Leon Hughes

Leon Hughes

Leon Hughes, by Crys
Name MeaningLion
Name OriginGreek
Date of BirthFebruary 19, 2011
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeArizona
Current packAnathema
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Joining date14 Jan 2013
Most Recent RankSut
SignificanceSlave, NPC

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Leon Hughes is currently a slave in Anathema, under the ownership of Maxen Ganesa.

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  1.   1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History
    1.   1.1  Early Life
  2.   2.  Bleeding Souls History
  3.   3.  'Souls History
    1.   3.1  Pack Founding
    2.   3.2  Life in the pack
  4.   4.  Personality
    1.   4.1  Initially
    2.   4.2  Later
    3.   4.3  Currently
  5.   5.  Relationships
    1.   5.1  Trigger
    2.   5.2  Maxen Ganesa
    3.   5.3  Name of character
    4.   5.4  All Friends
    5.   5.5  All enemies
    6.   5.6  Love Interests
  6.   6.  Abilities, talents and skills
    1.   6.1  Strengths
    2.   6.2  Weaknesses
  7.   7.  Appearance
    1.   7.1  Luperci Forms
    2.   7.2  Stature
    3.   7.3  Eyes
    4.   7.4  Scars
  8.   8.  Notable Threads
    1.   8.1  Bleeding Souls threads
    2.   8.2  'Souls threads

1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History

1.1  Early Life

Leon was born to a very small, reclusive family in 2011; his mother was a quiet, shy, introverted young woman who was stunningly beautiful, but abused to the point of being nothing more than a slave to her husband, Daire Hughes. Daire was a very angry, bitter man, who blamed the world for his own problems and issues and everything that went wrong in his life. Once Leon was born, he was the man's scapegoat for whatever he wanted it to be for. There was never any real given reason as to why he beat Leon senseless and senselessly almost every day.

His mother wanted to help, but she learned early on that it was fruitless to try and defend her child against the man she was married to; he simply beat her until she cried and begged for him to stop, and she learned her lesson. She began turning a blind eye to the horrible abuse, and even after the brutal beatings, when her young son came to her bloody and crying, she didn't even try to console and comfort him for fear of retribution from Daire.

The young boy learned early on himself that he could rely on no one but himself, and eventually became quiet when he was hit, and most of the time didn't fight back as it only made his old man angrier and hurt him more. However, when his younger brother was born, this attitude changed completely. He became overwhelmingly protective over him even as a baby his father didn't dare strike. He never even bothered to defend his worthless mother; every now and then he would stand up for her; this being an early sign of his own moral code about ladies forming, but his mother was never a strong, respectable woman, so he never tried hard to help her as she didn't seem to care much for him. She only did what was necessary to keep her two boys alive and nothing more.

The two of them lacking "real" parents, Leon took Trigger in and cared for the boy as if he were his own but always considered him his "baby brother". Leon absolutely adored Trigger, and Trigger couldn't have loved Leon more. The two played together constantly and spent their days outside playing safely away from their father's abuse and their mother's ignorance. When they were forced to stay home to do chores, Leon always looked out for Trig and whenever his father started to beat Trigger, he stepped in and made the man turn his rage onto him. After all, he was used to it, and he would not allow Trigger to grow up as he had. At this point he knew he was going to be a rather fucked up adult and wanted his brother to keep his sweetness and innocence. He would not tolerate his father's abuse on the younger boy, who was about five months younger than him.

The two boys consoled each other after every brutal attack, and Trigger would tend to Leon's wounds and showed him that he was loved. The two shared a very rare and extremely close bond you wouldn't find in most families even today; Leon would literally give his life to keep his brother safe and to save him. He made a big mistake one day, when he was around eight months and came home to find his father severely beating his young brother to a pulp. Leon literally flipped out and attacked his drunken father, beating him close to death before he left in a fit of rage. He didn't take Trigger with him. He was too angry to stop and consider it; but very shortly after he left in his fit of rage, about a week or so, he came in the night and stole his brother away from that hellhole. Trigger wanted to stay with his mother, but Leon convinced him otherwise.

The two siblings spent the next two months traveling up from Arizona to Canada, then Novia Scotia. Leon found this place to be the perfect place to raise Trigger in peace, something the two of them have never known. He's eager to settle down with his baby brother in tow and looks forward to staying in his new life of freedom from their father's tyranny.

2.  Bleeding Souls History

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3.  'Souls History

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3.1  Pack Founding

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3.2  Life in the pack

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4.  Personality

4.1  Initially

Leon can be a hard nut to crack, but some very strong adjectives can be applied to him with ease when one gets to know him.

by Kitty

Loyal; When Leon find someone he likes or can tolerate or even if they like him in return, he turns into an extremely loyal friend. He'd do anything for them and his personality might change to be slightly less abrasive around them(particularly if they're of softer mind and mouth themselves) and he'd follow them to the ends of the earth. It's hard to get to this point for the most part, but when you do and you can call him a 'friend' and he can return the favor, you've got a friend for life who would give his for them.

Protective; Not only does he become extremely loyal to those he likes, he gets very, very protective and would go out of his way to make sure they're safe. If anyone messes with them, he'll stick up for them, and he'd gladly throw himself into a fight for them. It's rare for him to make friends with someone with a personality like his own, so most of his friends turn out to be kind, soft-spoken, meek... or generally just much nicer people, so it's easy for him to become overly protective and concerned for their safety. Sometimes he becomes a perfect guard dog for some of them. Although it's not impossible for someone like minded to become friends with him, if they don't mind friendly insults and sometimes harmless head-butting.

