Dahlia de Mai


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Dahlia de Mai

ColoursSoft Red (#a2152c) & Purple (#6f04ac)
Founded ByColibri Soul & Cercelee
Founded OnApril 21, 2008

— Dahlia de Mai II —

Founded ByConor Soul
Founded OnApril 5, 2010
Defunct OnJuly 1, 2011

Past Leadership

Former LeadersCercelee, Colibri Soul, Haku Soul, Conor Soul
Former SubleadersHaku Soul, Cwmfen nic Graine

Pack History

Succeeded byIchika no Ho-en (merge with Phoenix Valley)

Dahlia de Mai was founded on April 21 2008 by Cercelee and Colibri Soul. Dahlia is widely known as one of the most aggressive wolf packs, especially after the infamous Haku Soul started the Second Dahlian War. Ironic to its violent history, Dahlia was merged with Phoenix Valley in 2011 to become the peaceful, hippie-inspired Ichika no Ho-en.

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1.  Members

1.1  Inactive Members

1.2  Territory

Encompassing the entire towns of Wolfville and of Berwick, the lands of Dahlia de Mai have the best of both worlds. In its northern and eastern districts, the town holds many wonders including the harbor, which is prime for fishing now that is it no longer used as a port, together with shops, houses, a school, and the church. Often these sturdy houses serve as convenient dens for the residents. The orchards, farms, and vineyards of Overgrowth Sunrise have slowly succumbed to nature’s reclamations. As the vestiges of human existence, Flanders Field holds the tombs of those forgotten, overlooked by the effigy of the Virgin Mary. To the east, the land shifts, characterized by the august scenes of nature. The daunting, dark woods of Ethereal Eclipse dominate the southeastern territory, allowing for cool sanctuaries in the summer and sheltered refuges in the winter. A single road leads to the empty shores of Whisper Beach where the tide whispers incessantly. The borders of Dahlia de Mai hold these dichotomous scenes within one common land.

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For full descriptions of these areas, please see website.

  • The Town of Wolfville — "The" town.
  • The Town Square — Positioned in the middle of Wolfville, this is the general meeting spot for members of Dahlia de Mai.
  • The Harbor — Small harbor at the border of Wolfville.
  • The Town of Berwick — Similar to Wolfville, though only part of this town is claimed by Dahlia de Mai.
  • St.Pepin's Vineyards — In the west old and abandoned vineyards, orchards and farms dominate the area. Prime hunting spot for small game.
  • Flanders Field — Located by the south-western borders; an overgrown graveyard partly claimed by the pack.
  • Oyvind Island — Sitting north of Whisper Beach, various birds nest here.
  • Oberon's Spring — Nestled in the eastern most part of Dahlia in the forest lies the best fishing spot in the pack lands. The spring is clear and cold even during the hottest of summer days.
  • Nereid — Beach area stretching out towards the bay from St. Pepin’s Vineyards. When the tide is high this beach is completely flooded.
  • Spelunker's Heaven — The local landfill.
  • Nevaeh Ravine — The Ravine is a long, thin stretch of land, lush with life. Due to the shape of the ravine, the sun hits the ground only a few hours a day, making this the perfect escape for the summer heat.
  • Demon's Trail — More often than not hidden by beautiful scenery, deep wounds slashes through this landscape, only thick as a yard. The ground here is treacherous, and one can easily step wrong and pummel to one’s death.
  • Terra Lupin — Terra Lupin is usually the first place to be transformed from the dead of winter to the green of spring, powered by the many tiny rivulet streams. In the summer, these lush, green fields of spring are transformed as they burst with the pinks and purples and reds of the lupin flower, their beautiful perfume floating on the carefree breeze brought in by the sea.
  • Butterfly's Susurrus — The sands of Butterfly's Susurrus are fine and soft, catching the sun at all times of the day. At sunrise and sunset, the shores seem to blaze a shimmering gold as if it were another sea lapping at the ocean. Farther from the coast, tall, lush grasses, littered by black-eyed Susans and other wild flowers, take over. In the sandy and clay soil, sweetgrass and Canada wild rye flourish, swaying in the wind to mimic the ocean that is too far and yet so near them. In the are farthest from the sea, patches of fireweed colour the rich green with their vibrant colour from mid summer to the first frost. Tall switchgrass provide the best coverage for the winter when the winds from the north can be harsh at the shore. A prime habitat for song birds (particularly swallows) in all seasons and insects, especially butterflies, in the warm seasons, Butterfly's Susurrus is a safe habitat, especially for the growing families of Dahlia de Mai.
  • Aza'zel Peak — At the end of the Demon's trail, it feeds out to the rocky ledges of Aza'zel Peak. This peak consists of a range of cliffs that look over a wide forest. The wind is constantly blowing so if a wolf needs a cool place to hang out, this is the place. At the very left end of the cliffs, there's a little trail that leads down into the forest, great for grabbing a quick snack then heading back up to enjoy the view with a certain someone.
  • Veiled Gardens — Surrounded by the growth of Arachnea’s Revenge and left abandoned for years, Veiled Gardens is wild with plants. The eight foot stone wall enclosing the garden are so covered in ivy that one cannot see the boulders underneath and the massive stone door has yet to be located. A tunnel dug under the wall is the only entrance, but the required crawl is well worth the reward. Flowers of all variety overrun the once well tended grounds, as well as a few fruit trees and more exotic plants. A large pond is still home to the massive Koi that once lived here, but devoid of their human care they have reverted back to their wild carp colorations, though a few still retain some brighter colors. Although the wood tool shed has long since fallen in and rotted away, the small glass green houses still stands despite some broken windows. Deep in the center of the garden a child’s playground can be found complete with a small metal merry-go-round, a rusted dome of monkey bars and one large hanging wooden swing, still in good condition dangling from the large oak that supports it.

