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by Kiri

Aspen is a Starfa Rikr in Vinátta, where she arrived scared and injured. She now serves as Livestock Manager, Cook, and Stable Hand. She and Ascher Stormbringer were mates from April 2014 to May 2015, and have two daughters: Shore Stormbringer and Ode Stormbringer. Aspen is a small wolfdog who is generally submissive and shy, sometimes to the point of being fearful around unknown males. Once she is used to someone, she is kind and helpful.



  • Name: Aspen
  • Date of Birth: 23 Feb 2011
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: House 12, Jordheim
  • Mate: None.
  • Pack: Vinatta
  • Rank: Áðr Starfa



OOC Information

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Aspen's wolf heritage is entirely dominant in her shape.
  • Fur: Her dog heritage has caused her fur to have some lighter greys in it, and be a little bit thicker than normal, as well as shaggy, and wavy.
    • Optime Hair: Aspen's hair is a wild, dark grey mass of curls. It is commonly in her face, and sometimes she uses it to hide behind.
  • Facial Features: Light blue eyes stand out from dark fur. Her face is clean of scars, although her hair often covers it and her gaze is usually on the ground.
  • Build and Size: Aspen is large for an Alexander Archipelago Wolf, but still on the small end of the wolf range. She is slender in all forms, and almost delicate looking.
    • Lupus: Aspen's body is thin, although this is partially hidden by her thick fur.
    • Optime: Still thin and frail, Aspen's figure is modest, though not boyish. It is not uncommon for her posture to be hunched and for her to be displaying submission.
  • Humanization: The main form of humanization are the two necklaces Aspen wears: her Frithr necklace, and a wooden flower, which hangs above the Frithr pendant. She sometimes wears a gold cuff bracelet as well.


  • Fur: Aspen's fur is made up of the three shades of grey, darkest on top, lightest on her underside.
  • Markings:
    • Various scars: three claw marks on her right shoulder, diagonally to her sternum. These are crossed by a single perpendicular slash. Her wrists have single scars, and one can be felt on the left side of her neck as well.
  • Eyes: Spray
  • Optime Hair: Outer Space
  • Nose and Paw Pads: black


Outer Space (#272d2f)

Oslo Gray (#9a9fa1)

Tiara (#ccd5d7)

Spray (#94ddf2)

Black (#000000)

by Requiem

1.2  Forms

50 lbs (23 kg)
25 in (63.5 cm)

Lupus (Preferred)

Quite small compared to many other wolves. She is slim and light, which allows her to be agile.

100 lbs (45 kg)
32 in (81 cm)


Her Secui form is more bulky than her Lupus form, and her fur gets shaggier. Aspen is only very rarely in this form.

120 lbs (54 kg)
5ft 2in (62 in) (157.5 cm)


In this form, Aspen is bit too slim with a small amount of definition in her lean muscle. Her hair is dark, wavy, and slightly wild.

2.  Personality

Aspen is a very submissive wolf, sometimes to the point of fearful. She does not handle change well, and the result of major change is a jumpy, agitated wolf. If faced with a confrontation, Aspen more likely to fight back out of fear than aggression. She prefers not to cause scenes, being more comfortable slinking in and taking what she needs, rather than smashing and plundering.

The wolves Aspen likes best are the ones who don't press her to come out of her shell. She is more likely to open up to someone like that, and once she is comfortable around him or her, Aspen’s underlying personality will show through more. Under the timidness is a kindhearted, wolf to those she likes, who enjoys telling the occasional joke. She can even be a bit cheeky if she's really at ease.

There is no innocence left for Aspen; she knows how the world works. She also has a bit of a wildness about her, not quite tame from all of her time away from canines in general, other than when she needed something from them.

Even with those that she's comfortable around, Aspen has a hard time communicating what she wants. She usually goes with the flow so she doesn't draw attention to herself or create waves. Aspen also doesn’t get too attached to many people; she simply assumes wolves will eventually leave and enjoys the company of those who stick around long enough to earn her trust while she can. This is a defense mechanism that grew from her inability to handle change.

The sheepdog in her is also evident in her instincts. Aspen likes to herd animals, be it sheep, horses, or even geese, given the chance. She even likes to herd pups, though that doesn’t last too long because of how quickly they grow. It’s something she tries to quash because of the prejudices she’s come across, but it doesn’t make the drive any less strong.

3.  Relationships


Key Relations

  • Palaydrian Soul: the two officially met during a deer hunt and Aspen slowly got to know her afterwards. Now she considers Drin to be a very close friend, and looks up to her strong nature. She is the first canine Aspen thinks of when she needs advice.

