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Lokr Revlis (LOH-cur REHV-liss) is the son of Sirius Revlis and Clover Love Lykoi, born 3 June 2012 on the then-new territory of Salsola.

An heir to the Thistle Kingdom, Lokr was originally raised in a central chamber of the Ruins castle with his brother Larkkin, under the harsh tutelage and supervision of their father. However, early on in his life the young prince was taken from the kingdom by Sirius, who deserted to live in Alaska with his forbidden lover and previous Aquila of Inferni, Ezekiel.

Alaska was a cold and bleak life in comparison to the wealth and luxury that Salsola had provided. As a young teenager, Lokr was chased out of Sirius' new harem and spent a crucial period of his early life journeying the Northwest territories of Canada, barely surviving the deadly winter climate and joining up on occasion with sparse bands of travelers and natives. Often unwelcome and detested for his cunning nature and cruel eyes, and driven by a desire to reclaim his heritage, it was not long before Lokr left the wilderness of Alaska and returned to Nova Scotia - In search of the Thistle Kingdom, and the legacy his father had left behind.

Lokr is currently a leader of Salsola, ambitiously serving as The Lord Commander under its second monarch, Boss Salvia Eternity. He was betrothed and is now mated to Salvia's daughter, Osrath Eternity; Midwinter of 2015 Osrath gave two living daughters to Lokr, Elphaba and Indra, though the latter is not actually of his blood. She also miscarried one child during birth - A perfect darkling boy named Maugrim, whose cairn is hidden in the Blackwoods. In secret, Lokr continues an ongoing affair with the love of his life, Semini. In late winter at the beginning of 2017, she bore him two healthy sons: Calrian and Malik - Though their existence remains concealed from Salsola.

Born in the first weeks of Spring from a drunken attempt to keep his relationship with Semini safe, Lokr's bastard son Krios was brought into the world by his mother Ondine Heiwa (who had suffered long with an unhealthy obsession for Lokr, and swore only to keep his clandestine secret at a price). Ondine has kept the nature of Krios' conception, as well as the identity of his father, hidden from Salsola in an effort to keep both parent's reputations whole and her son safe from those who harbor grudges against the Revlis line.

In the early Winter at the end of 2017, Lokr made plans to desert Salsola to spend the remainder of his lifetime with Semini. He was caught out by his daughter Elphaba, whose fury and hurt over the betrayal led her to usurp his position as Second-in-Command. Lokr was made Pentiti by Salvia, an exile banished from the Thistle Kingdom forever.

In the 2013 Souls Yearbook, Lokr was awarded the superlative "Most Likely To Be Like Their Parent(s)". In the 2014 Souls Yearbook, Lokr was awarded the superlative "Most Likely to Die Horribly". In the 2016 Souls Yearbook, Lokr was awarded the superlative "Cutest Couple... That Never Happened" with Semini. In the 2017 Souls Yearbook, Lokr was awarded the superlatives: "Strongest Character Development", and "Most Dramatic Romance" with Semini.





Player Info

  • Date of Birth: 3 June 2012
  • Human Age: ~30 Years
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Hybrid
    • 63.75% Canis latrans
    • 10.3125% Canis lupus, 9.375% Canis lupus arctos
    • 7.1875% Canis lupus familiarus
    • 3.125% Columbianus, 3.125% Lycaon, 3.125% Occidentalis
  • Family: Revlis
  • Birthplace: Salsola
  • Name Meaning:
    • First Name: Trickster (Nordic, Hearg Njorth)
    • Last Name: Silver (Bastardized Old-English)
  • Nicknames: Revlisson, "my lord"
  • Pronunciation: LOH-cur REHV-liss
  • Epithet: Dragon, Ouroboros

Borya & Desya

  • Siberian Reindeer (bull and doe, breeding pair)
  • Bred over generations by Russian merchant wolves for size and strength.
  • Though not as fast as horses, they have incredible stamina and sure-footing over all terrains.
  • Traded for in Freetown prior to its destruction

