Sylven Firebringer

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by Rat

Sylven Firebringer is the son of mates Bran Stormbringer and Palaydrian Soul, born in Vinatta. In late 2015 he made the move to Krokar and chose to follow the Defense path, in which he is currently a Magnate. In the Spring of 2016 Sylven was involved in the Austringer Hostility as a defender of Krokar.

Having both loved and lost and gotten into his fair share of stupid scuffles (which he also lost), Sylven is finally reaching a place of security. He has two children by Iroquois: Tintri Soulbringer and Yuka Soulbringer, the first born in the sixth generation of Stormbringers.






  • Date of Birth: 4th Aug 2014
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Fiskebyn
  • Mate: None.
  • Pack: Krokar
  • Rank: Magnate


  • 47% canis lupus (unknown subspecies)
  • 25% canis lupus arctos
  • 12.5% canis lupus occidentalis
  • 12.5% canis lupus lycaon
  • 3% canis latrans



  • None yet!
  • Syl can be found training in the woods or staring at the caribou.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

by Dark


  • Species: Largely wolf.
  • Fur: His fur is thick and of average length.
    • Optime Hair: Thick and shaggy, falling to around his chin.
  • Facial Features: His left ear has a tear in it thanks to a fight in December 2016.
  • Build and Size: Tall, broad and well-muscled.
    • Lupus:
    • Optime:
  • Humanization: Sylven wears a Frithr necklace which was received at his Ausa Vatni, and a charm given to him by his adoptive brother Leaf Darkfire.


  • Fur: Sylven's base coat is Raffia.
  • Markings:
    • Stockings on all four legs made up of Graphite.
    • The backs of his ears are also Graphite.
    • A further splash of Graphite in the form of a mask which engulfs his muzzle and spills onto his cheeks and forehead.
  • Eyes: Marigold
  • Optime Hair: Graphite streaked with Raffia.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Your usual black.


Raffia (#e9d9b9)
Graphite (#2d1a0b)
Marigold (#c69034)

1.2  Forms

xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)


Syl has retained his large paws, although he's more in proportion now.

xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)


Can't shift yet

xx lbs (xx kg)
x ft xx in (xx in) (xx cm)


Tall, broad and well-muscled.

2.  Personality

Sylven was a loud and boisterous pup who has only quietened somewhat with age. He has a deep affection for his family and for Vinátta as a whole, although in the Autumn of 2015 he opted to move to Krokar. Following the Austringer Hostility and the reappearance of his Uncle Ascher Stormbringer, who was in a fugue state, Sylven has grown more serious about his duties as a protector, although he's retained a good sense of humour with those he knows well.

For a while it looked as if Sylven wouldn't show a desire to settle down - but in 2017 he came to realise he longed for a family. That family came along in the form of Iroquois and his children in the Summer. Fatherhood has made Sylven even more protective over his family and his pack, though it has also made him vow to stop getting into stupid fights. He's slowly learning patience and restraint.

3.  Relationships

Extended Family

3.1  Relationships - detailed

Key Relations

  • Palaydrian Soul: Sylven's beloved Ma who helps him to make sense of the world.
  • Bran Stormbringer: Sylven's Da! Bran is his absolute hero.
  • Iroquois: The Mother of Sylven's children and the woman he loves. Their relationship had a rocky and confusing start (because Sylven is dumb), but Sylven has absolute faith in Iro.
  • Izrian Firebringer: Perhaps the sibling Sylven is closest to. He admires Izzy for finding her place among the ranks in Vinátta and she was the first he told about wanting to leave his birth pack. They maintained a close relationship until Izrian vanished and, as a result, Vinatta disbanded. The loss of his favourite sibling and confidant will probably be a sore spot forever.
  • Ascher Stormbringer: Syl's Uncle who he has, at times, felt both protective of and frustrated by.
  • Akara Firebringer: Syl's "baby" sister, he's protective of 'Kara.
  • Ahti Firebringer: Syl's brother - they have a friendly rivalry.
  • Thyri Dawnbringer: One of Sylven's many cousins; he gets on well with Thyri and the two went on an ill-advised trip to Cour des Miracles during the heart of a war to see her Father, the King. Later Sylven and Thyri tracked and killed Marcella Fauks together, which further cemented their bond.
  • Naenia Ortega: Sylven met Naenia at the Outpost when he almost botched a trade for a guitar. She helped him to stay out of hot water and later gave him lessons in swordsmanship. Syl looks up to and admires Naenia.

