Leela'vana Amarok

Leela Amarok was born to mates Kiara Amarok and Tharin Lupei in New Dawn. She is a non-Luperci with an immunity to the virus.

Late December of 2014, a heavily pregnant Leela was abducted by ship sailing foreigners where she managed to escaped with one of her pups. She was taken in as a refuge by the Eden Seekers, a pack located on Anticosti Island and later joined them. Upon full membership her name was changed to Leevana but she respectfully asked for a alternation instead so a compromise of Leela'vana was given to her. At the appearance of one of her supposed kidnappers and homesickness, Leela and her daughter Zyndea left the Edenites to go home to New Dawn. They found the pack recently disbanded, and joined the nearby Krokar.

There she reacquainted herself with her former pack mate Vidar. In the winter of 2015 they became mates and in January of 2016 they left Krokar to return to Vidar's distant homelands. They arrived just in time for Leela to birth her second litter. The family lived happily for a little over a month before a savage attack lead by Solas Justus and his followers.

Leela, her mate, and their offspring died sometime spring of 2016.

Leela Amarok

by Hannah



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Date of Birth

11 March 2013







Night beauty, Playful


Birth place

New Dawn



100% Canis lupus (Wolf)


50% Arctic Wolf
50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf




Mate Vidar
Former Pack New Dawn
Rank Phara
Former Pack Eden Seekers?
Rank Laity
Former Pack Krokar
Rank Greenhorn
Current Pack Justus?
Rank Alpha Female


Mates Vidar


Reference by Nat


  • Eyes: heterochromia; Alpine (#B3AE2D) (left) and Sapphire (#2F519E) (right).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Spring Wood(#F8F6F1), speckled around the base of her tail, around her shoulders to her forehead with; Desert Storm (#F8F8F7), Pearl Blush (#E8E0D5), Sorrell Brown (#CEB98F), and Pale Oyster (#988D77). Sorrell Brown and Pale Oyster create soft lines under her eyes.
    • Driftwood (#AF8751) is the color that paints the tip and trails up her tail.

Leela was born small and remained dwarfed by her siblings as they grew into adulthood. She cannot shift forms, so is always on all fours. She takes strongly after her mother and resembles an Arctic Wolf in build and coat. Like most of the Amarok family, she is dominated by hues of white, and only small flecks and ticking of grey and brown show other influences in her heritage. Her eyes are bicolored, with her right iris matching her mother's sapphire, and her left an echo of her late father's amber.

The pearl hued young she-wolf has heterochromia orbs, with her left being a soft alpine green and her right being a bright sapphire. Her double colored gaze might be strange to some while others might simply see it as unique and beautiful. The fur down her narrow shoulder and along her spine, to the base of her tail is lightly speckled to give her pelt a grizzled appearance. Her forehead is smudged with the color of driftwood which is the same color that her tail is tail tip appeared to be dipped in. Around her different colored eyes, the soft tones of Sorrel Brown. The hue of Pale Oyster can be seen around her darker ears.

The maiden is a very small and petite youthful wolfess. She stands only twenty one inches tall at the highest points of her shoulders. She has a very narrow build and might appear to be very delicate. She is very feminine in her looks and has a deep chest and as she matures, a curvy body as well. Leela wears five blue feathers in her slightly scruffy mane just behind her left ears which is the side of her green eye. The addition to her looks, makes her blue eye stand out and she wishes to counter balance it with either green feathers of something other that could help.


See Napoleon Complex.

Leela is a very outgoing and optimistic young girl. Her fun loving and bubbly personality is adoring to some of her packmates, especially her kin. Though sometimes she can be very loud and annoying to some but she is trying her best to not be a bother to others. Even in the worst of times she tries her best to find the bright side of things. In her playful personality she likes to nickname others. She often affectionately calls her littermates Ally and Mar-mar. Her older sister Lucia, she calls Lucy while her mother is either ‘Mamma’ or ‘Mommy’.

She is essentially fairly girly, embracing her gender with grace and appreciation. She loves to sing to herself, especially if she is focused on doing something. With that said, growing up with two brothers, she is still fairly tough even if she isn’t quite a tom boy. The pup doesn’t like being weak but she has learned to be submissive, especially to her more dominate brother Altair, who she lets boss her around much of the time which in turn caused her to be a little bossy to their more passive brother Marrok. Leela sometimes can act slightly stubborn when she is reluctant about something.

Her delicate frame and small stature has been proving difficult to be a proficient huntress or warrior. Leela’s interest are beginning to turn to helping others through healing. She has a natural intrest in nature and plants and has started to learn her herbs from her big adopted sister Saki and the other wolves in her pack that have medical knowledge.

Although she doesn’t let on about it, she doesn’t care for thunderstorms and lightning and has a fear of such weather because it can lead to a fire, like the one that stole her father way from her and her family. She prefers the nicer weather of either sunny days or light snow showers. Her favorite nights are the times when she can clearly see the moon since it makes her feel closer than ever to her father.

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  • Likes: Birds, animal furs to chew on, bone marrow, bones, feathers, family.
  • Dislikes: Being dominated, being weak, being small.



  • Outlook: Always tries to find and point out the silver linings in life and the rainbow at the end of a storm.
  • Expression: Rarely ever upset or unhappy, very life loving and that can easily be seen in her bright eyes.
  • Alignment: TBD


  • Storms, especially ones that have lightning and thunder. Fire is also terrifying.
  • Losing any more of her family is also a big fear but she does her best to not let that fear control her life and enjoy what life offers her now.


  • Making her family and pack proud
  • The goals that she sets up for herself.


