Willow Cormier

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Credit: Gen

Willow Cormier is the daughter of Eliza Cormier and Storm Cormier, born in Krokar. Growing up, she was always surrounded by family; three doting parents (including stepfather Milos Parhelion), four aunts and uncles, and a lot of "honorary" kin played a part in her raising. As a result, despite the chaotic events of her youth (such as the meteor impact and the Austringer Hostility), Willow grew up well-adjusted and eager for adventure, boasting an optimistic attitude and a stubborn streak inherited straight from her parents.

However, an incident with her younger brother Logan shook up her faith in her caribou and her family's love, and the departure of friend and guide Myrkr Stormbringer from the pack left her without a confidant. Struggling with her feelings and her place in the community, Willow made the decision to strike out on her own, and travel on a spiritual journey to help find herself. Braving the frozen wastes of the north, Willow eventually crossed the Hudson Strait with a group of migrating Inuit dogs, and settled in a tribal community based around Iqaluit on Baffin Island. She learned about their faith, culture, and various survival skills -- as well as took an adventurous youngster, Toklo Ikiaq, under her wing.

When she returned to Krokar, she learned that it had disbanded following a terrible disaster. Willow found the remnants of her family and joined them in The Shoal, getting to better know her younger siblings and enjoying the company of her dearly-missed loved ones. Later, her interest was piqued when she met an sensual and spiritual stranger, Athras Eryn; she met and assisted the refugees of Caledonia as they found their feet in a new world, intrigued by their culture and gods. When New Caledonia formed, Willow was one of the founding members. She was quick to find her calling as a fisherwoman and a priestess of Nín.





OOC Info

  • Date of Birth: 30 Dec 2015
    • Age: ~4 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolfdog

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

  • Pack: New Caledonia
  • Rank: Tavar
    • Co-Ranks: Piscator II, Priestess II, Heartward I
    • Guild: Limthoron

New Caledonia members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General conversations (i.e. unlikely to affect later roleplay) -- Willow is outgoing and kindhearted, happy to make small talk!
  • A fisherwoman and diver, Willow can frequently be found in the water. She makes fishing nets and poles and always shares her catch of fish.
  • She takes long walks accompanied by her caribou, often gathering natural materials (e.g. reeds, feathers) for offerings.
  • It's no secret that she's involved with Athras.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • General Description:
At first glance, Willow resembles a wolf with obviously doggish pelage. While her undercoat is soft and downy, the outer fur is coarse and wire-like, shedding water and brambles well. Her facial features are softer than a wolf's, with a shorter muzzle and a tuft of beard. Her eyes are large and expressive.
  • Optime Hair: She has an abundance of hair: thick, coarse, and wavy. It's long enough to reach mid-back when completely down, but Willow frequently styles it in various braids, half-ponytails, and messy topknots.
  • Build, Size, and Forms:
Standing taller than both her parents, Willow inherited a lupine height and build; among wolves, her size reaches the high end of average. She boasts a swimmer's build, with broad shoulders, long limbs, and streamlined muscle. She is strong, sturdy, and enduring.
  • Lupus: 32 in (81 cm) ↔ 80 lb (40 kg)
  • Secui: 44 in (112 cm) ↔ 145 lb (66 kg)
  • Optime: 6ft 7in (79 in / 201 cm) ↔ 240 lb (109 kg)


Alto (#DCDCDC)
Old Copper (#71492E)
Irish Coffee (#5F3D26)
Iroko (#4B3621)
Night Rider (#1F120F)

Optime Hair

Night Rider (#1F120F)


Danube (#6F99CB)