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

  • Pack: None (previously Salsola)
  • Residence: On the run
  • Rank:
Exile (previously The Lord Commander)

Salsola members may assume the following without discussion/asking:

  • Lokr is exiled from the Thistle Kingdom, his reputation dragged through the mud and destroyed

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

Dark and brooding, an expression of mild disinterest best suits this tall and angular individual. His posture is often held stiffly, and it is unusual to see the male's lean body entirely relaxed. He is a strange creature to look at, all sharp lines and spiky dense pelt; The fur on his scruff and between his shoulder-blades is notably stiff in Lupus and Secui form, giving an almost quill-like appearance. Perhaps his most prominent trait, Lokr's eyes are a stark and venomous acidic pea-green, inherited from his father and exactly the same hue. No matter what his emotion, they convey an intense and often malicious quality that most find off-putting. As such, Lokr subconsciously avoids prolonged eye-contact, which often gives him a sly air.

In all forms, the snaggle-teeth that Lokr inherited from his father are present and visible, peeking out over his lower lip. His polydactl back dew claws are most notable in Lupus form. He has the 'Hand of Eris' scarred into his left pectoral, which is only visible in Optime form due to the shortening of the hair there - the scar, self-inflicted at a very young age, was poorly done and has since faded into almost nonexistence. His time spent in the Northern wilderness has had many effects on Lokr's appearance; He is a lot skinnier and sharper than when he was younger, with any flat glossy muscle hardened into lean wiry cord. As well as this overall physical change, his travels have left Lokr with many small scars littering the skin beneath the fur of his legs (and arms). In all forms, he wears an old bronze key on a leather thong around his neck. In Optime form, he is fond of wearing a peridot ring also found among Sirius' riches, as well as his varied weaponry and attire.

It is also rather notable that he only has half of a tail; The long and bristly hair of his tail covers the healed end of it, giving him a fluffy bob-tail appearance.

  • Nose and Paw Pads: Black
  • Claws: Mix of black and cream claws
  • Optime Hair: Black / Dark brown

1.2  Color Codes

General Colors
Diesel (#251f1c)
Mondo (#4b3624)
Rust (#752f0c)
Burlywood (#876441)
Cotton Seed (#c5b09e)
Isabelline (#f9f1e8)
Eye Color
Inch Worm (#b4dd45)

1.3  Forms

Image Here
102 lbs (46 kg)
34 in (86 cm)


Due to his mixed heritage, Lokr's physique is a mottled combination of coyote, wolf and dog. His predominantly coy features give Lokr a sharp, angular appearance, making up in agility and endurance what he lacks in sheer strength. His general appearance seems rather undernourished and lean, with a thick, wolfish pelt stretched over minimal muscle tone and fat. He is as tall as a regular wolf, but has notably less general bulk, giving him a slightly emaciated look from afar - But when one gets up close, it becomes apparent that his long legs and relatively short body are simply genetics, rather than poor feeding.

Image Here
220 lbs (100 kg)
42 in (107 cm)


In this form, Lokr's stark contrast in height and mass is dramatically increased. His paws become huge, and his body appears almost famished, with ribs and spine protruding. This form gives him much greater speed and ground coverage, but is surprisingly fragile in close combat. As such, it is rarely used, with Lokr much preferring to fight in his Optime form.

Image Here
240 lbs (109 kg)
6 ft, 7 in (200 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

Due to the nature of his upbringing, Lokr was taught that this was the most favorable and 'civil' form in which to be. As such, it is his most commonly taken form (since gaining the ability to shift), and he is very comfortable within it. Lokr is a tall, sharp-looking youth, with a thin coyote muzzle and angular shoulders. His height stems from his father's wolfish bloodlines, but that, and the thickness and coloring of his pelt, are where any similarities to his wolfish kin end. For all appearances, Lokr is a very tall coyote/dog. In this form, his hair is long, dark and disheveled, a deep unsaturated brown with streaks of a lighter slate hue.

