Iomair Nartholiel


Iomair Nartholiel


Credit: Alaine


  • Name: Iomair Nartholiel
    • Pronunciation: ee-oh-mare | nar-thol-eeyall
    • Etymology: Iomair - ‘’marshy ridge’’ Nartholiel - ‘’maker of mountains’’
    • Nickname: n/a
  • Date of Birth: 22 December 2013
  • Sex: Male
    • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Family: Nartholiel?
  • Species: Hybrid (Luperci Ortus)



  • Character NPC: n/a
  • Animal NPC: Bryony

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Plot Opportunities

  • Iomair is growing suspicious of loners and characters found in the neutral territories due to the recent violence that seems to have found New Caledonia. Members of the realm may have noticed that he is frustrated and more terse than normal!
  • Iomair is having a tough time with romance... maybe coach him on the finer things in life? Or join him for a vent session?


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Iomair Nartholiel is the current High King of New Caledonia. He is known for being an inspirational leader who imbues the future that he hopes for in his peerage. Iomair was born into a high ranking family of the Aegas Clan and follows the traditions of old to a certain degree. The High King believes in the interweaving of tradition and progress, and is not so rooted in his past that he refuses to look forward. He is a patron to the Court of Dawn and can often be found amongst his people.

1.  Personality

1.1  Overview


Iomair is a complicated man. To the public, he is a doting King with a loving family, a man prepared to do anything for his kin and country. In private, he is a warm-eyed man, but one who sacrifices his familial relationships in favor of his Kingdom. He does not often dwell on the past, though this can make him blindly optimistic about the future.


  • Demeanor: Friendly, Noble, Hard-working, Broad Minded, Compassionate
  • Speech: Iomair has a deep baritone that is pleasant on the ears and with a subtle gravel
  • Scent: Salt, Ocean, Leather, Pine, (New Caledonia)
  • Outlook: Iomair is generally Optimistic

1.2  Detail


  • Likes: The Realm, Vodeva, Red hair, Blades, Meeting new people, His children
  • Dislikes: Vodeva when she’s a raging b, War, Those who follow tradition for traditions sake


Iomair dislikes Non-Luperci, a bias that was passed down from his parents and the culture that he grew up in. Outside of this he is general accepting of any and all who cross his path.

Motivations and Fears

Iomairs biggest motivation is the betterment of his Realm. This is the thread which connects many of his decisions, and he aims to be a King that will be remembered for many generations to come.

His time in Old Caledonia has given him trepidations surrounding war. He is afraid of losing the following that became New Caledonia and making decisions that injure the Realm at large.


Iomair is heterosexual and believes in the strength that comes with a loving wife. He and Vodeva have been married for years, though their relationship has been riddled with celebration and tribulation in equal measure.

He has in the past broken his marriage vows by laying with a Heartward in Old Caledonia. He has tried very hard not to stray while leading New Caledonia, but this has proven more difficult than anticipated. He is not against a one night stand, though prefers for the connection to be fleeting for the sake of protecting his reputation.


Iomair is known to drink but does not often smoke as the smoke bothers his throat. Social pressures could easily sway him, however.


Iomair is a devout believer in Dur, the god of his Aegas Clan. Dur is often thought of as the god of creation and hard work, and Iomair carries a small iron token with him as a demonstration of his faith. He has a general knowledge of the other Caledonian Gods (more so for Nin, the God his wife follows), but does not favor them as he does Dur.

2.  Appearance

2.1  Basics


Iomair is a wolf-dog who has inherited much from his father. He is broad shouldered from his time working in the forges, and sports a short cropped beard that is accentuated by his whiskers. Though predominantly a warm golden-brown, Iomair had begun to turn silver at his temples, a fact which brings him great chagrin. Handsome despite his impending age, Iomair is well kept and straight forward - he is a King not known to be opulent or boastful. He has golden eyes that are often warm and eager to share stories.

Iomair is covered in a mixture of wiry doggish fur and the thick overcoat that his wolven ancestry passed on to him. This ruff is most noticeable about his shoulders, but otherwise he strikes a lean looking figure of medium length brown fur. To the touch his fur is course and thick.

