Darijus Ostroszek

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Darijus Ostroszek was a pNPC slave in Salsola.

Darijus Ostroszek

by Mel


None -- Pack NPC


Date of Birth

29 January 2010









Variant of DARIUS
ostrouszek "sharp ear, a type of mixed breed dog"



Birth place





100% Steppe Wolf




Current pack Salsola
Current rank Communal Slave

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Build

Dari is a medium-sized canine, built rather sleekly with muscle, although he is far from "built" and lacks true bulk. In his Optime form, he leans toward the stout side, though he carries himself upright and straight.

1.2  Coloration

  • Darijus is primarily roman coffee.
  • This darkens to saddle along the upper parts of his body.
  • Finally coffee bean is scattered along his back. His muzzle is streaked with the same dark coloration, as are his ears.
  • His eyes are thunderbird.

1.3  Modifications

  • Scars:
    • He has a large scar along his side from the McMahon attack, which renders his left hind leg stiff and sore at times.
  • Other:
    • Septum piercing.
    • Darijus does not have a tongue or a tail.
    • His left rear foot has been mangled.

1.4  Images

By Sie

2.  Lifestyle

2.1  Speech

Darijus doesn't speak in words -- he has no tongue and is incapable of verbal speech.

2.2  Abilities

  • Reading (Master): Darijus is a very capable and quick reader.
  • Writing (Apprentice): He has been practicing his writing with absolute determination, as it's the only way he's capable of communicating.
  • Repair (Journeyman): Basic human artifact repairs -- Darijus can piece some things back together (e.g., pottery not badly shattered, using animal glue).
  • Physical labor (Master): Darijus is often employed by the other slaves, such as Gjalda, to perform labors in projects.

2.3  Purpose

General purpose communal slave.

3.  Residence

Millstone Village, in the communal slave quarters.

4.  Personality

4.1  Later

Darijus was brutalized in various ways by the Salsola pack members. He has learned his place rather well, and he no longer attempts to balk the authority of those ranked above him. His personality has become dulled and extremely complacent. It is unlikely Darijus would attempt escape: his lesson is well-learned.

4.2  Initially

Dari is stupidly loyal and believed he was a member of Salsola rather than a slave at first. He has experienced a small amount of ill treatment in his life, however, and he actually believes being a slave is a good alternative than what the McMahon clan had planned for him (really, Iseult wasn't that awful, but the McMahons in general weren't a great bunch, and they caused a fair amount of trauma to sheltered Dari). However, as he has no true attachment to Salsola nor understanding of his status, he is presently less likely to behave, and some may find it necessary to utilize more coercive methods of getting him to listen.

5.  Family

  • Mother: Edita Ostroszek [unknown, presumed dead]
  • Father: Gvidas Ostroszek [unknown, presumed dead]
  • Siblings: Emilija Ostroszek [unknown, presumed dead]

6.  History

6.1  Early Life

Born in Klaipeda, Lithuania. When he was three months old, his parents decided to seek their future in the new world, and hopped on a boat sailing for Lisbon, and then on to Barbados. From there, they sailed north to Freetown; however, the boat ran into harsh weather near to the Chesapeake Bay and sank. Darijus, having lost his family at the tender age of seven months, washed ashore utterly alone.

6.2  Washed Up

Living alone along the eastern shore of Maryland for a few weeks, Darijus is eventually discovered by a neighboring pack and invited to join. The pack, consisting mostly of small red wolf hybrids and coyotes, calling themselves the McMahon clan, is impressed by Darijus's relatively large size and strength in comparison to themselves; they eventually arrange a mateship between Darijus and the alpha's eldest daughter, Iseult. Unfortunately for Dari, outside of lacking any physical attraction to Iseult, he found her personality completely abrasive and grating. As she was utterly spoiled and without redeeming personality, Darijus refused her, and departed from the McMahons in the dead of night, sneaking away.

Unfortunately for Dari, several of the McMahons pursued him, chasing him through New Jersey, New York, and New England. In Maine, Darijus was finally caught. Taranis McMahon, the leader of the party, commanded his wolves to attack Darijus. Dari, who had never fought before in his life, defeats and kills two of them by sheer advantage of his size. However, Dari is severely injured, and falls. Taranis assumes he will die of his wounds, and takes the remainder of his party back to the McMahon pack.

6.3  Freetown

An old woman, witness to the carnage, rescues Dari and takes him to Freetown, where she helps to nurse him back to health. The woman, named Amaryllis, is an old coyote, does not rescue him out of kindness, however; she desired him only to assist her, and saw an opportunity to indebt him to her. As the months pass, Amaryl becomes increasingly demanding, wishing for Dari to work long hours in her trading post. Dari complies for some months, but eventually decides he's had enough of Amaryl and her demands, and departs northward with Yorick, another Freetown canine who has filled his head with stories of a place where several packs gathered together.

7.  Archive

7.1  2011

  • [1] (4 Jun 2011)
    Darijus and his friend, Yorick, are captured by Bastion Hallow trespassing. Yorick is interrogated and killed; Darijus is enslaved. Shortly after this thread takes place, Eris Eternity places a piercing through Darijus's nose.
  • [2] (16 Jun 2011)
    Dari serves the pack for The Last Supper. He refuses to wait his proper turn to eat, and slaps Salvia. For this, Sirius orders Darijus to be Silenced. Later, Bastion removes his tail and mangles his foot for his insolence.
  • [3] (10 Jul 2011)
    Dari helps a group of Salsolians cross the strait to the Borgata Mayate island.
  • [4] (10 July 2011)
    Tayui finds Darijus and seeks Janos; Darijus does not know where he is, however. Janos finds Tayui later, after Dari informs Janos of Tayui's whereabouts.
  • [5] (17 Sep 2011)
    Darijus is rudely awakened by Bastion, and Liliya attempts to defend him.

7.2  2012

7.3  2013

7.4  2015

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