Nose/Pawpads, Claws, Scars

Birch (#373021)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Speech:
    • Loud (no indoor voice), average feminine pitch, enthusiastic cadence
    • Inherited her parents' drawl, muddying some words, and has a propensity for dropping the subject of sentences (e.g., "reckon I en't fishin' tonight").
    • Fluent in sign language, which includes natural Luperci body language and pantomime, but also incorporates specific signs learned from (or developed with) Storm and Toklo. Often signs "along" with her speech; her signs are as "loud" (read: big) as her speaking voice.
  • Scent: Rivers and lakes, fish, caribou, cattails and sedge, silt; Cormier, Athras, New Caledonia (rock, seasalt, spruce, dog-hybrids)
  • Physical Expression and Quirks:
    • Unashamed of her height and build, Willow is self-confident and friendly in her posture, though never vain. She generally looks alert and interested (pricked ears, slow tail wagging, direct glances), but is equally fast to show submissive or appeasing body language (aside glances, lowered ears).
    • Almost always smiling; genuine and warm about it. Extremely expressive in eyes, brows, mouth. She likes to look at others, manifested in direct (but respectfully brief) gazes to the eyes.
    • Frequently toys with her hair when self-conscious or thoughtful. Prone to fidgeting with objects if her hands aren't busy signing; clasps them together to keep them still.


Willow is earthy and usually wears little-to-nothing, especially so her few clothes doesn't get ruined. She commonly "decorates" with natural accessories, such as braiding feathers into her hair, or sticking reeds and fishbones in her topknot.

  • Accessories:
    • Exotic cone shell necklace (gifted by O'Brien)
    • Dyed beads carved from bone (from Iqaluit)
    • Various twine bracelets, hair-ties; sometimes decorated with beads
    • Feathers (duck, heron, crow); fishbones; reeds, cattails, twigs; seasonal and wetland flowers
  • Garments:
    • White crochet shawl of middling-poor quality
    • Loose, long felt skirt
    • Filches from Athras' closet for nice occasions ;)
  • Gear:
    • Small leather satchel, worn over shoulder or around hips


2.  Personality

2.1  Summary

Willow is warm and enthusiastic, curious about the world and the people in it. Friendly and outgoing, she is genuinely interested in people and loves getting to know them. Gifted with a natural intuition and a deep well of empathy, she finds ways to relate to and think the best of others (though this isn't to say that she's foolish or overly trusting). She is observant like her father, which helps her deal with people. She is kind and affirming to loved ones and acquaintances alike, with a soft spot for children and animals.

While others may be charmed by her upbeat energy and affection, some find her too smothering or too idealistic. Willow has an extreme dislike of conflict and a tendency to hold grudges against herself for past incidents. Motivated by a desire for others to like her, she may choose to ignore warning signs. She also tends to put others before herself and measure her worth by their opinions. Due to her avoidance of conflict, she tends to suppress negative emotions.

2.2  Traits

2.3  Details


  • Likes: Rivers and lakes, swimming/diving, fishing, nature and animals (caribou, cats, birds), religion, culture and stories, meeting/learning about people, adventure and exploration
  • Dislikes: Conflict of any kind, cruelty, disrespect toward nature or waste of its resources, closed-minded or uptight people


Pansexual, Willow appreciates a wide variety of people and genders, her interest piqued by personalities as much as (or more than) physical traits. She is openly flirty with those she likes, albeit trepidatious making the first "real" move. Compassionate, if sometimes smothering, she cares deeply for her partners and derives happiness from uplifting them. Unfortunately, her need for affirmation and dislike of conflict often leads to Willow glossing over her own doubts and issues, or stubbornly refusing to admit "defeat" in a relationship not built to last.

Willow is a playful, affectionate lover eager to learn new tricks to share. She views sensuality as just another way to connect with people and express affection, though her libido is higher with those she already knows and trusts intimately. Though respectful of boundaries and content with monogamy if desired by her partner, she appreciates arrangements that allow her to explore her feelings for other people -- whether short- or long-term.


Willow was raised with animistic beliefs and stories of Krokar's river goddess; she later learned about Iqalummiut deities and absorbed some of their shamanistic practices. When she learned of Caledonia's Old Gods, she found that their tenets fell in line with her preexisting values and adopted them (specifically Nín) as her own.

Her spirituality is strongly tied to nature, specifically the waters and how they represent life's balance. She seeks Nín's favor, praying to her for luck in fishing and for mercy and protection when she dives, and gives back to the river with naturalistic offerings.

To Willow, literal belief in specific deities is far less important than general faith and respect for the world. A god's name or specific rituals matter little as long as their tenets and stories uplift people and guide their lives in positive ways. In this way, Willow is closer to a pantheist.