Minor Relations

  • Bran Stormbringer: although she is a bit shy around Bran, Aspen considers him a friend. He taught her a bit about fighting so she could better defend herself.
  • Chloé Moineau: one of Aspen's friends. Aspen 'rescued' her from hungry goats and the two have llamas that they got at the same time.
  • Taro Kurosoul: Aspen got to know Taro a little bit on a walk after her kidnapping. The two traded for llamas on a trip to the Outpost with Chloe.

Former Relations

  • Ascher Stormbringer: Aspen and Ascher were mates from April 2014 to May 2015. The romance between them bloomed slowly with a few hiccups along the way, and a lot of shyness from both sides.
  • Cody Rhiannon: Aspen's former crush. He helped her through the aftermath of being kidnapped by Belial Massacre.
  • Ombre: a friend from Inferni. They had a livestock breeding program going before Ombre's death.
  • Xander Eidebjorn: the two met before Aspen went to Vinatta. He was one of the reasons she joined.
  • Xiphos: Xiphos was a member of Aspen's birth pack who treated her very poorly. Along with Evelyn, He showed up in Vinatta late March 2015, where he continued to intimidate her. He was eventually chased out after trying to steal Aspen's horses and injuring her.

4.  Skills and Inventory



Through experimentation, Aspen has learned how to cook rather well. She has found combinations of spices that she and others like. Occasionally she will still make something that does not taste that great. Aspen also learned how to dry fish.

Herding and Livestock Care

Aspen's herding instincts are quite strong, and she came to Vinatta with some knowledge of horse and livestock care. She has learned more from Jindabyne and Joondalup. Aspen also had a breeding program started with Ombre before Ombre's death.

Flint Knapping (Creating Arrowheads)

Through copying other arrow heads, as well as learning from Chloe Taregan, Aspen has learned to make decent arrow heads, which she uses for trade.

Reading and Writing

These skills have not come easy to Aspen. She finds both very difficult and is still at a beginner level, despite many lessons from Ascher Stormbringer. The reason she is learning is so that she can record the combinations of spices she uses as a cookbook.


Aspen started practicing archery at the end of December 2014 after a lesson from Lyris Stryder. She is still very much a novice.


This is a skill Aspen does not use much, so she is rather rusty. She was taught to use daggers while still living in her birth pack by a male named Moss Opera.


Personal Items

Aspen owns cooking supplies, pelts for her home, daggers that were part of her Vinatta welcome pack, and a little bit of jewelry. She will admit to liking pretty jewelry quite a lot.

Trade Items

Aspen usually trades for livestock or for spices and cooking supplies. She generally has arrow heads, dried fish, and various pelts to offer.

5.  History


Born in 2011, Aspen didn’t have a chance to find out what a ‘normal’ pack was like. Hers was full of mounting tension between several of the leaders. The pack was on the verge of splitting up, and the disagreements often spilled over into very public fights. The dissent carried through all ranks, and the tension had all wolves on edge. With her parents involved with the pack issues, and Aspen being the runt of the litter of four meant the little wolfdog didn’t get the attention she required. An elder of the pack did her best to help, but it was difficult for someone of that age to keep up with an energetic puppy.

This meant that Aspen often found herself the target of the bigger pups without anyone to defend her. The frustration they felt with the lack of a stable pack caused them to act out the only way they knew how: by bullying her because it was a way for them to have control over one aspect of their lives. They teased her for everything from her size and wavy fur to desire to herd their pack’s small number of animals, and they often didn’t quit until Aspen had fully submitted to them. Even after they sometimes pushed things further with physical assaults until an adult stopped them.

The alphas held the pack together for as long as possible, but it didn’t last. When Aspen was about six months old, the pack finally split. It was a very scary even for the young canine and she hid from the fighting that ensued. In the end, her father and two brothers died, leaving Aspen, her brother, and Mother to go with one of the groups that formed from the fractured pack.

Aspen's hopes that the newly formed pack would be better than the last quickly faded when it devolved into more of the same. Her brother did little to protect her from other pack members and her mother wasn't always able to. That pack managed to stay together for nearly a year before once more, dominance fights took over. It wasn't until then that Aspen had managed to make friends with one member of the pack, a male whose pack made the mistake of merging with Aspen's. He was larger than her and decided it was his job to protect her. He taught her some skills with a dagger, and also how to steal.

