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by Eve

Scorpius D'Angelo was a member of Salsola and for a time was The Jagermeister. As the lead hunter and a Cazador in the pack, he served primarily as a hunter and trapper, killing or capturing prey both large and small. Though not officially a healer he did what he could to help those in need but functioned moreso as the pack's Veleno, well known for his highly complex and incredibly potent poisons.

He was the only son of Naniko D'Angelo and Ravesque Acidic, born in Fascinium, a cult pack somewhere in New Brunswick, Canada. In his youth he was among the founding members of Anathema and a member there for a while before both he and his mother disappeared. He spent some time traveling the wilds of western Canada and the northern United States before returning to Nova Scotia matured and hardened from his journey.

Scorpius ventured home to find his old pack had become what he considered a pale imitation of what it once was and turned away from it, joining the secretive Salsola in January 2014 instead. Under the tutelage of the pack's Lord Commander at the time he rose up the ranks and made a name for himself, though at the same time became quite reclusive, keeping to himself. In the spring of 2015 he adopted a baby bear orphaned by the immense flooding and raised it as a companion.

Later that year dead bodies started showing up on the borders of Salsola but it wasn't until after the fall of the Red Star in April 2016 that The Five finally made themselves known. Through the exhaustive efforts of Scorpius and others The Five were eventually brought to justice. However, when winter came so too did more misfortune and a sudden attack on a group of Salsolans returning from the pack's Portland Outpost began the Second Boreas Conflict which Salsola and Inferni banded together to resolve.

All the while Scorpius had been courting a kindly female who - after almost losing her life to a mysterious illness in the spring of 2017 - eventually became his mate. It was not long after that when winter began creeping in once more that several events eventually resulted in a terrible war with the once allied Inferni. It was not until the end of war that Scorpius found out he had become a father to "twins" Sidious Eternity and Senua D'Angelo.

Urged by his mate to seek out an easier and safer life away from the pressures of rank and the dangers of enemies on all sides, Scorpius moved his family to Salsola's Fort Preble Outpost in Portland where he settled into retirement as his age caught up to him. It was one fateful evening late in the winter of 2019 that Scorpius departed on a hunting trip alone and never returned. It was not until the next day that Sidious tracked him down and found his secui form lying lifeless in the snow, a large deer dead beneath his great weight. No one knows for sure what happened but his heart had given out in heat of the hunt and he died painlessly doing what he loved.






  • Date of Birth: 10 October 2010
  • Date of Death: December 2019
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: ---
  • Mate: Serene Eternity (01 June 2017)
  • Pronunciation: scor-pea-ous
  • Nickname: None
  • Name Meaning:
    • "scorpion"
    • "of the angel"
  • Origin: Latin, Italian
  • Epithet: The Beast, Hellhound



  • Pack: Salsola (10 Jan 2014 - December 2019)
  • Rank: The Jagermeister (01 May 2016 - December 2018)
  • Co-ranks: Cazador, Veleno

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Learning of his death from Serene, Sidious, Senua, or Aeris
  • Knowledge of his pack history as former Jagermeister, Cazador, Veleno, and all around big scary beast who liked to hunt
  • Knowing he was very mysterious, secretive, and kept to himself a lot; he had few friends but they were very close

1.  Basics

1.1  Appearance


  • Species: Being a pure-blooded wolf there really isn't anything in his genes that would alter his appearance to make him look like anything other than a pure-blooded wolf. So he looks like a pure-blooded wolf through and through.
  • Fur: He has the thick double coat of a wolf that is slightly thicker and heavier than average due to the blending of two wolf subspecies well accustomed to cold climates. The individual hairs are much thicker than an average wolf making his coat a little bit wiry. It is well insulated against heat, cold, and moisture.
    • Optime Hair: His hair is longest at the top of his head and always kept combed back and out of his face but is for the most part left to do as it pleases after that. The rest of his scruff and neck area is kept short like the rest of his fur, preferring the ease, simplicity, and practicality of shorter hair to the nuisances of having long tresses.
  • Facial Features: Again, being a pure-blooded wolf means he looks like a pure-blooded wolf. The only thing worth noting is the right side of his face which was severely burned in his youth and has since recovered to a few streaking scars and a significant discoloration of the fur that grew back there. The texture of the discolored fur is very soft.
  • Build and Size: Scorpius is exceptionally large in all forms in both height and might. He is a beast of a male with a significant amount of muscle, but is not bulky or disproportioned at all.
    • Lupus: He is quite literally a massive black wolf in this form and there really isn't anything else worth noting. Everything is proportioned well and his scuff is ever so slightly thicker than the rest of his fur.
    • Secui: He carries a lot of his weight and muscle in his torso in this form which creates a slight slope to his spine that is just barely noticeable.
    • Optime: He is incredibly tall and statuesque with most of his muscle concentrated in his chest, arms, and legs.
  • Humanization: Average. He enjoys the comforts of living in a house and owning things, but doesn't really wear much clothing or accessories.