2.  Basic Culture

Dahlia de Mai has no prominent culture dictating the way they live. Though the pack has gone through two wars within its second birthday, the pack’s members are generally peaceful and live their life as they choose. While some of the other existing packs generally seem to prefer either quadruped or bipedal forms in their everyday life, none of these seem to hold a particular majority in Dahlia. The lands of Dahlia hold the ruins of human towns as well as untouched nature, and forms are used freely depending on the individual and location. There is no prejudice of race in Dahlia de Mai; wolves, coyotes and hybrids alike are welcome.

2.1  Family Ties

While the majority of the earliest member families could be tracked back to Clouded Tears, there are varying quantities of shared blood. The most prominent family names that are often seen in the ranks, however, are Soul and Sadira.

2.2  Trespassers

The pack has gone through various stages when dealing with trespassers. When the two first Roseas of Dahlia rules visitors were usually cherished and appreciated, and there was little focus on border control. During the demonic Rosen’s reign, however, security was strictly improved and trespassing canines were met with suspicion and more than often a good amount of hostility. After Haku Soul was overthrown Dahlia stepped down on the bold attitude towards non-members. While the borders are clearly marked in various ways, the occasional and unfortunate trespasser will rarely have his or her hide damaged if caught by a patrol – given that the outsider knows how to behave.

2.3  Border Decor

Partly inspired by Inferni’s unique way of marking their borders, Dahlia has done something vaguely similar. Medium sized, smooth rocks with pastel hues taken from the northern beaches of Dahlia to draw a dotted, visible border in order to minimize confusion as to when and where Dahlia’s claim starts and ends.

2.4  Laws

Accepting Newcomers

Wolf ranked Theta or higher have the privilege of accepting newcomers into the pack. Wolves greeting newcomers are expected to assess their skills and flaws and what the wolf will contribute to the pack. Shady characters or those whom the greeter deems to intend harm upon the pack or any of it’s members are not to be accepted. Dahlia de Mai has a policy of not turning away puppies or injured wolves in need.

Rape, Murder, and Harmful Acts

Acts of violence are strictly prohibited from being committed by one Dahlia de Mai onto another. Any wolf guilty of committing such a crime will be exiled with no chance of return. Repeated offenses of a prior member on current members may be punishable by death. Acts of violence committed by a Dahlian wolf against those not of Dahlia origin will be frowned upon and dealt with on a case by case basis depending on the severity and repercussion of such acts.

Mates and Puppies

Mates do not have to request permission from leaders but multiple mates are not permitted. Leaders should be made aware of all occurring pregnancies and pregnancy should be avoid in times of famine or high population within the pack. While it is expected that puppies are only born to mated pairs, accidents happen and exceptions are made.

Contribution and Goodwill Within the Pack

All wolves of Dahlia de Mai are expected to perform the duties assigned to their ranks and co-ranks. Although a wolf does not have to pick up a co-rank it is looked down upon if they do not. Respect and loyalty are required to be given to all members of the pack. If a wolf is not pulling their weight or is continually disrespecting other members they will be warned. Multiple infractions of this law may result in demotions or even exile of the wolf.

2.5  Customs and Traditions

Various religions and traditions exist within Dahlia's lands, and the pack itself enforces no belief or set of strict traditions. However, the pack is not entirely without traditions. Dahlia has four main days set up for celebration. Out of the current existing packs, Dahlia may be one of those who focus and celebrate the old ways as well as the new.