1.4  Image Gallery

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1.5  Miscellaneous


  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: None
  • Scars:
    • Small scars litter the skin of his legs (and arms), mostly hidden by the rusty fur there.
    • Missing half a tail doesn't quite count as a scar?


  • When in Optime form for long periods of time, Lokr can typically be seen wearing his high-collared stiff leather vest. He also has an arrangement of clothes that are worn according to weather and purpose, which can be seen here.


Lokr generally prefers not to weigh himself down with anything permanent to his portrait, such as earrings or dye. However, he is content to be adorned with weaponry, so long as it is of a mostly practical nature - Unlike Sirius, Lokr finds little self-pleasure in wearing things that have a purely decorative purpose. The only exception to this rule is for items that have distinct personal or cultural value.

  • Bronze key pendant
  • Daggers (a variety thereof)
  • Peridot ring

2.  Personality

Consummate Professional, Tall, Dark & Snarky, The Gift, The Proud Elite, The Hunter

Artwork by Alaine

Is is unquestionable that Lokr has inherited and learned a lot of his father's traits. At a young age, Sirius was seen as a terrible god-idle to his son, and unintentional mimicry of his sire quickly cemented into personal characteristics. As such, Lokr can be sly and cunning, with a sharply bladed intelligence that borderlines the same genius/madness of his father. However, where Sirius was charming, Lokr is most often callous and brisk, projecting an attitude that is outwardly cold and reluctant to engage or connect with others. He has low tolerance for the population in general, and will not suffer the stupidity of another without grief.

Since the last apparent flare-up of his encephalitis, and in addition to his return to the homelands of Salsola, Lokr became even more withdrawn and terse. Due to his cursed bloodline, Lokr believes himself to be always on the border of true insanity, thinking this to be a trait he inherited from his father; as such, he can often be distrusting of his own senses or thoughts, which can heavily destabilize him emotionally. Although a reserved, collected and almost Spock-ian character on the outside, Lokr is the master of his own passions and desires, which burn bright as a flame within him; so much so that he fears burning those around him by unleashing it.

Whilst not as self-obsessed as his sire, Lokr is by no means a selfless individual, and will often choose to act in a way that will benefit himself most. His time lost alone in the wilderness has led to the development of a small series of complications within him, such as an obsession with survival at any cost, a simultaneous love and fear of solitude, and an inability to access his natural talent of emphatically connecting with others. This often leaves him in a continual state of paranoia, stress, or total disconnection from the individuals or situation at hand. He can be crass and vicious in an off-hand manner, and merciful in the next second; An unpredictability that often makes others uncertain around him. Increasingly, Lokr is being warped by his own bloodline and the culture of Salsola into a darker mindset, in which he will triumph over adversity at ANY cost.

2.1  Demeanor

  • Aloof - Lokr often displays a cool and remote countenance, distancing himself from those he feels are of a lesser quality or importance to his own self. He is conspicuously disengaged and disinterested, often with a general air of distaste or disapproval.
  • Cynical - Lokr is often motivated to react in certain ways by the idea that each individual only truly looks out for their own self, and has their own interests at heart. This belief stems from a childhood under the tutelage of his father, who certainly fulfilled this portrayal. As such, Lokr is almost always distrustful of those around him, as well as doubtful as to the true sincerity or goodness of another.
  • Cunning - Highly believed to be an inherited trait, the Revlis line often breeds creatures of a cunning nature, and Lokr is no different. Although most motivated by his sardonic thoughts, once Lokr sets out to achieve something, he can show great skill in doing so with deceit, evasion, manipulation or other shady methods.
  • Grouchy - It is not difficult to see why Lokr might be labelled as grouchy; His irritable nature is often the first conversational trait to his being. He is easily peeved by idiocy or simple mistakes, and has little patience for those who he considers to be a fool or not worth his time.
  • Detached - With his fluctuating grip on sanity, Lokr's mental state has become increasingly vague and remote at various intervals. He will often mentally retreat deep inside of himself, and during these spells he is non-communicative and spacey.

