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  1.   1.  Updating the Resources Lists
  2.   2.  'Souls Resources
  3.   3.  Roleplaying Resources
  4.   4.  Writing Resources
  5.   5.  Graphics Resources
  6.   6.  Wiki Templates
  7.   7.  Other Resources

There are a lot of helpful, useful, and awesome things on the Internet. Instead of searching through piles of junk and stuff that isn't really relevant to what you want, enterprising 'Soulsters have compiled multiple lists of many different resources great for roleplaying!

1.  Updating the Resources Lists

  • Please feel free to update these lists with any resources you come across, remove old/outdated resources, etc. o: Try to find an appropriate category for them. If none exist, just make a new category.
  • Please don't create new resource list pages. Put any new categories that don't fit into 'Souls, Graphics, Roleplaying, or Writing onto the Other page. If it explodes and gets a ton of links and subcategories, off to its own page it goes!

2.  'Souls Resources

The 'Souls Resources section is particularly special. This section contains 'Souls-specific guides, written by members and members of the admin/mod team. You can update most of these guides yourself, editing in new information or removing outdated information!

Also included are some helpful charts, maps, and lots of other resources relevant specifically for 'Souls: AKA stuff you can't get anywhere else!

3.  Roleplaying Resources

Roleplaying Resources that aren't specifically made for 'Souls can be found here. There's some great stuff here, including character name generators, Wikipedia categories and pages for your inspirational needs, character devleopment resources, and companion NPC resources.

4.  Writing Resources

Writing Resources include style guides, dictionaries, words to know, common errors, and so forth. If you're looking to improve your writing, try browsing some of the links found here.

5.  Graphics Resources

The Graphics Resources section is great for anyone who posts a lot in Talents. Tutorials, programs, images, generators, you name it, it's here. Both artwork resources as well as general roleplay graphic resources are covered underneath this section.

6.  Wiki Templates

The Wiki Templates section is full of page templates to help you get started in adding/editing to the Wiki! Don't forget to check out Basic Editing too!

7.  Other Resources

Other Resources include everything and anything else! Subcategories include technology, homework, and adulthood resources. New resources categories that don't fit on any of the other pages should go here.