Piper Dae is the firstborn daughter of non-Luperci Sivir and Wyatt, born 04 May 2009 in northern Canada. She is the sister of Fayne, aunt to Krys and Yuna, and a first-generation member of the Gremory family. She was briefly a member of New Dawn, then left to become a founding member of Krokar. Piper is the mate of Aindrea Donovan and mother to Adonis Donovan and Aphrodite Donovan.

Over all, Piper has a very carefree personality. She likes to laugh and joke around, trying her best to put the bumps in her past behind her. She's tender and caring, but she has many flaws. She can be incredibly selfish when it comes to her own needs and is fiercely protective of those close to her. She's reckless, confident, and is somewhat of a perfectionist, letting small details get to her easily. Piper has a big heart which makes her sensitive to other's emotional pain does her best to help with other's ordeals. Piper can be a bit of a drama queen, but overall she is always looking out for those around her and her intentions are good.