2.2  Ideals


  • Obsessions: Salsola, witches, fire, power
  • Likes: Hunting, his Siberian Reindeer, silence, engaging conversation, success in any venture, reading, merchantry, personal space
  • Dislikes: Individuals who talk too much (and without great intellect), loud and continual noise, combat, being touched without invitation, excessive mess or filth


  • Outlook: Pessimist/Pragmatist
  • Expression: Introverted, dominant
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


  • Perpetual Solitude: Whilst not overly fond of company, and rather fond of time alone with his thoughts, Lokr is terrified by the idea of total and permanent isolation. He is afraid of the idea of being forced to share his own company indefinitely, believing that it would lead him down a path into true and terrible madness.
  • Insanity: Although he relies on his vapid wit a lot of the time, Lokr is in truth afraid of his own intelligence and the manner in which it can border beleived madness. He feels that he has already begun a descent into insanity (which is prominently due to the symptoms of his medical condition) and worries at what he could become given a total lapse into insanity.
  • His Father: Although he can partially recognize this as an unrealistic fear, Sirius still holds a large amount of sway within the mind of his son. Whether it is his disapproval, his wrath, or the idea that Lokr might in fact be turning INTO his father, is uncertain - most likely, his fear is based on a combination of the three.
  • Failure: This is something that is unacceptable to Lokr's base ideals, and as such, he is frightened of the possibility that he might end up a total failure in every sense. If a situation is going poorly, Lokr would rather end it by desertion or violence than accept failure or defeat.
  • Witches: Not as strong a fear as the others, but a notable one nonetheless. Although Lokr does not believe in any specific god or gods (aside from his conceptualization of the 'ancients), he does accept the idea that there may be arcane powers that dictate various unnatural events in the world. The idea of a witch (can only be seen as a woman, men who declare themselves to have supernatural powers he disbelieves) harnessing this power frightens him for he feels that there is no natural combatant to it, and that his intelligence would prove useless against such a thing. Although generally he will not act on this fear (note the amount of 'witches' he believes inhabit Salsola, that he will converse with but certainly not trust), if he believes he is under threat of witchcraft, he can react violently. Sirius once told him the only way to kill a witch was to burn her, and Lokr has taken it as a personal mantra that only fire can cleanse the realm of witchcraft.


  • Freedom: Above all else, Lokr seeks freedom. This is an unconventional freedom, though, as it refers more to freedom from the pressures of his own mind. He is constantly restricted by both his sheer intelligence, in that it leads to an exacerbation of his paranoia and his cynicism, but also the effects that his encephalitis is having on his mental state. This 'freedom' could more closely be related to an 'inner peace' than actual physical freedom from authority.
  • Sanity: Linked to the above.
  • Knowledge: Similar to his sire, Lokr believes that knowledge and power are intrinsically linked, and that the more information an individual has on a certain topic, such as a person or a trade or a location, the more power an individual has over that thing. As well as this, his fierce intelligence requires almost constant stimulation, otherwise he is overcome with boredom which can quickly turn into depression or outbursts of other malignant traits.
  • Power: Lastly, as is his due, Lokr believes that his blood is royal and therefor befitting of status and power. Power over other individuals, power over land or over beasts; In spite of his own hesitance to adopt his father's traits or motivations, Lokr has clearly been manipulated from a young age with a desire to rule and conquer.


  • Packs: Based on Salsola's pack biases.
  • Species: None
  • Non-Luperci: Follows Salsola's and his father's general belief that they are inferior.
  • Gender: Slightly sexist; Believes that women, more so than men, have ulterior motives that they are constantly acting on. Also has strong dislike/distrust of what he sees as 'witches'.
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: Not overly perturbed by same-sex relations. Considers monogamy the only true form of love; Has found out, however, that sexual relations can also be a cause of duty.
  • Age: Elders are considered to hold a larger quantity of knowledge, thus giving them cause to be given a little extra respect. Also he congratulates you for surviving for so long.