Before the fighting could dissolve the pack, several of the members angered a newer by pack by forcing one of their females. The other pack retaliated with an attack that wiped out almost all of Aspen's pack. She took off into the night after her mother was killed without seeing if her brother survived and ran without looking back until she couldn't run any longer and collapsed from exhaustion. For the months after the last attack, Aspen was almost constantly on the move. She learned to hunt through necessity, and got much better at stealing. For a while, Aspen looked for the one friend she had made, unsure if he even survived the attack. Eventually, she resigned herself to the idea that he did not.

In Souls

Previous Packs and Ranks

Vinatta (June 2013 - Present)
Hollr, Starfa, Starfa Rikr


Soon after arriving in 'Souls, Aspen joined Vinatta after meeting some of the members. One such meeting ended her thieving ways. Due to her shyness, she has had trouble getting to know her packmates, but she did her best to contribute to her new home from the beginning. Joining Vinatta began to boost Aspen's confidence, at least enough that she heard a cat being toyed with by a coyote and decided to save him. The cat, Major, decided to stick around after he was healed. Although he was grumpy towards everyone, Aspen included, he slowly softened to her and became her first real family member in Vinatta. In October 2014, Aspen met Ombre of Inferni and the two started a livestock breeding program between the two packs.

During this time, Aspen was getting to know one of her fellow Vinattans, Cody Rhiannon, and a budding romance began to form, however it was interrupted when Aspen took a trip outside Vinatta in November 2014. She met Belial Massacre and made the mistake of accepting food from him. It was laced with a drug that made her unable to move and he kidnapped her and took her to Halifax. Here, he tortured her for blood rituals. The ordeal left her with new scars and eventually muzzled her as punishment for trying to bite him. When she finally escaped him, her wounds were infected and she wandered through the snow in a daze. Near New Dawn, she was found by Vidar who helped her get back to her packmates who were searching for her. A few weeks later, Cody vanished, leaving Aspen feeling abandoned and alone, although Major stayed with her as much as possible.


As Aspen continued to recover from her kidnapping, she began spending more time with Ascher Stormbringer. His quiet demeanor made him easy for her to be around, and she got to know his children as well. The two became closer and a romance grew between them. They were tested briefly by the reappearance of Sequoia, the mother of Ascher's children, in February 2014. Aspen was worried about what it might mean for her and Ascher, as well as his children. Because Sequoia had left them once before, Aspen was afraid she would do it again, and this time the two would remember. She also secretly hoped that Sequoia would leave, although she felt guilty for it. In a way, Aspen got her wish, with Sequoia deciding that New Dawn was a better fit for her pack-wise, and so she did not stay in Vinatta.

In the meantime, Aspen was promoted to Starfa Rikr. Her comfort in Vinatta was rocked, though, as Florina Soul declared herself the new leader of Vinatta when Saul Stormbringer departed. Aspen silently supported those who were opposed to this change before devolving into a panic attack and running away to the stable. Ascher followed her and offered her comfort. Soon after, in April 2014, she and Ascher officially became mates. A few weeks after that, they discovered Aspen was pregnant. Since Aspen knew that puppies would mean some time away from work, she traveled to Inferni to visit Ombre to discuss their livestock breeding program, only to be met by Asher Thompson instead, who informed her of Ombre's death, effectively ending the program. In June 2014, Aspen gave birth to their two daughters, Shore Stormbringer and Ode Stormbringer. Becoming a mother helped Aspen gain even more confidence, although she remained submissive and a bit shy. She enjoyed raising her daughters a lot more than she expected she would.

August brought more hard times when Ascher left to search for Saul Stormbringer. Once again, Aspen felt abandoned, but this time was different: she also felt angry. When Ascher returned, she made sure he knew it, which was a first for her. Things slowly returned to normal and Aspen did her best to put Ascher's leaving behind her. In November, Aspen decided that she would visit a relatively new nearby pack called Krokar for a couple of days. She hoped to start a livestock breeding program with them after the one with Inferni fell through. Here, she found Vidar, who she barely recognized at first due to his Optime form and scars. She also met Milos Parhelion, who gave her a tour to see all the animals, and they agreed to start a breeding program. Near the end of December, Lyris Stryder came to make her monthly payment for the boarding of her horse and gave Aspen basic archery lessons.


The puppies were quickly growing up and in January, Shore Stormbringer shifted. Aspen was able to help her through it, although her bossy older daughter seemed to handle it well. She then immediately ran off to show Ascher her new form. Shore then proceeded to want to learn everything all at once, which Aspen tried to slow down. It was the staff fighting lessons that made Aspen the most nervous, simply because her daughter was learning to fight, but she also knew that it meant she would know how to defend herself. The year started with another surprise as well: Aspen's llama, Thistle, gave birth. Aspen and Major named him Hemlock.

