Non-Player Characters

The NPCs section of the Wiki is intended to house Non-Player Characters. This includes companion animals (e.g., your character's horse) and canine companions who are never intended to be played (e.g., your character's slave, who is not and will never be an adoptable).


  1. The NPCs section is intended to house characters who are not generally intended for play. If you're creating an adoptable, you're in the wrong section: that's a Character instead of an NPC. Examples of things that should go in this category include your character's horse, their cNPC mother who will never be played, off-board characters, etc.
  2. If you do change your mind about an NPC and want to see them played, you can just redirect page in this section to the Characters section -- no worries.
  3. Use a template or make up your own, but try to keep it structured and organized!
  4. NPCs are grouped by their current owner or attachment, if applicable. Characters should be ordered alphabetically.

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