Khirot Marae (former NPC of [[Packs/Salsola]])




NPC Info

  • DOB: 18 July 2006
  • Human Age 66
  • Gender: Male
  • Rank: Communal Slave
    • Job: Slave of the Salt

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by Mel

A communal slave of Salsola, Khirot is tasked with the Slave of the Salt job. Having shown nothing but devoted loyalty since arriving in Salsola, Khirot is afforded a moderate amount of freedom as a slave. He has been a member of the pack since 2011, and is something of the unofficial "leader" of the slaves due to his age and position.

He maintains the boatway between the mainland and Isle Haute. When the bell located at the shore is rung, Khirot must go to row the boat and bring the bellringer across to the island. As such, he frequently can be found in the surrounding area. When he's not manning crossings, Khirot busies himself with fishing, rope-making, or working on repairs to the raft itself.

While not as fast as he once was, Khirot does not let his age bother him too much – he is regularly fed and comfortable doing the job he has done for nearly half of his life, and still strong enough to work.

1.  Appearance

Khirot is a jackal-wolf, and this is most apparent in his coloring and the sharpness of his face. Muscular and fit, he looks healthy despite his obvious age.

  • Size: Khirot is rather small for a wolf, standing no taller than 6 ft 5 inches (195 cm) in his Optime form.
  • Build: Despite his smallness, he is laden with muscle as a result of his long years of work, particularly in his upper body. His shoulders, arms, and chest are very well-defined and developed. His legs are not quite so developed. This is a result of his work as an oarsman.
  • Features:
  • He generally keeps his hair brushed neatly, styling it simply to dangle loosely about his head.
  • Septum piercing.
  • His right bicep bears a simple branding of two crossed oars, signifying his usefulness as a oarsman, boat-slave, or similarly-charged laborer.
  • Coloration:
    • Khirot is primarily a teak color through most of his body
    • A lighter calico yellow decorates his underside.
    • His face, paws, and the tip of his tail are colored with darker kabul brown.
    • His eyes are shamrock.

1.1  Images

By Sie By Sie Kiritar Colored By Sie By Tammi, Moonsongstock@dA

2.  Personality

Khirot was raised as a slave; he is soft-spoken and hesitant to do so without being addressed first. He is generally reserved, quiet, and obedient. It is likely he would have been extremely submissive even if it were not for his slave status. He has entertained fantasies of escape; though he always imagined slavery is the life intended for him, and he knows little else. Since seeing Tharot cut down, Khi entertains zero thoughts of escape -- he believes life as a slave is better than death.

Skills & Abilities

  • Boat Maintenance (Master):
  • Sailing (Master):
  • Boat Construction (Journeyman): Khirot learned some of this in the shipyard: he has since sharpened his skills by working with Gjalda.


Speaks Spanish and Italian, as well as the Mediterranean trader's pidgin. His English is extremely broken and thickly accented; however, he understands hand commands and his eagerness to please his masters lends to relatively easy communication.


Millstone Village, in the communal slave quarters since the fall of 2012. Khirot previously resided on Isle Haute.

3.  History


Khirot and Tharot were born to a pair of slaves in a small Mediterranean port town in Spain. They were separated from their parents and do not remember them; however, they were raised together, along with a group of other unrelated puppies. Both Khi and Tharo were purchased young.

Their purchaser intended to keep them as house-pets of sort, fancying their jackal heritage as exotic. The man, Osvaldo Reyes, a Spanish trader, brought Khi and Tharo to the north coast of Spain. The trader was kindly to Khi and Tharo, though he most certainly treated them as pets. This owner died a few months after acquiring Khi and his brother, and they were given as gifts to their late owner's sister.

The sister sold them off, professing to find slavery abhorrent but having no qualm taking trade value from the skins of slaves. Now capable of shifting, Khirot and Tharot were acquired by a small shipyard, owned by the Marisol family. Both were made to work long years building, maintaining, and sailing the family's fleet of four ships. The brothers were never separated, however, and treated quite well for slaves.

The Marisol family allowed their slaves essentially free roam of the shipyard and fed them quite well, allowing all manner of entertainments and bonuses for well-behaved slaves.


Despite their good treatment, Tharot always entertained visions of escape, which Khi attempted to quell to the best of his ability. These thoughts never left Tharot, however, and when they were informed their ship was bound for an entirely new continent, Tharo began to plot his escape, figuring they would have an easier time of it in a less populous country.

They arrived in Freetown, but their captain and crew betrayed the Marisol family and traded off the slaves, the ship, and everything of value on it, departing south via land for parts unknown. Though Khirot does not know it, this backstabbing was at the behest of one Solomon the Salamander, a North American trader who saw the value in the slave cargo of the ship as well as the captain's potential for disloyalty.

It was their luck that Itachi Lykoi, Larkspur D'Angelo, and Pandemic D'Angelo happened upon them together and purchased both, liking their history and involvement with ships and strong recommendation from Solomon the Salamander. Their small, easily controllable size also made them appealing to the trio.

Khi and Tharo were taken north, headed for a place apparently called Salsola. Tharot made his escape, pleading for Khirot to accompany with him. Khirot refused, and his brother attempted to leave. It was then that Khirot saw their new masters rising from sleep, and thus came Tharot's bloody end, as well as the end of whatever meek resistance remained within Khi.

4.  Archive


  1. The wealth of the sea at our fingertips (5 October 2011)
    Khirot follows Eris Eternity and finds Liliya Russo with another slave of the pack, Cassius. Eris and Liliya discuss the construction of a dock for Salsola.
  2. wood and bone (21 November 2011)
    Khirot mistakes a new recruit of the pack, Hrafn, for a trespassing thief; he fetches Xochime Kimaris in attempt to stop the supposed thief.


  1. it's a pirate world (28 January 2012)
    Eris discusses the specifics of building a fishing weir with Khirot.
  2. ?? (27 January 2012)
    The slaves assist Eris with gathering stones for the Salsolian fishing weir.
  3. ?? (26 February 2012)
    The slaves help build the weir.
  4. Not So Eerie Whispers (30 Jun)
    The Ruins, Salsola with Itachi Lykoi and Draugr Helsi.


  1. To return to the cold (7 Dec)
    Khirot is enlisted as Pythius and Viper's puppy-sitter.
  2. All we need is faith (10 Dec)
    Khirot brings Pythius and Viper to Lillith for punishment.


  1. Fifteen cans of spray paint and a chemical swirl (10 Sep)
    Osrath Eternity leads the wood gathering portion of the Walipini Project, accompanied by Scorpius D'Angelo, Ondine Heiwa, Heine Kaiser, Dullahan Eternity, and Gjalda; Khirot is present to serve as a translator for Gjalda.