  • Substances: Partakes in alcohol socially and likes warm, sweet drinks. Inexperienced with other substances, though not biased against them.
  • Biases: Open-minded (sometimes to a fault), but occasionally prone to insensitive assumptions due to her inexperience with some minority populations.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Willow inherited much of her spunky, loudmouth personality from her mother, Eliza Cormier. The two are enough alike to cause friction, though their mutual love repaired all hurt feelings. Their roles shifted after Willow's walkabout; she doted on Eliza during the sad, uncertain duration of Milos' disappearance.
  • Storm Cormier, Willow's father, taught her much of what she knows. She inherited his love of diving and became fluent in his sign language; they understood each other more than most others could.
  • Willow loves her stepfather, Milos Parhelion, as if he were blood. At her lowest, she didn't feel like she deserved his unconditional kindness and acceptance, which humble her. She strives to be a good person like him.
  • Percival, Daisy, and Cora are her middle siblings. Though she missed their childhood, they joined her in New Caledonia, so she is able to enjoy their company and be reminded of better times. She is proud of Percy for climbing so high in the pack, though sometimes she feels like they're in different worlds. She dotes on her sisters, patiently encouraging them in endeavors great and small.
  • Willow was young and eager to be a big sister when her brothers Bramble and Logan were born -- perhaps too eager. An accident shattered the boys' trust in her when Logan was hurt, and Willow never quite knew how to repair the damage.
  • Thistle is the baby of the Parhelion-Cormier family. She helped take care of him when he was little, but she hasn't had the opportunity to see who he's grown to become.

3.2  Other Relations

Key Relations

  • Athras Eryn captured Willow's attention from the beginning. Their friendly, playful, sensual relationship eschews labels, which is fine by Willow; she enjoys the man's company often and in all forms. Though many others have contentious opinions of the man, Willow chooses to embrace his positive traits and the ideals that they do share, while acknowledging and lightly challenging his flaws. Athras is fun, but she hasn't fallen for all his charms -- so she thinks.
  • While in Iqaluit, Willow took Toklo Ikiaq under her wing as something of a surrogate little brother. She enabled him to adventure like he'd dreamed. Although he has since matured into a fine, independent man, they still frequently spend time together -- usually goofing off.
  • O'Brien and Willow's friendship had simple beginnings that steadily and predictably built to a deep level of comfort, trust, and affection through their frequent visits. Although they love each other, due to their priorities and fixations (O'Brien's toward The Troupe and arguably Willow's feelings for the more-available Athras) the sustainability of their relationship has become a question mark that Willow fiercely ignores.

Notable Pack Relations

  • Willow respects and trusts King Iomair for his kind, approachable demeanor. She cares a lot for his consort Vodeva as well, lending her assistance to the woman while absorbing all she has to say about Nín.
  • Aerin Galenas, Athras' ward, is unusually cool toward Willow. The feeling is not mutual; Willow wants to get to know Aerin better!
  • Inara Ailurus was adopted into the Cormier family when Willow was away, but while they didn't develop as close a relationship, Willow has sisterly feelings for the girl -- and is very curious about her and Percival's relationship, finding it mirrors the story of her own parents.

Past Relations

  • Myrkr Stormbringer was Willow's first good friend when she was young; she acted like a clingy, pestering little sister to him, and he begrudgingly looked after her in turn. Because of Myrkr's anxiety disorder, she never quite recognized his depths and assumed that he needed her. She would later realize her mistake when Myrkr departed from Krokar without a word.
  • Nalluk was a hunter in Iqaluit and the first person to capture Willow's romantic interest. They had a sweet but brief dalliance.
  • Kenojuak Prior was an umialit, or whaling captain, Willow knew in Iqaluit, the older sister of Toklo. Willow greatly admired the woman for her strength of character. Keno taught her much about life in the north.

