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  2.   2.  Culture
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  3.   3.  Pack Relationships
    1.   3.1  Former Pack Relations
    2.   3.2  Former Loner Band Relations

by Alaine

Casa di Cavalieri is a Luperci-dominant pack that lays claim to the northeastern half of Whisper Beach. The heart of Casa is Fort Kingsbury, where all members reside in their quiet cottages or in private rooms in the gallant Courthouse. Kingsbury is protected by a large stone wall, which provides a secluded, undisturbed mood unique to the Knight pack. Casa di Cavalieri contains rich forests, alluring old human towns, and a valuable claim to the Bay of Fundy.

The pack was founded by Jazper Rhiannon-Knight and Anann Kelevra after the course of the AniWaya Conflict to remedy the need for a central group of protectors. The founders believed that by creating a group of skilled fighters, they could deter and potentially prevent the devastation caused by future threats. Consequentially, Casa's culture is centrally militaristic, and members are expected to train regularly and be able to fight effectively in battle.

Casa's ranking system is made up of five tiers (excluding youth and leadership), ranging from general members to knights to an elite council consisting of five skilled representatives. The pack is charged by two leaders of equal power, the Sole/Sola and Lune/Luna. Cavaliers can not advance past mid-rank unless they have combat abilities. Casa is a place of morals and they seek to do the right, but they are not above killing to keep the peace and serve justice. Education and family are also building blocks of the pack's structure.

  • Scent: Metal, sea salt, forestry, and horses.
  • Archetypes
    • Welcome: Warriors, Healers, Diplomats, Equestrians, Hard Workers, Heroes, Combat Trainees
    • Unwelcome: Thieves, Trouble Makers, Murderers, Addicts, Hermits, Liars, those of low-morals

Quick Maps

Pack Territory Map by Titmouse Fort Kingsbury Map by Nat Barn Stables I & II Stable IIICourthouse Blueprint

1.  Founding History

See the history wiki page for detailed information.

Shortly after a raid on Crimson Dreams by new Aniwayan leadership (AniWaya Conflict) Jazper Rhiannon-Knight traveled to Cour des Miracles to seek help from his friend Anann Kelevra. During this conversation they discussed the need for a large group, or pack, which could be called on in such a crisis. Jazper quickly decided that he would begin to recruit for such a pack and encouraged Anann to consider joining him in leadership. .[1] Anatoliy Russo also joins the conversation. After many weeks of individual thought and searching for pack land Anann and Jazper made their way together to Whisper Beach. During the scouting trip the pair ran across Rurik Ivonov, Dixie-May Jackson and her friend Wayne McCoy. Dixie-May, having lived in the area for a good amount of time, suggested a place for the pack to settle.[2] Dixie, Wayne and Rurik remained at the Fort, which they dubbed Kingsbury, and continued to make the Courthouse livable [3]. After a week had passed Jazper returned to the Fort and called all potential members to begin marking the territory [4], thus opening Casa di Cavalieri officially.

1.1  Notable Members

2.  Culture

See the culture wiki page for detailed information.

Militaristic Defenders

Casa di Cavalieri was originally founded with the intent that the group would be protectors of the peace, and that ideal is the foundation of Casa's militaristic system. All members are required to train on a regular basis, therefore spars and weaponry are commonplace within the pack. Casa has an armory made available to all members of the pack, and it is encouraged that Cavaliers become skilled with a variety of different techniques and weapons to use in battle. War-horses are an essential element to Casa's battle-ready population. Horses are bred selectively to create the best of the best and trained from a very young age to be ridden into war and even assist and guard their riders in combat. Every Cavalier ranked as a knight or higher is expected to be able to defend themselves no matter their specialization, effectively making the near entirety of Casa a battle-ready army.

Education and Skills

Despite their militaristic nature, Casa's culture also respects the necessity for education and a wide variety of skill. Once old enough to walk and talk children are assigned a mentor to teach them the ways of Casa as well as assist them in training and education. Family is held in high respect within the pack, and parents are expected to rear their children with kindness as well as a firm hand. Children are essential to the Cavaliers and seen as future leaders; they are taught to be not only physically prepared for every possibility, but mentally as well. Skills are commodities within Casa, and members are encouraged to broaden their knowledge to expand past weapon-wielding and battle-readiness. Tailors, scholars, blacksmith, carpenters, hunters, and a variety of other skilled Luperci are welcome and valued within the community of Casa.

Honorable and Justice-seeking

Casa di Cavalieri was founded with an intent to protect the weak and fight for peace, and that stands strong still within the pack. Cavaliers are expected to be honorable men and women and do what is right to achieve justice. Casa has since evolved from the original ideal of founders such as Jazper, and are no longer afraid to kill should it be necessary to hold the peace and protect what is necessary. This change in Casa can be seen most prominently throughout both Syndicate Conflicts, when the pack chose to execute a pair of trespassers rather than hold them or release them [M] [5] and then in 2017 wiped out the entirety of the group [M] [6]. Consequentially, Casa has come to appear more formidable and capable than ever before.