by Players


  • Fur:
Cod Grey A (#0D0C0C)
Cod Grey B (#1B1B1B)
Dove Grey (#717171)
  • Optime Hair:
Cod Grey A (#0D0C0C)
Cod Grey B (#1B1B1B)
Dove Grey (#717171)
  • Eyes:
Guardsman Red (#CB0000)
  • Nose, Pads, and Claws:
Cod Grey A (#0D0C0C)


160 lbs (73 kg)
52 in (132 cm)

Lupus (Rare)

He doesn't care much for this form and as a result hardly ever uses it at all. He might sometimes patrol in this form.

240 lbs (109 kg)
60 in (152 cm)

Secui (Common)

His preferred form for doing feral hunting, fighting, and pretty much everything else where four legs is more useful.

300 lbs (136 kg)
7ft 10in (94 in) (239 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

Scorpius is almost always seen in optime form and prefers to use this form the most in his day-to-day life.


  • Short upside-down "V" shaped scar on the small of his back.
  • Elongated "X" shaped scar on his left thigh.
  • Short slice on his left hip.
  • Two long slashes on his left pectoral.
  • Short slice on his left upper arm.
  • Short slice on his right forearm.
  • Ragged looking left ear.
  • Scars and discoloration on the left side of his face.
  • Numerous scars on both hands (tattooed black, covered by wraps).
  • Four long claw scars on the back of his right shoulder (from a bear).
  • Hand of Eris scar along right collarbone applied by Lillith Trombetta.


  • None


  • None


Hover for Credit~

by Eve by Songbird by Shannah by Alaine

1.2  Essentials


The JuggernautDeterminatorNoble DemonMighty GlacierGenius BruiserConsummate Professional

Stern, Stoic, Strict, Disciplined, Perceptive
At his very core he is still the kind and caring wolf that he once was, but his self-imposed exile has hardened him into a stern and stoic individual. When his two-toned face isn't contorted into a stony scowl he is often expressionless, making him very hard to read. He is strict and well disciplined, something his mother taught him at an early age, which has made him very intelligent and acutely perceptive. Due to this he is a fast learner and picks up new skills quite quickly. His diligence also allows him to perfect new skills somewhat rapidly as well. He is highly observant and can read others very well, able to pick up on the subtle cues in tone, expression, and body language. He highly values family, loyalty, and respect. When one gains his loyalty it is unyielding, though his trust and respect are not easily gained. He is very protective of those he trusts.

Cold, Calculating, Arrogant, Secretive
Upon first meeting him he often comes off as cold and calculating, as he is highly distrustful of others and thus quite wary of strangers. He does not let this cautiousness show, however, and prefers to act rather cordially to those unknown to him unless he is met with outright aggression to begin with. He can at times be rather prideful and arrogant, especially when it comes to things he is particularly good at like hunting, tracking, fighting, and horsemanship. He likes when things go his way and sometimes gets rather frustrated when they don't. Due to his disciplined nature however, he is not prone to violence and is very good with handling his emotions, though he is not incapable of rage, hostility, and brutality. He is very withdrawn and does not like to talk about himself, his past, or other personal matters with strangers, or even those he only considers acquaintances. As a result, he is also very good at keeping secrets or any other information told to him in confidence.