Primarily Heterosexual Due to the deeply passionate nature of his private thoughts and desires, Lokr has proven to be an imaginative and possessive lover. He is not driven by sexual desire to the same extent of many others, and instead will only pursue a partner should the situation reveal it to be beneficial or fateful. His flings are often obsessive, with the chosen partner being held on a high pedestal of regard - Of the very few affairs that Lokr has had, all have been incredibly intense and mutually rewarding.


Has an issue with moderating his ongoing addiction to hard liquor, such as the rich red wines often procured by Salsola. Lokr is an alcoholic; Under the influence, he often makes hasty and regrettable decisions.


Lokr does not believe in any specific god or gods. He is unfazed by any arguments suggesting otherwise, stating that even if there were this multitude of gods, what on earth would possess an individual to have such self-importance to think that a god would have any interest in a weak mortal? As such, those who devote themselves to the worship of deity figures are generally considered moronic. His own understanding of an overarching deity is much more complex, and consists mainly of the idea of ancient powers responsible for the creation and destruction of all things (referred to simply as 'the ancients', although he does not specifically think of them as separate entities, more a singular cosmic power that exists beyond the realm of all time).

Because there are many unexplained phenomena that even an incredibly intellectual Luperci such as himself does not have the capacity of thought or understanding to explain, Lokr is a believer in a more supernatural side to the 'mortal' world. He is undecided on the idea of an afterlife, and can be convinced with engaging argument as to the possibility of every creature being inhabited by a 'soul' of some sort. As well as this, he believes in a general idea of some kind of arcane power manifested by the world; a vague idea of 'magic' that has a more natural and scientific construction and purpose, in the cycle of life and in the occurrence of events beyond explanation. He also believes that some very specific and very powerful women may have the urge and the potential to access this arcane knowledge, and thus wield it against him - Such fem-fatales, he considers to be 'witchkin'. Their unnaturalness is abhorrent to Lokr, and he is very afraid of anything he misunderstands enough to deem witchcraft.

Due to childhood stories and bits and pieces told to him by Sirius, Lokr believes that witches, or other such unnatural anomalies, can only be cleansed from the world by use of 'fire'. The ultimate symbolism of the fire is a legendary beast known as the dragon, which Lokr believes to be some manifestation of the ancient powers he believes in. He may or may not also believe that any individual 'touched by the ancients' has the capability to harness the elemental power of fire, and thus be themselves a dragon.

Basically he is a little crazy and does not like witches guys, or anything that vaguely smells of the pagan or the wiccan arts.

2.3  Abilities


  • Hunting (Master): Lokr's most primal skill. Most of his capabilities in this area were inherited, and then honed through vigorous one-on-one training with his sire. Lokr is extremely adept at tracking, stalking, observing prey whilst remaining unseen, and taking down smaller animals with quick efficiency. His skills in hunting were the only thing that kept him alive during his stint in the wilderness.
  • Manipulation (Journeyman): Another skill taken from Sirius' bible; Lokr is excellent at reading another individual, and speculating methods in which to persuade them to do what he wishes. He is less adapt at actually going ahead with the persuasion, due to his somewhat rusted social skills, but his identification of an individual's traits, wants, desires, fears and motivations are generally very accurate.
  • Horsemanship (Journeyman): From a young age Lokr liked the company of the simple beasts. They are intelligent and strong enough to be of interest to him, whilst still inferior enough to be controlled and taught to obey him. This relaxes Lokr. He likes it when things are inferior and obey.
  • Strategical Thinking (Master): Another aspect of his critical thinking excellence that was harshly enforced with tutelage from Sirius. Lokr possesses an uncanny ability to break down a situation, however chaotic, and reveal the best possible course of outcome from responsive actions. This works incredibly well when he is avoiding combat, or using stealth. Although untrained as such, it would also work well in creating ambush and army-combat techniques.
  • Dirty combat (Apprentice): Due to his lack of physical intimidation, when a situation deteriorates enough that it leads to physical confrontation and violence, Lokr is trained in methods to best accommodate his skills. He has been trained to fight like a dirty street rat, considering no honor-bound or unspoken rules of regular fighting. He will stab you in the foot with his daggers.


