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Lyris Stryder was born as a non-luperci in Ontario, Canada, to parents Oriq Stryder and Wisteria, alongside her brother Kenyon Stryder in December of 2011. She was raised in the Stryder pack until the age of seven months until, after a hunting party gone horribly wrong, the entirety of Lyris's family and packmates were run off and killed by a pair of territorial grizzly bears. Lyris escaped with scarring both physical and deeply emotional, and after assuming that she was the lone survivor, began a journey to Nova Scotia. Arriving in the North in September of 2012, Lyris promptly joined the nomadic pack Sangi'lak. Soon after joining their ranks Lyris was turned into Luperci through X'yrin Exultare, whom she quickly came to idolize. She remained in Sangi'lak until its unexpected disbandment in November of the following year, and after a brief stint as an angry loner, joined New Dawn in early January 2014 with her friend Asgeir Exultare.

Lyris and Asgeir lived in New Dawn for a little over a year until Asgeir passed away in his sleep. Immediately after, Lyris left and instead joined Casa di Cavalieri to leave behind her feral roots and keep her promise to Asgeir, which was to try and start anew. In early July of 2015 Lyris became mate to Luca Knight, who was eventually promoted to the leader rank of Lune. In early August of 2015 Lyris and Luca bore two children, Indi Knight and Teagan Stryder. After another prosperous year, Lyris mothered a second litter by Luca in early September of 2016, bearing three more children named Arlen Stryder, Myra Garcia, and Remus Knight.

In May of 2017, after stepping up to help Casa during a plague that struck Luca ill and left the pack helpless a month before, Lyris was promoted to Sola and ruled alongside her mate as the first Sun Queen of Casa di Cavalieri for a time thereafter. She participated in the pack's defense against Syndicate's revenge conflict when they attacked in the summer of 2017.

Soon after, in early fall, Lyris grew suddenly ill when she became pregnant with her third litter. She died in childbirth in November 2017, bringing Cedric Stryder and Nora Knight into life at the cost of her own.







  • Black and white Gypsy Vanner stallion. Ownership transferred to Teagan upon death.
  • Chestnut tobiano filly (born 2016), sired by Kenyon. Ownership transferred to Teagan upon death.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Lyris most clearly resembles her Alaskan Tundra Wolf heritage, through her thick fur, triangular ears, and thick wolf-like muzzle.
  • Fur: Lyris' fur is thick and long, accredited to her Alaskan Wolf genes. She does gain a winter coat and sheds to a lighter coat in the summer months, but still tends to overheat easily, and so prefers the colder season.
    • Optime Hair: During her Brotherhood ceremony, Lyris cut her hair to symbolize her new lifestyle. She now wears it in a short, severe cut; consequentially, she can no longer hide her scars behind her hair. Her hair most usually appears styled similar to this.
  • Facial Features: While Lyris sports the thick muzzle and stouter ears of the purebred wolf, her features still appear to be very angular and sharp, overall matching her lean, slender figure.
  • Build and Size: Lyris is tall and very thin and lithe, her muscle mass concentrated most noticeably in her thighs and shoulders to allow the look of a swimmer's build. She is advantageous in a fight of speed and agility, and naturally avoids battles of brute strength due to her svelte body. She considers herself to appear intimidating, and rather prefers it over generic beauty.
  • Humanization: Lyris' level of humanization is minimal to none. Clothes are only worn if forced upon her, namely during a formal ball where dresses or attire is an absolute must. She feels constricted underneath the cloth, and walks around bare, a blind eye turned to any who may look down upon her nudity.




True White (#FFFFFF)


Kaitoke Green (#014125)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

Emperor (#525252)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars:
    • Lyris has several facial scars. The first is three gashes along her right cheek, the middle curving up jaggedly to just above her eye. She also has a smaller nick against what would be her right eyebrow.
    • On her left thigh, she has three gashes that span almost to the base of her spine, as well as two smaller markings off-centered.
  • Piercings:
    • None.
  • Tattoos:
    • Lyris has a single tattoo on her right thigh. It as a sharp, abstract marking that she has dubbed the crest of her fallen family, and wears proudly. Given to her by Brumaire Moineau in March 2014.
    • Scar/tattoo detailing


Jewelry and Accessories

  • In Optime form, Lyris can often be seen wearing a fitted leather band around her upper left arm. The band has a grizzly threaded to it, and most of the time Lyris slips a knife between her fur and the band.


85 lbs (39 kg)
34 in (86 cm)

Lupus (Preferred)

Lyris is very comfortable in her Lupus skin, and it is often the form she sleeps or relaxes in. She switches between this form and Optime in equal amounts. In Lupus, Lyris is tall, thin, and is very agile and quick-footed.

140 lbs (64 kg)
46 in (117 cm)


Secui form is very rarely used, and only in situations where power or brute strength is required. In this form, Lyris essentially appears as an over-sized wolf, having no monstrous qualities that many other's Secui forms may have. The power in her shoulders is accentuated.

175 lbs (79 kg)
6ft 10in (82 in / 208 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

Lyris uses Optime and Lupus forms in equal amounts- due to her constant shifting, she can shift very quickly and efficiently. Usually she uses Optime only when the use of hands is needed. In this form, she is very tall and slim, with muscles concentrated in her shoulders and legs, but not overly obvious. Her bust and curves are minimal. Here, Lyris' fur thins out slightly, and her hair remains styled short. Her full height is not often captured since she walks with her weight on her haunches with a more feral appearance, though this trait is slowly disappearing as she becomes more humanized.


  • Speech: Lyris has your average "American" speech, while her words are sparingly used. When she talks it is clear and to the point, and the majority of the time she avoids contractions and keeps her words formal. When entering a conversation with someone familiar, her speech is peppered with her sarcastic humor, which can appear blunt and cruel to those foreign to her.
  • Scent: Lyris smells of pine, sea salt, and Casa di Cavalieri.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Lyris rarely uses gestures when speaking, which can make her appear stiff and unfriendly, though really she just doesn't see the point of waving your hands around unnecessarily.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Lyris usually stands tall and is not afraid to assert her dominance or make a threat when the situation allows. Though when any event requires social status and not a display of capability or strength, she becomes very lost and can feel stupid and slow, hence her reasoning to avoid social gatherings.


2.  Personality

Innocently InsensitiveKnight in Sour ArmorBroken BirdFantastically IndifferentDon't You Dare Pity MeStoic WoobieDeadpan SnarkerDefrosting Ice Queen

2.1  Ideals


  • Quick to anger/aggressive, sarcastic, cold, quiet, calculating, protective, high capacity for hidden affection, often prideful, motivated to achieve and improve, intelligent
  • Pessimistic- While Lyris is not necessarily negative about every aspect of life, she harbors internal fears and doubts that any forward progress towards happiness can easily be halted or destroyed, and is not usually optimistic about her future. She looks forward to every possible outcome and tends to prepare for the worst, though she is slowly learning not to dismiss every possibly positive aspect of life.
  • Introverted- Lyris often chooses to be solitary and secluded in her daily life, as she does not relate to others very well and is not skilled in verbal exchange. She does, however, find being exclusively solitary to become lonely and rather unnatural, so she stays within a pack. As time has passed, Lyris has become increasingly comfortable in the company of her mate and children, and seeks out their presence often.
  • Dominant- Lyris strongly dislikes submitting to others in general- she is the daughter of an alpha and likes to pose herself as so. Yet due to her feral nature, she sees rank as something important and necessary and always adheres to the rules according to her rank, even if it requires the submission she so detests.
  • Alignment- Chaotic Good