The First Full Moon

The mythical bond between the full moon and a wolf is a mystery to most, but it is an established fact that once a month a shifter can feel a certain tug in their chest. The sun's blue brother is a symbol of what we are, shifter or not, and one of the greatest gifts we have been given as a race. This celebration takes place during the first full moon of the year, in January.

Remembrance Day

This was originally a day celebrated mid-August, a year after the first Dahlian war ended. After the second Dahlian War came to an end, the date has been moved to early April, celebrating a year of peace and good relations with other packs, mourning those who had lost their lives in the Dahlian Wars and in any other violent causes since then.

Hibernal and Aestival

Hibernal occurs at the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. To celebrate survival through winter in times when food was much harder to come by the pack hunts the old way, as a lupus with no weapons and no making use of stored food. While the celebration is somewhat somber and serious (those who catch nothing during the day normally do not eat during the night), most wolves enjoy the hunt and the fest, poking fun at those who did not catch anything. Hunting is done normally in pairs or alone and wolves have from the time they wake until when the sun sets to catch something. Once the sun is set a pack leader or the priest/priestess lights a bonfire, and everyone shares the food they have hunted that day. A somber pack howl usually closes out the night.

Aestival occurs at the summer solstice and is the counterpart of Hibernal. Aestival is a celebration of easy living, no one is permitted to hunt within the pack boundaries for the whole day and most wolves take the day off from other duties, though one or two wolves are spared for border patrol. Stored food is feasted upon and often fresh killed game from the previous day is roasted. Aestival is a day of indulgences and a blind eye is turned when anyone goes a little too over board. In the evening a pack gathering is held, during which lower ranking wolves can assume the persona of a leader the remainder of the evening, the true leaders acting as subordinates, often this is used to poke fun at the ways of the leaders. Much joking and jesting often goes on throughout the day, with pranks being pulled by puppies common.

3.  Pack Relationships


— Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
— Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
— Neutral.
— Good relationship, but no official alliance.
— Officially allied.

3.1  Active Packs


Thanks to the First and Second Dahlian Wars the relationship between these two groups is far from great. While individuals on both sides loathe each other, some are rather indifferent and others even manage to forge friendships despite a crimson past.

Phoenix Valley

While these two packs nearly turned on eachother during Haku’s reign, the general relationship between Dahlia de Mai and Phoenix Valley is good. During the Second Dahlian War, Dahlian members were allowed to seek sanctuary here if they communicated well with the leadership of Phoenix Valley.


Dahlia de Mai and Aniwaya? are somewhat far apart, and rarely communicate with each other. During the Second Dahlian War, though Dawali officially declared the pack's neutrality, he secretly provided medicinal supplies to Kaena Lykoi, subleader of Inferni at the time. Tayui Aston has children by Haku Soul, but the children's father is a secret. :O Peace yo, those odd native American styled wolfies pose no threat to the Flower Power pack.

Cour des Miracles

During, Second Dahlian War Haku Soul insinuated that Cour des Miracles might have been responsible for leaving the traps outside of Dahlian borders. While Jacquez Trouillefou declared the pack's official neutrality, he approached Kaena Lykoi to determine what was going on and later attacked Haku Soul. Firefly Sadira also provided intelligence information to Anselm de le Poer (as well as arranged a meeting between Anselm and Dahlian Kol Stormbringer, fueled by the miscarriage of her children thanks to Tokyo Chance and Kai Aiolos. The pack itself, however, remained decidedly neutral in the conflict—understandably, several Miracles pack members were not eager to take up sides in the war.

Crimson Dreams

The relationship between these two packs has been overall good. Their bonds strengthened after Conor Soul rose to leadership and the leadership on both sides are related to each other and on a good wavelength.

Cercatori D'Arte ???

This pack is brand new and the relationship between these two groups have yet to be settled.

3.2  Inactive — 'Souls

Esper Hollow

Dahlia de Mai and Esper Hollow rarely communicated. However, during the First Dahlian War, Ahren de le Poer joined Inferni’s side temporarily in one of the great battles. While some might have cared back then, no one does now.

Labyrinth Glen

Nothing interesting ever happened between these. Haku Soul and Fatin Kali never liked each other much though, as Haku wanted to kill her godchildren and all that stuff.


Nothing to see here – the packs never had anything to do with each other and Insieme was one of the short lived packs that struggled to bloom after the fire.

Shadowed Sun

During the First Dahlian War this pack was announced neutral and that was that, basically.

Twilight Vale

While Naniko D'Angelo pledged medicinal aid to Inferni during the First Dahlian War, the pack also offered Dahlia’s then-Rosea shelter when Cercelee was injured and sought to get away from the war between the wolves and coyotes.