Unfortunately, the peaceful winter did not last. Aspen was drawn out into a snowstorm by Arno Rousseau, whose mother had gone missing. Eventually, she was found dead and Aspen and her family attended the funeral. This sparked a discussion about death and afterlife with Ode. This discussion ended with Ode shifting. About a month later, in February, a new pair of canines showed up, looking to stay because the female, Evelyn, was injured. It was the male that caused Aspen to panic. Xiphos was from her birthpack, and for a while, she thought that he had managed to somehow follow her to Vinatta. However, his reappearance was by chance. He threatened her, and so she remained silent on who he was and how she knew him until Ascher finally asked her what was going on.

March 2015 brought heavy rains and lots of flooding. Although she usually did not mind storms too much, Aspen found this one especially unnerving because it seemed like it was never going to stop. She was also still nervous about Xiphos being in the pack, worried that he might make good on his threats. This had to be pushed aside while she took care of the livestock.



  1. If At First You Don't Succeed (31 Mar 2013)
    Chloe Taregan teaches Aspen the basics of making arrowheads.
  2. Soft Revolution (2nd April 2013)
    While looking for stones to carve into arrowheads, Aspen finds Leonidas Luxe and his horse. She tries to help him by bandaging his injured foot.
  3. Shake it out, Shake it out (10th April 2013)
    Aspen meets Basilio Lykoi.
  4. Just like a Baby (2nd June 2013)
    Aspen is caught by Xander Eidebjorn while trying to steal from his camp. He gives her food, tells her about Vinatta, and invites her to come fishing with him.
  5. That Cloud Look like a Fish (5th June 2013)
    Lochlan Stormbringer tells Aspen about Vinatta while they share a meal and a den during a rainstorm.
  6. Cooking can't be that Difficult (~7th June 2013)
    Aspen tries her hand at cooking, attracting Valérian Coeur who tells her about Vinatta as they share a meal.
  7. Practice Makes Perfect (~9th June 2013)
    Aspen meets Caerwick Arkenstone while practicing her arrowhead making skills.
  8. [M] The Hard Road out of Hell (14th June 2013)
    Aspen is attacked by Ren.
  9. Looking for Heaven (14th June 2013)
    Injured from her attack by Ren, Aspen joins Vinatta, and is met at the border by Chloé Moineau and then accepted by Saul Stormbringer.
  10. Steeped in Blackened Holes (25th June 2013)
    A pack meeting is called by Saul Stormbringer to discuss the Ironside Conflict.
  11. Counter Balance this Commotion (27th June 2013)
    Along with many Vinatta members, Aspen helps gather herbs to aid in the Ironside Conflict.
  12. These Days of Dust (3rd July 2013)
    Aspen finds Saul Stormbringer at Futhark Falls and they discuss the recent Ironside Conflict.
  13. Helping Out (10th July 2013)
    Aspen brings Shiloh Dawnbringer some cooked rabbit after learning that her puppies had been kidnapped.
  14. Settling In (11th July 2013)
    Xander Eidebjorn visits Aspen outside her home.

2013 Continued

  1. Life's a Game Made for Everyone (22nd July 2013)
    Aspen attends a feast when Cercatori d'Arte visits Vinatta.
  2. Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty (29th July 2013)
    Aspen talks with Chloé Moineau about Chloé's kitten, Samantha.
  3. Dinner's Ready (3rd August 2013)
    Samual Dean Menue stops by Aspen's house as she cooks some fish.
  4. Under Electrical Skies (9th August 2013)
    Aspen gets help from Fiora Vin Haki to bring Fiora's horse in during a storm.
  5. Morning Chores (17th September 2013)
    While taking care of the horses in the barn, Aspen talks with Niernan Stormbringer.
  6. Another Experiment (17th September 2013)
    While Aspen is trying out a new combination of spices, Ascher Stormbringer stops by and tries the rabbit meat.
  7. Just Forget the World (20th September 2013)
    Aspen meets Cody Rhiannon. He gives her a carved wooden flower and she shares a bottle of wine with him.
  8. Oh, the Places You'll go! (29th September 2013)
    An Ausa Vatni ceremony takes place in Vinatta.
  9. [M] On the Prowl (2nd October 2013)
    Aspen helps Palaydrian Soul kill a deer. Drin then teaches her how to gut it and prepare the hide.
  10. Livestock Discussions (~5th October 2013)
    Aspen meets Ombre and the two discuss a livestock breeding arrangement. Aspen shows Ombre Vinatta's livestock.
  11. Feline Calamity (6th October 2013)
    While outside Vinatta's lands, Aspen finds a large cat and fights off a coyote for him. Copper Smith helps patch him up and tells her the cat's name: Major.
  12. A Horse is a Horse of Course of Course (8th October 2013)
    Aspen teaches Chloé Moineau basic horse care.
  13. Forget me not as the World Crumbles Around us (12th October 2013)
    Upon hearing the collapse of Cody Rhiannon's den, Aspen runs to his aid and digs him out. She then takes him to her house where his wounds are treated.
  14. No Hooves, No Horse (15th October 2013)
    Aspen meets newcomer Miranda Amaruq in the barn.