Iomair is humanized in that he wears clothing and sometimes sports a roughly made crown. When wearing clothes, he chooses items that offer utility and comfort. Unlike some other members of the realm he does not have an eye for fashion, though perhaps over time this will change as he becomes more familiar with the Dye Studio.


  • Lupus: 31 in (12 cm) ↔ 82 lbs (37 kg)
  • Secui: 40 in (16 cm) ↔ 145 lbs (66 kg)
  • Optime: 6 ft 4 in (193 cm) ↔ 195 lbs (88 kg)


Iomair has few items due to leaving most of his collection behind in Old Caledonia. His items are clearly worn and have in some cases been mended many times. He most often can be found in a tunic with a laced front, and a heavy fur lined cloak. In times of Diplomacy he has a stick pin that symbolizes the unification of the clans and is one of his most treasured positions.


  • 2x Tunic - white/cream - patched, well-worn
  • Fur lined Wool cloak - Natural Fabric


  • Iron Ring
  • Metal Crown
  • Leather Accessories (Belt, Satchel, Vambraces)

Color Palette

Please note that Iomair's color palette may be artistically exaggerated in his depictions.

Fur and Optime Hair

 Haiti (#27212f)

 Cloudburst (#394055)

 Comet (#595f77)

 Mishka (#afb1bb)

 Silver Rust (#c9c0b6)

 Westar (#e3ded9)


 Millbrook (#5d3c31)

 Old Copper (#764a3e)

 Fallow (#c19067)


 My Sin (#f9bb3c)

2.2  Gallery

For the full gallery, click here?. Hover for image credit!

by Despi by Nat

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Immediate Family (Nartholiel?)

Unknown relations indicated by *

  • Mother: Grainne Ghealach
  • Father: Tairnean Nartholiel
  • Siblings: Ciryandil (Deceased Brother), Vinitharya (Deceased Sister)
  • Mate: Whoops he single
  • Children: Solas and Indis
    • Iomair wrongly assumes that he is the Father of Marina Amaranthe based off of a lie Odalis told him in order to be gifted goods and after a short affair.

3.2  Key Family Relationships

  • Vodeva Nartholiel is Iomairs ex-wife. Ever since their son, Solas, abandoned home their relationship changed, and Iomair found himself being blamed for a great many things that he sees as being out of his control. Stress and an empty bed lead the man to infidelity with Heartwards in Old Caledonia. In an attempt to rebuild their bond he laid his truths out to Vodeva – but she is unforgiving. With the responsibility of the clans and his new title their relationship has crumbled. Iomair pines for the way things were, but Vodeva is dead set on blaming him for all of their problems. In early November 2020 Vodeva threw Iomair out of their rooms and later called for a divorce.
  • Solas is Iomairs problematic son. Growing up Solas wanted to be just like Iomair, but when he learnt about his fathers indiscretions he began to lose faith in his Fathers power. Solas was always a stubborn young man, but he became unbearable when he began drinking too much and abandoning his duties to the clan. After a blow out with his parents he abandoned them and took off for the wilds, eager to forget his past and forge ahead with his life. Iomair hasn't heard from him since.
  • Indis is Iomairs only daughter. Growing up the family was close, but as Indis got older she realized that her family's beliefs were not necessarily her own. She struggled with how she fit into the Clan, and once Solas decided to leave she decided to do the same. There was no arguments or definitive moment that set her on her way. One morning they awoke and their golden daughter was simply... gone. In truth, Iomair knows very little about his adult children as they have spent so much time apart.
  • Iomair always felt that he withheld himself from his Mother, Grainne, in some ways. Much of her attention was dedicated to caring for Vinitharya, who since her birth had been chronically ill. She loved them all in her own way, but Iomair always thought that she was rather preoccupied and uninterested in the rest of their lives. This left Iomair and his brother Ciryandil mostly to their own devices. Iomairs mother passed away before the war ever came to Old Caledonia. Later, his Father would tell him that they first met in a Heartwards Den.
  • His Father, Tairnean Nartholiel was larger than life. He is the sort of Father that is all encompassing and is the start of many of Iomairs childhood memories. He taught the boys to fight and encouraged them to follow their own paths. He was considered odd for his time as his ideas were too modern. He believed in unification, and passed on many of his ideas to Iomair and Ciryandil. Unfortunately, he died as the result of an injury acquired during a skirmish on their border.
  • Vinitharya was the apple of the Nartholiel family. The tiny woman was doted upon for most of her life, due in part to the unnamed illness which plagued her from birth. She was often bed bound or restricted to their familial home, though because of this she had a vibrant imagination. She was a wonderful storyteller, and it is for this reason that Iomair appreciates a tale well told. Iomair always appreciated that Vini did not allow herself to be overcome with grief that her life had not turned out differently, and she loved unabashedly and fought ferociously to survive against all odds. She passed away sometime in the winter of her third year - an act which Iomair missed due to a hunting party with his brother, a fact he regrets to this day.
  • Ciryandil was the perfect brother, and Iomair looked up to him for most of his life. He was good at anything that he set his mind to and was an accomplished soldier. He was gregarious and charismatic, and was expected to inherit their household as firstborne. Once Vinitharya died it changed Ciryandil forever and he began to drink and expose himself to danger unnecessarily. During a mission gone wrong Ciryandil perished and never returned - leaving responsibility to his younger brother. Iomair can’t help but resent his brother slightly, but over time this has softened somewhat.