  • Charming: Unless he can see it being to his immediate benefit, Lokr is not inclined to be 'charming'. He is capable of such a thing, although perhaps not to the same extend that Sirius was. Lokr is very cold and distant in social or emotional situations, and has minimal natural charm to rely on (any charm he does portray is forced). As such, individuals often dislike him on first acquaintance, and he finds it difficult to make friends :(
  • Physical Strength: Although of an average height for a male wolf (thus making him usually taller than the average hybrid), Lokr is a lean and sharp thing. His muscles are specialized in speed and agility, things that are useful for hunting rather than combat. He has no skills in wrestling or close physical combat, and as such often turns to dirty and sneaky methods to win a fight.
  • Insecurity: Unlike his younger self, the older mind-plagued Lokr has a deep confidence issue. He fears his own worthlessness and insanity (something that he closely attributes to worthlessness), and is such is a very insecure figure within. Although he has skills in recognizing manipulation, if the right buttons are pushed he can easily become a puppet.
  • Insanity/Encephalitis: A large aspect of Lokr's current personality and actions relate back to the idea that he is going insane. Although this is not necessarily the case, a lot of his medical condition's symptoms (including severe headaches, occasional migraines, infrequent mild hallucinations and rare severe hallucinations) have led him to lack faith in his own mind and thoughts, which has caused a deep rift in his ability to utilize any of his natural talents. It also has physical detriments, such as the headaches which can often leave him in pain and vulnerable.

2.4  Interaction

  • Speech: Lokr has a brisk, yet surprisingly calm voice, that can poetically be described as "cold velvet". It is of a moderate male pitch. He often sounds bored or irritated, regardless of whether or not he is. If he feels like it, he can speak with beautiful eloquence; he can also be rudely blunt.
  • Scent: Earthy wood, rotting leaf matter, spicy pine needle; slightly ocean-salty; on occasion, slightly sickly/of alcohol.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

Art by Kite

All it took was a chance encounter in the woods to change his life forever. For the rest of his life, Lokr would find his history and his thoughts split between two chronologies; Before Semini, and After Semini. Their tumultuous love affair began Midwinter of the year 2015[1], when the hunter's instincts led him to save a woman running for her life from a giant boar. After slaying the beast (and copping a gore to the ribs in the process), he was cared for by the stranger, whose entrancing beauty and pure spirit led quickly to his infatuation. The relationship that ensued was volatile and risky for both parties involved; Lokr remained desperate to keep Semini clean of the clutches of his own kingdom, while she in turn couldn't understand his detachment and struggled with the idea that his motives and ambitions strayed further than the growing love shared between them. After a series of ups and downs, they dramatically break up. This would be all well and good, but Lokr couldn't handle the rejection, and continued to pine for Semini even though on the surface they both seem to move along with their lives, each having children with another partner. Of course, fate has different plans and brings them crashing back together again, after which their love affair strikes up more strongly than ever before: Eventually resulting in the conception and birth of their two sons.

Since rejoining Salsola and ascending to the rank of Lord Commander, Lokr has found himself under the constant watch of the Boss. The current Queen of Thorns was his father's own hand-picked protege, and the two shared an "interesting" relationship. As time progressed from his disastrous youth, the dark male's attachment bloomed into a strange obsessive-devotion, in which he was both protective, mistrustful, hateful, and yet entirely loyal to the Tigress. Whether it was his blood connection to the previous King, or the relationship Salvia had with Sirius that lead to her intense interest in the young male, is uncertain; what was certain is that Salvia has been pulling his strings like a masterful puppeteer from the very beginning. Now that he is older, wiser, and has more to lose than ever before, Lokr is just barely beginning to understand the depths to which he has been manipulated, and precisely all it is that Salvia has taken from him.

