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Athena is the only daughter of Augustus and Ciara. She was born and raised in New Dawn, but is leaving to Krokar where her mother and siblings have been living since January 2015.


by Nat



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Date of Birth

19 February 2013





Mythology: the virgin goddess of wisdom and war




Birth place

New Dawn



100% Canis lupus (Wolf)


50% Labrador Wolf
25% Arctic Wolf
25% Interior Alaskan Wolf




Pack Krokar
Rank Greenhorn


New Dawn (February 2013 - July 2015)
Puppy, subord, omega

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1.  Appearance

Lupus: Athena has aged quite beautifully, blossoming from a gangly adolescent into a graceful adult. Practically all lingering remnants of the puppy roundness that she has once possessed are gone, replaced now with lean muscle toned by months of training and practice in the arts of hunting and swiftness. Paws that were once oversized for her youthful frame have been grown into, and now perfectly suit her to carry her quickly and quietly over distances, after prey or in pursuit of the freedoms that come from a good long run. She has indeed grown to stand just above her mother in stature, though possesses a slightly more trimmed physique in comparison. Her facial features, though now refined into those of a young woman, are still swift to smile just as much as they ever were, still somewhat soft though no longer childish, and are no less expressive than they have ever been.

Secui: In Secui form, all the daintiness, all the grace from her natural Lupus shape becomes warped into something more solid, more powerful. She stands taller than her Lupus form, her body and limbs enlarged and elongated with a heftier mass that makes her feel like a greater threat, though she has yet to use it in a violent manner. She has, however, taken note of the fastness attainable in this particular shape and uses it when she is feeling the need for a particularly unique sort of run.

Optime: In Optime form, Athena possesses a willowy sort of appearance. At 6’1” she is certainly not the tallest or the largest, but she is no less capable. In this form, the leanness of her body is most apparent, her arms and legs thin with subtly sculpted muscle below her soft fur and her torso toned and fit. Soft curves give her the suggestion of a feminine shape, though rarely does she try to accentuate it, as of yet finding little use in it compared with showing off her skill and capabilities.

Fur and Coloration: Her coat is thick, reminiscent of the arctic blood in her heritage, and colored with a lightened palette of her mother's coloration. Pale creams that are nearly white cover the undersides of her torso and limbs, even touching a little upon her chin, while her dorsal sides are a very pale shade of gold, possessing no distinguishing markings to break up her simple yet pleasing coloration. In her Optime form, her mane of hair grows out about her ears and falls back along her shoulders in long, thick locks of near-white, straight and usually never allowed to get past her mid-back. This look, a mingling of near whites and the faintest of yellows, brings out the light, muted green of her eyes and completes the overall sunny and lively expression she gives off.

1.1  Coloration

  • Optime Hair: Parchment (#eee2ce)
  • Eyes: Sushi (#9baf3f).
  • Fur: She had a double thick arctic coat, and is lightly golden overall
    • Primarily Raffia (#e9d7af).
    • Lighter Parchment (#eee2ce) on underside.

1.2  Forms




xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)

xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)

xx lbs (xx kg)
xxft xxin (xx in) (xx cm)

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Describe Secui form.

Describe Optime form. In Optime form, some characters choose to style their hair -- if this is the case, how does your character usually wear it?

1.3  Other


  • Scars:
    • One thin, minimal scar on her right shoulder, curves around the side of it in an upward angle. Will fade over time.

2.  Personality

Age has matured the girl, though only as far as her responsibilities go. She still aims to become a well respected hunter within New Dawn and trains herself in the craft on a regular basis so that she can excel in both hunting and tracking and everything the two entail. She finds a great joy in being able to follow this path, feeling well suited toward it and eager still to follow in her mother’s footsteps and make something of herself among her pack mates - a goal that recently has become even more desirable after seeing one of her own age group rise in the ranks before her.

Outside of her desired responsibilities, Athena has not changed overmuch. She is still bold and impetuous, not quite outgrowing her tendency to leap right into things though there is a considerably stronger conscience that dictates her actions now than when she was younger. She is still a friendly girl, still not quite so intimidated by others as would probably be safe but she has developed a little bit more reservation when dealing with those she is less familiar with.

Family is still at the heart of her being, and she cherishes her siblings and mother. What once was a relationship built upon teasing and competition has grown into something more compassionate and considerate between her and her brothers, though still the occasional spirited ribbing or competitive edge is not altogether gone, just gentler now and more understanding. Her father’s loss will stick with her forever but it feels more tolerable now, and she hopes that she is becoming something that he can be proud of. As for her mother, she wants nothing more than to please her, and feels guilty whenever something she does falls sort or misses the mark entirely. Beyond her blood-related circle, New Dawn has become a giant family in and of itself, and those who share a place within their borders are as much her family as those directly related to her.

Though the intensity of her personality has dulled and calmed, Athena has yet to break herself of her inability to keep her emotions in check. Her heart is still settled there upon her sleeve and each emotion she feels tends to be felt strongly, whether it be happiness, sadness, love, or hate. In some instances, the fact she has so little control over it, even know when she can recognize it, tends to transform her emotions into varying states of annoyance or embarrassment, particularly if the sentiments she feels are ones she would much rather keep to herself. Anger, though sometimes quick to flare, can just as suddenly go, and she is not above admitting fault to make amends. It is still easy for her to get caught up in the moment of things, and rational thought still tends to come back only when those high emotions have settled enough for her to think clearly again.