2013 Continued

  1. The Hills are Hushed this Night of Nights (31st October 2013)
    A Winternights celebration is held in Vinatta.
  2. Bovine Acquisition (Early November 2013)
    Cody Rhiannon and Aspen go to the Outpost and trade for her cow, Lilac.
  3. Getting Settled (7th November 2013)
    A RO where Aspen spends some time with Lilac.
  4. Ca-a-a-a-arrots (2nd November 2013)
    The goats surround Chloé Moineau, eagerly looking for food, and Aspen comes to her rescue. The two then feed the goats.
  5. Taking Shape (7th November 2013)
    Ascher Stormbringer and Aspen discuss carving arrowheads and whittling while sitting outside her house.
  6. There's Gonna be Brighter Days (14th November 2013)
    Aspen meets Caboose.
  7. Goodwill to All (24th November 2013)
    New Dawn brings various livestock animals to Vinatta as a gift. Aspen helps with the journey between packs.
  8. [M] My Take on you is Simple, so Heal your Fear (27th November 2013)
    Aspen is drugged and kidnapped by Belial Massacre. He takes her to Halifax where he tortures her to use her blood for rituals.
  9. Through Miles of Clouded Hell (4th December 2013)
    After escaping from Belial Massacre, Aspen journeys partway home and is close to succumbing to her injuries when she meets Vidar who helps her continue until they find a Vinatta search party.
  10. Dead of Night (7th December 2013)
    Upon waking from a nightmare, Aspen runs to Cody Rhiannon for comfort.
  11. On the Mend (9th December 2013)
    Fiora Vin Haki stops by as Aspen recovers from her ordeal.
  12. Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (18th December 2013)
    Too soon after her attack, Aspen tries to return to her duties. The cows startle her and she pulls her stitches out while running from them. Saul Stormbringer finds her.
  13. Not Enough (27th December 2013)
    Escorted by Grit, Aspen takes a trip to the border where she meets Espada Sparda.
  14. Put One Paw in Front of the Other (31st December 2013)
    Taro Kurosoul checks on Aspen and they go for a walk around Jordheim.


