Tarat (former NPC of [[Packs/Salsola]])

Tarat was an NPC slave in Salsola, specializing in the care of farm animals and livestock. He was the Slave of the Hoof.


by Mel


None -- Pack NPC


Date of Birth

April 5, 2008







Birth place





50% Iberian Wolf
25% Common Gray Wolf
25% Dog (Mixed Breed)




Current pack Salsola
Current rank Communal Slave

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  1.   1.  Appearance
    1.   1.1  Build
    2.   1.2  Coloration
    3.   1.3  Modifications
  2.   2.  Lifestyle
    1.   2.1  Speech
    2.   2.2  Abilities
    3.   2.3  Purpose
  3.   3.  Residence
  4.   4.  Personality
  5.   5.  History
    1.   5.1  Early Life
  6.   6.  Archive
    1.   6.1  2013
    2.   6.2  2015

1.  Appearance

1.1  Build

Though not as large as an average wolf, Tarat is thickly built and strong, despite a compact and almost stout appearance. Tarat has a slender muzzle and larger ears as a result of his doggish blood, perhaps a trait he owes to some sighthound's heritage.

1.2  Coloration

  • Most of his coat is Tobacco Brown (#665B45)
  • His muzzle is streaked dark with Quiny (#593E29), which also decorates his forehead, forelegs, back, spine, and tail tip.
  • His cheeks, chin, the insides of his ears, and much of his underbelly is Barley Corn (#A7905A).
  • His eyes are Luxor Gold (#A67C26).

1.3  Modifications

  • Septum piercing, as per Salsolian slave guidelines -- given by Siv.
  • Bears signs of previous abuse along his back in the form of thin scars.

2.  Lifestyle

2.1  Speech

Speaks English and Spanish fluently. His English is thick and heavily accented, but understandable. He is fluent in Spanish and will use this form of communication when able.

2.2  Abilities

  • Livestock (Master): Tarat is well versed in the care of various farm animals: horses, sheep, pigs, etc. Anything in the Communal Stables falls beneath Tarat's jurisdiction; what he does not already know, he learns.
  • Trading (Journeyman): Having previously been owned by a merchant, Tarat has an eye for the trade of livestock--he can pick out flaws in animals even when they are difficult for others to detect.
  • Carpentry (Journeyman): Working with Gjalda, Tarat has begun learning carpentry skills.

2.3  Purpose

Tarat’s primary function within Salsola is that of his job, which is the Slave of the Hoof. He spends the majority of his day cleaning and caring to the barn and its animals, though can also be found herding the sheep to-and-fro during their grazing hours.

3.  Residence

Tarat lives in the Marrgerd barn. He rarely ventures away from the barn except to deliver a saddled horse as instructed, or on similar orders.

4.  Personality

  • Insecure and uncertain of himself, Tarat is a simple man and therefore content with his place in life. Slavery has merged with servitude in his mind—as long as he is fed, has a place to sleep, and is not abused, he gives forth the effort asked (though nothing more) and does so without complaint.
  • He is not very intelligent beyond his learned skills.
  • Tarat is remarkably respectful to his masters; he does not speak unless spoken to (excepting an emergency or matter of dire importance). This is primarily as a result of his time with the farmer and his wife: usually, words out of turn earned him a beating.

5.  History

5.1  Early Life

  • Tarat was born to a prostitute in Barcelona. She cared for him until he was able to shift and traded him to a tradesman.
  • The tradesman used the boy as a page -- Tarat spent most of his time looking after the tradesmans' livestock.
  • After an incident involving the man’s daughter, Tarat was sold to a farmer who believed in a very firm hand. He spent two long years under thumb of this man and his wife.
  • One day they took him to town, and to his horror, traded the then four-year-old for a younger servant. As fate would have it, Solomon the Salamander happened to be one of the prospective traders. Using his broken English, Tarat pleaded his case and knowledge of livestock, fearful of being sold into the hands of another trader (who was seeking brothel workers).
  • Taratwas purchased and shipped overseas, and then traded to Salsola. Willing to obey and prove himself useful, he settled into the servant role with no argument.

6.  Archive

6.1  2013

Tarat observes Bellatrix D'Angelo training a Salsola horse in herding, and is charged with continuing the training.

6.2  2015

Tarat helps two mares foal.

Tarat shows off the three Trombetta/Heiwa foals, discusses they're future.