Lately Athena has been dealing with feelings of bitterness towards her mother and brothers for leaving her to go to Krokar, and has such been rather hard to be around. Recently, however, she has decided to join her mother and brothers in the seafaring pack and, while her love for New Dawn will never fade, her aspirations about a new life in Krokar have her vibrant, and excited.

2.1  Interaction

  • Speech: Relaxed and casual, usually friendly and content if not happy.
  • Scent: Wildflowers and trees, New Dawn, and her immediate family.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Ciara : Athena's mother and the woman she most strives to be like. She values her mother's opinions and insight, and hopes that she is making the right choices to make her proud of what she's becoming.
  • Conan: Athena's silly, carefree brother. His tendency for pranks and jokes often catches her off guard, and though sometimes his antics can seem childish she still very much enjoys the fact he can usually bring a smile to her face with little effort.
  • Grizzer : The serious, stoic one of the three, Athena understands Grizzer's need for order and structure in his life. Though it still doesn't stop her from occasionally pushing his buttons and trying to crack that serious streak he has going, whether by making him smile or lose his cool.

3.2  Family: O'Callahan

3.3  Minor Relations

  • Zalen and Raeka: The Alpha pair she grew up with. While Zalen still sometimes intimidates her due to his size and apparent strength through his leadership, Raeka has proved to be the more approachable of the pair. But her respect for the both of them is apparent in her manner near them.
  • Altair Amarok: Friend and self-appointed guardian, Altair took over as the protective male figure in her life after Augustus's disappearance. While their relationship has never been anything other than friendly, his mateship to Fayne has thrown a wrench in their friendship as Athena realized her secret feelings for him would never be reciprocated and distanced herself from him to heal.
  • Packmates of New Dawn
  • Vidar: An ex-New Dawn wolf who Athena befriended as a child, Vidar has become an unlikely friend and confidante. His experience with the same unrequited love that she is suffering from has allowed them to bond quickly, and the short, spaced out moments that they've spent together are drawing out a new admiration and enjoyment of his company.

3.4  Former Relations

  • Augustus: Athena's father. He was a kind and gentle father, a stern but patient teacher, and an unexpected friend. His loss still lingers within her, but it has also given her a new appreciation for life, and she is doing what she can to make him and his memory proud.

3.5  Abilities


  • Skill TBD


  • Character is prone to weakness. TBD

4.  Achievements

Pack Game

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5.  History

Athena was born to Augustus and Ciara O'Callahan of New Dawn, the sole girl within their first litter of three. Alongside her brothers Conan and Grizzer, she greeted the world to live close beside her parents and the small, tight-knit group of wolves that make up her pack, learning their ways and enjoying the naturalistic lifestyle that they lead.

Early on she began to develop her independent, headstrong personality, willingly, and sometimes pushily, taking the lead amongst her siblings when the chance could be taken. Under her father's watchful eye, she trained with her siblings in the ways of hunting, soaking up every little grain of knowledge he chose to bestow upon them in the hopes of putting it all to good use, while afterward returning to her mother with many tales of their excursions and confiding in her about her successes and shortcomings.

At barely five months old, her father's untimely passing was a hard experience to go through. His quiet presence was missed immensely and had made her somewhat disheartened with the seemingly fragile moments of happiness allotted in life. In the same time that the loss drew her toward her family, it distanced her from them while she found her own way to cope with it, though eventually a balance was found. No longer having Augustus there to see for himself her progress steeled her resolve of bettering her hunting and pushing herself to become the sort of little huntress that he could be proud of.

Of course, being young, she was eventually able to find the joys in life again and partake a little more in the fun that children her age should have been exposed to. With a new sense of determination came a renewed zest for life, and she grew just as quick to romp and explore as she was to train. While her mother seemed more accepting and tolerant of her daughter's way of coping, it was the Amarok boy Altair who became her family's new self-appointed guardian, and though they got along well they still butted heads occasionally considering her headstrong nature went against his own need to watch out for her well-being.

Life progressed and saw her into her first year quite calmly, though excitement was never far away. Athena spent her time training, exploring just beyond the borders of her home, and participating in nearly every chance she could find in hunts with her pack mates. She knew she was getting better, could feel it with the way her body was aging and altering due to all of her hard work, and it made her happy to know that she was on the right track. Soon, if she could manage it, she would earn herself the rank she wanted most and make her parents proud.

It was not until later in the year that she began to find difficulty with the relationship she had with her best friend and guardian Altair. The friendly sentiments that she had always regarded him with had grown during the time they spent together, and though she never said anything about them to him it was always sort of taken for granted by her that she would always have time. Even after she learned of his growing crush on the pack's healer, Fayne, she assured herself it was nothing serious, just a little touch of infatuation. The "infatuation" of her friend eventually pushed him into asking Fayne to be his mate, and with the woman's acceptance any chance Athena had of winning Altair over on her own terms vanished.

In January 2015 her mother and brothers left New Dawn for Krokar, and after months of harbouring resentment towards them she has finally decided to join them in the seafaring pack. Athena has recently come to Krokar, and learning of new packs has given her a newfound ambition to learn about all the packs within Nova Scotia. She is working through her training in the Exploration trade, which will send her on hunting, scouting and diplomatic missions to other packs.

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