  1. Distractions (1st January 2014)
    To try to distract herself from her fears, Aspen decides to cook. Shiloh Dawnbringer joins her.
  2. The Shrillest Highs and Lowest Lows (1st January 2014)
    Ascher Stormbringer, Bel Tlugv, Orvar Stormbringer, and Thofnir visit Aspen's house. Ascher brings her yarrow, and Aspen plays with the puppies.
  3. Everyone Gets Scared (10th January 2014)
    Aspen finds Lochlan Stormbringer and shows him what she does as a Starfa.
  4. Crumble at the Fingertips (12th January 2014)
    Chasing an escaped goat, Aspen comes across Alessan Stormbringer in the vineyard and enlists his help in capturing the goat.
  5. A New Day (22nd January 2014)
    Aspen visits Palaydrian Soul and brings her a meal of fish to eat while they chat.
  6. One Strange Day (26th January 2014)
    On the way back from finding rocks, Aspen is chased by a deer and Ascher Stormbringer saves her.
  7. You're my Family Now (28th January 2014)
    Aspen and Major bond.
  8. Maybe Things Work (30th January 2014)
    Carya Aston stops by to talk about Starfa business.
  9. With the Brightest of Hopes (31st January 2014)
    With the rest of the pack, Aspen attends the Asuna Vatni ceremony for several puppies.
  10. Count Your Blessings (31st January 2014)
    After an Asuna Vatni, Aspen and Ascher Stormbringer meet up while getting some fresh air.
  11. Faith Can Move Mountains (3rd February 2014)
    Lyris Stryder from New Dawn comes to ask Aspen to board her horse.
  12. Ten Feet Under and Upside Down (Mid February 2014)
    During a winter thunderstorm, Ascher Stormbringer comes to check on Aspen and she comforts him.
  13. Through the Looking Glass (Mid February 2014)
    Aspen has an awkward interaction with Sequoia Exultare.
  14. Mirror in the Sky (Mid February 2014)
    After Sequoia Exultare's reappearance, Aspen and Ascher Stormbringer talk and clear the air between the two of them.
  15. I Feel Sweet, do You Feel Sweet (17th Februray 2014)
    Ascher Stormbringer, Bel Tlugv, and Orvar Stormbringer come visit Aspen, who teaches them the basics of herding sheep.
  16. The Cat's the Only Cat (21st January 2014)
    Ascher Stormbringer's cat, Thof, reveals she's pregnant with Major's kittens.
  17. Here's a Llama, There's a Llama (28th January 2014)
    Aspen goes to the Outpost with Taro Kurosoul and Chloé Moineau and they trade for a trio of llamas.
  18. Off to Work We Go (26th January 2014)
    Aspen meets Lily "Iris" Revlis and they do chores in the barn.
  19. A Rumbly in my Tumbly (Early March 2014)
    Aspen is cooking outside and meets Fionna vin Haki.
  20. Blue Water and Silver Scales (9th March 2014)
    Aspen goes fishing and meets Fenrir Lupercus.
  21. In Youth... Lust (11th March 2014)
    Ombre visits Aspen with a pig to breed.

2014 Continued

  1. Ride with me (Mid March 2014)
    Aspen sees Ascher Stormbringer fall off a horse. She helps him treat a cut he got on his arm in the process.
  2. And I have Finally Realized what you Need (15th March 2014)
    Florina Soul forces her way into the pack leadership. Aspen is among the dissenters who do not recognize her as a leader.
  3. We are Beggars All (15th March 2014)
    Following Florina's power grab, Aspen has a panic attack and flees to the stable where Ascher Stormbringer comforts her.
  4. Out of the Darkness (15th March 2014)
    After her panic attack, Aspen goes with Ascher Stormbringer to visit Palaydrian Soul.
  5. Out of the Darkness (21st March 2014)
    Aspen visits Saul Stormbringer and brings him food.
  6. Don't go Chasing Waterfalls (2nd April 2014)
    During her heat, Aspen hides by the waterfall, where Ascher Stormbringer finds her and they give in to their instincts.
  7. The Loss of those... (4th April 2014)
    During her heat, Aspen discovers that Cody Rhiannon has returned, and emotions run high when Ascher Stormbringer finds them talking.
  8. I've got Chills (11th April 2014)
    Aspen comes across an ill lamb, who belongs to Carya Aston.
  9. Horses and Goats and Sheep, oh my! (13th April 2014)
    While doing chores, Aspen meets Inara Naira
  10. We're One in the... (20th April 2014)
    During a pack meeting, Florina Soul announces Saul Stormbringer's departure from Vinatta.
  11. Please Say Honestly... (22nd April 2014)
    Aspen and Ascher Stormbringer become mates.
  12. Knock Down, Drag Out (1st May 2014)
    Bran Stormbringer gives Aspen and Ascher Stormbringer a lesson in self-defense.
  13. Looking for a Draft (3rd May 2014)
    While doing chores in the stables, Aspen meets Ezra Vahn who is looking for a horse.
  14. I Will Breathe (10th May 2014)
    Aspen and Ascher Stormbringer realize she's pregnant.
  15. Our Family is Growing (11th May 2014)
    Aspen tells Major of her pregnancy.
  16. Checking Up (15th May 2014)
    Aspen goes to Inferni to talk to Ombre about the pigs, but she is met by Asher Thompson instead, and learns of Ombre's death.
  17. Spring Cleaning (16th May 2014)
    While cleaning a house, Aspen gets some help from Taro Kurosoul, who then brings her a hand-made table.
  18. Good News (Mid-May 2014)
    While visiting Palaydrian Soul, Aspen reveals her pregnancy.
  19. Second Star to the Right... (May 20th 2014)
    The pack attends the Vinatta anniversary celebration.
  20. As the Seasons Change... (21st May 2014)
    Cody Rhiannon says goodbye as he leaves Vinatta and Aspen is one of the members who see him off.
  21. [M] New Arrivals (June 4 2014)
    Aspen gives birth to her puppies in the stables with Ascher Stormbringer's help.