4.  Assets

4.1  Skills

Key: Dabbler --> Apprentice --> Journeyman --> Master

Main Focus: Fisherwoman, Priestess, Confidant

  • Fishing (Freshwater) (Master):
Willow grew up on the rivers and lakes of Krokar, whose members made their living fishing the waters, so she had many teachers. She knows the habits, diet, and environment of many native fish species -- and different techniques for catching them. She is comfortable with the use of a net or cane pole, with knowledge of building simplistic traps and weirs, and knows what baits catch a fish's eye. She can fish in various conditions, whether a swift-flowing river or an iced-over lake.
  • Fishing (Saltwater) (Apprentice):
Though much of her general fishing knowledge translates to ocean fishing, Willow is not quite as familiar with saltwater species. She tends to fish in the shallows, favoring nets and scavenging from tide pools, and is actively learning about the tides.
  • Crafting (Fishing Gear) (Journeyman):
Willow is capable of creating basic fishing gear from provided materials. On the simplistic end, she can rig a simple fishing pole from a branch and some fishing line, with a hook made from bone. Making a net is a more complex process, but she knows the techniques for making rope from fibers, carving the tools to measure knots, and tying those knots for the net itself. Her creations take a significant amount of time and are not perfect, but they do the job.
  • Canoeing and Kayaking (Journeyman):
Willow knows her way around a boat! She can navigate rivers and lakes with a canoe or similar water vehicle, having spent a lot of time doing so both in Krokar and Iqaluit. She possesses the strength to row and ability to steer with oars, as well as the confidence to keep balanced in mildly turbulent waters.
  • Interpersonal Skills (Master):
Willow is good with people, a product of both natural personality traits and experience. She is an active listener, intuitive, confidently engaging, empathetic, and patient. Her open-mindedness lets her find ways to relate to people, and her intuition and observation gives her insight into others' emotions. Her talent lies in making others feel heard, which opens doors to diplomacy, persuasion, and information-gathering. That said, she runs the risk of others perceiving her as insincere or patronizing.

Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies

  • Swimming and Diving (Master):
Storm taught Willow everything he knew about swimming: different strokes, breathing techniques, safety precautions, knowledge about currents and other hazards. Willow is a strong, toned swimmer comfortable in almost any body of water; she can hold her breath for a long time and knows how to navigate even treacherous environments such as underwater caves.
  • Livestock Care (Caribou) (Journeyman):
Willow spent a lot of time around Krokar's caribou herd growing up and is almost inseparable from her own. She understands their needs very well and is capable of their routine care, as well as how to deal with very common ailments. She is handy with harnesses and has a passing knowledge of training caribou for pulling work.
  • Falconry (Apprentice):
Gifted her mother's falcon, Willow learned basic falconry when she was young. She knows about the gear (gloves, jesses, hoods) and the basic care for raptors similar to her own, such as diet and stimulation needs. Though comfortable with small birds, she wouldn't know what to do with a different species (e.g, an eagle) or how to tame a bird not yet used to Luperci.
  • Hunting (Feral) (Journeyman):
Like all wolves, Willow is capable of basic hunting. She tends to follow a hunt leader's direction in group hunts. When hunting on her own, she prefers semi-aquatic prey such as beavers and woodchucks. Her preference is to fish, however.
  • Cartography (Dabbler):
While she hasn't revisited the hobby, Willow used to enjoy sketching maps -- albeit ones without any sense of scale. Her "field notes" highlighted landmarks and were given to better cartographers to be consolidated into accurate maps.

4.2  Residence

Willow and Toklo share a home: a tipi-like tent residing in the River Valley. It is simplistic and small, with just enough space for two sleeping Luperci and some of their belongings, and no decoration but for an impermanent altar to Nín. Animal hides stretched over branch frames provide the walls, but they aren't perfect shelter; they are only loosely stitched together and of varying quality, if frequently replaced. Its occupants generally sleep outside except in cases of inclement weather or a need for privacy.

4.3  Trade

Willow is a fair, sometimes lenient trader; she's easygoing as long as both parties get something they want. She has an eye for quality fishing-related goods only; other wares are less scrutinized.

  • Offering: Fish (raw, dried, pickled) and unrefined fish products (bones, fat, oil), scavenged natural materials (feathers, reeds, pebbles), middle-grade hooks and nets
  • Accepting: Quality fishing gear, decorative accessories and baubles

5.  History

See overview summary until I stop being lazy. :')

5.1  Significant Threads

The following threads are notable because they are related to significant events, demonstrative of relationships, or otherwise grant insight into plots and characters. Mostly, though, it's an abridged list so I don't die cataloging years and years of threads!

Childhood (Krokar, 2015-2017)

Prodigal Daughter (The Shoal, 2018-2019)

Beginnings (New Caledonia, 2019-???)