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1.  Writing Resources

Improving your writing is an integral part of roleplaying here at 'Souls. Many of these links can be extremely useful, from refining your style to avoiding common errors. Check these pages out!

1.1  General Resources

1.2  Common Errors

The more silly errors you can avoid, the better! For example, many people use the phrase “it didn't phase him at all.” This isn't actually correct! There are lots of nuances in the language that aren't so obvious, and many of these errors are pervasive. The media uses them often, and they are common in everyday speech. You can seriously impress someone if you use the proper homonym or avoid a nonsensical cliche!

1.3  Vocabulary Expansion

From virtualsalt.com's introduction, you should build your vocabulary for “shades and degrees of meaning,” “exactness of meaning” and “clarification of a concept.” This is absolutely true, but take care to avoid thesaurus abuse, and make sure the word you're trying to use means what you think it means.