2.1  The Brotherhood

See the Brotherhood wiki page for detailed information.

The Brotherhood is an elite group of Luperci banded together with the charge to defend Casa di Cavalieri at any cost. Each member undergoes a special vigil and takes an oath to protect the pack. Each member of the Brotherhood specializes in a form of defense, from blunt weaponry to archery to warhorses, and the group will be called upon to defend Casa as well as Casa's allies. In the event of war, meetings are held in order to make decisions on who the Brotherhood should support. All members of the Brotherhood are ranked First Officer or above and carry high prestige within the pack.

3.  Pack Relationships

-- Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
-- Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
-- Neutral.
-- Good relationship, but no official alliance.
-- Officially allied.


→ Salsolans are to be treated with guarded respect and healthy suspicion

Del Cenere Gang

→ After many positive interactions and healthy and fruitful trade, CdC and DCG become official allies at the beginning of 2022

Loner Bands

Bête Noire

After several positive interactions and healthy trade, CdC and BN become official allies at the beginning of 2022

  • April 2021: On her way to Del Cenere Gang, Aelin Fireheart makes a pit stop in Bete Noire's territory. [7] [8]
  • June 2020: Several members of Bete Noire participate in Casa's Olympic Games

The Troupe

There has been little to no interaction with members of this group

  • June 2020: Several members of The Troupe participate in Casa's Olympic Games.


There has been little to no interaction with members of this group

  • March 2020: Members of Oglethorpe share building plans with Casa di Cavalieri for little huts that will eventually act as lodging for visitors to the pack.[9]

3.1  Former Pack Relations

  • X'yrin Exultare and Jazper had a strong friendship and warrior bond but Alpha male Jaden Ohanzee caused problems with Casa in the past. After his apology and announcement of a wish for peace and friendship between the packs he was granted a second chance, and the relationship between Casa and Sangi'lak remained neutral.
  • Disbanded November 2013

  • Jazper Rhiannon-Knight, the alpha of Casa, and some of his members went on a trading trip with Skye Collins and some of her members to trade with CdM and AW. Shortly after, they decided to have an official alliance, and held a ball to celebrate the occasion. Skye and Jazper also have pups together, though this information is not widely known to members.
  • Disbanded November 2014

  • Packs have exchanged gifts and many members have friendships between the packs. Fayne, Palaydrian Soul and Tharin Lupei stayed in Casa for some training. New Dawn housed members of Casa during conflict with Salsola in 2013. Zalen and Jazper share a bloodline and hope to continue their friendship.
  • June 2014: Casa di Cavalieri and New Dawn entered into an official alliance with the mateship of Callum Knight and Veyra Damaichu. They had a ceremony and feast to celebrate the occasion.
  • January 2015:ND calls for assistance due to a sickness, Luca Knight and Alistair Callow-Knight are sent on behalf of Casa to the aid of ND with herbs, blankets and food.
  • Disbanded August 2015

  • Offering of peace was made (2011), Jazper was invited to stay and experience some of their culture as a Guest of Honor. CdA and Casa traveled to Aniwaya to trade during their trade mission and was received well. Hadley has become the official ambassador having spent time in the tribe and assisted with their agricultural project.
  • Spring 2014: Alistair Callow-Knight and Lola visited with Ulilohi Ehn and were welcomed with open arms. Alistair aided them in the rebuilding of their village after the big move.
  • Disbanded October 2016

  • November 2014: CdA disbands, Skye Collins founds Midnight Shores and our Alliance from Cercatori d'Arte carried over.
  • May 2015: Leader and founder of Casa, Jazper Rhiannon-Knight, joins MS to retire and become mates with his lover Skye Collins, strengthening the friendly link between the packs.
  • May 2016: After the Meteor strikes Nova Scotia, Casa is nearly in ruin. MS members arrive the following month to assist Casa with repairs.
  • Disbanded December 2016.

  • October 2019: Several high-ranked New Caledonia members visit Casa for a Leadership Summit.
  • March 2020: Several members of New Caledonia visit Casa for a Pack Tournament of games.
  • June 2020: Many members of New Caledonia participate in Casa's Olympic Games and claim the title of Grand Champion! They are awarded for their endeavors.
  • July 2021: Cedric Stryder becomes an official ambassador to New Caledonia.
  • Disbanded January 2023