4.  History

4.1  Founding History

Dahlia de Mai, founded on April 21 2008, was one of the first few packs that emerged following the massive fire of March 2008. The two original Roseas of the pack, Colibri Soul and Cercelee, met while fleeing over Halcyon Mountain after the fire had consumed Bleeding Souls. Both females wandering alone and unable to find any familiar faces, the two decided to stick together. After stumbling upon Overgrowth Sunrise, the pair decided to remain close to the two towns, Wolfville and Berwick. Shortly after arriving in the new territories they met up with a lone male, Slaying the Dreamer, and Colibri was reunited with her sister Susquehanna, both who agreed to stick with the pair of females. In the days following Cercelee encountered a female, Mew Sadira, and now five members strong the pack Dahlia de Mai was formed.

4.2  The First Dahlian War

As more lone wolves arrived seeking a home the pack grew in number and soon a male, Haku Soul, arrived in June bringing with him large changes for the pack. Haku Soul had heard that his sister, Mew Sadira, had been beaten up by a coyote of the neighboring clan, Inferni, causing her to loose her unborn pups. Taking matters into his own hands, Haku avenged his sister by raping the guilty coyote and took the life to two Inferni clan members. In retaliation Inferni came to the borders of Dahlia de Mai and took the lives of two of their members, thus starting the First Dahlian War.

4.3  2008

The last months of 2008 were spent rebuilding relations with the packs and clans of the area. Cercelee held a private meeting with Inferni's Gabriel?, in which a shaky peace treaty was agreed upon. Dahlia de Mai watched the fall of many packs during the year, Insieme, Labyrinth Glen, Shadowed Sun, and Twilight Vale, as well as the rise of numerous new packs and clans, Phoenix Valley, Crimson Dreams and Aniwaya?. Still Dahlia de Mai persisted.

4.4  2009

The beginning of 2009 was a period of peace and prosperity for Dahlia de Mai; numbers were at an all-time peak, and pack even welcomed its first litter. Soon thereafter, the head warrior, Cwmfen nic Graine, was promoted to third in command. Things were well for a little while, until a string of tragedies manifested: Firefly’s kidnapping of Dahlia de Mai’s youngest, eventually resulting in her removal from the pack. Fortunately, they were retrieved in time to celebrate the pack’s one year anniversary by their would-be Caregiver. Corvus Vendetta (the Adonis’ sire) then came along, wounding many on his path; Ril’o, a fellow pack member, perished by the demon’s hands. His main target, Cwmfen, was attained and gravely wounded. It was Onus, the woman’s lover, who saved her from certain death. Weeks later, the Caledonian warrior gave birth to Dahlia de Mai’s second litter: a set of twins.

Meanwhile, Haku Soul’s intentions grew darker with every passing day. Fearing for her children, Cwmfen resigned from her position as the Adonis and left with the rest of her family in tow. With one less leader to protect the pack, Dahlia de Mai’s numbers began to dwindle. An unknown villain emerged, setting steel bear traps across the lands, leaving nothing but the slightest trace of lavender near the devices. Fear became a noticeable factor in their everyday lives, and the Lilium took it upon himself to investigate further. But alas, his efforts were in vain. Haku’s hostility and impatience grew exponentially overtime, forcing Cercelee (the Rosea) to intervene. Pregnant at the time, she was unable to carry out her plans and things took an unexpected turn. By threatening to murder her unborn children, Haku forcibly took possession of the Dahlian crown, consequently ascending to the rank of Rosen.

4.5  The Second Dahlian War

It was becoming well known that Haku Soul was well on his way losing his mind. After having driven both Cwmfen nic Graine and from their ranks and Dahlia itself, he found his current situation unsatisfying. Amongst his many sins was raping Inferni's sub-leader Kaena Lykoi. Of course this female also happened to be Gabriel de le Poer's own mother, and January 3, 2010 the Second Dahlian War had begun.

5.  Ranks

(DEFUNCT)Dahlia de Mai I ranks

(CURRENT) Dahlia de Mai II Ranks

  • Leader
    • Rosen, 1
    • Lilium, 1
    • Adonis, 1
  • Council
    • Ilex 1
    • Acer 1
    • Tilia 1
  • Members
    • Vitis 2
    • Mai 3
    • Circee 4
    • Bluet -
    • Gazon -
    • Filix -
    • Solum — Omega rank -
    • Folium — Puppy rank -
    • Papaver — Puppy rank -
  • Leader
    • Alpha, 1
    • Beta, 1
    • Gamma, 1
  • Council
    • Delta 1
    • Epsilon 1
    • Zeta 1
  • Members
    • Lehrer 2
    • Theta 2
    • Jager Fuhrer 1
      • Jager 4
    • Wahrer 1
      • Spaher 4
    • Graduierter -
    • Subordinate -
    • Omega -
    • Lehrling -
    • Puppy -

5.1  External Links

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