Kohaku Amarok

Kohaku Amarok is the son of Kiara Amarok and Alonso. He was born a non-Luperci wolf into Ichika no Ho-en, but in his youth was kidnapped and corrupted by Amy Sunders, the one responsible for his transformation into a Luperci Verto. He became foster-sibling to Amy's true child, Lucias Sunders, and was her guardian after Amy's murder by New Dawn. In the wake of Amy's death, he joined Anathema alongside Lucias, and remained there since their falling-out.

In the summer of 2014, he entered a polygamous mateship with Kentaro Lykoi, Isolde Sawtooth, and Amorette Aston. That was broken off a short time later, although his feels of affection towards Amorette after the mateship ended remained. In the fall of 2015, Kohaku was finally able to exact his revenge against his mother and helped to destroy New Dawn. Believing he had killed Kiara, Kohaku spent the remainder of his days doting on his daughter until he was executed for his crimes at the end of May in 2016. He now wanders Anathema as a ghost.

Kohaku Amarok

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Archive Profile
Name Meaning"amber" in Japanese; name of a river
Name OriginSpirited Away, Inuyasha, Japan
Date of Birth26 Mar 2012
Date of DeathMay 2016
Subspecies50% Mexican Wolf
50% Arctic Wolf
LuperciYes (Verto)

Current Pack

1 Jan. 2013 - current
Marbas Sicarius

Previous Pack

Ichika no Ho-en
26 Mar. 2012-?


Kohaku Amarok was the first of three puppies born during Ichika no Ho-en's final days. The first two months of his life were spent as happily as any puppy could be. He would often play with his only other surviving sibling and single mother, along with the occasional stranger who was his mother's friend. Most of this time period has been forgotten and what little memory remains is indistinct.

Infant Kohaku and Amy, by Bria

At the tender age of two months, Kohaku was kidnapped by a golden dog named Amy. Once in her clutches, Amy fed the young male lies about his past, claiming that Kohaku's mother gave him away. Without any knowledge or experience, Kohaku swallowed Amy's lies and was soon consumed by loyalty to her. While he learned to fear her wrath, Kohaku also began to covet her affection and looked to her as if she were his mother. Kohaku spent many months with Amy, traveling and learning. Amy taught him how to become the perfect spy and a weapon against his mother. She even gifted him with her fighting techniques and the ability to shift. Until he is eight months old, Kohaku continued to travel with Amy.

New Dawn was gradually closing in on the caravan, eager to enact retribution on Amy for all her evil acts. In the final showdown, Amy was murdered by alpha Zalen Damaichu in front of both Kohaku and Amy's infant daughter Lucias, who were then taken prisoner by the pack.[1] Amy's instructions were to flee to Salsola, but Kohaku stubbornly refuses to do so. Instead, after escaping from New Dawn, he took himself and Lucias to Anathema. There they lived for many months and Kohaku even took on a slave that he named Asuna. However, Lucias quickly grew jealous of Asuna and ended up abusing the slave despite Kohaku's multiple warnings. Eventually, it lead to Kohaku severely punishing his younger sister and the event caused irreparable to their relationship. Lucias soon left Kohaku and Asuna ran away a few days later. Alone and unloved, Kohaku drove headlong into his training as he plotted to kill not only his mother, but Zalen.

At some point, Kohaku decided to steal a horse from a loner tradesmen and ended up murdering the tradesmen in the process. However, he gained his foul tempered stallion, Incendium. The horse is coal black and the tips of his long mane gradually change into in a fiery red. It took many months of training, but Kohaku has managed to make the horse obedient enough to ride.

Aeron Ganesa quickly took up the responsibility of training Kohaku and under her he has thrived. He has learned the art of the sword and discovered that he was left handed. For a while, he carried around a short sword to use in addition to his main blade. Aeron also graced Kohaku with two branded bracers that contained hidden blades and an old training garb that soon became his uniform. The off-white cloak covered most of his body and the hood hid his face. A red sash provided color to the outfit and he often dual wielded both swords in combat. Kohaku has since upgraded himself to a dark grey cloak, red sash, a chain mail shirt, and a leather chest protector.

Kohaku has also fathered many children and his eldest son, Lelouch, lives in Anathema with his daughter Famine.

In the summer of 2014, he entered a polygamous mateship with Kentaro Lykoi, Isolde Sawtooth, and Amorette Aston. That was broken off a short time later, although his feels of affection towards Amorette after the mateship ended remained. Although not before Amorette became pregnant with his favorite child, Famine. In the fall of 2015, Pride sent a fake distress call to Anathema. Kohaku saw an opportunity and rallied heavily for a fight against the Dawners. Winning out over his more rational pack mates, he helped to lead the charge against New Dawn. During the battle, Kohaku fought against and severely wounding his biological mother. Believing he had killed her, he left Kiara for dead. With the help of the Anatheman warriors, they were able to destroy New Dawn. Kohaku spent the remainder of his days doting on his daughter until he was executed for his crimes at the end of May in 2016. He now wanders Anathema as a ghost.


Kohaku has grown tremendously since his youth. Although he is still young, he has learned how to be cruel and cunning. Despite that fact that his is still not the brightest of the bunch. Kohaku has not retained any of his innocent nature. Thanks to Amy's careful molding, he has become cruel and violent. He views others as weaker than himself and believes that he is naturally better than most others. Kohaku is used to getting what he wants and if he is refused, he will result to violence and even murder. That being said, Kohaku will never force himself sexually on another character. It is the one and only line he will not cross.

Gruff, violent, and cocky; Kohaku only listens to those who can defeat him in combat. However, his playful side often shows itself when he gets in a mood. Kohaku is not picky with gender and has been known to chase just about anyone he isn't trying to kill. His mortal enemies lie within New Dawn. He despises his own biological family and worked constantly towards his goal of killing his mother and New Dawn's Alpha, Zalen.

Kohaku and Lucias, by Bria


Family: Amarok



Kohaku by Nat

Kohaku was named after his maternal grandfather. He has a fairly unique and complex color coating. He takes after his father more than his mother and his fur is a mixture of tan, grey, black, red, and white. Like his grandfather, his eyes are a brilliant green. He is the largest of all of Kiara's puppies and the most rambunctious of the group.

Although Kohaku might eventually become a large arctic wolf, he has no chance of ever reaching any substantial size. A thin, ruffled mane has grown along his neck, a token of his father's mexican blood. For the most part however, the pup has received his mother's sturdy arctic build with only a hint of the leaner mexican form.

Optime Kohaku by Bria

Now that he is over seven months, Kohaku has finally grown into his ears and paws. Although he still has some growing to do, he has hit his adult height in all three forms. In lupus, Kohaku stands 29 inches tall. In secui, he is 37 inches tall. In optime, Kohaku is perhaps a little shorter than normal at 6ft 1 inch. Because of his youth, Kohaku is fairly scrawny in all forms, but his constant travels have left him with a powerful body.

Because of his verto nature, Kohaku has a more feral optime form. When standing, the boy places most of his weight into his knees and thighs. He has no real "hairdo" so to speak, but his mane is more prevalent in the optime form.

Kohaku has a small brand on his right shoulder. Its a simple circle that he received as punishment for running off.


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