Since their unwilling surprise betrothal, planned and enforced by the ever-meddling Salvia, Osrath and Lokr have kept much closer company than previously before. Their once fiery and combatant relationship has been forced, in close quarters, to adapt; It seems that they have now settled at an uneasy truce brought on by the impasse, both unable to advance without or free themselves from the other. It is possible that, in the charred embers of their ruthless hatred for one another, respect has begun to bloom. After the birth of their children, Maugrim, Elphaba and Indra (only two of which are actually his), Lokr and Osrath have become closer and more conniving than ever before, working in tandem to project the perfect semblance of a power couple. This certainly does not mean that they are honest with eachother; Both Lokr and his beautiful, poisonous wife have deep, dark secrets that they intend to take to their graves.

3.2  Family Relations

Lokr's darkest daughter is a bitter child, quick to anger and full of strife. She wears her sourness as frequently as she wears her mother's gowns. Lokr has long since given up trying to understand her, and her seemingly inherent dislike of him; He does not, however, see the true depth of darkness that lives within her.

It is wrong to have a favorite daughter of the two, and yet Indra is so clearly the light in her father's eyes. Sending her away was both his greatest relief, and his greatest regret.

A blessing he does not deserve. Lokr's world shattered and was remade the moment he first lay eyes upon them. Everything has changed, at last, at last.

A secret to take to the grave.

Probably the most influential figure from Lokr's youth. From childhood, Lokr was groomed as Sirius' heir; To have all the skills that Sirius wanted his progeny to have. However, as was the style of the serpent King, these lessons were often taught in a harsh, cruel, manipulative or downright psychotic manner. The culmination of Sirius' tutelage drove Lokr to deeply despise his father for many of his worldviews and actions, and at the same time through months of abusive manipulation, fear him as a sort of god-idol. Many of Lokr's inherent actions and reactions are a throwback to those of the previous Boss of Salsola, which brings him great self-loathing.

The hunter's brother played a large role in preventing him from becoming a true monster in his childhood, as having a confidant can do in even the hardest of times. However, after a catalytic confrontation with Salvia Eternity that led to the man banishing his brother from the dangerous northern lands of Nova Scotia, the two parted ways. After some time had passed, the newly Lord Commander had spies locate his brother - If only to be reassured that the other man was safe and well. Later, Lokr became a sponsor for four of Larkkin's children, who had found their way back to their ancestral homeland. Lokr had less of a relationship with Clover than Larkkin did, as for the most part Sirius kept Lokr away from the gentle hippie woman and had him grow up under stricter regime. As a younger man, Lokr harbored some jealousy of his little sister for her closeness to Clover, and her responsibility-free lifestyle, though now he would give just about anything to know that she is still alive. It has been years since they last saw one another.

Revlis - Lykoi, Eternity, Kimaris & Rhiannon

3.3  Current Relations

The majority of Lokr's relationship with Ondine has happened without his knowledge - Without, in fact, his attentions at all. Due to some early kindly interactions and the general state of their messy family feud, Ondine developed a secret affection for Lokr early on in her youth, which began to spiral out of control after his betrothal to Osrath was publicly announced. Dealing with her own issues about maturity, separation from her mothers and the trials and tribulations of becoming a witch and living up to her infamous name, Ondine remained quiet about her growing desires, it was a long time before Lokr saw her as anything other than a pretty wallflower with a gentle disposition.

By then, of course, it was far too late. Ondine's affections had become an obsession; Her desires an urgent drive to act. And as we all well know, it is unwise to meddle with a witch on a mission.

Having taken the place of his father as Arte's professor, Lokr shared a deep trust with the quiet, intelligent woman. He felt a kinship with her due to their mutual lessons and love of scholarly pursuits. Artemisia was perhaps the closest thing that Lokr had to a true friend; Her blunt approach to facts and logic were a refreshing change from those who would only ever tell Lokr what it was he wanted to hear. After she was killed in the second Boreas War, he struggled to come to terms with his grief.

Artemisia's adopted ward was initially a childhood victim of Salsola's aggressors, the Five. She was accepted into the Kingdom by Lokr after Artemisia brought the young girl to him for approval. Since then, he has been a constant presence in her life - When she came of age, he bequeathed to her a great inheritance/dowry taken from the riches that Salsola claimed upon killing the Five. After Artemisia's death, Idrieus became one of few who saw the depths of his mourning.

