Silent Dawn

Silent Dawn

Unofficial Symbol
ColoursPurple (#800080) & Orange (#FFA500)
Founded ByFiresideRubyWolf
Founded On18 November 2001
Defunct On1 January 2004

Past Leadership

Past LeadersFiresideRubyWolf,Alorran, Miriam, Taaktuq Piqualuyak, Faye, Romney, Nosferatu Traum
Past SubleadersAisha, SoloTree, FiresideRubyWolf, Bloodblack, Aspero Libre, Kapugen, Nikki, Romney, Nosferatu Traum

Pack History

Succeeded byChimera (merge with Celestial Hollow)

Silent Dawn was one of the founding packs of Bleeding Souls, founded by Fireside Ruby Wolf in the Moaning Wood?. Fireside Ruby Wolf led the pack for some time, but a lack of interest eventually put her at the Gamma rank. Following her, there was only steady leadership when Alorran and his adopted son Romney lead the pack; the revolving door of leadership eventually led to the pack's demise.

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1.  History

1.1  Written History

Silent Dawn was one of the original packs of Bleeding Souls, formed by a fiery female named Fireside Ruby Wolf. Some say that she was touched with madness, but others speak highly of her reign. It is hard to say, most who knew her are dead or have vanished from the land. During her time, several wolves would come to know the position of beta and gamma during Ruby's rule, among them a beta named Aisha, and gamma named SoloTree who both vanished soon afterwards. A male named Alorran would also rise in the pack, becoming the co-alpha alongside Ruby for a short time.

A dark-furred male named Bloodblack would become beta male, alongside Aisha. Another male would take his place, Kapugen, in the coming months. Ruby would leave shortly after, leaving Alorran as the alpha. It was during his rule the war between Clouded Tears and Silent Dawn would begin, brought on out of bad blood and an attack on Alorran by a Clouded Tears member. The golden alpha also found love during his life, in the form of the alpha of Jaded Shadows, Mordulin. Their affair would result in offspring, though largely kept secret. Alorran's adopted son Romney, who was not one of the children of the affair, would rise to gamma in Silent Dawn.

Aisha would vanish during the war, as would several members, and not long after, the golden alpha himself would leave. Though his son Romney seemed destined for the rank, he too vanished and his sister, Faye, would take over. With the leader ranks nearly empty, she promoted two males, Nosferatu Traum and Bloodblack, to beta and gamma respectively. Aisha would return in this time, but vanished just as quickly. It would not take long before Faye left and her brother returned, and he would rule for nearly as long as his father had.

1.2  Timeline

2.  Pack Relationships

2.1  Key

— Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
— Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
— Neutral.
— Good relationship, but no official alliance.
— Officially allied.


There really wasn't much of anything that went on between these two packs; they mostly ignored one another, I think. Stormy Blackwolf was never particularly friendly with any of the Silent Dawn alphas but FiresideRuby? and by the time anyone else was alpha of Storm, Silent Dawn was long dissolved.

Clouded Tears

The was the first war of Bleeding Souls, spurred over a misunderstanding regarding the alpha male of Clouded Tears, Argent Noirci's death following a hunt.

Jaded Shadows

Though the Beta of this pack, Salvaged Eternity, raped Nikki, the beta of Silent Dawn, and caused her death in childbirth, there weren't really any consequences for it. But, at one point Sal and Damian de le Poer were, uh, close, to say the least. This never actually developed into a good relationship between the packs, though, as Damian was well aware of Sal's darker tendencies.


Inferni was ambivalent toward Silent Dawn for the most part and vice versa; during the the Dawn pack was not exempt from coyote violence, but beyond that they didn't bother one another.

Celestial Hollow

Eventually, Celestial Hollow and Silent Dawn combined, but prior to their combination they weren't truly friendly, they were just kind of there with one another. :D

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