Minor Relations

  • Krokar: Sylven is friendly with most of Krokar.
  • Vinatta: Sylven was friendly with most of his birth pack before it disbanded in 2017.
  • Nivosus Moineau: Niv once called Sylven out at a party for "sleeping with Naenia". Sylven was mortified, especially since he hadn't. He thinks Sapient's Sagax is a bit of a jerk, but he won't say anything because he likes Naenia.
  • Vesper: Sylven came across Vesper during one of his trips into the neutral territories. He was a mouthy little git and she roughed him up a bit.

Former Relations

  • Aphrodite Donovan: Sylven and Aph first met sparring in the neutral territories, and after he moved to Krokar, their friendship blossomed into mutual feelings. After Aph left to help found Old Ironsides, she and Syl agreed to remain friends.
  • Tyris Kurosoul: Sylven wants to follow in his half-brother's footsteps and see more of the world.
  • Taro Kurosoul: Sylven's elder half brother who also gave Sylven his first nieces and nephews. Sylven enjoyed being an "Uncle" despite being close in age to Taro's children.
  • Bjorn Moineau, Juno Kurosoul & Robin Moineau: Some of Sylven's playmates (also his niece and nephews) from childhood.

4.  Skills and Inventory



After being taught how to use a bow by Ciara, Sylven has taken to it rather well.


Having been taught swordsmanship by Naenia Ortega, Sylven considers himself competent with a short sword.


Sylven knows how to read and write but will only do so reluctantly.



Following the Austringer Hostility, Sylven claimed a short sword and a dagger from the spoils, adding them to his existing slingshot.


He owns a guitar (which he traded for with the help of Naenia Ortega) and a flute and can play both fairly well.

5.  NPCs





Shygirl (horse)

template by San

  • NPC Type: Minor NPC
  • Species: Horse
  • Gender: Mare
  • Date of Birth: 2010
  • Onboard?: No
  • Appearance: Shygirl is an attractive bay dun.
  • Personality: The mare came to Sylven rider-trained, though not through kind methods. As such she was very skittish, earning her the name "Shygirl."
    • Rider-trained





Smiley (river otter)

  • NPC Type: Minor NPC
  • Species: River otter
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 2015
  • Onboard?: No
  • Appearance: Sleek and long, as otters are.
  • Personality: Cheerful.
  • Found injured in the Saint Croix Highlands by Sylven Firebringer, who decided to nurse it back to health (because it looked so damn cheerful)
  • "Imprinted" on Sylven and continues to follow him around

6.  History


Previous Packs and Ranks

Vinatta (August 2014 - Autumn 2015)

Born in August 2014 in Vinatta. Sylven was a loud and adventurous child who grew into a cocky teenager. In late 2015 he made the move to Krokar, following in brother Tyris Kurosoul's footsteps. Since joining Krokar, he has steadily advanced in the Defense path, playing a part in the resolution of the Austringer Hostility and forging friendships and a relationship with Iroquois which produced two children.



  1. Said the spider to the fly (07 Oct)
    Jordheim, with Fiora vin Haki. Sylven hunts a spider and meets Fiora.
  2. Loose leaves (08 Oct)
    Jordheim, with Bran. Syl chasing leaves and bonding with his Dad.
  3. Idle paws, devil's playground (16 Oct)
    Jordheim, with Taro. Older half-brother Taro catches Sylven attempting to "sweep up" (read: make a mess).
  4. Rebel yell (16 Oct)
    Jordheim, with Aspen. Sylven thoughtfully visits his Aunt Aspen.
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