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  • Dark Orchid (#571B7e)
  • Slate Gray (#98AFC7)
Theme Song
I See Fire
cover by Peter Hollins, original by Ed Sheeran
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21st October, 2011
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Fort Kingsbury

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  1.   1.  Kingsbury Locations
    1.   1.1  Town Square
    2.   1.2  Casa Gardens & Kingston River
    3.   1.3  Exercise Track & Pastures
    4.   1.4  Stables & Barn
  2.   2.  Houses and Shops
    1.   2.1  Houses
    2.   2.2  Shops
  3.   3.  Items and Storage
    1.   3.1  Use and Trade
  4.   4.  Hushhowl Densite

Fort Kingsbury is a small settlement left untouched since the demise of humans. After many years of restoration during the pack's lifespan, it has now been raised to its former glory with older and unusable buildings being destroyed and new ones being build in their place. Due to natural disasters such as floods and meteorites, the gallant Fort has undergone damages. However, due to the toiling Cavaliers, it has remained standing upright and is never neglected.

Fort Kingsbury is the heart and the hub of Casa di Cavalieri. The stone walls surrounding the settlement provide an undisturbed, close-knit community feeling that is unique to the knights. The focal point of Kingsbury is the shining Courthouse, which contains an armory, great hall, and living quarters for many Cavaliers. Members ranked Officer or higher may choose to claim one of the many houses or workshops that dot the outskirts of the Fort.

1.  Kingsbury Locations

1.1  Town Square

The center of Kingsbury is made up of the Town Square; a simple square made of stone grounds. An elegant white fountain is the focal point of the square, and is a popular setting for Cavaliers to discuss or sit. The outskirts of the square are dotted by a collection of old shops and apartments; many of which have been claimed by members with co-ranks and modified into functioning work places. Just past the shops and the fountain one can find the grand steps that lead to the Great Hall of the Courthouse.

1.2  Casa Gardens & Kingston River

Hidden behind the Courthouse and nestled in the back of the Fort is a little piece of heaven known as the gardens. Kingston river that trails through the end of the Fort is concealed by flora of many different kinds. Willows, oaks, pines, and all manner of wildflowers can be found dappled by sunlight or doused in snow- no matter the season, the gardens are a lovely escape for any thinker or seeker of stress-relief.

A small river meanders through the top third of the Fort. It provides a convenient source of water for both drinking, agriculture and other daily tasks. The river rarely floods and is relatively shallow, making it easy to cross. On either end of the river there are wooden grotto that let it pass underneath the stone walls of the Fort.

1.3  Exercise Track & Pastures

A simple dirt race track is located in the eastern portion of the Fort. The track is a good place to test your horse's speed, or exercise it without worrying about the thick forests. The center of the track is fenced in and is one of two holding pastures for Casa's horses to keep horses in smaller social groups during the day.

To the west of the Fort, a hole in the wall allows access to a pasture hidden in the forest outside. This area was created by Luca Knight and Lyris Stryder to allow Casa's growing number of livestock some breathing room. This pasture is more wild, and many local fauna can be see frequenting it.

1.4  Stables & Barn

2.  Houses and Shops

2.1  Houses

Claim Guidelines

  • Your character must be ranked Officer or higher in order to claim a house. If your character is ranked lower than Officer, they may claim a room in the Courthouse.
  • If you want to claim a house (or a shop) and are uncomfortable editing the wiki, post a request in Casa pack maintenance and we will add it for you!
HOUSE Occupant Description Former Occupant(s)

West Side

H1 --

Luca and Lyris' House is a fixer upper in progress since Luca came into possession of it January 2015. Inside is a rough wooden floor and white walls. The house consists of only one floor including: a large living room, small kitchen, small bathroom, master bedroom, and one additional bedroom with two twin-sized mattresses. (Floor Plan)

Lyris, Arlen, Indi, Teagan, Nora, Myra, Remus, Luca
H2 Cedric Stryder, Celia Knight and Soledad Stryder A small single floor house with a large porch and chipped white and blue paint on the outside. The main room is the largest and has an old dining table that has seen some repairs and an attatched small kitchen which has been changed to hold a small stone fireplace. To the side of the room closest to the porch was once a bathroom, but most of the tiles have been removed and the room serves as a space for storage. The two other rooms in the house are the master bedroom and the spare bedroom. Cedric has placed two beds in the spare bedroom for the girls once they shift. Grynn, Uryu, Armani
H3 -- A simple house with a fireplace and two beds. There's a desk tucked into one of the rooms for Rumpa's work when he brings it home. Hadley, Ismeme, Amatha, Rumpa Nightshade, Bastian Nightshade, Nora Knight
H4 Quinn Damaichu, Kira Damaichu, Risa Rivera -- Nadia, Lycaon
H5 -- A rather quaint house with a stone foundation and ivy growing up the wall. It has about two bedrooms, a bed and bath, and an extra room. Layout Iorek & Riley
H6 Howland Reeves -- --