3.3  New Caledonia Relationships

  • Fennore is an enigma to the King, and though there was a moment where he thought there was a chance for them to fall into bed together it would seem this time has passed (or has it!?). She joined the group when they were still little more than a fledgling Loner Band, and she became a Founding Member of New Caledonia. In the wake of Athras’ disappearance the young woman stepped up to fill a spot on the Council and has proven a trusted ally for Realm.
  • Place holderrrr gotta fill in all you fine chaps

Former New Caledonia Relationships

  • Athras Eryn and Iomair created New Caledonia soon after escaping from the war. Iomair thought it pertinent to have a connection to the old country in the Eryn man, as he was a devout follower of the verdant stag. Athras was the packs Lord Regent, though sometime in early spring 2020 Athras Eryn disappeared from the pack without a trace along with Willow Cormier.
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3.4  General Relationships

Positive Relationships

Friendly: Calan Brecours, Torabera Tanaka?, Kalypso Savoy

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Negative Relationships

Unfriendly: lorem ipsum bumbum

  • lorem ipsum bumbum
Former Relationships
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4.  NPCs

4.1  Animal NPCs



  • Name: Bryony
    • Meaning: A type of climbing plant
    • Pronunciation: brye-oh-nee
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Unknown, Sire Stantevit
  • D.O.B.: 2015


  • Height: 15 hands (60 in; 152 cm)
  • Weight: 890 lbs (404 kg)
  • Coloration: He is a silver black pinto: a black and white coat with a flaxen mane and tail, and dark eyes.
  • Inventory: Simple bridal and saddle.
  • Personality: Generally friendly, eager to please


5.  History

5.1  Summary


Iomair was born to two high ranking members of the Aegas Clan in Old Caledonia. His parents met at a young age in a Heartwards den (a fact that Iomair only found out, much, much later - he was always under the assumption that their marriage had been arranged like his own). His mother, Grainne Nartholiel (born Grainne Ghealach of Lorn) birthed three children sired by his father, Tairnean Nartholiel. Iomair was the only one from the litter to survive into full adulthood. A fever claimed the life of his younger sister and his brother was murdered after partaking in a feud with a neighbouring family-clan.


Ever since, Iomair has focused on the betterment of his Clan and family, forging not only weapons but also relationships. The man has a knack with weapons, and despite his kindly expression can be known to be as stubborn as the iron his family is named after. He believes deeply in Dúr, the Iron God of his Clan, and carries a small metal talisman with him at all times. Iomair married a woman from Taur named Vodeva and sired two children by her soon after. Indis and Solas grew up peacefully and well loved, though as they aged rifts began to form between them. His homeland was set upon by renegade forces in late 2018. The Clans fought valiantly in an effort to drive them off but ultimately failed. Iomair participated in the fighting and skirmishes until he was brought before the Clan Leaders and was elected to lead them. The fact that he was forced to step away from his soldiers in order to lead still haunts him to this day.