Plagued, Volatile, Abrasive
Although he has shaken all of his insecurities and self-esteem issues of the past, the idea that he is a freak or somehow different than everyone else due to his abnormalities still haunts him. He does his best not to let it affect him, and it rarely does, but on the scarce occasion that it does bother him he becomes quite depressed, reclusive, and quick to anger. Though he is not normally inclined to do harm to others he can be quite volatile, and under the right circumstances may be prone to spontaneous bouts of unmitigated aggression or violence. This is very rare. More often that not, when met in a foul mood he becomes rather abrasive, his normally gracious demeanor turning somewhat caustic and cruel. In such a state he is not above mockery, sarcasm, and unkindness.


  • Speech: A smooth baritone. Genteel and clear, not gruff or gravelly unless angered. Extremely well spoken, rarely using contractions or colloquialisms.
    • Languages: Fluent in English, Italian, and German. Can read and write in Italian. Can only read German.
  • Scent: Woodsy. Evergreens, conifers, pine needles, lichen, algae, and moss. Coldness, frost, ice, snow, rain, and crisp mountain air.
    • Additional Scents: Salsola (pine, salt, marsh), his family, horses, birds, leather, metal, bear.
    • Outsider Disguise: Very smoky. Various burnt woods, herbs, and flowers. Easily and completely covers his pack scent.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Unless angered he always speaks very clearly and eloquently, often unintentionally injecting Italian words and phrases into his speech whenever he is relaxed or contented.
  • General Posture and Body Language: He is slightly hunched due to his tremendous height but he still carries himself in a very refined way. He can be somewhat domineering or aggressive due to his size and rather beastly appearance, but this is unintentional.


  • Outlook: Cynical, Dogmatic
  • Sociability: Introverted, Antisocial
  • Expression: Dominant, Stoic, Aloof
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Motivations: Pack, family, loyalty, strength, order
  • Fears: inadequacy, inability, vulnerability, rejection, chaos


  • Likes: Silence, solitude, winter, snow, cold, fire, smoke, poison, snakes, spiders, horses, hunting
  • Dislikes: Chaos, noise, small talk, simpletons, self-righteous individuals, bubbly females, slackers


  • Packs: Salsola supremacist, looks down on the other packs
  • Species: Prefers wolves and wolf hybrids, dislikes coyotes, jackals
  • Non-Luperci: Regarded as inferior to luperci, useless creatures
  • Gender: Believes females are physically inferior, but capable
  • Color: Prefers darker colors, dislikes pure white fur
  • Sexuality: Dislikes homosexuality, thinks it's unnatural
  • Age: Elders and pups are inferior, but should be protected


Scorpius is strictly heterosexual (Kinsey 0) and only takes an interest in females he views as ideal - quite large, strong, healthy, etc. He is unwittingly aromantic and not accustomed to being charming, charismatic, alluring, or sentimental and is often quite aloof to females in general. If he does one day find a mate he would be faithful and monogamous as well as a protective and dutiful father to any future pups.


He has tried alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana but did not care for them very much. He prefers herbal sedatives like valerian, chamomile, and lavender. He will drink alcohol - preferably wine - socially but will never drink alone. He doesn't see the point in it.


During his time in Anathema he was exposed to Khalifism, which he didn't pay much attention to in his youth. Upon leaving Nova Scotia on a journey to find himself, he grew more and more attached to the religion and began to practice it regularly. Due to his name, black fur, and red eyes, he feels a particularly close connection to the god Tak and almost all that he stands for - the night, moon, stars, and darkness. Since joining Salsola he has fallen out of practice in worshiping his god and has all but abandoned his belief in pretty much all religion.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

2.2  Relations


  • Serene Eternity is his mate. She is one of the very few individuals in his life that he trusts implicitly. Her happiness and well-being has become one of his chief concerns and he would do anything to ensure both for her.
  • Sidious Eternity is his son. He considers him to be the future of his legacy and devotes a lot of time and effort into teaching and training him to ensure he will live up to his expectations as his heir.
  • Senua D'Angelo is his daughter. He is somewhat overprotective of her and, like her mother, would do almost anything to ensure her happiness and good health. She is a little more sheltered than Sidious but nonetheless doted upon, taught, and trained as devotedly.
  • Aeris Eternity is his second daughter. She is a lot more feisty and boisterous than Senua and as a result was a lot less sheltered and doted upon. He loved her dearly nonetheless and did his best to teach her everything he knew to make her equal with her older siblings.