  • Respect/Status/Rank
  • Intimidation of enemies
  • Justice
  • Upholding morals
  • Physical improvement and strength
  • Providing for and protecting beloved


  • Death of beloved: Since Lyris's past is riddled with countless conflicts concerning the untimely demise of those she loved, Lyirs has developed an irrational fear of any that she allows herself to become attached to dying before their time. In many instances, this overwhelming fear causes Lyris to feel as though she must do everything that she can to care for her family and any and all that she loves. Often times, this is transformed into aggression concerning the risky (but often necessary) actions of her children, mate, etc. Additionally, this insecurity drives Lyris to relentlessly pressure those she loves to find proficiency in self-defense and fighting, in the hope that should such a dangerous situation arise, the woman's beloveds will be able to protect themselves from major harm. Separation anxieties and paranoia can sometimes come to the surface in extreme situations, therefore making her children's quest to find independence away from the wing of their mother quite the challenge.
  • Betrayal/Abandonment: Aside from death, Lyris holds most souls at arms' length for fear of them leaving her behind. Since the fallout of Sangi'lak and her abandonment by Xyrin, whom she had come to idolize, Lyris has an irrational insecurity concerning others leaving her. When she allows herself to develop an attachment to someone, it runs deep and painfully close, and makes the loss of such a friend or family member hurt all the more. Also leads to Lyris's tendency to be immediately distrusting of strangers.
  • Failure: Being able to accomplish anything she sets her mind to is Lyris' ultimate motive. If she fails at any task she was determined to complete, no matter how large or small, she will not easily forget it. This fear of failure leads to her almost obsessive maintenance of her physical skillset of fighting and fitness.
  • Vulnerability: In her past, she was vulnerable, and it only gave her scars and dead family. Also attributes to her obsessive training exercises and innate need to be physically capable of any ailment that comes her way. Fear of vulnerability also runs emotional, as in the past she revealed her emotions and then felt belittled when abandoned. Fear of sharing the truth and then being left behind is excessively prevalent and often leads to the appearance of a cold and mean exterior.


  • Packs: Lyris' relations with packs usually falls similar to those of Casa di Cavalieri as a whole. Recently, she has come to find a growing hatred for Anathema since they destroyed her old home, New Dawn. She also harbors no love for Salsola (for their dark, secretive practices) or Sapient (for their prejudice against Non-Luperci).
  • Species: Since the Loner Syndicate attack on Casa di Cavalieri, and her increasing number of fights with coyotes, Lyris has come to be wary and distrusting of coyotes and their apparently arrogant and prideful nature, though otherwise has little species bias, aside from a slight preference for wolfish forms.
  • Non-Luperci: Lyris is fully accepting of Non-Luperci and appreciates their feral lifestyle, as she was once one herself. Any who berate or express bias against non-luperci in her presence will be sorry.
  • Gender: Women who put themselves under the control of men or do not have a strong mentality disappoint and frustrate Lyris, while men who feel superior to women or express sexism are dicks and better fear her wrath. Strong kinsmanship towards warrior-type women, similar to herself.
  • Color: A sense of kinsmanship to individuals who posess white coats, but otherwise no bias.
  • Sexuality: Lyris views homosexual relationships as void of function and altogether useless. She is a strong believer in male and female partners for the purpose of producing strong offspring. She has had little experience with homosexual individuals and so has yet to expand this trait.
  • Age: Elders are generally wise and youth have a lot yet to learn. Some particularly yappy puppies, when not her own, can rub Lyris the wrong way.


  • Kinsey 0: Purely Heterosexual. From a very feral background, Lyris holds firm to the belief that romantic and sexual relationships should only be fostered between male and female in order to ultimately produce strong and able-bodied children and is unshaken in executing this ideal. A believer in choosing a high-quality partner in both physique and intelligence. Since being mated, she had developed a fuller understanding of love, attraction, and sexuality, but is still often times ignorant to many queues and sympathies common to relationships. Lyris never has been and never will be promiscuous and has low libido, though has the capacity to enjoy sex when put in the right mood. She has a difficult time accepting others' relationships with individuals that are obviously physically or mentally weak and flawed. The day she has an affair is the day hell freezes over, because Lyris quite simply has no interest beyond Luca.


  • Lyris has come to develop a bias against the majority of recreational substances, including alcohol, marijuana, or any other manner of drugs. She has only once or twice consumed alcohol and immediately despised the feeling of the substance dulling her senses and her sudden inability to defend or provide for herself. She has since never touched a bottle or any other sense-dulling substance. Lyris often times has difficulty removing her bias from the actions of any who surround her, though she does attempt to dampen her obvious opinion since use of such substances is extremely prevalent. In the case of her mate and children, she does not ban their consumption of substances, though is highly disappointed when they are used. Any who repetitively use alcohol or drugs as an "escape from the stresses of reality" is dimwitted, weak, and ultimately lazy, since such substances will only procrastinate the unavoidable feelings that such stressors provide. She is a believer in action to solve her issues rather than forgetting.


  • Agnostic. Does not particularly believe there is no god, but does not put her faith in one's presence, either. After her many high and low experiences that piece together her life, Lyris isn't sure if a potential god is benevolent or malevolent. In one instance, she watched as she lost her family, her mentors, and those she let herself love, and then on the other hand she was provided a second chance to build up a new family that is, so far, perfect as she can imagine. Uncertain in this aspect, but not particularly struggling as she prides herself on independence and providing for herself without help of any higher being.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Stryder

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Luca Knight is Lyris' mate. After agreeing to give her heart to him Lyris has slowly been able to realize that not everything in her life has gone bad, and her fear of abandonment and betrayal has shrunk. Luca is the only one that she can fully open up to, and without him she would most likely still be moving from pack to pack and be unwilling to show vulnerability to anybody else. He is a key character in the development of her life.
  • Teagan Stryder & Indi Knight are Lyris's first and oldest offspring. The sisters have since matured but Lyris continue to maintains a close relationship with them through the thick and thin. The girls introduced Lyris into the life of a mother and she loves them more than she can ever say. Both Teagan and Indi have come to excel as potential knights despite their apparent differences, and Lyris is truly proud of what they have become. The girls proved to be a cataclysmic event in Lyris's life and self and introduced her to compassion and the role of being a guardian.
  • Myra & Remus & Arlen: are Lyris's children born from her second litter. The trio is a handful to raise and have caused Lyris much grief, but she has loved the challenge and her compassion for them continues to grow with each passing day. They are among the few she would instantly give up her life to protect.
  • Nora & Cedric: are Lyris's final children whom she died giving birth to. Though she never had the opportunity to build relationships with them, she harbors a deep love for her youngest children beyond the grave and would be proud to see who they are growing to be.
  • Asgeir Exultare (deceased) was Lyris' former packmate in Sangi'lak. They didn't know each other very well before Sangi'lak disbanded, but after, they traveled together and joined New Dawn. Asgeir became someone that Lyris could trust and revealed much of her past and emotions too, and was almost like a mentor to her. Before he passed away in early 2015, he made Lyris promise to try and start anew. His death and the promise she made is what drove Lyris to leave behind her feral roots and join Casa di Cavalieri, where she could begin to pursue her true interests and try to build a new life for herself.

Positive Relations

  • Milos Parhelion is perhaps Lyris's sole close friend outside of family. Lyris initially met Milos and his companion Sorcha right after their arrival to Nova Scotia. At first, the acquaintanceship was rocky and naturally aggressive no thanks to Lyris' doing. However, fate seemed to have something in store for them, and upon meeting a second time (after Lyris nearly shot one of his caribou companions) she began to warm up to Milos's constant smile, humor, and his ability to radiate friendliness even despite Lyris's ruffled and unwelcoming exterior. Milos came to New Dawn when at one point Lyris and her pack had been afflicted by a strange illness, and the man helped her and fellow packmates in getting back to healthy. Since then, Lyris has had few more interactions with Milos but considers him a close companion and one of the few she can openly speak to. She respects him for his ability to crack her shell.

