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Packs within 'Souls refer to SA approved, leader run groups. Each pack is unique, with rank systems and a culture that sets it apart from the others. Consisting of at least two leaders and seven members upon foundation, packs are able to claim territory within the playable game region. In addition, they are able to make use of additional NPCs, use additional icons and unique titles, and have various other out-of-game benefits. Packs can be formed at (almost) any time by any person, provided certain requirements are met.

Find more information about Pack Formation on the forum!

1.  Active

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2.  Defunct

During the first seven-year span of the game, eleven packs existed in Bleeding Souls. Some of these included what would these days be considered Loner Bands. Since the fire in 2008, there have been twenty-five packs founded in the current playable territories. Of these, twenty-two have been disbanded.

3.  See Also

  • Relationships: Pack relationships: which groups are allies, enemies, or something in-between!
  • Colours: Each pack is permitted to choose a unique color combination to represent their group. Find all of the packs' colors here!

4.  Editing

  1. Pack information is pretty important, so it's good to keep it updated! Some packs offer incentives for members who choose to update their pack information on the Wiki -- double check with your pack information if you're not sure!
  2. Players are free to make edits to the pack's history and other relevant information.
  3. Do discuss large, complex, or otherwise very involved edits with leaders and pack members as is appropriate. Collaboration is key!
  4. Leaders can freely make "subpages" for their packs -- e.g., Salsola History or Inferni Animals.

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