Lokr undertook the tutelage of Scorpius when the Anatheman prince first joined Salsola, acting as a Sponsor to the D'Angelo behemoth. Over time, the two men developed a deeply trusting and mutual rapport, and confer often about the state and factions of Salsola. Scorpius is Lokr's most reliable ally, and as such he always calls for the Master Hunter in times of strife and need.

3.4  Misc Relations

4.  Residence

  • A great heirloom of the old castle ruins is the Throne Room. Surprisingly intact, this round stone chamber lays at the very heart of the castle proper. In its center is a grand stone throne, harshly and uncomfortably built, a throw-back to the great Kings of old.
  • With some careful ministrations, the grand chamber and its adjoining rooms have come to resemble a rather comfortable dwelling, if still somewhat cold and perfunctory.

5.  Slave

by Alaine


  • Species: Canis adustus
  • Age and DOB: 2 years, 14 September 2013
  • Description: Purebred female side-striped jackal, enslaved and trained in a brothel as a pleasure-slave.
  • Personality:
  • Meek, obedient
  • Intelligent, but plays dumb to avoid attention
  • Unafraid of her duties, sometimes afraid of her master's ill temper
  • Enjoys having a higher status than other slaves

6.  Early History

Born as a prince of Salsola, Lokr was blessed with a very privileged first few weeks of life. As the firstborn son of the litter, he became the heir to his father's throne, and Sirius began grooming him for the position as soon as his eyes opened to the world.

As such, Lokr has always seen the world partially through his father's eyes - Sirius' shadow is cast over the moody youth wherever he goes. Departing from the lands of 'Souls when a rogue decision made his father leave the kingdom of Thistle behind, a new chapter of Lokr's life began, living in a small harem with Sirius, Ezekiel, their mates and children.

With Sirius' teaching sculpting his young mind, Lokr experienced harshness and kindness, lessons that were both crippling and expanding his horizons. As soon as the sons were able to shift, they were chased from the small band by their wicked father, who had determined that for them to become as great as he himself was, they needed to experience the true hardships of the bachelor life. Larkkin and Lokr travelled for two months, winding their way back to the world their father had left behind - Lokr with his eyes set on a throne he had only ever heard about; His father's greatest legacy, somewhere in the future.

However, the victorious return to his father's soil did not go as the youth had planned. Unbeknownst to him, Lokr suffered from a latent and increasingly intense case of encephalitis, a condition in which his brain is inflamed. The condition began to display itself more prominently on his return to 'Souls, and Lokr began to suffer from severe headaches, confusion, fatigue and increasing paranoia.

This finally resulted in the male fleeing 'Souls, leaving behind his brother. He traveled far north and lost himself to the wilderness there, and for months survived alone and in a state of mental distress. His condition worsened, resulting in hallucinations and sever migraines that often left him totally incapacitated. The prince's physical and mental state deteriorated rapidly, and it was only due to the heavily-enforced and well ingrained teachings of Sirius that he survived.

After a particularly bad hallucination, in which Lokr thought he was being attacked by the same bear that his father had slain a year earlier, Lokr cut off his own tail and collapsed. He would have died were it not for the lucky passing by of Pazuzu Lykoi. Pazuzu took the gravely wounded Lokr back to his father, Enkiel Lykoi, whose skill in healing brought the young Revlis male back from the brink of disaster. After a short recovery period, Enkiel, who wanted to be rid of the seemingly feral stranger whose life he had saved, dropped Lokr off nearer to the edge of the wilderness.

Having been medically treated and rested for a short period of time, Lokr was able to regain his wits (although he now considers himself insane, not being able to diagnose his own medical condition and putting it down to the deterioration of his sanity) and continue heading South-East. After a short travel, he arrived back in 'Soulsland for the second time since his departure as a pup, and has since returned to his pack of birth, Salsola.