Neutral / Negative

  • X'yrin Exultare and Sequoia Exultare were both leaders of Lyris' previous pack, Sangi'lak. X'yrin is the one that transferred the Luperci virus to Lyris (unkowingly), and became a rather motherly and kind figure for her. Sequoia also became one of Lyris' few friends. Their relationship was very positive until the females decided to become partners and up and left Sangi'lak, leaving the pack and all of its members to disband and find their own way to go. Lyris views this, still, as an act of betrayal, and when Sequoia returned briefly and joined New Dawn, their encounter was estranged and less than a happy one. Lyris still harbors uncertain feelings for both women.
  • Alistair Callow-Knight was once the Sole of Casa di Cavalieri and used to lead alongside Lyris' mate, Luca. Lyris had come to know Alistair as a prominent figure and a strategic, no-funny-business king, and he had managed to gain her respect throughout his kingship. Lyris, however, has not been afraid in the past to tell him her mind concerning several selfish mistakes of his own, causing for several arguments between the pair, and so they did not always see eye-to-eye. When Alistair left Casa in late 2016, Lyris felt angered and betrayed by his selfish abandonment (as she saw it), and now holds a cold opinion of the former leader.

Minor Relations

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Carpentry/Carving (Journeyman): Lyris is not the artistic type, but she has managed to refine the skill of crafting high-quality bows and arrows. She was originally taught the skill by Leviothan Moonbreaker, and has refined it in years since. He archery weapons tend to be basic in appearance if elegant in shape, but they are of very fine quality. A full set of bow and arrows take many weeks for her to complete, yet she has been known to trade these items for fair prices. Her bows are always subtly marked with the Stryder crest as a signature of her work. Lyris is in the process of experimentally creating more complex and fanciful bows with the same quality of function. She has no skills in crafting/carving any other pieces, and therefore is very specialized in this product alone. She normally seeks partnership with leather-crafters or tailors to create quivers for her finished pieces.


  • Education and Learning: Lyris was taught the basics of hunting and tracking prey in her birth pack, and always had a determination to better her hunting skills. After the bear attack that separated her from her family, Lyris had to fend for herself for many months, forcing her to use and expand upon the skills given to her. Now, she spends much of her free time hunting and tracking, and has become virtually unbeatable at the practice.
  • Hunting (Master): Once Lyris has prey in sight, she is not likely to miss the killing blow. Be it with her own claws or an arrow, she's easily able to avoid being detected and always comes out with a prize.
  • Tracking (Master): Tracking is a skill Lyris has developed and it has now become effortless for her- using scent and sight, she can identify where animals have been and follow their trail- even through water in some cases.

Weaponry & Combat

  • Education and Learning: Most of Lyris' skill with weapons is self-taught. She can be said to have had several brief lessons in archery while in Sangi'lak, though most of her use with a knife is her own practice.
  • Archery (Master): Once Lyris acquired her own set of bow and arrows, she practiced with any down time she had. And over the many months, her shots have become flawless and she has developed the muscular shoulders needed to hold taut a bowstring for a long period of time. Be it wind or rain, she can almost always find the right angle and power needed to his the target. Due to her mastery, she has taught several others the basics of how to shoot.
  • Hand-to-Hand & Feral Fighting: (Journeyman): Lyris tends to trust her own teeth and claws when it comes to battles of physicality. She has spent the majority of her life training for and participating in combat. She is as equally an effective fighter in Lupus form or Optime form, and has lost very few fights. Due to her tendency towards aggression, she has participated in more than her fair share of battles of tooth and claw, and is on the cusp of mastery. She has developed this skill even further through her teaching of it to her children or pack mates.
  • Dagger (Apprentice): Lyris usually always has a dagger with her, when wearing her leather arm band. She knows basic moved with the knife, and understands that it can cause much more damage with deeper cuts and serrated edges. But due to her only growing knowledge of the knife, she tends to just use her own claws, as they can be just as effective when used right.

Animal Husbandry

  • Education and Learning: Lyris was taught the basics of low speech by X'yrin Exultare, and continued to expand upon this skill on her own. She was also shown the basics of horseback riding and horse care from various sources that she sought out, but much of her expertise surrounding horses and riding comes from experience and traveling with her own mount.
  • Horseback Riding/Horse Care (Journeyman): Once Lyris adopted her own horse, she became very interested in learning how to care for and train the animals. A lot of her knowledge was self-taught through mistakes and slip-ups, and she obtained many bruises from falls. But after the many months passed and with some help from those with expertise, she has become very knowledgeable when it comes to the animals and is a very efficient rider. After becoming a stable master within Casa di Cavalieri she had expanded her skills even further and is on the cusp of mastery.
  • Low Speech (Birds) (Apprentice): Lyris can understand basic low speech and get essential meanings from birds. She would have more difficulty deciphering low speech from other animals, due to her unfamiliarity with them. Her skills are in no way advanced, and often she struggles to understand much even with her current knowledge. She sometimes tends to or assists with the care of many of CdC's falcons and other birds, and so while her skills are improving, horses continue to remain her focus.

5.  History

5.1  Achievements


Basic Achievements

Find a Mate
Pink: Find a Mate
Mated to Luca Knight in July 2015
Have Puppies
Green: Have Puppies
Gave birth to first litter on 10th August, 2015.
Rescue Someone
Cross: Rescue Someone
Rescued Indi Knight from a loner in May of 2016. [M]
Lose a Fight
Yellow: Lose a Fight
Lost to Kohaku Amarok in October 2012.
Win a Fight
Red: Win a Fight
Won against male loner in April 2015.
5 AW Threads
Henna Red: Participated in 5 AWs
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Luperci Change
Burgundy: Luperci Change
Changed into a Luperci by X'yrin Exultare in September 2012.
Human City Threads
Rust: Human City Threads
This catacomb has not been earned by this character.
Foreign Diplomat
Olive Green: Foreign Diplomat
Visit and thread in three foreign pack territories. [1: CdC] [2: VN] [3: CdM]
Thread in every Playable Territory
Light Green: Thread in Every Territory
The Waste, Drifter Bay, The Dampwoods, Arachnea's Revenge, Quartz Shoreline, Halifax, Whisper Beach, Overgrowth Sunrise, Ethereal Eclipse, Shattered Coast, Shiloh Hills, The Trenches, Serena Reserve, Yarmouth and Barrington, Fellmoor Swamp, Halcyon Mountain, Aelcrest Shore, Withered Realms, The Blacklands, Concrete Jungle, Isthmus of Chignecto, Wabanaki Coast, Miramichi Wilderness, Saint Croix Highlands
Thread in every Playable Subterritory
Forest Green: Every Subterritory
Sunflower Sunsets, Millstone Village, Musquodoboit Valley, Dawn's Breath, The Sugarwoods, Moonstone Lakes, Hydrostone District, Thornhill District, Spring Heights, Greater Halifax, Berwick & Wolfville, Flander's Fields, The Witch's Cauldron, Rabbit Lake, Blackmoor Castle, Grandfather's Tears, Mersey Lagoon, Clements Park, Wolf's Peak, Des Reveurs, Highway 103, Vapor Sound, Spear Headlands, The Ashlands, The Oasis, Serene Sands, Howling Caverns, Stellarton Mines, Pictou Falls, Phosphagos Foothills, Colchester Quarter, Wentworth Valley, Arsiag Shoal, Cobequid Foothills, Ames de la Mort, Moaning Wood, Yawrah River, Haunted Forest, Death Mountains, Devil's Shoreline, Skeletal Sanctuary, Amherst, Black River Reserve, Fort Cumberland, Fundy National Park, Commune of the Salmon, Grand Lake, Miramichi Valley, Camp Gagetown, Mount Oromocto, Cape Hopewell, Saint John

Pack Membership

3 months
Light Blue: 3 Months
1 May 2015
6 months
Sea Blue: 6 Months
1 August 2015
One year
Deep Blue: 1 Year
1 February 2016
Two years
Shock Blue: 2 years
1 February 2017
Three years
Midnight Blue: 3 Years
1 February 2018
Participated in foundation
Cadet Blue: Pack Foundation
This catacomb has not been earned by this character.