  • Cavaliers are permitted to chase off and attack members of this pack if necessary or provoked. (This is IC law - Do not attack another character without OOC consent.)
  • Peace offering accepted (2011). In 2013, both packs came close to war when Anathema's practice of slavery became evident after Maxen Ganesa took Leon Hughes, a friend of Sebastian Auditore, as a slave. Relations are strained and CdC members may freely interrogate any member of Anathema, they may attack if member is found with a slave.
  • Spring 2014: New leader Kentaro Lykoi talks peace with Jazper Rhiannon-Knight. An agreement is reached and tensions are eased, but the peace is still little more than tenuous for some members of CdC.
  • August 2015: Anathema attacks New Dawn- Casa's allies- with no clear reason. After a bloody battle and many casualties, New Dawn is scattered and disbanded. [15] Casa's Brotherhood march to Anathema in an attempt to confront the offenders, but they are intercepted by a portion of Anathema's attack party. Conflict arises. [16] At this point, Casa is at war with Anathema.
  • March 2016: Aeron Ganesa usurps the previous leader of Anathema and instigator of the attack on New Dawn- Kentaro Lykoi. She send a message to Casa seeking peace in a meeting. [17] Casa's leaders attend the meeting and let Anathema know that no peace has been achieved. [18] As a last attempt to find neutrality, Aeron cuts off Kentaro's hand and offers it to Casa's leadership. [19] Casa accepts, but has yet to forgive Anathema for their actions. While no longer actively warring, the two packs are still very much at odds and tensions are high.
  • Disbanded March 2018

  • Lola kills Desderio at a ball after he comes onto her. Sapient is not happy, and despite Luca trying to mend relations, the pack to the North still holds ill will for Casa.
  • The two packs are separated by a great distance, so they have little to no interaction with each other.
  • December 2017: Aldora Knight is turned away from Sapient's borders with hostility. She does not know it was because of turmoil within the pack.
  • Disbanded July 2018

  • 2011: Peace offering was accepted followed by an agreement that both packs shall leave each other to their own business.
  • 2012: Upon a leadership change, Ithiel de le Poer delivered gifts to CdC shortly followed by Jazper Rhiannon-Knight and Alyssum de Fonte returning the friendly gesture and meeting Myrika Tears.
  • 2013: Lola seeks to become the ambassador to Inferni. She, along with Alistair Callow-Knight meet and talk with Vesper, a coyote he has met previously just before the tensions with SL arose.
  • Spring 2014: Alistair Callow-Knight and Lola visit Inferni's borders to investigate a claim of an attack on a member of CdA by a member of the coyote pack. Myrika Tears meets them with neutrality, and as the attacker is unnamed no justice is dealt. Alistair warns Myrika against future attacks on CdC-allied packs.
  • Summer 2014: Leaders of Inferni decline the invitation for the leader's feast hosted in CdC. They send emissaries, instead including: Kaena Lykoi and Gehenna Asylum. They are received with neutrality and the other leaders note Vesper and Myrika's absence with mixed reactions.
  • January 2018: Aldora Knight visits Inferni twice; once meeting with Vesper during the Inferni/Salsola war, and then again with Vicira Tears after the pack moved to the Burnt Lands. She asks permission to be their ambassador, and while Vicira accepts she does not see the point, as she does not trust the knights after their inaction during the SL/IF conflict.
  • Disbanded August 2018

  • There are many friendships between members of these packs. CdC and CdA traveled here during their trade mission and Casa di Cavalieri hosted a tournament between the two packs in 2013.
  • Spring 2014: Alistair Callow-Knight and Lola visited this pack, giving gifts to leader Silvano Sadira and initiated the first talk of an official alliance.
  • Summer 2014: CdC was invited for CdM's birthday celebration. A few members of CdC joined in on the festivities.
  • January 2015: CdC hosts an Alliance Ball
  • March 2018: Under the rule of its new queen Kalypso Savoy, CdM and CdC enjoy a ball and other festivities to reaffirm their alliance.
  • August 2018: CdC invited CdM to a clam bake and beach party. Ultimate Frisbee, an eating contest and other revelry occur.
  • Disbanded March 2019.

3.2  Former Loner Band Relations

  • There has been little to no interaction with members of this group
  • Disbanded June 2018

  • There has been little to no interaction with members of this group
  • Disbanded March 2019

  • There has been little to no interaction with members of this group
  • Disbanded June 2019 to form Del Cenere Gang with The Cartel

  • Kira Damaichu encounters the camp near Mount Oromocto. She speaks to Iomair and Arran and brings two ewes to later be repaid by delivery of a ram.
  • Disbanded August 2019 to form New Caledonia

  • There has been little to no interaction with members of this group
  • Disbanded May 2020

  • There has been little to no interaction with members of this group
  • Disbanded August 2019 to help form New Caledonia

  • This group is made up of previously Cour des Miracles members, which were allies before their disbandment
  • Disbanded October 2019, partially joining New Caledonia

  • There has been little to no interaction with members of this group
  • Disbanded Fall 2019

  • There has been little to no interaction with members of this group
  • Disbanded May 2020

  • There has been little to no interaction with members of this group
  • Disbanded May 2020