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1.  General

  1. Do not make heavy edits to other players' pages without permission! This includes Character pages, NPC pages, Player pages, and some Family pages. In most cases, small fixes for typos, broken links, and other minor items are okay, but use your best judgment, and always double-check with the player if you're unsure!
  2. If you find something that's broken, inaccurate, or otherwise outdated -- update it! The Wiki is meant to be edited by all members. All contributions are appreciated.
  3. When editing, please include your Players page name in the Author field. Including notes about what you edited is also a good idea, especially when considering general pages.
  4. Do not embed counters, flash, JavaScript, clickable adoptable game icons, or other fancy/flashy baubles to Wiki pages.
  5. Do not over-format pages. A wiki should be easy to read and to edit, and overly decorative formatting makes both difficult.
  6. Use templates where applicable. It's okay to modify things, but your page should not be radically different from other similar pages.
  7. Please adhere to the guidelines of each section.
  8. Adding relevant images is awesome! Make sure your images are either Creative Commons, stock photos, public domain, or that you otherwise have permission to use them; note attributions when necessary.
  9. You may make minor changes to main category pages (e.g., the Areas page -- fixing a typo, adding a new territory, etc.). If you want to make major changes (e.g., formatting or page layout changes), please ask first.
  10. Avoid deleting pages if possible. Redirect them instead!
  11. Wiki vandalism and intentionally malicious edits will not be tolerated. Get ready to have your editing privileges revoked.

2.  Scared?

If you royally screw up and break something, it's okay! The great thing about Wikis is that edits can always be rolled back -- click the History tab, and Restore your last edit. Ask, and someone will certainly explain to you what went wrong!

3.  Characters

  1. For Characters that are current and active, it would probably be best to ask before editing! Tread carefully on other people's characters.
  2. For older characters, especially those whose players are no longer around, please, please contribute!
  3. Use a template or make up your own, but do keep it clean, structured, and organized!
  4. Characters are in alphabetical order by their surname, unless they don't have one, in which case they're listed just alphabetically.
  5. TIP: Remember to tag your character with relevant categories! There are family, pack, birthdate, and many other categories.

4.  Packs

  1. Pack information is pretty important, so it's good to keep it updated! Some packs offer incentives for members who choose to update their pack information on the Wiki -- double check with your pack information if you're not sure!
  2. Players are free to make edits to the pack's history and other relevant information.
  3. Do discuss large, complex, or otherwise very involved edits with leaders and pack members as is appropriate. Collaboration is key!
  4. Leaders can freely make "subpages" for their packs -- e.g., Salsola History or Inferni Animals.

5.  Territories/Areas

  1. Members are not permitted to add new territories of their own creation to the 'Souls playable game area. Clean-up of the landmarks and flora/fauna sections can be done, but the description of the 'Souls territories themselves should be left alone unless you're fixing discrepancies between the Wiki and the official territory descriptions in the forums (assume the forum is the updated version).
  2. Landmarks can be added, but use your better judgement, please. A huge city is not an acceptable landmark. A small storefront is.
  3. Likely encounters mark different NPCs (e.g. bNPCs or various player NPCs) that may be encountered in a given territory, as well as active characters that may reside in or frequent an area. Inactive characters and "floating" NPCs should be removed from the page or moved to a 'Former Residents' list to avoid confusion, as these characters cannot be referenced as still being in the area.
  4. Flora and Fauna can be edited, but make sure you adhere to the Flora guide on the Wiki.

5.1  World Territories

Add Your Own!

  1. Anyone can add a world area to the Wiki.
  2. When creating a character, adhere to the Classifications. If an area is closed you may not create a character from that area.
  3. Adhere to the Travel Guide when considering travel from one place to the next. It's not realistic for your Luperci to be in Siberia one week and South Africa the next!
  4. Please make sure you are realistic in your territory creations -- see the MemberGuides section for more information regarding realism. Realistic includes sizing, culture, population, etc. It's not realistic for 5,000 Luperci to live in one suburban block, for example. ;)

Player-Created Area Classifications

  1. Open indicates anyone may create characters originating from the area, or have their character stay in the area for some time.
  2. Request indicates players must request permission to create a character originating from the area or spent a sizable period of time in the area, but they may play a character that passed through the area or their character has heard of the area.
  3. Closed indicates anything relative to the exact area is by request of the creator only. Players can't claim an entire country-sized area as their own, of course.
  4. Note: Areas added to the Wiki by anyone other than the original creator -- e.g., Sie added the Berowick area, which was created by Xani -- default to closed.