Pack Participation

Lead/sublead for 3 months
Sparkling Gold: Pack Leadership
Served as Sola (Sun Queen) of CdC May 2017 - Nov 2017.
Pack hunt
Cream: Pack Hunt
Participated in pack hunt of January 2013
New member threads
Goldenrod: New Members
Threaded with three new members of your pack. [1] [2] [3]
Pack member threads
Chocolate: 5 Packmembers
Threaded with 5 pack members. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Earn a Co-Rank
Purple: Co-Rank
Earned Cavallo co-rank of Casa di Cavalieri in May 2015.
Pack Thread
Magenta: Organized Pack Thread
Helped to organize a pack thread. [1]
Leader Special
Cadmium: Leader Special
This catacomb has not been earned by this character.

'Souls Participation

Adoptable Love
Adoptable Love
Lyris is not eligible for this catacomb.
Yearbook Superlative
Emerald: Yearbook Superlative
Earned "Best Parent/Child Relationship" with Teagan Stryder in the 2016 Yearbook.
Spotlight Soul
Starlight: Spotlight Soul
Lyris was a spotlight soul in October of 2013!


Lyris was born a happy, healthy young puppy, entering the world when winter was at its peak. Her brother, Kenyon, also sporting a spotless white coat, was born along side her. They lived in their home pack, going by the name of Stryder, which resided in South-western New Brunswick. Their pack was fever-free and purely feral, only hearing rumors of the two-legged Luperci. The young pups' father, Oriq, was the alpha, while their mother, Wisteria, was his mate. Lyris and Kenyon had a fairly normal childhood, with a mother and father to love them, and other pack members to teach and help raise them. Both of them were turning into fine young wolves, until they reached the age of seven months.

At this time Oriq decided it was time for his pups to take their first hunt, even if it was just to watch on the sidelines. Together, the entire pack moved into the forest, leaving all of the happy memories behind. The Stryder pack had only gone a mile before events took a tragic turn. Unaware that they were trespassing on Grizzly Bear territory, a bear and his mate crashed the party. While the male broke through the pack, he chased away Oriq, Wisteria, Kenyon, and the rest of Lyris's family North, farther into the forest. Lyris was separated from them by the smaller of the two bears- the female. She was charged upon and fell, the right side of her face brutally clawed by the beast. Lyris managed to bite and break the bear's wrist, which allowed her enough time to escape, her right eye blinded by blood. Turning, she ran for her life, the bear in hot pursuit. Lyris managed to leap a deep and swift-moving river, barely managing to claw herself to the other side. Unable to reach her, the bear returned to the forest. She was unconscious after that for a full 24 hours. Shaken and exhausted, Lyris searched for a week, in vain, for her family, before making the decision to move on. Remembering the tales of the up-walking wolves in the northeast, she began the journey to Nova Scotia.

New Beginnings

After traveling for many days, Lyris came across Sangi'lak's borders. She immediately joined them, having just suffered minor injuries from a scuffle over food with a nameless loner. X'yrin Exultare helped clean Lyris's wounds, and through her, she received the Luperci Virus. After her painful first shift Lyris continued to gain familiarity with her new forms with the help of her pack mates. During her time in Sangi'lak Lyris learned archery and self-defense, and named in secret one of the pack horses-Kenyon- who later became her personal companion. Things finally seemed to be looking up despite her dark past until November of 2013, when Sangi'lak suddenly disbanded with only a brief farewell from alphas X'yrin and Sequoia, who left to pursue the Nomads. Lyris felt betrayed that X'yrin, who had become a motherly figure in her life, would up and abandon her and her pack. Her anger lingered as she wandered as a loner, up until she came across the broken Asgeir Exultare, X'yrin's mate, who had been led astray and only returned to Sangi'lak to find the pack lands dead. They continued together, until coming to the collective decision to join New Dawn in early January of 2014.

After X'yrin and Sequoia's sudden abandonment, Lyris's view of the world darkened considerably and she became even more closed-off and hard to reach than she was before. Things began to fall into steady routine life in New Dawn until Sequoia showed up at the borders to join. Both Asgeir and Lyris found the woman's presence haunting and unwelcome, and their relationship became distant and estranged.

Warrior Heart

In February of 2014, terror was common in New Dawn. A grizzly bear had been terrorizing pack members. Lyris had a close call with the bear early on, and the encounter consisted of her mostly gripped by fear. Only weeks later an attack party was formed to put an end to the creature, Lyris in their ranks. As the battle raged on she struggled to overcome her paralyzing fear of such a dark reminder of her past, acquiring thick thigh and facial scarring in the process. But in the end, Lyris landed the killing blow on the bear with a finality that would hopefully put an end to her inner demons as well. Soon after, just on the verge of healing, she traded for a tattoo with Brumaire Moineau; the abstract marking was henceforth made as a crest and tribute to her fallen family.

Lyris continued to thrive in New Dawn and climb the ranks for a little over a year since joining. In late January, her closest friend and companion Asgeir Exultare died, but not without first making her promise to stop fearing betrayal and to make an effort to find her own happiness. When she discovered the man's passing, Lyris immediately buried him and left New Dawn, recognizing it as a symbol of her leaving her traditional, broken life behind to pursue something new and hopefully better.

A Promise Kept

Three days after departing from New Dawn, Lyris came to the borders of Casa di Cavalieri. She was met by Luca Knight, the odd grand-prince of Casa that she had both lost to in a spar and been forced to dance with. The boy proved to be her only friend in Casa, and sought to help her understand the ranks and how to fit in while also meeting her sarcastic remarks head-on with his own. Only months after her joining, Casa entered into the Syndicate Conflict, where a clan of loners staged an attack on the pack. Lyris killed one of the foes, but not without sustaining a significant shoulder injury. Casa was victorious, though days later founder Jazper Rhiannon-Knight stepped down as leader. In the wake of the battle, Lyris visited Luca to be certain he was not hurt. Instead, he confessed his feelings for Lyris. Unable to process or respond to such information, Lyris fled Casa and dwelled in Vinátta for five days, at the same time receiving her official duty as an ambassador between Casa and Vinátta. Upon her return, Lyris confronted Luca and, for the first time, confided the story of her past in someone else. A few days later, Luca proposed mateship to Lyris, and she accepted. Following the ceremony of their mateship, they moved into a small house in the Fort together. Lyris discovered not too much later that she was unexpectedly pregnant. Lyris chose, much to Luca's discomfort, that she was going to carry and give birth to her first litter in her Lupus form, in a birthing den as opposed to their house. In August of 2015 she gives birth to Indi Knight and Teagan Stryder. After rearing her newborns and watching them grow to toddling pups, Lyris found that her fear of mothering was unnecessary.

