The Borderlands

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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Subterritories
    1.   2.1  Searsport
    2.   2.2  Freetown
  3.   3.  Waterways
    1.   3.1  Gulf of Maine
    2.   3.2  Penobscot Bay
  4.   4.  History
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Region Western Forefront
Subterritories Searsport


Major Waterways Gulf of Maine

Penobscot Bay

Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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1.  Description

The Borderlands are flat and lightly populated by common forest. With more wetlands to the north, the area is mostly lowlands with the occasional long abandoned farm and overgrown fields with broken asphalt roads leading toward the once populated areas further south. The land meets the sea to the south, where destroyed villages and shipyards line the shore.

2.  Subterritories

2.1  Searsport

Searsport was once a very small human town known for its history of hosting 17 shipyards that built over 200 ships, and supplying the famous sea captains that sailed them. It was also at one point the second largest deep water port in Maine, due to its bustling confluence of shipping, both by land and sea. The location of Searsport had been ideal for early human railroads, wood products, and other development interests, much of which is still present in the town. Many houses have fallen into disrepair without human assistance, so Luperci have taken to salvaging or scavenging goods from human structures rather than rebuilding them. The locals of Searsport, most of which are seadogs -- both novices to the craft and well salted -- live either in their boats, or in Luperci-built ship yards where they work on constructing their own vessels. Despite its small community, Searsport has become a haven to many seadogs, for they are considered savvy shipwrights and are a niche port that is well known among the sailing community.

Searsport rests at the mouth of the Penobscot River estuary, and is drained by Long Cove Brook and Mill Brook. Summers can tend to be warm, humid (but never hot), while winters can dip into frigid temperatures with plenty of snow. Because it is situated right off the coast of the Atlantic, winters in Searsport tend to be milder than inland Maine.

2.2  Freetown

Located on the Maine coast, Freetown was once a bustling trade port but the town itself has been destroyed -- by time, catastrophe, and the Luperci living within it. Houses in the "Freetown Proper" area, the most densely populated area within Freetown, were spaced very widely, as many of their neighbors had been razed to the ground by Luperci. The homes themselves were usually in various states of disrepair, some enterprising canines constructing their homes of the bits and pieces of remnant wood. Others still lived underground, having dug old-style wolf's dens in the fields of Freetown.

Further destruction rattled Freetown in the aftermath of the meteor in 2016, and the consequential air-blast and flooding razed massive sections of the city to the ground. It was not long after this that the majority of traders (and their families) abandoned the city for better prospects. Most relocated to Portland, leaving behind those unfit or unwilling to make the journey. As such, the canines left behind began taking advantage of a newly lawless "city" for their own purposes. Since there was no longer a steady stream of goods coming into the city, fewer traders made their way to Freetown. This had soured the profitability margin for those left behind and the economy of Freetown had taken a severe nosedive, though there were always people willing to trade in terms of labor.

While law and order (more or less) once ensured relative safety in Freetown, with the mass exodus of its stable economy things had begun to spiral out of control. Power struggles between those who did not leave and opportunistic canines passing through had become the norm, with some instances of groups banding together for a common purpose. Lacking enforcement, the new law in Freetown was only the law of personal integrity –- Luperci behaved as they chose, be it good or bad. In general, those who had made “claims” in the area were respected, and a larger group was less likely to find itself harassed by scavengers or thieves.

In the autumn of 2022, Freetown suffered localized earthquakes as the broken-off southern peninsula of Nova Scotia made contact with the mainland. The remaining buildings that survived the meteor in 2016 sustained severe damage. In the end, the remaining residents abandoned the area and what was once a bustling port town fell into obscurity.

3.  Waterways

3.1  Gulf of Maine

The Gulf of Maine sits off of the Atlantic Ocean and is quite expansive, containing within it the majority of oceanic waterways along the southwestern coasts of 'Souls, including the Bay of Fundy. Because of its influence by the Labrador Current, the waters in the gulf are colder and more nutrient-rich than those that can be found further south and off board. Though rocky rather than sandy, the coastline of the Gulf of Maine is still quite scenic and provides an abundance of different types of fish and other sea life.

3.2  Penobscot Bay

Originating from the mouth of Penobscot River, this inlet of the Gulf of Maine stretches from Searsport to Freetown and includes several unnamed islands. With its diverse sea life, fishing and shellfish gathering are commonplace in the bay and Luperci are likely to find their efforts handsomely rewarded if they are willing to take the time to do so.

4.  History

  • Prior to the board expansion of April 2017, The Borderlands was not a playable region of 'Souls.

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