Chien Dupont

Chien Dupont

Chien Dupont, by Hannah
NameChien Dupont
Name MeaningChien: "Dog"
Dupont: "From the Bridge"
Name OriginFrance
Date of BirthFebruary 19, 2013
Subspecies50% Siberian Husky
25% Belgian Malinois
25% Alaskan Malamute
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth PlaceVancouver, BC

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Joining dateJuly 14, 2015
Previous Rank(s)Greenhorn

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Joining dateN/A

Chien is a Husky mix who has recently joined Krokar. He was born in Vancouver, Canada.


Chien was born with his mother, father, a brother, and sister. There was supposed to be another pup that would be born, but she ended up being stillborn. Chien's parents were thankful of the three pups they had, but were still heartbroken by the stillborn. Chien grew up in the ruins of Vancouver and loved his life there. That changed when Chien's sister was killed by what seemed to be another Luperci. The murderer got away, leaving the sister's corpse lying on the ground. It was rumored that the killer is still be free and roaming around Vancouver, so Chien's family planned on moving to Ottawa.

The family left on a raft to get to Canada's mainland with enough food and water to last about 25 days, which was the approximate time it would take to get to Ottawa. The only delay was a storm out in the ocean. Chien fell off the raft and almost drowned, but thankfully, his father was out to rescue him. The remaining members of his family managed to get to the mainland with some food to spare.

They found an abandoned stable with some of the horses that lived in the stable roaming around, so they brought some hay and filled up their water supply and set off on some captured horses. They made stops along the way at some other cities to rest and stock up on supplies.

Their trek to Ottawa was finally over, and Chien found out that there were packs of Luperci living in the Halifax area, which wasn't too far from Ottawa. Chien asked his parents to go with his brother. They were both fully grown at the time, so their mother decided that they were mature enough to leave their home. Chien and his brother went by another stable and traveled by horse. He traded some of his supplies for the horse, but he still had enough supplies to make it to his destination.

Once he arrived, he was fascinated and still needed to choose a pack to live with. He has recently joined Krokar.


Chien is short-tempered and has a hard time calming down once angry. He is sometimes very aggressive once he is enraged. When he isn't enraged (which he only is when threatened or harassed), he is calm and caring. He has a knack of hunting. Chien can also easily spot things, making him good at finding items that he had lost. He has some other traits that stand out easily. Chien can easily make friends and is usually around them. He could never handle being alone. He is adventurous and brave and usually saves his friends during a fight between another Luperci.

As a pup, Chien was quite a coward, but he became braver over time. He was hyper and quite immature, but he become more responsible and mellow once Chien reached adulthood. His short temper was inherited from his mother, who has anger issues.

Chien inherited some traits from his dad as well. Like his son, Chien's father was cowardly when he was a mere pup, but then became stronger.

Chien doesn't have a healthy appetite he only eats a little bit, which explains why he is quite skinny. It is mostly caused his severe anorexia.



Names in bold italics are deceased characters

  • Parents — Antoinette and Claude Dupont
  • SiblingsDiodore and Ambroise Dupont
  • Adopted Pup(s) — Ambroise Dupont (not to be confused with Chien's sister)



  • August Cormier - The dog that recruited him to Krokar. Pretty friendly. Chien won Sink or Swim and was rewarded with jewels and brand new fishing gear, so Chien appreciates Gus. Joining (KR) SINK or SWIM
  • Nivosus Moineau - A wolf-dog that Chien ran into when attempting to join Sapient. The attempt failed while making Nivosus irritated, leaving Chien slightly afraid of that pack. Joining (SP)
  • Leela'vana Amarok - A wolf that Chien ran into at Northern Tides. Chien hasn't expressed his feelings for her. a new beginning






Chien's fur patterns stand out from some others. Due to the mix of three dogs in his bloodline, he has a mix of white, tan, light gray and dark gray. He has an average husky face with the light gray color and has a dark gray marking over his nose and mouth. His back and tail tip are black with a tan outline. His right hind paw is tan. Chien's fur color is white. His fur is medium length, in between a husky and a malamute's. Chien is quite skinny, especially for a thick-furred animal like him.

Chien stays in his optime form most of the time. He stands 6 ft 2 in when he is in the form. He doesn't wear clothes most of the time due to his large form which seems to not fit into many kinds of clothes. He usually stays in this form because he is more comfortable walking on two legs. Chien is the only Luperci in his family who prefers to be in optime form.

Chien rarely transforms into his lupus form, but if he does, he stays in that form for a short period of time. His markings don't change while going into lupus form. He is 2 ft 3 in tall in this form.


Fur Base: Dim Gray (#727272)

Underfur: Gainsboro (#dedede)

Muzzle: Gondola (#363636)

Tan Stripe/Paw: Calico (#d5b683)

Dark Gray Stripe: Nero (#1b1b1b)

Inside Ears: Half Pearl Lusta (#f0e6d4)

Eyes: Dark Spring Green (#197644)


  • Gems given by Gus for winning Sink or Swim.