Editing Player-Created Areas

  1. Major changes to an area owned by another player (EVEN an Open area) -- e.g., a massive fire, slaughter of the population, or other sweeping changes to culture, values, or system -- are extremely disrespectful. :( If you'd like to play a character with a destroyed family/homeland/territory, create your own place and destroy it, please!
  2. If an area is primarily controlled by one Player, ask before you update -- this especially applies to Closed and Request areas.

Editing European Cities

  1. All the major European cities are completely open for use -- feel free to create a character originating from one of these big cities! They do not belong to a particular player.
  2. The listed European cities are the only "populous cities" (e.g., a population of a few hundred) of Luperci in the world. Players are free to create smaller villages, towns, etc., but in order to keep the game from becoming overpopulated with vast Luperci cities, there's already a set number of population-significant cities.
  3. If another player has already started to establish information for a particular European City, it's courteous to build on that information. Again, collaboration is key. Reach out to other players if they're still around!

6.  History

Each IC year has its own page. There is a current month page, which can be updated by the players throughout the month. At the end of the month, these compiled edits can be shoved into the relevant year (or, the especially lazy editor can simply add a new header on the current page for the following month -- someone will clean up after you, no worries :P) for cleanliness and ease of updating.

  1. Keep dates in chronological order. If a thread has been forward or backdated, make sure it appears in proper order in the timeline.
  2. The header of each section should be the date, and lists/bullet points should be used for each individual event on that day.
  3. Each event on should be written in paragraph form with a link.
  4. Link the character's name at least the first time the name appears on a page.
  5. Great things to add: births; deaths; plots that affect more than three or four characters; interesting, funny, or unusual threads (adding your own is fine, but make sure you're not noting the inane -- e.g., a regular meet and greet has no place here). Board-wide plots and pack plots, duh!
  6. Major plots are listed separately on their own pages, although major events from said plots may be repeated on the monthly or yearly pages.

7.  Families

  1. For Families that are predominantly controlled by one Player, ask before you edit. For Families that are very large and widespread, more collaboration will likely be required. Please contribute!
  2. Each family should be separated into generations. The First Generation should be the generation that the first (relevant) barer of the family name was born into. "Relevant" means that the character was played at 'Souls. For example, even though Kaena Lykoi probably wasn't the first in her family to have the surname Lykoi, she was the first to have been played at 'Souls, and thus she would be included within the First Generation on the Lykoi family page.
  3. Litters within a generation should be listed in the order they were born.
  4. Each litter should be listed with the mother first so that it reads Mother x Father. The parent that contributes the family blood should be bolded.
  5. If an entire litter is unnamed and stillborn, we prefer for the puppies to be listed as Unnamed x 3. If the puppies have names or some significance, they can be listed.
  6. Multi-father litters are split into two litters. (formatting: [--%gray%♥%%--]) indicates a litter with multiple fathers and the same mother.
  7. Δ (formatting: '''%color=#55931D%Δ%%''') indicates an open character that is presently up for adoption. You can also check the Open Characters category!


  • When you make your character's page, if they are a member of a family (or families), make sure you link to that family's page!
  • You can also use family-based Wiki Categories!
  • When adding characters onto a family page, make sure you include the "Characters/." Thus, to link Gabriel de le Poer, you should type "Characters/Gabriel de le Poer" into your link rather than just "Gabriel de le Poer."

8.  NPCs

  1. The NPCs section is intended to house characters who are not generally intended for play. If you're creating an adoptable, you're in the wrong section: that's a Character instead of an NPC. Examples of things that should go in this category include your character's horse, their cNPC mother who will never be played, off-board characters, etc.
  2. If you do change your mind about an NPC and want to see them played, you can just redirect page in this section to the Characters section -- no worries.
  3. Use a template or make up your own, but try to keep it structured and organized!
  4. NPCs are grouped by their current owner or attachment, if applicable. Characters should be ordered alphabetically.

9.  Players

  1. Please keep off other players' pages unless they have designated a Guestbook section or when otherwise appropriate.
  2. Feel free to create a page for a player who hasn't yet made one. If you create a page, simply include a list of their active characters -- don't add anything else; remember the first rule! o:
  3. Feel free to update a players' list of characters -- adding a new character, moving an active to inactive, etc.

10.  'Souls-Specific Coding

10.1  Templates

Please note: the templates are bases for you to use and do not need to be used verbatim. Modify them as you like; just remember: the Wiki is meant to facilitate easy reading and easy editing. Remember the Wiki Guidelines!