5.2  Threads


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  1. Title (Date)
    Area?, with Character?.
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  2. Title (Date)
    Area?, with Character?.
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Calrian hunkers down with the Troupe in Amherst during the Blizzard, but still manages to get lost. Adina finds him! The Troupe then moves their group to Inferni's old stomping grounds and fall in love with the hot springs. Calrian brings back a strange mystic to join their group.

  1. the sun is a flame, the dog’s teeth
    With Adina Inferni. Adina rescues Calrian from a basement after the blizzard.
  2. two moonshiners on the cusp of a breath
    With Indis. Calrian teaches Indis how to catch fireflies.
  3. at a certain level, you have to trust your gut
    With Sawyer Cook, Salem. Calrian brings back Salem to the group, and Cook helps the two of them feel better.
  4. out of bed and into the noise
    With Malik, Salem. Calrian and Salem enjoy the hot springs and Malik joins in. They share stories.

Things get into a rhythm for The Troupe as the winter finally starts to relent. Calrian tries to pull a heist with O'Brien to prove he's not such a nice guy, but gets a little banged up in the process. Adina helps him out with that, and with the word of the lord. Calrian also gets a lil excitement in his life in the hands of a pretty lady-thief. Adrianna and Vivian return from Portland, bearing goods and the best good of all, themselves! They throw a party in their honor, and friendships are made. Riding high, Calrian proposes La Estrella Roja.

  1. linen and smoke
    With Salem. Calrian tries to be nice to Salem and she calls him a NICE GUY. He also gets his cards read!
  2. thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird [M]
    With O'Brien, Symre Rask. Cal asks O'Brien to help him pull a robbery so he can prove he's not a "nice" guy.
  3. an unkindness of ravens
    With Adina Inferni. Calrian, bruised up after a certain incident, returns and runs into Adina.
  4. homeless siren sings Lasky
    With Salka Huxley. Calrian runs into Salka at a trader's market and helps her pull off a little heist. Adrenaline makes for a great kiss.
  5. drop it like it's hot
    With O'Brien, Malik, Salem. Adrianna and Vivian return from Portland!
  6. margaritaville [M]
    With The Troupe. Troupe Beach Party!!!
  7. searching for my long lost shaker of salt
    With Adrianna Julia. Calrian and Adri gossip on the beach.
  8. but I know it's nobody's fault
    With Indis. Calrian and Indis goof off while building a sandcastle.
  9. some people claim there's a woman to blame
    With Salem. As the night winds down, Calrian goes to bother Salem and they become friends.
  10. shine on in the hearts of men
    With The Troupe. With everyone in good spirits, Calrian proposes that they stay at the schoolhouse and make it into "La Estrella Roja".

As spring settles in, the Troupe gets comfortable. Calrian goes on a date with his new paramour, gets some plague remedies, and works with Clementine to help make his Dreams Come True. A nightmare happens instead: Indis murders some guys and causes a ruckus with the Troupe. Hurt feelings everywhere and a lot of guts. Calrian tries to be a big man like his papa but isn't exactly well suited for the role. At least he has Malik!

  1. all that I have is the river Lasky
    With Salka Huxley. Calrian goes on a date with Salka and they talk about the stars. They accidentally drink the worst booze in the world and Calrian passes out before anything can happen.
  2. a figure standing in the window
    With Capricorn Ziskid, ZuriAcidic-Trombetta. Calrian trades some birds for plague stuff!
  3. a circus in three rings
    With Clementine Salcedo. Clem comes to check out the renovations and establishes her role as Benefactress of La Roja.
  4. the other side [M]
    With Indis, O'Brien, Jethro Lykoi, Malik, Galilee Haskel, Marlowe de le Poer. Indis hulks out and murders some guys, Malik accidentally accuses Jeff, Lee protecc Indis, Obrien is around for eye candy, Calrian tries to be a big boy, Marlowe is like "look i get it, sometimes you just gotta murder a bitch"
  5. fools in the fetters
    With The Troupe. Calrian calls a disastrous family meeting after the Indis-cident.
  6. drawn to the blood
    With Malik. Calrian tries to console his brother who just got beat up by their medic.