  • Salvia Eternity was the undisputed leader of Salsola until May 2018 but is still greatly respected because of her leadership and strength. Since becoming mates with her sister Scorpius has endeavored to become better acquainted with her, especially now that she has retired and passed on the mantle of leadership.
  • Lokr Revlis started out as Scorpius's sponsor in Salsola and was his close friend and ally until he betrayed the pack and was exiled as Pentiti. Out of respect for their longstanding friendship Scorpius spared his life when he found him out in the mountains and agreed to keep an eye on his daughters in his absence.
  • Vesta is someone he found out in the woods one day and has since become his apprentice of sorts. After becoming a full-fledged member of the pack she is now more independent but still looks to him for guidance when need be.
  • Ransom Eternity was his second son. It broke his heart to see his son struggle with his disability but when he finally passed away it came as a relief. He did not want the young male to continue to suffer. He sometimes wonders what could have been.

Other Relations

  • Duncan de le Poer is a friend of Vesta's and thus a little closer to Scorpius than everyone else. His is a useful scout and often accompanies Scorpius on hunts and patrols.
  • Kamari Kaiser is something akin to an apprentice to Scorpius and Vesta, who have often taught her things and trained her. As a result, the D'Angelo-Eternity family is very close with the Kaisers.
  • Katinka Holt is a kindly maid who quickly became one of Serene's dearest friends and as a result is friendly with Scorpius as well, though he finds the company of her mate Khael a little more tolerable.
  • Violeta Rose Soul is considered a friend mainly because she is completely different than everyone else in Salsola and he doesn't feel like he has to compete with her. Though he doesn't admit it, he once harbored feelings for her.

Minor Relations

  • Enemies: Inferni
  • Murders: Misc. NPCs

3.  Skills

Key: Dabbler --> Apprentice --> Journeyman --> Master


  • Education and Learning: A lot of what Scorpius knows about survival he learned from reading books, as both his mother and father were either too busy or never around to teach him things. What he didn't learn from reading books and spending time with Apollinare during his travels he picked up and figured out on his own. Although living in a pack has lowered the necessity of these skills, he nevertheless keeps them honed should he ever need them.
  • Fire Keeper (Master): He has always had a fascination with fire and in his youth was in charge of lighting and maintaining the torches around Anathema. After his accident he only further admired and respected fire, perfecting his skills in building and maintaining fires.
  • Predator (Master): Years in self-imposed isolation has allowed him to hone his navigation, tracking, and hunting skills as well as perfect many methods of trapping prey. His traps are very intricate and often catch prey alive as opposed to killing them.
  • Warrior (Master): With very little experience handling weapons Scorpius relies chiefly on unarmed combat, sharpening his close quarters and hand-to-hand fighting skills in all forms. He is particularly good at fighting in lupus and secui form, the latter favored over the former.
  • Bladesman (Mster): Already well versed with knives (master) he regularly trains with Vesta to further his skill with swords (master). It was not long before he became a natural at it and came to favor the reach of swords over the close combat of knives.
  • Being a rather massive individual awards him with greater strength and stamina, allowing him to hunt, fight, run, and endure other strenuous activities longer than average. He most often uses his great endurance tracking prey and running them down over time.
  • The size advantages come at a slight detriment to speed and agility. He is not very good with quick bursts of speed or tight maneuvers and can be evaded by prey or an opponent that is capable of those things.
  • Scorpius spends a lot of time training on his own to maintain his skills as both a hunter and a fighter. He also does this to maintain his statuesque physique and stay in peak physical condition.
  • Fire keeping is as much a hobby as it is a valuable skill and he enjoys building fires and maintaining the one he has in his home, which almost never goes out unless he wants it to, usually on a particularly hot day.


