Ibycus was a member of several packs. He first joined AniWaya in the spring of 2013, and remained in the pack until its disbandment in 2016 -- then joined Krokar, which he was a member of until its own disbandment in 2018. He later joined the loner group, the Drygrass Posse. When it joined with The Cartel to form a pack, Del Cenere Gang, Ibycus followed as a founding member. He lived out the rest of his days in Del Cenere.


by Miyu



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Date of Birth

19 Jan 2010

Date of Death

12 Jun 2023




Birth place

Bolzano, Italy



50% Canis lupus (Wolf)
50% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog)


50% Dog, Greek Sheepdog
25% Common Gray Wolf
25% Italian Wolf




Pack Del Cenere Gang
Rank Las Brasas

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1.  Appearance

Dark brown coloring on head and ears with a narrow white blaze from the top of his head running down between the eyes and spreading out under the eyes to end in a white muzzle with a number of black splotches. Turquoise eyes. The white from the muzzle extending down to the chest and underneath all the way to the tail giving a white underbelly. White extending around the neck giving a white collar. The back and sides are dark brown including the entire tail except the tip which is white. The legs are brown except the right front paw is white almost to the elbow.

Usually always in Optime form and does not wear clothes. He does wear a leather belt around his waist with a leather sheath for his knife and small pouch for carrying small items. He also has a pack that slings over a shoulder for carrying the books and other items he brought with him from his travels. (Reference by Miyu)

Wears a small gold necklace with a gold cross that has a turquoise setting. He found it in an old house during his travels and liked the stone as the color matched his eyes.

1.1  Forms




100 lbs
30 in

200 lbs
39 in

220 lbs
6 ft 5 in

Does not use Lupus form.

Does not use Secui form.

Usually in Optime form.

2.  Personality

Has a thirst for knowledge and is always looking to increase what he knows. Can be found in among old human habitations looking for books and other materials to read and increase his knowledge with. Always willing to learn new trades from anyone that will teach him. Willing to teach what he knows to anyone that wants to learn.

From the time of the transition from being a puppy to being a young adult, his shyness and lack of interest that the females showed for him, he began to believe that he is ugly and that there was something wrong with him that made him undesirable as a mate and father to all females. This belief and the disappointment that he felt that the family had that he did not find a mate and start a family became the underlying reason for his leaving to travel the world and to try to forget the disappointment that was directed at him and the loneliness and emptiness he feels within his heart. The belief that there was something wrong with him and that he should not have children grew into the idea that he should be celibate and not pass on the undesirable traits that he has within him.

Can speak and read English and Italian. Can read some Latin and carries a couple of Latin translation books with him that he had found in his travels.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

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3.2  Family: Families

  • Extended: All of his family that he is aware of are located, to the best of his knowledge, in Italy. He has no children.

3.3  Minor Relations

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3.4  Former Relations

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4.  Interaction

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5.  History

Previous Packs

Loner (October 2016 - Spring 2019)
AniWaya (Spring 2013 - October 2016)
Elan Soquili
Loner (June 2011 - Spring 2019)
Drygrass Posse (Spring 2019 - June 2019)
The Trekkie

Born in the mountains surrounding Bolzano, Italy. Family primarily are farmers and ranchers. Raised to be a farmer and rancher, he has knowledge of food crops and planting, but his interests lay in animal husbandry and spent most of his childhood learning animal care.

Being young and ambitious, with several failed attempts at dating and none of the females of his pack or surrounding packs even remotely interested in him, Ibycus left his pack and homelands to travel the world. with the idea that the adventures would help him forget that he is ugly and undesirable and that there would be no one that would want his heart. His belief that adventure and celibacy would be the answer to keep the loneliness from overtaking his heart.

He arrived in 'Souls territory in 2011 and explored the areas as a loner.[1] [2] In Spring 2013, he joined AniWaya.

5.1  Timeline

  • about a month working and traveling the Mediterranean from Rome to Lisbon.
  • about a month traveling from Lisbon to Barbados, to Freetown.
  • About 2 weeks from Freetown to northern section of Souls, exploring as he went.

5.2  Threads


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