Chivalrous; Leon treats women extremely well, and his whole general personality adapts to the kind of female he's talking to or interacting with. Regardless of whether or not they're mean or rude or whatnot, he's still very polite and borders on proper, even, when he's interacting with a lady. He tends to be much, much more protective over them as well, and if he sees someone treating a lady wrong or rudely, he'll step in and put them in their place even if he doesn't know her and even if he knows them and is friendly with them. He has a huge amount of respect for women regardless of whether he knows them or not, and even after. It would be extremely wise not to pick on a lady or talk nasty about anyone of them in front of him, or he will punch you in the face or at least bite your head off.

Honest; This can also be considered a weakness because he almost literally wont lie to you no matter what. He's brutally honest, making him incredibly trustworthy. He's honest when he speaks, but it doesn't mean he doesn't hide things; it's simply too much effort to make some stupid lie and act like he wasn't lying, so if he doesn't want to say something he just doesn't say anything. If you don't want to hear the answer to something it would be wise to simply not ask Leon, because he'll give you an answer you probably don't want to hear.

Mellow; More than 90% of the time when you're around this man, he'll be rather mellow. It's mostly hard to get to him and he has a pretty laid-back attitude about a lot of things, and generally doesn't have too many buttons or things that cause him to become angry or anything like that. Honestly, he's so mellow because he just doesn't give a shit. It can be very hard to pin-point soft spots and touchy subjects; he remains stoic even when someone pushes the right button the first time so many can't learn his touchiest subjects until they really just go too far. That being said, he still does have a fiery temper, so don't take him for a pushover that you can walk on.

Tactless; Leon has no idea what it is to be properly polite. Even when he's close to being polite, he says something to ruin it. He makes blunt, awkward, manly jokes and has no idea where to draw the line. He crosses it plenty without meaning to, but most of the time he knows what he's doing and is just being a tactless jerk to get under people's skin. Other times he seriously can't help it. Even around woman he can't quite be polite in the way some true gentlemen might be.

Socially inept; His personality is gruff and has razor edges, to say the least. He puts up a major wall between himself any anyone trying to get close and has no idea how to handle someone who genuinely cares. Most of the time he can be somewhat friendly, if you can get past his vulgar way of speaking and understand that everything he says is not an attempt to hurt your feelings or piss you off. He can get very defensive, and has quite a temper so it doesn't take much to send him over the edge into being just downright nasty for the sake of being nasty. He's also a godawful actor, so if he's in a bad mood it is incredibly obvious, and when he's in a good mood... well, it's not that obvious. It takes a person being around him for a while to understand his good moods and see them.

Uncouth; With the above being explained, it is plain to see that Leon is not a refined man and doesn't go out of his way to be proper or politically correct. It's far too much work. If he actually acts polite and proper, he's obviously mocking you in an extremely sarcastic way. He does genuinely know how to be nicer and appropriate, but those he acts this way to are few and far between and someone he's known for years and years, and even then he doesn't always act this way around.

Short Temper; At times, Leon has a very short fuse and it can be extremely easy to get under his skin and make him angry enough to want to hurt you. Sometimes it's extremely hard. Sometimes certain people just push him over the edge. Sometimes certain people can say something that really angers him. He's generally extremely, extremely unpredictable, so you have no idea if you'll say something to piss him off or have him just brush it off. But, if you do piss him off, it doesn't take much to make him fly off the handle. So he does have a very short temper, although sometimes it can be particularly challenging to get to him.

Lecher; When it comes down to it, Leon could very well be considered a whore. Easily. If he finds someone he considers hot or even cute, he'll be a huge, tactless flirt who has no idea what the word 'subtle' and what it implies means. He'll pretty much do whatever to get it on with someone he finds attractive. This makes it seem as though he has no idea how to be in a real relationship and commit to it, but he knows very well and is actually very capable of it. But he's a complete man and tends to act as such unless he finds someone he's absolutely taken and smitten with; he mostly only does one-night-stands, as he hasn't yet found anyone he likes beyond that level yet. Aside from maybe one or two people. Needless to say, it's rare to take his heart. But when you can snatch it up, what a trophy it does make.

4.2  Later

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4.3  Currently

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5.  Relationships

5.1  Trigger

Baby brother.

5.2  Maxen Ganesa


5.3  Name of character

5.4  All Friends

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5.5  All enemies

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5.6  Love Interests

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6.  Abilities, talents and skills

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6.2  Weaknesses

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7.  Appearance

by Kitty

by Nat

Tall and intimidating in appearance, Leon can be an imposing figure when he chooses. Long of leg and body, he's more tall than broad, but he's backed up with streamlined muscles in prime condition. His ears are long but not overly large and his snout is long and somewhat narrow, tipped with a delicate pink nose. His physique, as mentioned, isn't bulky, but he's incredibly fit and can definitely carry and push his weight around. His paws are large, his legs are long, and upon his backside is a curled tail. His genealogy isn't clear cut, as his doggish features blend well with his mostly wolfish appearance.

In coloration, he's very bland with a few markings that stand out against the dark gray covering his body. He has darker gray markings around his eyes, along his snout and on his lips and chin, as well as the insides of his ears and a sort of blanket from the back of his head to a little past mid-back. His front legs are darker gray almost mid-leg down, his hind toes are the same. Starting behind his elbows he has a dark gray underside, tapering off between his hind legs, and lastly, the tip of his curly tail is the same shade of dark gray. His eyes are a contrasting silver, and he has a bite scar on the right side of his neck; four fang marks, two above two more in a very clear bite mark pattern.

That being said, he is mostly found in his 5'10'', 176lb optime form. He wears clothes in public. ...I'll update this later.

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7.2  Stature

7.3  Eyes

7.4  Scars

8.  Notable Threads

8.1  Bleeding Souls threads

8.2  'Souls threads

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