Categories on the Wiki

This page lists all/almost all categories on the wiki alphabetically by title.

Updating this List

  1. To add a category to the list, go to the category in question, edit it and add a Title tag like this:
(:Title Category Name:)
  1. Adhere to the current structure of categorization: if it's a pack, the Category Name should be Pack: Packname.

Using Categories

Feel free to add a page to a category. This can be accomplished by enclosing a word or phrase in double square brackets, preceded by an exclamation mark. Eg: [[!Inferni]] Other examples might include dates of birth and death, families, packs, deceased characters, open characters, and so on. To use these, place them at a bottom of the page.

[[!Inferni]] [[!2006 Births]] [[!2009 Deaths]] [[!Sadira]] [[!Open Characters]]

Important Categories

Stub Articles

Stub articles are articles that need work. If you know anything about someone or something listed in the stubs category, please add it! Add any "skeletal" pages you create to the stubs category.


  • Pack categories -- e.g., DDM or IF. Pack categories can be used for each pack a person is a part of.
  • Date of birth and date of death categories -- e.g., 2009 Births or 2010 Deaths.
  • Character categories -- e.g., Open Character.
  • Families -- e.g., Lykoi or Sadira.

Current Categories