Major Page Templates

Character Templates

  • Historical (Non-Repsonsive) (Show)

Other Templates

10.2  Mature Material

As per 'Souls mature content guidelines, all mature material must be marked. In addition, images exceeding PG-13 content (such as nudity or gore) must not be embedded - only linked. Please see our Mature Content Guidelines for more information about what constitutes mature material. When working on the Wiki, you obviously must use the Wiki's markup. c: Please use the following tag to mark your mature content!

(:include Site.MatureWarning:)

WARNING: This page contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

10.3  Groups and Links

The wiki is divided into groups: Souls, History, Families, etc. Pages are named by groups followed by a forward slash followed by the page name. For example, Dahlia de Mai's link is: [[Packs/Dahlia de Mai]] . And likewise, a character's page is Characters/Character Name. Linking to a page in a different group requires the Group name and then the page name: Group/Page.

However, if you are linking to a page in the same group, you do not need to specify the group name. For example, if you are editing your character's page and want to link to their mother, you only need to link to the other character's name, and not Characters/Mother. For example:

My character is the son of [[Big Daddy]] and [[Mama Bear]]. They live in [[Packs/Dahlia de Mai]], but were previously [[Packs/Loners]]. My character was born in [[Areas/Halcyon Mountain]] on July 27, 2008. 

My character is the son of Big Daddy? and Mama Bear?. They live in Dahlia de Mai, but were previously Loners. My character was born in Halcyon Mountain on July 27, 2008.

10.4  Linking Shortcuts

The Wiki allows for shortened links -- use these wherever possible!


phpBB Board (Current)

  • Profile:# inside your double brackets will automatically link to the 'Souls forum profile of the # user
  • Thread:# does the same for threads.
  • Forum:# does the same for forums.

Note: These will also work with "NSouls" in front of them -- e.g., "NSoulsProfile" is the same as "Profile."

IPB Archive Board



  • The packs usually have redirects set up -- unlike most other links on the Wiki, you needn't specify the page group (e.g., the bolded part -- Characters/Gabriel de le Poer). If a pack doesn't have a redirect set in a certain section, feel free to make one.

10.5  Categories

Feel free to add a page to a category. This can be accomplished by enclosing a word or phrase in double square brackets, preceded by an exclamation mark. Eg: [[!Inferni]] Other examples might include dates of birth and death, families, packs, deceased characters, open characters, and so on. To use these, place them at a bottom of the page.

[[!Inferni]] [[!2006 Births]] [[!2009 Deaths]] [[!Sadira]] [[!Open Characters]]

Important Categories

Stub Articles

Stub articles are articles that need work. If you know anything about someone or something listed in the stubs category, please add it! Add any "skeletal" pages you create to the stubs category.


  • Pack categories -- e.g., DDM or IF. Pack categories can be used for each pack a person is a part of.
  • Date of birth and date of death categories -- e.g., 2009 Births or 2010 Deaths.
  • Character categories -- e.g., Open Character.
  • Families -- e.g., Lykoi or Sadira.

11.  Miscellaneous

11.1  Questions?

See the Wiki FAQ.

11.2  Wiki Uniformity

We know many players love uniquely customising Wiki pages to be visually creative and individual. However, such highly customised pages are better suited for personal character websites than a community wiki, where we'd prefer a degree of cohesiveness and uniformity.

We really don't want to be too stringent and nitpicky with regard to visual conformity, but we do want to ensure that every page is easy to read and process. After all, the wiki is a resource, and resources are best when they're accessible to as many as possible! With that in mind, please do keep in mind the following:

  • All page backgrounds -- and most of the page -- should be white.
  • Colored backgrounds should be limited to section headers and character color palettes only.
  • All text must be high-contrast and legible, including those in colored header sections. Decorative transformations on text (all caps, extra space between letters, etc) and excessively tiny text (smaller than 12px) should be avoided.
  • Purely decorative elements, such as extra dividers or flourishes, dashed table borders, etc, should be avoided.

This list will be added to as needed, but we don't want to need to! When in doubt, ask yourself: is this formatting necessary, or do I just think it looks cool?

11.3  Ideals

Remember, this is a wiki, so traditional wiki ideals -- open collaboration and archival of collective knowledge -- should be respected when possible! Please create pages for past characters, past events, and other items of relevancy and note. Cite thread references and sources when possible! For characters you did not play, list the information you know that can be verified (and link that verification, if you can!). Make a references header and put a character's profile link on their wiki page, etc!


11.4  Links