Morty (pNPC)

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Quick Information

  • Has been a member of Casa di Cavalieri since 2012
  • Morty is a well-known member of the pack, and is one of its most skilled and long-standing medics
  • She has her own house in Fort Kingsbury
  • Has mentored a few of Casa's youths
  • Rank: Sworn Member of the Brotherhood
    • Brotherhood Rank: Master of Medicines
    • Co-Ranks: Healer, Barber (Tattooist/Dye worker)
  • Skills: Medic (Master), Skinning (Master), Tattooing/Piercing (Journeyman) Feral Fighting (Journeyman)
  • Interests: Blood and guts, chatting, sailing, fighting
  • Combat: Student -- feral fighting


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by Alaine

Morty is a Sworn member of the Brotherhood, and is a long-time member and is one of the pack's oldest medic, in Casa di Cavalieri.






  • Date of Birth: 4 February 2009
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Casa di Cavalieri
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Casa di Cavalieri (2 February 2012)
    • Brotherhood Rank: Master of Medicines
    • Co-Ranks: Healer, Barber (Tattooist/Dye worker)
  • cNPC:
    • None
  • yNPC:
    • None



  • None at the moment, sorry!

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1.  Personality

  • Outgoing: Morty is confident and talkative, never hesitating to approach others. She is very social and extroverted, as well as friendly to those she's just met and generally fun to be around. Her amiable nature gives her a good bedside manner; rather than being gentle and sweet, or, conversely stiff and cross, she chats with her patients as if they were healthy and always tries to make them feel welcomed however she can.
  • Fiery: She almost never shows this side to her pack mates -- but, if someone gets on her nerves, you will know it. She is rather quick-tempered and bites first, asking questions later. She can also be juvenile, calling her opponents names and generally screaming if she's really angry.
  • Perverse: Why, do you ask, did Morty decide to become a medic in the first place? To be around all of the blood and gore, of course! The nastier the injury the better, in her opinion; she practically gets off on traumatic wounds. That is not to say that she's sadistic, however; she would never inflict undue pain on her patients, as she does truly hope they will recover (she just enjoys every moment up to recovery just as well). She sometimes has a habit of recommending amputation where it might not really be needed.

1.1  Skills

  • First Aid: Morty is skilled at treating injuries, specializing in open wounds and the occasional broken bone. She knows how to apply basic herbal poultices to keep wounds from getting infected, as well as splint limbs and do other necessary basic procedures. Her main weakness as a medic is her unfamiliarity with diseases other than those she strives to prevent; she can help reset a dislocated shoulder, but she's rather clueless when it comes to treating an especially bad cold.
  • Skinning: Unsurprisingly, she is also good at skinning -- another blood-and-guts job. She is very precise when retrieving these pelts, making sure as much of the animal's skin can be used intact. She has no skill in tanning, however, and can only cut pelts to be turned into something more useful.
  • Tattooing and Piercing: Through her time practicing medicine, she has come to learn how different plant life can be ground into a variety of dyes, she is also an ace with a needle for piercing.
  • Feral Fighting: Morty is clueless when it comes to wielding weapons, but she is vicious when fighting tooth and nail. She will fight in all three of her forms in this way, relying on biting weak points and scratching like a wildcat.

2.  Appearance

Morty is a purebred wolf and definitely shows it, with a muscular body on the slightly large end of the scale for a female. Her build is compact but quite thick around her shoulders and midsection, making her a little boulder in her four-legged forms, while on two-legs she appears more curvaceous. She has long limbs as well, and a pretty, feminine face often twisted up into a smile.

2.1  Coloration

Morty is a grey-brown tone throughout, with a base Flint(#6E695C) coat. She has darker markings in Birch (#3E3828), including: a dorsal stripe down her back, her shoulders, thighs spreading down the leg, and mane. Her ear-tips and a splash of color on her muzzle are also this darker color. Underneath is a subtly lighter Granite Green (#8E8778) hue, splashed from her chest to her belly, and also creeping up her arms and legs, as well as the ruff of her cheeks. Standing out against her dull-colored pelt are her Eucalyptis (#22985E) eyes.

2.2  Forms


Large, thick and compact, strong.


Leggy and well-muscled; very thick fur.


Strong and tall, muscled hourglass figure. Hair is cropped short, but left natural/unstyled.

2.3  Other


  • Scars
    • Deep claw marks reaching across back.
    • Chink in her right ear, and small scar on lip on that side.


  • Bracelet of jade beads that almost matches her eyes.
  • Tarnished ring on right pinky finger.

3.  History

Morty's great-grandparents were a sailors from Europe. They shipwrecked on the coast of Canada but were taken in by a population of Labrador wolves, most of them outcasts from more feral packs by relying more and more on their Optime forms. The sailors only brought more of this sort of learning and technological knowledge with him, and founded a sort of colony that would rely on a newly-constructed built to fish in the Hudson Bay, a questionable endeavor.