As soon as she could be away from her children for an extended amount of time, Lyris was officially named a member of the Brotherhood. The night before her ceremony, Lyris took a stone to her hair and cut it off to sport a new severe, spiked style. In November of 2015, Luca was promoted to Lune of Casa, putting both more responsibility as well as opportunities on Lyris' and her families' shoulders. Lyris' life appeared to be turning around; she was a completely different figure than the broken one of her past, and no longer felt the need to hide her scars behind her hair or anything else. The new mother from then on continued to diligently climb the ranks of her new home as well as devote a solid portion of her time to her new, budding family. Her promise to Asgeir to try to love a little more had been kept, and she could continue to sit back and watch her life brighten a little bit more, day by day.


As the days in Casa di Cavalieri wore on, Lyris climbed high among the hierarchy until she was eventually promoted to Labor Head, one of the few seats reserved for council members of the pack. She worked on starting up a training program for Casa's war horses to better their performance in battle and assisted Luca with many of his leadership duties. In April of 2016, a massive meteor strike occurs in Nova Scotia and brings chaos. Lyris witnesses earthquakes and a massive tsunami from the impact. CdC manages to move to higher ground, but not without the loss of many livestock and beloved Jonas Coblentz. The pack eventually recovers with little lasting effect. In May of 2016, Lyris saved her daughter, Indi, from a loner's attack and after being reminded of the imminent loss of her family, used the experience as motivation to train her daughters to actively defend themselves. Both Teagan and Indi matured and moved out of their parents' house in June, effectively sparking Lyris and Luca's loneliness. Three months later, in September, Lyris bore a second litter by Luca. The additions to the family were Myra Garcia, a runt, as well as Arlen Stryder and Remus Knight. Very shortly after this happy occurrence, Casa's Sole Alistair Callow-Knight stepped down from leadership and left Casa, leaving Luca as the solitary leader of the pack.

After several more months of happy life in CdC, a plague sweeps Nova Scotia in April 2017 following heavy volumes of rainfall. Luca is infected, along with many other members of CdC. The pack grows weak with the loss of a healthy leader and dwindling food supply, so Lyris steps forward to organize the pack. She sends parties to retrieve food and contact other packs to discover how far the illness has spread. After a time, Casa manages to come out of the plague without any casualties; Luca and the other sick make full recoveries. A month later, Due to her past loyalty and her motion to step up during the plague, Luca promotes Lyris to the rank of Sola, the first female to occupy the position of Sun Queen of CdC. She accepts the rank with gratitude and continues to lead alongside her mate. The peace, however, is shortlived. In July, the Loner Syndicate makes its return to terrorizing Casa's borders and capture members Isaac and Arthur. Following this news, Casa holds a meeting where Lyris and Luca present the options to either attack immediately or use stealth to attempt a rescue mission. The Cavaliers vote stealth, and successfully manage to recapture their lost members. Weeks later, a final battle ensues at the borders. The Syndicate is vanquished, but not without the loss of CdC members Clara Bates and Julien Gauthier. In the afterlight of the bloody combat, peace is once again restored.


Months of peace followed the Cavalier's victory against the Syndicate and Lyris continued to rule happily as a queen and loving mother. She had seen her life reach what she felt was its full potential; she could never have imagined herself in the position she now occupied, surrounded by family and a lighted kingdom. It was not, however, meant to last.

Lyris and Luca conceived their third litter in the fall. In the last several weeks of her pregnancy, Lyris grew very ill. She had no appetite for food that she could not hold down, and so continued to grow weaker and weaker as time passed. Near the end of her term, Lyris approached Luca with concern that she could no longer be an adequate Sola in her afflicted state and was met only with her mate's comfort. In November of 2017, Lyris went into labor and gave birth to children Nora Knight and Cedric Stryder at the cost of her life, though she breathed just long enough to see her puppies healthy. She died a month before her sixth birthday in her feral form surrounded by her mate and children. She was happy, and she was loved.

5.2  Threads Archive


  1. You bleed, we crawl like animals
    July 2012. CANON. Grizzly attack that drives Lyris away from her family and gives her a traumatic experience and her scar.



  1. Alone and Forgotten
    Lyris comes across the Sangi'lak borders, dirty and tired from her travels. She calls and Sira Kira and X'yrin Exultare greet her at the territory edge. She is accepted into Sangi'lak.
  2. Flirting with Death
    Xyrin Exultare passes the Luperci virus onto Lyris through the cleaning of her wounds.
  3. Scouting for Sustenance
    Xies Lambda hunts with Lyris to stockpile food for the brewing hurricane.
  4. Higher Ground
    The whole of Sangi'lak takes shelter from the storm.


  1. Lost in Your Own Home
    Lyris, unwell from the brewing Luperci virus, runs across Xyrin, and the woman shows her a crystal cave.
  2. Growing up
    Lyris runs across Kohaku Amarok, still unwell from the Luperci Virus. They get into a fight, but due to her incapacitated state, Kohaku wins.
  3. A Day in Ghost Town
    Lyris meets Demogorgon.
  4. Late night soiree
    Lyris meets Sequoia.


  1. They Call Her Snow White
    Lyris shifts painfully for the first time, in the presence of Xyrin and Xies
  2. So Let's Set the World on Fire
    Sangi'lak and New Dawn host a feast to celebrate their alliance.


  1. Death Becomes Us
    Lyris and many of the other members of Sangi'lak congregate to mourn the death of Xies
  2. The Crafting of the Earth
    Xyrin comes across newly shifted Lyris, and talks to her about the path of Evan'ule.



  1. adventure in soul
    Lyris meets the curious Medusa Kathari.
  2. Everywhere in Between
    Lyris attends a Sangi'lak meeting.
  3. As the Sun Dies
    Lyris meets Mido.
  4. A Name Given in Secret
    Lyris secretly names one of the pack horses after her brother and befriends the stallion.
  5. Stranger in Black
    Lyris comes across former alpha Jaden Ohanzee and packmate Asgeir Exultare locked in a heated argument and scuffle. Using her elevated rank she brings some order to the scene when X'yrin arrives. After explaining the events Lyris is, to her shock, heavily reprimanded by X'yrin.
  6. your fake name is good enough for me
    Lyris meets the curious Leonidas Luxe.
  7. Liquid Sunlight
    Lyris trains with X'yrin to learn hand-to-hand combat and Low Speech.
  8. So I found the straight and narrow
    Lyris learns how to make basic bows and arrows from Leviothan Moonbreaker.
  9. You say it best - when you say nothing at all
    Sangi'lak and New Dawn have a multi-pack hunt.
  10. They've got their pistols too
    Lyris meets Rio Marino.
  11. A second pair of eyes
    Lyris meets Leon Bloodmane.
  12. How to Stalk
    After missing a kill, Lyris gets some hunting advice from Xyrin.
  13. Once upon a time, a few mistakes ago
    Lyris goes horseback riding with Sequoia.
  14. A song of bluebirds
    Lyris creates her first bow and arrows, and gets her bluebird companion, Ajax.
  15. i see us all as lonely fires
    Lyris ends up taking shelter from a rainstorm in Aoves's company, and the woman shows her books and the basics of what reading is.
  16. The fear to try
    Lyris meets Ksenija Russo.
  17. She's gotta get away for a while
    Lyris returns from her adventures to the ecstatic Xyrin.
  18. Give me your best shot
    Lyris teaches Sequoia the basics of archery.
  19. Maybe I've gone far too deep
    Lyris meets Raeka Damaichu


  1. Living off people you know
    Lyris meets Maxen Ganesa and the encounter isn't friendly, yet she still gives/chucks a set of bow and arrows to him.
  2. Snow Huntress
    Lyris kills her first deer with her bow.
  3. Nowhere to Run
    After a rockslide due from heavy snowfall, Lyris is trapped in the Communal Dens with many of her packmates. Xyrin is gravely wounded, and Lyris and Jaden desperately apply first aid.


