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    1.   1.1  Fiskebyn Houses

This little village, once called Fiskebyn by its former inhabitants, sits on the sandy south shore of Sister Lake. Once a cozy and peaceful commune, with a mixture of human-built cottages and Luperci-made cabins, it is obvious by anyone visiting it now that something tragic has taken place here. Black scars, evidence of a terrible fire, are present on every home, as well as many of the trees that once offered them protection and shade. Though most have collapsed into piles of charred debris, what few cottages and cabins remain standing are burned beyond use or repair.

Located at the north end of the fields close to the village are a stable and a barn, attached to which was a chicken coop and a storage shed. Both of these structures, too, are charred husks of their former selves.

1.  Houses

Houses marked 1 through 9 were human-built cottages. These were a bit more sturdy, some with second floors. Houses 10 through 30 were Luperci-built. Most of them had a couple of pelts for a door, and some had more rooms than others. After the fire, there are no longer any livable or repairable structures in Fiskebyn.

Krokaran were not required to live in Fiskebyn and were welcome to build homes elsewhere in the territory, live in dens, or possibly find a livable structure in the Ruins of Tog.

HOUSE Occupant Description Former Occupant(s)

1.1  Fiskebyn Houses

1 Norah, Remy The cabin is very rundown, having holes between some of the logs that are in the process of being patched and the door removed and replaced with a couple of pelts. Vines have climbed up the east side, although the tree cover surrounding it has sheltered it somewhat. There are three rooms in the cabin. The main room has an old wood-burning stove, cabinets, and a table. One room has been turned into a bedroom with pelts for sleeping, and the other is being used for storage. August; Oscar; Lucille, Nellie
2 Milos, Eliza, Bramble, Daisy, Percival, Cora, Inara A well-kept, cozy cabin but not without its leaks and drafts. The wooden door, within which a small cat flap has been installed, seems to have kept up well to time and there is a working fireplace in the main room of the cabin. There is an old metal spiral staircase leading up to a loft that has been turned into a sleeping area for the older children, while the bedroom on the main floor is used for the mated couple and the puppies. The pair's various crafts and tools can be found in the living room, along with a tattered old armchair. Sorcha; Zyndea; Willow
3 Reluceo -- Genevieve, Sabrael
4 -- -- Piper; Adonis, Aphrodite; Athena, Ciara, Conan, Grizzer; Aindrea, Iona, Mairead, Tomas
5 -- The cabin is a simple two-story cabin. Since it is so old, a few of the logs need to be patched up. On the main floor is a living room with a table, a couple chairs, and a wood-burning fireplace. There is a small kitchen that is mostly unused, save for a few of the cabinets holding bottles of Scotch. There is a bedroom on the main floor that is used for storing her tradable goods. On the second floor there is just a bedroom with a pile of furs used as a bed and a large opening facing the lake where a window used to be, but will be covered by a couple pelts in the colder months. Mariana, Marina; Catriona, Gregory; Samual; Sebastien
6 Keabetswe -- Artemis; Pepper, Claude
7 -- A small cabin consisting of one large main room downstairs, open plan and a couple of smaller upstairs rooms; sparsely furnished, for now. The hearth dominates the downstairs and Sylven's stuff is strewn throughout because he's a boy and boys are messy. Gunslinger; Lilith, Ariana; Sylven
8 -- Wooden animal totems are often outside in various states of prep, along with tanned hides. She has built a smoking shack behind the house. Zelda; Iroquois, Tintri, Yuka
9 Ascher -- Ashyra; Ciara, Conan, Grizzer; Aphrodite, Adonis
10 -- This home is relatively large, containing three 'rooms' separated by fur walls. One room appears to have once been dedicated to the drying of herbs and plants, medicinal and otherwise. The second room contains an assortment of shelves filled with all manner of skin pouches and baskets as well as a table and chair neatly arranged with a stack of hand written notes and letters. The third room is a simple bedroom containing a pile of furs and a few personal effects. Currently the garden is overgrown and covered in weeds. Nvda; Ailie; Elle, Fionnlagh; Malcolm; Ailie
11 Finlay -- Taseko, Gavin, Zoe
12 -- -- Vidar; Storm
13 -- This hut contains two rooms. The first room has been modified to be a room for a former member's adoptive daughter. The second room stores fish and has a few hides laid out as former member's bed. There is a tree outside of the house with a bird nest that is never used anymore. There are vines growing against the outside walls of this home. Chien, Ambroise; Tandy, Mason
14 -- A Luperci-made hut that contains two rooms. The house faces south and is vaguely T-shaped. The first room is large and spacious with two windows on the east-facing wall; the front door and both windows are covered by two layers of pelts. The second room is smaller and has a narrow, uncovered window on its west wall. There are two deer pelts under the window that act as a makeshift bed. Sortio; Rafe ; Tansy; Dagr
15 -- The exterior is overgrown by large flowering bushes, with portions hacked away to allow sunlight through the windows on both sides of the large wooden door. The windows have wooden louvered window shutters which can be closed during the winter and left open during the warmer seasons. The interior consists of a large open space, half of which is dedicated to a platform bed frame covered in animal pelts. The bed is pushed against the back wall beneath another open window. There is a half partition that divides the rest of the room into a kitchen area, where a brick fire place occupies the right-most corner. A row of three cabinets butts up against the right wall and two against the partition, all rebuilt after being destroyed in the meteor of 2016. The roof has also been restored. Tiamat, Lotan, Semini, Calrian, Malik
16 Hazel, Marla, Jonah -- Beatrice
17 -- A Luperci-made hut built specifically to accommodate a massive Luperci's size. It's a humble place with only two rooms, separated by a wooden half-wall and some hanging pelts. Pelts also hang over the windows, though the door is a wood slab. The main room is empty of all but a heavy stool and a table, while the smaller serves as a bedroom with pelts thrown down for sleeping. Octavius, Atalanta; Laevisa, Scarlett; Myrkr
18 Aenan -- --
19 -- -- Emilia; Elva
20 Oscar -- Palaydrian, Bran, Ahti, Akara
21 -- A small, two-story log cabin. It has a covered porch on the front, and was built upon a surprisingly sturdy foundation. The bottom floor consists of a sitting area that doubles as a makeshift kitchen/dinning area, and an adjacent guest room. The second floor is a loft that acts as the master bedroom, accessed via stairs along one wall. Clean, neat, and sparsely decorated with a few furs and a other items, the house looks lived in, but it's obvious that its owner does not entertain company a lot. Most of the bottom floor windows have had their panes broken and are boarded up, and there are signs that the house has been repaired. Vines crawl up the stone chimney, and a few sturdy trees around the house protect it from violent weather tantrums. Outside Elias
22 -- -- Thiago
23 -- Filled with potted plants. Caoba; Lilith, Ariana
24 -- Barren house with two piles of furs on either corner of the farthest room. Sinner, Ohja; Yngvi, Brynja
25 Tarina, Taufir -- --
26 Logan A small, two-room house. Made of stone, it has a couple thick furs hanging for a door, and thinner furs covering the window over his bed. There is a 'hook' hanging by the door where Logan hangs his cloak. The inside has a simple table and a small stool, both of which creak and wobble. The bed is a pile of furs on a small wood base. It has a flat roof that collects water and snow. Luckily, there are a few sturdy trees around it that Logan can climb up and push the water and snow off the roof. --
27 Ilse -- --
28 Ibycus -- --
29 -- -- --
30 -- -- Chetan, Keabetswe
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