2014 Continued

  1. Dropping by for a Visit (June 10 2014)
    Aspen gets a visit from Chloé Moineau, who brings her a rabbit.
  2. My Heart Soars (June 21st 2014)
    Ascher Stormbringer brings Aspen a gift.
  3. Important Delivery (May 28th 2014)
    Callum Knight drops his horses off with Aspen to board since he can't keep them in New Dawn where he now lives.
  4. Simple Summer Ventures (July 26th 2014)
    Aspen receives a riding lesson from Lily Storm Revlis
  5. Double Barreled (August 3rd 2014)
    After Aspen gets kicked by a horse, Bran Stormbringer helps her recover.
  6. Rolie Polie Puppies (August 9th 2014)
    Aspen brings Shore Stormbringer and Ode Stormbringer to visit Drin's new puppies.
  7. Gardening is Relaxing, Right? (August 9th 2014)
    While contemplating Ascher's disappearance, Aspen tends the garden with Inara Naira.
  8. A Little Exploration (August 28th 2014)
    Aspen, Ode Stormbringer, and Shore Stormbringer explore Amherst where they are threatened by Zachariah Aput.
  9. Will my Voice Still Carry Reason? (September 1st 2014)
    Ascher Stormbringer returns and Aspen is angry with him for leaving.
  10. Beauty Lays Behind the Hills (Early September 2014)
    Aspen helps Farina vin Haki gather wood to fix the barn door.
  11. Testing Unknown Waters (September 16th 2014)
    While on a walk, Aspen and Ascher Stormbringer answer a border call from Leela Amarok.
  12. I Have a Dream for you (September 18th 2014)
    Aspen cuts Ascher Stormbringer's hair.
  13. Rebel Yell (October 16th 2014)
    Sylven Firebringer comes over and Aspen supervises playtime between him, Shore Stormbringer, and Ode Stormbringer.
  14. Autumn is a Second Spring... (October 17th 2014)
    Inara Naira stops by and Aspen listens to her speak about being homesick.
  15. Keep Your Nose to the Ground (October 19th 2014)
    Aspen spots Arno Rousseau while doing chores.
  16. Wait 'til You're Announced (October 20th 2014)
    The family attends an Asuna Vatni ceremony with the pack where Shore Stormbringer and Ode Stormbringer receive their Frithr pendants.
  17. [M] I'm Thinking Out Loud (October 26th 2014)
    The tension between Aspen and Ascher Stormbringer finally breaks.
  18. O Children, Lift up Your Voice (November 1st 2014)
    After making preparations, Aspen attends the Winternights Celebration that Ascher Stormbringer has organized.
  19. I Wasn't Born a Bareback and Bronc Rider (November 25th 2014)
    Aspen gives Vidar a horseback riding lesson.
  20. Here we go Around Again (December 7th 2014)
    While visiting Krokar, Aspen meeds Milos Parhelion and they discuss the possibility of a livestock breeding program.
  21. A Song in my Heart (December 11th 2014)
    Aspen helps Lochlan Stormbringer clean up the Sacred Grove.
  22. Waiting on the Goldrush (End of December 2014)
    In return for boarding her horse, New Dawn member Lyris Stryder brings Aspen some goods and gives her a lesson in basic archery.

6.  Catacombs and Pack Prompts

Vinatta Prompts

  1. Be a good neighbor!
  2. Donate to charity!
  3. Do a sweep of the borders!
  4. Tend the communal garden!
  5. Make hay while the sun shines!
  6. Keep our stables stable!
  7. Loot the city!
  8. Make a hoofed animal happy!
  9. Pay respects to the Sacred Grove!
  10. Spread goodwill and stuff!

Vinatta Frithr Beads

Rank Beads

Become a Council Member
Become a Council Member
Áðr Starfa - February 2015
Ascend to A Chosen Path
Ascend to A Chosen Path
Moved to the Starfa path.
Earn A Co-Rank
Earn A Co-Rank
Earned the Livestock Care, Cook, and Stablehand co-ranks.

Participation Beads

Organise A Pack Activity
Organise A Pack Activity
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. [1]?
Celebrate A Norse Holiday
Celebrate A Norse Holiday
Winternights Holiday, October 31st, 2013. The Hills are Hushed...
Trade With Another Pack
Trade With Another Pack
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. [2]?
Teach The Aeska
Teach The Aeska
Taught Bel and Orvar to herd sheep. I Feel Sweet...