  • Packs: New Dawn and Sangi'lak
  • Species: Favors wolves due to her upbringing and doesn't know much about other species.
  • Non-Luperci: Being one she has a very strong sense of family around those that are in her situation. But since New Dawn has many shifters she is comfortable around the Luperci as well.
  • Gender: Always has a tendancy to be in male company especially from being raised with brothers but also enjoys her fellow female's companionship once in a while.
  • Color: Fairly neutral, though blue eyes are her favorite color for eyes.
  • Sexuality: Homophobic due to not knowing or understanding same-sex couples.
  • Age: Unknown.


Too young to really understand but likely to be shaped by New Dawn culture encouraging mateship and procreation. Very unlikely that she would be attracted to a female in such way since she already has a stronger tendancy to be around males.


Leela is naive and may be swayed into trying out other things but someone would have to be very convincing.


She believes that the moon is a spiritual object and thinks that when a loved one leaves the earth they become part of the moon. Lately she has been questioning the after life does believe in spirits and ghost.


  • Speech: Very soft and fluid voice that can be annoying and high pitched when she wants it to be but when she sings she has a beautiful tone that is pleasing to most ears who are within hearing distance.
  • Scent: Amarok family, New Dawn wolves, communal den moss


Key Relations

  • Kiara: "Mamma" Her mother, teacher, and source of comfort.
  • Lucia: "Lucy" Her big sister, babysitter, and backup caregiver.
  • Saki: "Saki" Her foster sister and occasional babysitter when her parents went hunting.
  • Altair Amarok: "Ally" Her loving more dominate brother who she has noticed has become very protective of her, mostly after their father's death.
  • Marrok Amarok: "Mar-mar" Her more passive brother that she loves but often tries to boss around since he's really the only one that she can dominate.

Reference by Hannah2

Marrok, Leela, Altair

Reference by Hannah2

Leela,Marrok, Kiara, Altair

Family: Amarok

Minor Relations

Former Relations

  • Tharin Lupei was Leela's father. They were close during the first six months of Leela's life, until Tharin's accidental death.


March of the year 2013, the tiny she wolf was born into the world, accompanied by two brothers, Altair and Marrok. There was also a stillborn pup, but she never knew of it’s existence. The following month she and her littermates were introduced to the pack. She doesn’t recall much of the first meeting since she was so young, but she always felt safe around the rest of New Dawn and her memory prior to living with them has faded. She is comfortable among their ranks and tried her best to please her packmates. While growing up she had lot’s of fun with her brothers. Altair especially seemed to always be very attached to her but she didn’t show favoritism. Her brother Marrok was a little softer spoken compared to their larger brother but she did enjoy his company as well. That September, when she was merely seven months of age, tragedy struck; her beloved father Tharin is killed during her first pack hunt when a fire is started. Leela loved her mother but felt that she had always was daddy’s little girl. That was the first time she knew grief and heart break. Nonetheless she tired her best to comfort her family. There had been nothing that she could do about their father, she had to focus on recovering with her kin and pack.

In the early stages of her life, she began to have a fascination for feathers and birds. The way that they could soar in the skies above her fascinated the puppy. That fascination only increased after her father’s death. She believed that he was now part of the moon and the sky animals seemed to be the animals that could get the closest the night sky structure. She began collecting blue jay feathers, one that represented each of her family members. It not only allowed her to fell close to her living kin but her deceased father.

Late January of 2014 Leela first met Faolan, her first crush. Her Delta training continued until later in the spring when she decided she didn’t want to anymore since everyone had shifted but her and she couldn't be as helpful without hands. Marrok had become a scholar and Altair had found a mate and worked his way up to Betaship while she remained a poor and unskillful huntress. In September she started Emissary training and visited Vinitta. This was also the same time she met a haunted loner, Zachariah Aput and vowed to help him. She traveled to Sapient in October and continued helping Zach rid himself of his ghost. Very late in October Leela went into her first heat while alone on her way to Krokar. That’s where she fatefully met up with Faolan and lost her purity. Zach rescued her after run in with rogues and helped her back home, leaving her with a bite on her leg and the thought that Zach was definitely more than a friend. In December Leela found out she was pregnant with a litter sired by Faolan and was demoted to Pariah status and is on thin ice with New Dawn leadership and let her family down. In the last days of 2014, she was abducted and packmates believe she either went to live with the father of the puppies or has died.



  • March: Leela was born to mated pair Kiara Amarok and Tharin Lupei in New Dawn, alongside two brothers, Altair and Marrok, and one stillborn.
  • April: Leela and her littermates are moved from the birthing den to the communal den, and meet their packmates for the first time.
  • September: Finally old enough to hunt with the pack, Leela and siblings are led by Lucia to join in a hunt in progress. Tragedy strikes when lightning sparks a wildfire, and though the puppies escape unscathed, their father Tharin dies.



  1. (NPC) The cycle begins again. (11 March)
    Leela and siblings are born to Kiara.
  2. (NPC) Helicopter Mom (7 April)
    Leela gets to meet her alpha, Zalen.
  3. (NPC) Introductions (16 April)
    Leela and siblings meet the pack for the first time, notably Kerrian and Fayne.
  4. (NPC) Super Moon (26 June)
    Leela and siblings are taken for their first family hunt.
  5. (NPC) Into the river (5 August)
    Leela and her family play at the river, meeting packmate Yuna.
  6. (NPC) Hunting Fever (4 September)
    Chaperoned by Lucia, Leela and siblings attempt to join the pack hunt. Unfortunately, a wildfire separates the family, and Tharin perishes in the flames.
  7. (NPC) Maybe Friend or Maybe Foe (11 October)
    Leela and her remaining family mourn Tharin's death.


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