  1. Like Tears from a Star
    Lyris meets Croatoan Inara
  2. All the magic of creation exists within a single tiny seed
    Lyris, Xyrin, Sequoia, and Croatoan go gardening.


  1. I can feel the darkness creeping over
    Lyris once again runs into the curious Leonidas.
  2. When all those shadows almost killed your light
    Lyris engages in vicious combat with Kaeli Blacksun
  3. But the shape we meant to make is gone
    Lyris has a negative encounter with Shiloh Dawnbringer and Jérôme Moineau


  1. Season of Plenty
    Sangi'lak pack feast.
  2. Shoot Straight
    Lyris meets Nadia Ancientfire and teaches her the basics of archery, also giving her a bow and arrows.
  3. Like the grass by the sea, we remain and sing
    Lyris meets and befriends Lochlan Stormbringer, who teaches her how to rod fish.
  4. And she carved until her hands bled
    Sequoia catches Lyris while crafting a bow and arrows.
  5. Is it hot in here?
    Lyris goes into her first Heat, and Xyrin is there to tell her a bit about it and console her.


  1. Alpha of the Hill
    Ki'somma Na Nipahem begins a game of king of the hill.
  2. Cut a path across the blue skies
    Lyris unknowingly chases a pesky lynx into New Dawn territory, and Florina Soul helps her capture and kill it.
  3. Cater to the hollow
    Lyris meets Belial Massacre and escorts him across the packlands.


  1. We Begin Again
    Sangi'lak pack meeting. Shortly after the territory move.
  2. Something is burning in the kitchen
    Lyris meets Enya Pyralis.
  3. Foreign Home
    Lyris scouts for fertile hunting grounds with Ki'somma.
  4. We'll be counting stars
    Lyris once again runs into Maxen, though this time he's sick and near death.



  1. Washing what you know out to sea
    Lyris and Asgeir join New Dawn.
  2. the screams all sound the same
    Lyris has a traumatizing encounter with a bear terrorizing New Dawn. Florina helps save her.
  3. kingdom of isolation
    Lyris meets Scorpius D'Angelo.
  4. It's woven in my soul
    Lyris meets Marrok Amarok.
  5. fall, don't stumble
    Lyris helps Octavius Poer de Angelo take down a moose.
  6. Diamonds on your timepiece
    Lyris talks with Fayne about boarding her horse in Vinátta.
  7. Faith can move mountains
    Lyris meets Aspen, and she boards Lyris's horse.
  8. I've had the highest mountains, the deepest rivers
    Lyris gets into a fight with Vidar after mistaking him as a trespassing loner.


  1. Nothing like a new day
    Lyris meets Faolan Kido.
  2. The End of His Reign
    New Dawn leads an attack party to kill the bear terrorizing the pack. After scarring injuries, Lyris lands the killing blow.
  3. Do you still believe in one another?
    Lyris answers a border call to find Sequoia, a past leader of Sangi'lak. She states she's going to New Dawn and the meeting is bittersweet.
  4. When your dreams all fail
    Lyris meets Mirutes Mwinyi.


  1. Remember me, sweet bravery
    Lyris meets Altair Amarok.
  2. Yo can beat the world, you can beat the war
    Lyris and Asgeir come across Sequoia, and they have a bittersweet encounter.
  3. I swear she's going mad
    Lyris meets magician Isaac La-grande.
  4. streams of life digress
    Lyris hunts for muskrat with Shiloh and Dreyma Moineau during the New Dawn and Vinátta hunting festival.
  5. baby lion lost his teeth
    Lyris hunts with Farina vin Haki to bring down a bull elk during the New Dawn and Vinátta hunting festival.


  1. Heavy Stepping
    Lyris and Conan save Decker from a mudhole.
  2. some never learn
    Bec Nachtdottir steals Lyris's bow and arrows and they get into a scuffle, though the thief still gets away with her weapons after Lyris scars her.


  1. Not even the sea is safe
    Lyris participates in a New Dawn pack hunt.


  1. Troubled spirits on my chest
    Lyris shows Lucia the basics of archery.
  2. before those who still the storm
    Lyris meets Khsathsovairyo.


  1. With nothing but our scars
    Lyris and Asgeir meet Callum.
  2. I miss the taste of a sweet life
    Lyris encounters Milos Parhelion and Sorcha after killing a deer.
  3. We've all been waiting for this
    Lyris meets and has a fight with coyote Kára.
  4. seashells by the seashore
    Lyris explains being a Verto Luperci to Altair.
  5. some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck
    Lyris meets Orion.
  6. What's not to be angry about?
    Lyris meets Kira during her heat and gets into a brief scuffle with him, before realizing he is an ally of New Dawn.


  1. don't you know this girl likes a boy who moves
    Lyris meets Luca Knight and loses in a spar to him.
  2. a fighter's will is immortal
    Lyris spars with Thoirní Síondaite.
  3. glory and gore go hand in hand
    READ ONLY. Lyris demonstrates culling the herd and achieves the Warden skill.


  1. it's hard to tell which one of us is caving
    Lyris has an unfriendly encounter with Vidar
  2. all your weight
    Lyris runs into an old face, Maxen Ganesa.


  1. I am Jack's smirking revenge
    Lyris once again comes across Milos Parhelion and, after nearly killing his friend for a quick meal, discovers the art of domesticating caribou.


  1. Cape Torment
    Lyris and Altair Amarok investigate an abandoned lighthouse.


  1. you look like my next mistake
    Lyris meets Zachariah
  2. So We Play The Game
    Lyris once again comes across Luca Knight, this time unhappily babysitting puppies.
  3. we're all walking off the world tonight
    Lyris meets Chloé Moineau.
  4. we walk like there's nothing wrong
    Lyris meets Gunslinger Russo.
  5. our minds are troubled by the emptiness
    Lyris meets the odd Stjarna Fylgja.
  6. i was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations
    Lyris meets Vendetta Massacre.



  1. cause we're young and we're reckless
    Lyris shows up on Casa di Cavalieri's borders and is greeted by Luca, who convinces her to go to the Court/Casa ball.
  2. Fair maiden
    Lyris speaks with Lucia.
  3. Playing dangerous games
    Lyris and Vuk come across a trespassing loner and attack. Lyris brutally scars the trespasser to teach him a lesson and then releases him, unable to kill him.
  4. Come and be Welcome
    Lyris enters the Casa di Cavalieri and Cour des Miracles alliance ball, very unhappy with the experience, and locates Luca.
  5. waiting on the goldrush
    Lyris delivers her pay to Aspen for boarding her horse and teaches her the basics of archery.
  6. Just Blend In
    After a rather sarcastic and aggressive exchange of words, Lyris and Luca dance at the ball.
  7. Act I: Taking Action
    Lyris helps Altair, Vuk, Ciara, and Callum drag the old carcass of a killer whale back out to sea, which begins the illness of Orca's Bane.
  8. my eyes are damp from the words you left
    READ ONLY. Lyris, unaware that she has contracted the Orca's Bane, has a hallucination of her brother.
  9. [M] winter's kind gift
    Lyris runs into Sol D'Aabt and accidentally infects him with Orca's Bane.
  10. Medicine Man
    Lyris finds Milos at the borders, a late arrival to assist with the sickness ravaging New Dawn.
  11. these lungs of mine were made to scream and shout
    READ ONLY. Asgeir dies, and after burying him, Lyris departs New Dawn to keep her promise to him.
  12. i'm a gallery of broken hearts
    Lyris arrives at the borders of Casa di Cavalieri and is greeted by Luca. She is accepted into the pack.