  • Education and Learning: He learned the basics of healing and botany from his mother and learned the basics of poisons and venom from his friend Apollinare. The rest came from books and on his own, mainly from trial and error, experimenting on small animals and young large prey like deer. He had a unrelenting desire to learn anything and everything he could about botnay, healing, and poison, and spent quite a ridiculous amount of time on perfecting those skills.
  • Botany (Master): In his pursuit of healing and poisoning skills he picked up quite a considerable amount of knowledge concerning botany. He is very good at identifying plants for both healing and poison as well as edible plants for survival.
  • Poisons (Master): In his isolation he developed a fascination poison and through Apollinare and his own feverish pursuits learned quite a lot about the craft. Scorpius is particularly good with mixing sedatives, poisons, and venom into specialized concoctions.
  • Healing (Journeyman): He learned about healing from his mother but did not spend a lot of time furthering his study of the skill. A lot of his knowledge is based around curing poisons, antivenin, soothing burns, curing minor illnesses, and patching up minor wounds.
  • Knowing about which plants could heal and which plants could kill proved to be invaluable information on his travels and one of the first things he committed to memory in his pursuance of healing and poisons. Out of all three things he knows the most about botany.
  • In his pursuit of learning about everything poisonous Scorpius has gotten quite adept at handling venomous insects and animals, especially snakes and lizards. Although he cannot harvest venom from insects, he finds spiders to be particularly beautiful creatures.
  • Scorpius is very good at tending to small wounds, sprains, burns, and general aches and pains mainly from treating himself while traveling. Beyond that he doesn't know much about healing and cannot help with bigger things like broken limbs, severe wounds, and certain illnesses.


  • Education and Learning: As soon as he was able to learn Scorpius had his nose in a book, even before he had hands. Once he could shift having hands made the learning process much easier and faster, allowing him to learn to write as well. He furthered his learning mostly on his own, picking up books on any and all subjects he could find. In his travels it was Apollinare who taught him Italian and other things, giving him books on the language and teaching him through conversation.
  • Cartographer (Journeyman): A fascination that started during his time in Anathema turned into a necessity when he left the pack. Scorpius is well versed in map making and star mapping, something that helped him hone his navigation skills while on his own. Though still an interest of his it is not something he currently pursues.
  • Handler (Master): Scorpius broke, trained, and cared for his horse all on his own, and as a result has fair bit of knowledge about horse breaking, training, handling, and care. Since obtaining his eagle he is also learning about training and caring for birds of prey.
  • Linguist (Journeyman): To make animal training easier he is working on learning to understand low speech, particularly equine, corvidae, and accipitridae "dialects" in order to better communicate with horses, ravens, crows, and birds of prey like eagles, hawks, and falcons.
  • Tanner (Journeyman): Being a skilled hunter Scorpius has a lot of experience with skinning animals and preservation of both meat and pelts. He has a good handle on tanning and can make a good pelt ready for trade or for further use in leatherworking.
  • Due to his strict and disciplined nature Scorpius is able to pick up new skills and hone them quite quickly, which has contributed to a near genius level intellect and an eidetic memory.
  • At the same time however he sometimes experiences bouts of memory loss, particularly when trying to recall things from far in his past, and can at times seem rather distant or distracted like his mind is elsewhere.
  • In addition to English Scorpius speaks fluent Italian and German. He can also read and write in both foreign languages, but not as well as he can speak them. He is also better at reading them than he is at writing them.
  • After joining Salsola he has fallen out of practice with skinning and tanning, as he now has very little use for preserved food and fur, and generally only does these things in the winter when it is sometimes necessary.

4.  History

Scorpius was born to Naniko D'Angelo and Ravesque Acidic and was among the founding members of Anathema where he grew up and spent much of his early life. When his mother disappeared, he did as well, entering a self-imposed exile for over a year until he decided to return to the packlands one day, mainly because he missed his family and being around other luperci but also because his only friend had vanished suddenly. He turned his back on Anathema after hearing that the pack had erected a wall to keep out its enemies rather than fight them and wandered around a bit before joining Salsola. He then rose through the ranks to become The Jagermeister, gained a mate, and had offspring. Not long after he moved his family to the pack's Fort Preble Outpost in Portland, he had another litter with his mate before passing away from heart failure on a hunting trip.

