Observation: It's strange for an outspoken and compulsive individual to be keen about his surroundings, but Lowry has good attention to detail in everyday life, even when he's going on a tirade (observing danger does not mean avoiding it). He has an excellent memory and can often bring up these small details at a later date if they become relevant.


  • Naivety: Lowry is still in the state where he thinks life is a fairy tale, and so it's fairly easy to con him. He's gullible and easily charmed by those he perceives as "noble," and has been taken advantage of before.
  • Size: As a somewhat malnourished coyote, Lowry is cursed with a fairly small size and very little actual strength. He absolutely hates to be called short and goes through various lengths to make himself seem taller than he is. This isn't a weakness in daily life, usually, but if he is grabbed or trapped in combat, he is sure to lose.

4.6  Inventory


Because his pack focuses a lot on trade, Lowry is very eager to exchange goods to the subtle deficit of the other Luperci -- but he has a really bad pokerface and sucks at it. One can dupe him by means of bullying, but most of the time he sticks with fair trades.

  • Offering: Cercatori d'Arte goods, oral or written stories, food.
  • Accepting: Paper and pencils, quills and ink, weaponry, books, stories, goods for Cercatori d'Arte.


On Hand

  • Knife.
  • Oversized leather belt with sheath.


  • Collection of bad pencils.
  • Old, salvaged paper; also better quality paper.
  • Tons of half-finished stories and poems.


  • Random colored powder.
  • Simple horse tack: one bridle and saddle.

5.  NPC

  • Name: Hen Wen
  • Species: Pig
  • Age: Adult
  • Gender: Sow
  • Personality: Very spunky and affectionate toward Luperci, though terrified of horses.
  • Description: Small white pig. She was a former pet of Lowry's. Cercatori d'Arte took ownership of her in the aftermath of his death, and she eventually becaame a communally owned animal of Midnight Shores.

6.  History

6.1  Pre-'Souls

Lowry and his siblings were born in the deep snows of November, but the family was protected in the warmth of the den, and all the pups were raised with loving care for as long as things went smoothly. Kerberos Lykoi and Valla never let the puppies out of their sight, and as they grew older, they tried to instill a deep fear of the unknown within them. Instead of blindly accepting the danger, however, Lowry became fascinated with the stories, from the start wanting to jump out and do battle with the evils of the world instead of fear it.

The family was part of a band of coyote hybrids, which Kerberos, lead. But in the first few months of their lives, the hierarchy began to shift, and Valla took control even more so than their father. This shift caused a rift between mother and father, and though both loved their children unconditionally, they began trying to turn their children against each other.

Eventually, it ended with the children fighting each other, and then eventually, the parents turning on each other, ending in the death of Valla. Seeing the children and as nothing more than a nuisance, the rest of the clan drove them off, and they scattered to the four winds. With his rank defunct and hierarchy taken, Kerberos left, his place unknown to the siblings.

Lowry was glad to tackle the great unknown and simply get away from his parents' violence, and so he roamed as far and fast as he could to seek a new home for himself.

6.2  2012

  • November: Lowry reaches Nova Scotia. His first stop is Inferni, but is put off by the skulls and the apparent violence Inferni often sees, and so he decides that the clan is not for him. He also reunites with his sister, Elody Lykoi, but decides to travel alone until he catches wind of a great pack called Casa di Cavalieri. He soon joins.
  • December: Lowry finds it hard to adjust to the great pack. He spends most of his time with Wayne McCoy (despite claiming to dislike the man) and forms a bond with his colt, Bark. Wayne tries to convince him to get more involved with the pack, but Lowry is afraid of ridicule as he meets his comrades. He starts to get antsy and distant.

2012 Threads

6.3  2013

  • January:
    • There is an incident outside of Casa di Cavalieri; a bear kills a girl, while Lowry freezes up. Lowry cannot cope with what happened, and tells Wayne that he isn't good enough for the pack. Wayne gently supports him in his desire to leave, and gifts him the colt, Bark.
    • Lowry spends some time as a loner, wandering Seabreeze Brink, before joining Cercatori d'Arte.
    • Lowry is assaulted by Machidael Lykoi after being charmed by him; Wayne saves him.
  • February: Lowry falls into a state of depression after his assault, and spends a lot of time alone. He eventually begins to cheer up though he remains melancholy for many weeks.
  • March: Lowry is cheered by news that Cercatori d'Arte is opening up its borders. He socializes with his pack mates and some outsiders, and also visits AniWaya to play in a stickball game.
  • April: Nothing of note happens.
  • May: Lowry is attacked for information by Wraith Creed, and has a small emotional breakdown about how he's worthless and not cut out for anything. He focuses on doing things around Cercatori d'Arte instead, even if his restless wanderings bring him away from the pack on occasion.
  • June: During the pack's Festival of Colors, Lowry decides to approach leader Skye Collins for information on the Trader's Guild -- an organization within d'Arte that isn't as innocuous as it seems. He is given the task of infiltrating AniWaya and discovering their secrets, if any.
  • July: After a lot of anxious preparation, Lowry joins AniWaya as Fiver the coyote. He learns a lot of the Tribe's language and culture, and stays longer than expected after accidentally unearthing a body in Tribe lands! He also finds a piglet, Hen Wen, who becomes his companion.
  • August: Before Lowry can decide to go back to Cercatori d'Arte, he falls ill with a strange disease.
  • September: Lowry leaves AniWaya, weak from illness and in a deep depression. He attempts suicide, but is rescued by a strange young loner named Penny?, who makes him go back to Cercatori d'Arte. He makes his report to Skye and tries to integrate himself back into pack life.

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6.4  2014