  1. they say children are our future
    Lyris attends the Casa mentor ship ceremony.
  2. run to the glow of a bright future
    Lyris meets puppy Merlin Knight.
  3. we can make this leap
    Lyris meets Veri Secanti.
  4. starting with the basics
    Lyris meets Sylvie Agnès and teaches her the basics of horse care.
  5. let me be your guide
    Lyris once again runs into Kira Raine.
  6. into the fire
    Lyris finds Luca having trouble, and gives him some tips and tricks on horses and their training.
  7. A heavy boot with a swift kick
    Lorenzo Knight trains Lyris in how to avoid blunt weapons.
  8. the lost and found
    Communal colts Shasta and Spirit escape through an open gate, and Lyris pursues them in a chase. A loner on horseback sees she is having issues with her own mount, and informs her of how her horse's bridle teeth have yet to erupt, and recommends more effective ways of riding.


  1. join the fold
    Lyris attends Lorenzo and Luca's Brotherhood ceremony.
  2. rainy days and mondays always get me down
    Lyris helps relocate the animals during the flood with other members of Casa.
  3. the sun will come
    Lyris and Luca camp out with the rest of Casa during the flooding, and Luca comforts Lyris.
  4. cold smoke seeping out of colder throats
    READ ONLY. Lyris encounters a trespassing loner whom she has met before (see thread 94) and chases him off Casa's land. Part of the Loner Syndicate plot.


  1. The Loners are Uniting
    Lyris and several other members of Casa chase down a group of trespassing loners. Two are captured. Part of the Loner Syndicate plot.
  2. no man should have all that power
    Lyris teaches Ghita the basics of horseback riding.
  3. [M] Judgement
    Casa holds a trial for the two captured loners. Ultimately, it is decided that they should be killed, and Alistair executes them.
  4. [M] Caught off Guard
    Casa goes to war with the Loners of the Syndicate. Casa is victorious, but not without wounds. Lyris' shoulder is dislocated and she kills another Luperci for the first time.
  5. all your colors start to burn
    Only a few days after the battle Lyris visits Luca to investigate his injuries. When Luca admits he'd wished Lyris hadn't been there, she becomes defensive and angry. Luca then reveals he only didn't want her to get hurt, and Lyris realizes that he has feelings for her. She runs out, uncertain how to respond.


  1. my kingdom for your graces
    In her flight from Luca and the revelations of his feelings, Lyris appears at Vinátta's borders in an attempt to become an ambassador for the viking pack. She is greeted by Florina Soul and offers gifts.
  2. i'm a foolish, fragile spine
    While staying in Vinátta for her diplomacy visit, Lyris runs into old friend Aspen at the stables.
  3. falling from high spaces, lost places
    Lyris encounters an old face, Lochlan Stormbringer, during her stay in Vinátta.
  4. seems its about time we let this all go
    After returning home, Lyris confronts Luca about her runaway. He is cold and standoffish at first, unwilling to talk since she had obviously rejected him. Lyris pours out her life story to Luca, concluding she is simply bad at keeping relationships and is scared of them because she has been abandoned so much in the past. After the tender moment they kiss.


  1. reminiscing all the good times daily
    Lyris practices archery with Sylvie
  2. i would never leave you
    Luca proposes mateship to Lyris, and she accepts.
  3. if we take a walk out in the morning dew
    Lyris talks with Lune Alistair about war-horse training.
  4. [M] truth be told i never was yours
    Lyris greets new joiner Reigh Avenell and brings her to Fort Kingsbury to be accepted into Casa.
  5. steady as the stars in the woods
    Lyris spars with Lola.
  6. Pinned against the ropes, its all or nothing
    Lyris talks warhorses with Lorenzo.


  1. such sweet nothing
    Lyris and Luca's mateship ceremony.
  2. room for four
    Lyris tells Luca about her discovered pregnancy.
  3. the miles we wander
    After discovering her pregnancy, Lyris seeks guidance from Valerie.


  1. and every heart in the room will melt
    Lyris gives birth to her daughters, Indi Knight and Teagan Stryder.
  2. bring your secrets, bring your scars
    Lyris' Brotherhood vigil.
  3. the time will come
    Lyris' Brotherhood ceremony.


  1. find faith in the battle
    Lyris' daughters meet their uncle, Callum.
  2. feral sisters
    Veyra visits Lyris and her pups.


  1. ...and your enemies closer
    Lyris attends a Brotherhood meeting, where a new Council rank is introduced.
  2. goin' home
    Lyris and Luca move their children from the birthing den to their new room in the house.


  1. i follow your stride and hope to keep up
    Lyris introduces Teagan to her horse, and demonstrates a basic ride. Teagan is thrilled.
  2. raise a glass
    During a pack meeting and celebration, Luca is announced as the new Lune and co-leader of Casa.
  3. oh something good
    Lyris begins construction on the new bird sanctuary, and meets the visitor Izrian Firebringer, who helps her in her labor.


  1. come together
    Lyris and her daughters attend Sylvie and Lorenzo's mateship ceremony.
  2. it's not a season, it's a feeling
    Lyris engages in training and a spar with Kira.
  3. there must be something in the water
    Lyris begins her horse's warhorse training, and Lorenzo shows up to help.
  4. love, i feel you near me
    Lyris and Luca continue construction on the bird sanctuary.
  5. that thing went bust
    Lyris attempts to start repairs on the Library, and comes across Lorenzo, who helps.



  1. love is no more monster now
    While hunting, Lyris meets the curious Vesper.
  2. fireworks between us
    Lyris and Luca dance during the Cour des Miracles interpack ball.
  3. teach your children well
    Teagan and Indi mentorship ceremony.


  1. where the streets are empty, that's where we run
    Lyris teaches Teagan the basics of how to ride a horse.
  2. stare and wonder
    Lyris finds Indi roaming the forest late at night, and they have a heart-to-heart.


  1. now we are stunned minds
    Lyris meets Atalanta Kartal in the woods after nearly shooting each other, and they discuss the ideals of Casa di Cavalieri.
  2. i howled at the moon with friends
    Lyris trains with Lycaon Nonakris.
  3. i had a dream so big and loud
    Lyris and Luca have a heart-to-heart with Indi and her feelings about her inadequate fighting abilities.
  4. the worst things in life come free to us
    Lyris engages in a heated argument with Sole Alistair Callow-Knight about his reckless actions that caused issues with Salsola.
  5. you play a game of pressure
    Lyris has an unexpected and unusual meeting with Lord Commander of Salsola, Lokr Revlis.


  1. desolation comes upon the sky
    RO. A meteor makes impact just off of Nova Scotia, and Lyris witnesses her world fall apart.
  2. calling out in the night
    After earthquakes and blasts of air as a result of the meteor, Lyris manages to find her mate and daughters. They discover that Indi Knight is injured and rush her to help.
  3. if this should end in fire...
    A tsunami hits the Fort an hour after the meteor. There is panic, and Luca sends everyone to save what they can. Lyris is tasked with bringing the horses to safety.
  4. watch the flames burn auburn on the mountainside
    Lyris gathers a group, and they attempt to round up the horses and guide them out of the flooding Fort.
  5. then we should all burn together
    Alistair calls for the pack to regroup and evacuate the Fort as it continues to flood. As another wave strikes, Jonas Coblentz is killed.
  6. every little bit goes a little of a long way
    With the help of a few Cavaliers, Lyris creates a temporary paddock for the horses while the pack camps away from the flooded Fort.
  7. when faith still needs a gun,
    After a few stubborn refusals, Veri heals one of Lyris' wounds acquired from glass during the meteor strike.
  8. burning cities and napalm skies
    Bluntly and tactlessly, Lyris tells Atalanta that if she wants to seek shelter from Casa much longer, she must join or otherwise leave.