Personal Beads

Gain A Mate
Gain A Mate
Ascher Stormbringer - 24 April 2014
Have Pups
Have Pups
Had pups with Ascher Stormbringer - 30 June 2014
Become A Grandparent
Become A Grandparent
Grandparent of Name?, Name? & Name?.
Convert to the Norse Religion
Convert to the Norse Religion
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. [3]?
Attend A Party and Become Intoxicated
Attend A Party and Become Intoxicated
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. [4]?

Special Beads

Founding Member of Vinátta
Founding Member of Vinátta
Aspen is not eligible for this bead.
Participate in Building The Sveit Village
Participate in Building The Sveit Village
Aspen is not eligible for this bead.


Basic Achievements

Find a Mate
Pink: Find a Mate
Became mates with Ascher Stormbringer on 24 April 2014.
Have Puppies
Green: Have Puppies
Had children with Ascher Stormbringer on 04 June 2014.
Rescue Someone
Cross: Rescue Someone
Rescued Cody Rhiannon on 10 September 2013.1
Lose a Fight
Yellow: Lose a Fight
Lost to Characters on DD Month YYYY.1
Win a Fight
Red: Win a Fight
Won against Characters on DD Month YYYY.1
5 AW Threads
Henna Red: Participated in 5 AWs
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Luperci Change
Burgundy: Luperci Change
Changed Characters into a Luperci OR was changed into a Luperci by Characters on DD Month YYYY.[5]
Human City Threads
Rust: Human City Threads
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Foreign Diplomat
Olive Green: Foreign Diplomat
Inferni, Krokar, Pack,
Playable Territory
Light Green: Thread in Every Territory
The Waste, Drifter Bay, The Dampwoods, Arachnea's Revenge, Quartz Shoreline, Halifax, Whisper Beach, Overgrowth Sunrise, Ethereal Eclipse, Shattered Coast, Shiloh Hills, The Trenches, Serena Reserve, Yarmouth and Barrington, Fellmoor Swamp, Halcyon Mountain, Aelcrest Shore, Withered Realms, The Blacklands, Concrete Jungle, Isthmus of Chignecto, Wabanaki Coast, Miramichi Wilderness, Saint Croix Highlands
Playable Subterritory
Forest Green: Every Subterritory
Sunflower Sunsets, Millstone Village, Musquodoboit Valley, Dawn's Breath, The Sugarwoods, Moonstone Lakes, Hydrostone District, Thornhill District, Spring Heights, Greater Halifax, Berwick & Wolfville, Flander's Fields, The Witch's Cauldron, Rabbit Lake, Blackmoor Castle, Grandfather's Tears, Mersey Lagoon, Clements Park, Wolf's Peak, Des Reveurs, Highway 103, Vapor Sound, Spear Headlands, The Ashlands, The Oasis, Serene Sands, Howling Caverns, Stellarton Mines, Pictou Falls, Phosphagos Foothills, Colchester Quarter, Wentworth Valley, Arsiag Shoal, Cobequid Foothills, Ames de la Mort, Moaning Wood, Yawrah River, Haunted Forest, Death Mountains, Devil's Shoreline, Skeletal Sanctuary, Amherst, Black River Reserve, Fort Cumberland, Fundy National Park, Commune of the Salmon, Grand Lake, Miramichi Valley, Camp Gagetown, Mount Oromocto, Cape Hopewell, Saint John

Pack Membership

3 months
Light Blue: 3 Months
16 June–16 September 2013
6 months
Sea Blue: 6 Months
16 June–16 December 2013
One year
Deep Blue: 1 Year
16 June 2013–16 June 2014
Two years
Shock Blue: 2 years
16 June 2013–16 June 2015
Three years
Midnight Blue: 3 Years
16 June 2013–16 June 2016
Participated in foundation
Cadet Blue: Pack Foundation
Founded Pack on DD Month YY 1

Pack Participation

Lead/sublead for 3 months
Sparkling Gold: Pack Leadership
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Pack hunt
Cream: Pack Hunt
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
New member threads
Goldenrod: New Members
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Pack member threads
Chocolate: 5 Packmembers
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Earn a Co-Rank
Purple: Co-Rank
Earned Livestock Manager co-rank of Vinatta November 2013.
Pack Thread
Magenta: Organized Pack Thread
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Leader Special
Cadmium: Leader Special
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

'Souls Participation

Adoptable Love
Adoptable Love
Aspen is not eligible for this catacomb.
Yearbook Superlative
Emerald: Yearbook Superlative
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Spotlight Soul
Starlight: Spotlight Soul
Earned February 2014