East Side

H7 -- -- Indi, Teagan Stryder, Genkei Stryder
H8 -- Only recently claimed this house, it needs some TLC. All flooring except the bathroom is a red stained wood, but multiple scratches/scuffs reveal the light color beneath. Three bedrooms, the master has a fireplace in a strangely speckled material (dark brown marble). Not many furnishings yet, except the giant pile of furs he uses for sleeping in the master bedroom, a couch, a coffee table, and another smaller stone fireplace in the living room. Arlen has since furnished the place with a chest of drawers full of clothing - not that he keeps them in there. Instead, they're scattered in various places across the house as if decorations. Damon, Arlen Stryder
H9 Callum A two story home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. First floor sports a smaller master bedroom and bath, alongside the kitchen and living areas. A crumbling staircase leads upstairs opening up to a second living space, with a smaller bedroom and bath to the side. The second story living space is divided with curtains and furs to allow privacy for extra tenants. Veyra, Aldora, Abilene, Atrea
H10 Morty, Temnota Hushhowl Morty's home is highly cluttered with plants, dyes, and all sorts of gorey tokens she's collected over the years. But despite it's chaotic appearance, it has its organization and is highly lit by large windows. The front of her home is often cluttered with raw pelts and drying plants and meat. --
H11 -- Veri's house is a one story, quiant building, even though it's very dusty and needs some loving care to make it home. All of the floor is a scuffed dark wood except in three rooms. Master bedroom has ochre red carpet, guest bedroom has dark grey carpet, bathroom has plain white tile. All the walls are a blue. The living room has a small red brick fireplace. Isobel, Rumpa, Rurik, Veri, Alaric, Mercy
H12 Minerva Griffith, Aldora Knight A small one story house with chipped and faded blue paint on the outside. Inside there is a small kitchen, a large living room, a bathroom, and two bedrooms. Most furnishings have been removed with the exception of a low coffee table, some wool filled cushions, a home made stone fire pit, and a bed consisting of a handful of furs stacked on the floor. In the living room Minnie stores her cloak on a hook by the door. A couple of luperci-made journals and crystals for meditation sit on a shelf in the living room. In the spring through fall she keeps potted plants by the windows and dried sage hung over the windows and doors to keep spirits out. Aldora stores the majority of her clothing and belongings in the small cedar closet of the larger bedroom. Kira

2.2  Shops

Claim Guidelines

  • In order to claim a shop, your character must be ranked Officer or higher and have a co-rank that can actively use a shop in order to practice. Ex. Cook and Blacksmith. Please note that shops come with an upper level apartment for living.
SHOP Occupant Description Former Occupant(s)

West Side

SH1 Isaac Coblentz
  • Butcher shop!
  • Main room has large counter for cutting and wrapping meat.
  • Strung up prey is hung and butchered in the hidden back room.
SH2 --
  • Bakery!
  • Main room has large counter for putting out bread.
  • Two large ovens sit in the backroom.
Jonas Coblentz
SH3 Darius Pierson
  • Tailor Shop!
  • First Floor: Several wooden shelves spread along three of the walls, including the one with the door with just enough room to open it and get through. A few shelves to one side of the room spread evenly apart. Three looms on the opposite along with a weaving wheel
  • Second Floor: Second floor has been renovated into an apartment style room. Humanized wooden framed bed restored only with straw, furs and pelts rather than a mattress. A small dresser with a large washed mirror on one end and a blacked out window on the left.
  • Hidden Back Room: Room with a few knives, a large counter and a few hooks hang. Used for skinning/furring prey to get their furs. Back door that leads to a wagon so she can lead, out of sight, the skinned prey to Isaac.
Clara Bates
SH4 Guinevere Callow-Knight, Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii
  • Carpentry shop!
  • First floor: scattered workbenches, a stone fireplace on one side of the room, bookshelves lined with books, and herb stores. The whole room is in a moderate state of disarray and wood shavings often litter the floor
  • Apartment style living quarters on second floor
  • Second Floor: Hand-crafted bed strewn with furs and pelts, hand-crafted armoire, dressing table with a scavenged mirror, partially broken window over-looking town square
Alistair Callow-Knight
SH5 -- -- --

East Side

SH6 Leoris Steinmeister
  • Custom Armor Shop!
  • Smells of leather and wax
  • A small room in the back serves as Leoris' private quarters
SH7 Armani Catori, Dawn Hushhowl, Nilda Catori, Lyall Hushhowl
  • Blacksmith shop!
  • Smells like ashes, metal, and minerals
  • First Flood: The door and windows are rarely closed in order to help dissipate the heat created by the forge. The main room of the shop is large, has a high ceiling, and is kept neat to prevent any accidents. Weapons in various states of repair or the forging process can be found in the weapons racks or on the work tables that are pushed up against the walls; blacksmithing tools may be found hanging from the walls above some of the work tables. The main room houses the forge, two anvils, a barrel of water, and a grindstone wheel; a large work table sits in the middle, and is often used heavily for whatever project the smith may be working on. A small, round table with two chairs is pushed off into a corner. In an adjacent room, one will find the storage area for whetstones, tools, extra weapons, materials, ores, and other scraps that are to be melted down.
  • Second Floor: The upstairs room is located above the storage one, and is rather small. It can fit a twin-sized bed, a nightstand, and a dresser.
Ryuu, Grynn, Makoto Ridley
SH8 -- -- --
SH9 -- -- --

3.  Items and Storage

3.1  Use and Trade

  • Feel free to use items within the Storage, whether for personal gain or for Casa gain as a whole.
  • Excessive trading without replacing items may result in consequences.
  • Note where trading is barred ([NT!] for No Trade), please, and abide by it! Your character will definitely receive consequences if caught trading these items. :( You can use these items, just don't trade them.
  • Please update the item quantity when you have made use of it. If you do not want to update the Wiki or cannot, please let us know to update it.

4.  Hushhowl Densite

Just to the south of Fort Kingsbury, across a luperci-made bridge, lies the Hushhowl Densite. This Densite is home to many in the Hushhowl family, along with extended family and mates to those living there. The Densite is owned and maintained by the Hushhowl family.


Occupant Description Former Occupant(s)
Main DenHouse -- -- --
D1 Dusk Hushhowl, Zestubou?, Kazimir Hushhowl?, Roza Hushhowl?, Alyonna Hushhowl, Katja Hushhowl? -- --
D2 -- -- --
D3 Night Hushhowl, Remus Knight, Orion Knight, Starlight Hushhowl, Nova Hushhowl, Celeste Knight? -- --
D4 -- --
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