  1. you cut me wide open like landscape
    Lyris reunited with an old friend from New Dawn, Fayne. They split a kill and catch up.
  2. gnashing teeth and criminal tongues
    Lyris and good friend Veyra Damaichu get back to their roots and successfully hunt down an elk in their Lupus forms.
  3. [M] once bitten
    Lyris rescues her daughter Indi Knight from a pair of loners that attempt to capture her. Lyris kills one of the men in the process, while the other flees.
  4. i'm a princess cut from marble
    Lyris engages in a training session with her daughter Teagan Stryder.
  5. [M] i was a king under your control
    Luca disturbs a moody Lyris while she is in heat, and a shouting match ensues.


  1. twenty dollars in your hand that you hold so tight
    Lyris meets with Inferni members Vicira Tears and Ignacio Rivera to trade for sheep.
  2. the fire's found a home in me
    After discovering that her daughters had been out drinking, Lyris engages in a forceful training session with a hungover Indi.
  3. come together
    Lyris attends the welcoming ceremony for Casa's Diplomacy Summit.
  4. when the sun goes down
    Lyris attends the evening party held during Casa's Diplomacy Summit.
  5. ever the same
    Lyris runs into old friend Milos Parhelion during the Diplomacy Summit party, and they eagerly catch up.
  6. I'm just getting warmed up
    Lyris participates in a hunting party led by Khyren. Veyra Damaichu and Atalanta Kartal join them.


  1. your home is here
    Lyris and Luca say goodbye to Indi and Teagan as they move out of their home and into the Courthouse.
  2. I am a warrior
    Lyris trains with Khyren.
  3. [M] our love was made for movie screens
    With emotions of loneliness running high after the moving out of their daughters, Luca and Lyris conceive their second litter.
  4. I request another dream
    Lyris encounters Sapien and aspiring diplomat Camellia Amaranthe on the borders, and they talk about pack cultures and relations.
  5. set on fire in a silver dream
    Lyris introduces Atalanta Kartal to Casa's new baby foal, and tries to ease her fear of horses.
  6. Penance
    Lyris greets Mihael Matic at the borders, and after realizing his dark past, accepts him into the pack under the rank of Dishonorable.


  1. to run away and find what you believe
    After catching Indi smuggling supplies away, Lyris discovers that both of her daughters are planning to travel north on a personal journey. Lyris is extremely reluctant and argues vehemently, but eventually allows them to continue.
  2. tell me my future
    Lyris and Luca attend Cour des Miracles birthday festivities, and participate in a hired fortune-teller's game. After she reveals a card with some truth about future progeny, Lyris reveals to Luca that she is pregnant.
  3. wake up call
    Lyris accepts Cerys Bevan into the pack.


  1. wake up to the sun
    Lyris gives birth to her second litter. The puppies are named Myra Garcia, Arlen Stryder, and Remus Knight.


  1. the air was cooler, now it burns my lungs
    Lyris hosts the targets contest during Casa di Cavalieri and Cour des Miracles' interpack tournament.
  2. the moon lights up the dark
    Luca announces that Alistair Callow-Knight, the Sole of Casa di Cavalieri, has stepped down and departed from the pack.
  3. kitty kitty
    Lyris finds that her daughter, Myra Garcia, has found an orphaned young kitten. Lyris agrees to allow Myra to adopt and name the kitten.


  1. lay down your stone
    Lyris attends the funeral ceremony for former founder and leader of Casa di Cavalieri, Jazper Rhiannon-Knight.
  2. and we were bound to the citylife
    Lyris catches her son Remus attempting to sneak back into the Fort after he left for an impromptu adventure. Lyris, fearful for his life given the dangers that exist outside the territory, disciplines him.
  3. people talk to me, and all the voices just burn holes
    Lyris and daughter Teagan train with some of CdC's peregrine falcons.
  4. horseplay
    Lyris introduces her daughter Myra to horses for the first time.



  1. I know they talk about us now and then
    Lyris and Lorenzo Knight groom some of CdC's newest horses and give them names.
  2. I know you remember the cold of the December
    Lyris heads the project to build a third stable to house CdC's quickly expanding livestock.
  3. chain my wrist down too, a sinking ship for you
    Lyris unhappily catches her mate Luca having a drink. She confronts him about his hardships now that Alistair is gone and Jazper is dead.
  4. A Brighter Future
    Casa hosts a mentorship ceremony that most of the pack attends. Lyris is appointed as a mentor to Aldora Knight.
  5. searching for a new home
    Lyris accepts Larus as a new member into Casa di Cavalieri.
  6. the grass is always greener
    After sneaking out of the Fort and getting attacked by a bobcat, Remus is found and brought home by Lorenzo. Lorenzo brings him to Lyris and she confronts her son. Fueled by fear at Remus's dangerous situation, Lyris angrily bans him from leaving the Fort again, and leaves him to Morty to have his wounds taken care of.
  7. [M] blood is thicker than water
    Lyris and daughter Indi track down and attack one of the lynx that has been harassing their family.
  8. Arlen on Ice
    Lyris and her son Arlen talk about flowers and have some fun skating on the ice of a frozen river.
  9. [M] A firm hand, wielded with love
    Lyris finds her daughter Indi at the steam baths, who has been avoiding her. She confronts Indi about the sisters' trip up north.


  1. chain of memories
    Lyris talks with Hartt Hushhowl in Fort Kingsbury.
  2. let the arrow guide you
    Lyris engages with her pupil Aldora Knight in an introductory lesson to archery.


  1. coarse the rush-mat roof
    Lyris reluctantly accepts return joiner Cerys Bevan into Casa di Cavalieri.
  2. red light pledge
    Lyris accepts Kasiani Leone into Casa di Cavalieri.
  3. most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs
    Lyris calls a pack meeting for CdC after sole leader Luca and other members fall ill with a plague. She organizes hunting and scouting parties to see how far the plague has spread.


  1. Virtue is the truest nobility
    Lyris greets potential joiners Raine Nightshade and his companion, a woman named Brita. Lyris's daughter Myra appears at the exchange and after Raine revealed that he was friendly with Myra by calling her a pet name, Lyris becomes very unfriendly. She accepts Raine and Brita, but not before Myra storms off in anger.
  2. Open a New Wound
    Lyris finds an angry Myra in the leaves of a tree after storming off from the exchange between Lyris and new member Raine at the borders. Myra becomes hostile to Lyris due to her unfriendliness before, and Lyris forcefully retrieves her from the tree.
  3. A New Sun Rises
    Lyris is promoted to the rank of Sola, Casa's first Sun Queen.


  1. A new hope
    Lyris accepts potential joiner Everett Moreau into the pack after Arlen vouches for him as a friend.
  2. '''Do you have room for one more troubled soul?
    Lyris accepts potential joiner Iorek into the pack after he is greeted by Callum Knight.


  1. Don't judge a thing till you know what's inside it
    Lyris and feral friend Jace Wolfe hunt a bull moose within CdC.
  2. The Pressure is On
    Lyris and Luca call an emergency pack meeting after it is discovered that Isaac and Arthur have been taken hostage by the Loner Syndicate, an old enemy of CdC. The pack votes on a course of action, either immediate attack as proposed by Lyris, or a stealthy rescue mission as proposed by Luca. The pack votes for stealth, and a rescue party is formed.


  1. annie left me to the lions
    Lyris, recently pregnant with her and Luca third litter, has become gravely ill. She seeks the comfort of Luca and tells him that she is no longer strong enough to remain Sola.

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