Scorpius D'Angelo was born as the solitary offspring of Naniko D'Angelo and Ravesque Acidic in Fascinium, a cult pack somewhere in New Brunswick, Canada. They did not live there long before Naniko decided to return to Nova Scotia where she formed the pack Anathema with several other members of the family. There Scorpius lived a relatively normal young life, growing, learning, and making friends outside of his family. That is, until an unfortunate "accident" occurred in which his half-brother Harlowe pushed him into a fire, severely burning the left side of his face. Badly disfigured, the young male was convinced that he was a freak who would never live a normal life again. Within the pack however, he was treated the same as always and continued to live a reasonably normal life. He took a liking to a young female named Melee Soul, who he pursued even after she disappeared out of his life. Eventually, after giving up chase, she faded from his mind and soon his memories.

After some time Naniko decided to step down from her position as leader of Anathema and left the pack with Scorpius in tow. Where she went, he did not follow completely, and decided to roam the packlands on his own, hoping to find a place where he would be accepted as who he was and not what he was supposed to be. As his mother's first born male when the pack was founded, Scorpius was expected to inherit leadership of Anathema once he came of age. Although he had the makings of greatness within him, his accident had rattled his spirit, and the young male felt himself unfit for the burdens of leadership. Outside of the pack, and on his own, Scorpius was treated like the freak he believed himself to be. Although he had a mask to cover the tarnished half of his face, still the odd looks came to him from strangers. Feeling as though he would never fit in among the canines of Nova Scotia, Scorpius quietly disappeared into obscurity, seemingly never to be heard from again.

Leaving the packlands, Scorpius set out on a long journey as a means of self discovery, to find himself, his purpose in life, and to put his past behind him. Instead, the warm heart of the kind young male he once was slowly froze as apathy and indifference hardened him into a stern and abrasive adult. Although he learned to let go of his self esteem issues and no longer cared what others thought of him, at the same time he grew a general distrust of others, seeing very little goodness and beneficence in the world around him. His travels took him out into the western wilds of Canada where he spent his life as a drifter, entirely alone with the exception of his horse Midnight, who followed him in his exodus from Nova Scotia. His talent for starting and tending fire proved to be a priceless skill when winter stuck, the snow fell, and temperatures plummeted around him. When faced with illness, his mother's teachings on healing herbs and remedies also proved invaluable on his journey. Through experimentation and his own ingenuity he taught himself about the more sinister side of working with plants, proving to be a natural at creating toxins and poisons. He even went as far as gathering dangerous animals and insects to harvest their venom and tinker with it, testing all of his concoctions on small prey animals which he would then sacrifice to the Khalif god Tak, burning them once their life drained away.

The only constant in his self-imposed isolation was his contact with a wandering trader named Apollinare, who often exchanged various goods with him whenever the two males crossed paths, rare as it was. The older wolf was kind and patient with a very leery Scorpius, teaching him Italian when he was around and lending him a book on the language whenever he wasn't. Every time Apollinare reappeared in his life, he would test him to see how well he was learning the new tongue, and each time Scorpius made progress until he became fluent in the language. His cagey trust in the older male eventually grew into a friendship, the two swapping stories and exchanging goods whenever they came across one another in their travels. It was through this friendship that he acquired his whetstone, knives, and the know-how to maintain them free of charge, though his skills in trapping and skinning were learned on his own. Then, out of the blue, Apollinare disappeared. He took some time to search for him on what he knew to be his regular trade routes but never found the wolf again. He suspects the older male is dead, murdered by bandits or felled by some large predator, but he will never know for sure.

Scorpius became much more introverted and withdrawn after that, his distrust in others growing much worse than before. Plunged back into solitude, he had forgotten just how lonely such a life was, and the more time he spent by himself the more a yearning for companionship began to grow within him. He found his thoughts constantly turning to his family, friends, and everyone he left behind in the packlands. With all the good memories that surfaced though, so too did the bad, reminding him why he left them all behind in the first place. He had become an innate survivor and was doing well on his own, but the more time he spent wandering with only his horse as company, the more he longed to have a permanent roof over his head and a family to love him again. Though sure of himself, he was still hesitant at first. Having lived for so long on his own, he had become maladjusted to socializing and interacting with others. Not about to let his fears conquer him again, however, he turned his ruby red gaze upon the east and began his long trek back to the lands of his youth.


5.  Threads

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