Pim (NPC of [[Characters/Percival Parhelion]])





Pack Information

  • Date of Birth: May 2011
  • Species: Cow
  • Gender: Ox
  • Etymology: desire protection (diminutive of Willem)
    • Origin: Dutch
  • Pronunciation: pihm

OOC Assumptions

Plot Opportunities

  • Observing Pim grazing with the horse in Rhovanion or accompanying Percival around the City Square and Lebennin.
  • Having kindly, passive interactions with Pim. He isn't shy about approaching Luperci for some company.
  • Pim is very good at pulling things! If your character needs something hauled, dragged, or carried, Percival may be willing to let them borrow Pim for the task!
  • Is your character afraid of livestock? Or maybe they've had a negative experience with cows? Pim is about as docile as they come and he loves Luperci! Give him a try?


Pim is a gentle, trusty old ox. Formerly the draught animal of Ilse Verhoeven, who used him primarily to pull her traveling forge and occasionally for riding, ownership passed over to Percival Parhelion at the end of October 2018 following the tragedy that lead to Ilse's death and Krokar's disbandment.

After residing with The Shoal for some time, he accompanied Percival in his efforts to help found New Caledonia. He has resided there with his boy, Percy, ever since.


  • Height: 59.8in (152cm)
  • Weight: 1,053lbs (477.6kgs)
  • Features: Pim has a thick and stocky build, with long horns that curve gently upwards from his head.
  • Coloration:
    • Brindled with a rich blend of mahogany, brown, and black.
    • White head, dorsal stripe, undercarriage, and legs.
    • Interspersed spots of brindle and roan markings can be found throughout his body and legs.
Credit: Evelyn Simak @ Geograph
Note: While Pim's horns are long, they are not as big as this ox's are!


  • Loves being around Luperci.
  • Pim's favorite spot to be scratched is between the eyes.
  • Dislikes being alone.

Skills & Abilities

  • Pim is harness-trained and can pull a significant amount of weight, albeit at a much slower pace than a horse.
  • He has also been trained for riding. Though he had grown rusty, consistent work with Percival has helped to grow his confidence back.


  • Following the decimation of her family's homestead at the hands of Kazimir Drachev, Ilse Verhoeven was forced into servitude with only Pim to comfort her.
  • After the resolution of the Austringer Hostility, Ilse took Pim with her when she joined Krokar.
  • In the spring of 2017, Pim fell ill during the spring sickness. Thankfully, he made a full recovery with Ilse's help.
  • An act of arson by a group of loners ignited important areas of Krokar in flames, resulting in Ilse's death and the disbandment of the pack.
  • Pim fled the flames and was later found by Percival Parhelion, who assumed ownership of him after learning of Ilse's death.
  • After roughing it in the loner band, The Shoal, for several months following Krokar's disbandment, Pim accompanied Percival to help found New Caledonia in August 2019.
  • The winter of 2019-2020 brought a terrible blizzard, which severely impacted Pim's ability to find suitable forage and left him significantly underweight when spring arrived.
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