Fast-forward a few years later, and the sailors' grandson, Morty's father, met a beautiful Hudson Bay wolf while acting as a "missionary" of sorts to the more feral Luperci populations. After a controversial mating between the two, Morty was born -- and immediately wanted to go with her father back on the ship. She became a lively young woman and a troublemaker, either adored or hated by those around her, and got in her fair share of fights.

One of these fights escalated, and Morty quite by accident killed her first wolf. She was not horrified by the gruesome death, but rather intrigued by it -- and so, quite understandably, she was chased out of the settlement when her remorseful apology was shattered by the rather dazed grin on her face.

Morty went on the road then, and was nearly killed by a mother bear when she tried to attack one of the cubs for the use of its pelt. A wandering doctor found her and treated her, and then took her on as his apprentice when she expressed a desire to be a medic, too -- because it brought her closer to the blood and guts, of course. She was nothing but friendly to her patients, however, and while she enjoyed every second of sewing up a nasty wound, she also enjoyed seeing the wolves recover and thank her and then go on their merry way.

She made a lot of friends in this way, and some told her of the great packs of Nova Scotia -- some who might desire a medic like her. She was immediately disdainful toward a lot of the groups for either being too exclusive, too backwater, or too peaceful -- but then she heard of Casa di Cavalieri. It was a pack of warriors who'd definitely have their share of gruesome wounds and battle, and they fought for the right reasons, which Morty truly did appreciate. She joined the pack and extended her help right away.

3.1  Threads


  1. Blood and Guts and Stitches (2 February 2012)
    Morty is accepted into the pack by Wayne McCoy.
  2. Where Fast is Always Slow (27 February 2013)
    Morty teases Aspirin, her patient, about Ridpath Stelyan.
  3. Bring Home the Cavalry (28 February 2013)
    Morty helps heal the Cavalieri returning from Salsola.
  4. Neptune's Daughter (27 March)
    Morty and Lola work on building a preservation for shellfish and sea vegetation.
  5. Just Around the Riverbend (27 March 2013)
    Morty and Lola fish, talk about Lola's relationship, and pull a dead elk from the river.
  6. Still Breathing (2 April 2013)
    Morty comes at Sebastian's call to heal Thorn Hazeheart.
  7. Give Me the Beat Boys (23 June 2013)
    Morty participates in the clam bake!
  8. An Equation Heaven-Sent (Mid-August 2013)
    Morty attends Lola and Alister's mateship ceremony.
  9. Debt to Society (Late August)
    Morty complains about a patient/prisoner, Chevelle Dallas, to Wayne.
  1. Splinter (14 September 2013)
    Lola visits Morty's home to restock on herbal supplies. Jackson Bouchard pops in to flirt with the medico.
  2. [M] No Trespassing (25 September 2013)
    Lola and Morty wake up to chaos and a call to arms, running into Jackson Bouchard on the way.
  3. Curiousness (27 September 2013)
    Morty teaches Veri Secanti through helping Valerie Rhiannon-Knight.
  4. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. (28 September)
    Lola and Morty are kidnapped by the pirate leader Jackson Bouchard.
  5. [M] Held for Ransom (29 September)
    Lola and Morty are held captive on the pirate ship.
  6. the wander of weary (26 October 2013)
    Lola is led to a wounded Micah Sunrise Lykoi by Mistral de l'Or. She brings them to Morty's house.
  7. the wander of weary (26 October 2013)
    Lola is led to a wounded Micah Sunrise Lykoi by Mistral de l'Or. She brings them to Morty's house.
  8. Curiosity killed the ca-...wolf (15 December 2013)
    Kira Raine and Veri Secanti chat then visit Morty.
  9. Don't let it get you down (6 December 2013)
    Jazper Rhiannon-Knight orders Morty to make tea for sick Annabeth de Fonte


  1. Additions (19 January 2014)
    Callum Knight gets stitched up by Morty.
  2. Moving Forward (6 February 2014)
    Jazper Rhiannon-Knight announces that Alistair Callow-Knight is the new Lune of Casa.
  3. La NiƱa, La Pinta & La Santa Maria (26 August 2014)
  4. i've got this feeling the world is ending (30 August 2014)
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  9. i've seen the blaze and blood of battle (05 September 2014)
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  3. little wolves and sandcastles (02 October 2014)
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  9. Coloring by Numbers (02 November 2014)
  10. It all changed on that day. Sadness and so much pain (22 December 2014)
  11. what's to fight? death will find you (29 December 2014)


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  1. pNPC Lead us on to Neverland (1 April 2016)
    After the first wave in result of the meteor-strike, Morty and Clara Bates lead the pack's youth to safety.


  1. pNPC Song of Time (28 May 2017)
    Morty and Isaac Coblentz help Shtiya set up Asuilaak's surprise party.