With things having calmed down a little, the Troupe slowly but surely gets its footing again. That is, until the earthquake hits. Indis leaves at the end of the month, and Calrian is deeply hurt by it.

  1. headed where the sun can warm your skin
    With Calrian. Cal futzes around with Malik's lute.
  2. lead you back the way you came [M]
    With Salka Huxley. With things somewhat settled down, Calrian tries to have fun again. He and Salka visit the hot springs.
  3. given shape to the struggle
    With Salem. Earthquake!
  4. dry toes
    With Rocky Cortés. Calrian runs into a trader in Amherst.
  5. sweet child of mine
    With Mateo Salcedo, O'Brien, Malik. Mateo returns with a BABY?
  6. where I'm going
    With Indis. Indis tries to leave in the night, and Calrian begs her not to go.
  7. everything you have ever seen was just a mirror
    With Salem. Calrian goes to tell Salem that Indis left and gets a little emotional because baby no sleep last night.

Progress on La Roja is slow but steady. Everyone gradually recovers from their mishaps and mistakes, until Calrian bulldozes down any progress he made with Salem.

  1. a little bit comes bleeding through
    With Solomon Amaranthe. Calrian runs into his cousin Solomon. He does not know it's his cousin!
  2. the Flavourtown library
    With Sawyer Cook, Malik, Adina Inferni. Bacon times!
  3. your whole life sweating in an endless fever
    With Jethro Lykoi. Jeff and Calrian awkwardly catch up and exchange information about the Del Cenerans.
  4. planets, more than the planets
    With Malik. The brothers Amaranthe work on La Roja and discuss things. THINGS.
  5. easily torn and not easily mended
    With Adina Inferni. Calrian tries to help Adina investigate the fish plague.
  6. how does this close feel so far away
    With Salem. Calrian gets shitfaced drunk and Salem has to deal with it. Everyone's sorry.
  7. you go to heaven once you've been to hell
    With Salka Huxley. After making a fool of himself, Calrian decides to nurse his wounded pride by taking a trip to New Caledonia in the hopes of drumming up some interest in La Roja. He runs into the girl he forgot to call back after their hookup! Wooops!

Kicking off the new month with a journey to the Kingdom up north, Calrian continues to ensure that progress on La Roja goes without a hitch.

  1. dreams are the only thing that save you
    With Iomair Nartholiel. Calrian meets the King of New Caledonia and talks business, mostly trying to get him and his pack to come down to La Estrella Roja.
  2. take everything I've got
    With Calan Brecours. After his meeting with Iomair, Calrian meets the affable Calan of New Caledonia and trades some goods to help spruce up La Roja, and a gift for Salem.
  3. as the world caves in
    With Salem. Calrian tries to make it up to Salem.
  4. play their grisly blindfold games
    With Clementine Salcedo. The Benefactress comes to deliver spices and check in on Roja progress.
  5. running in circles
    With Sawyer Cook. Calrian gets to know Cook a little better, even if the old man is a bit cagey about his past.
  6. Our time is coming, if you're ready or not
    With Jethro Lykoi, Marlowe de le Poer, Adrianna Julia, Vivian du Prix. Some of the group gets together and plays a card game!

It's a big month! La Estrella Roja opens and the patrons start coming and they don't stop coming.

  1. the night is still young, and so are we
    With The Troupe. It's the night before opening, and the Troupers are having fun!
  2. Quid Pro Quo
    With Toraberā Tanaka. Calrian serves Tora a drink at the bar.
  3. a deal's a deal
    With Sanguine Valentine. Calrian meets Sanguine Valentine in the hall.
  4. In over your head
    With Kronin Massacre. Kronin seems to be having a tough time, and Calrian gets him a drink.
  5. the room just down the hall
    With Salem. Calrian tries to do a card reading for Salem.
  6. the only motto in life is don't lose
    With Lomasi Redfeather. A pretty young thing wants to dance, and who is Cal to say no?