Range Soul

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by Libri

Range is the biological son of Ember Phoenix and Haku Soul, alongside his sister Melee. They were born into AniWaya in early September 2010, but after Ember tried to discard them into a fire, the two pups were taken by a young Gideon Stormbringer to Dahlia de Mai where he raised them from infancy. As a result, members of the Stormbringer lineage are considered moreso family than their blood.

He and his sister lived a relatively obscured childhood, but were not sheltered in terms of the truth about their unknown parentage. Sometime before the death of Conor Soul in April 2011, the former leader of DdM informed Range about his true bloodline. Too young to understand the implications of this at the time, Range took the information at face value.

Being Haku's son didn't become relevant until he had his first schizophrenic attack in early adulthood. By this time, DdM had merged with another pack to become the peace-seeking pack of Ichika no Ho-en, and in fear that he would disturb this hopeful concept, Range fled Nova Scotia entirely. Melee, who became quite unsettled without her brother, was soon to follow him.

The two became highly dependent on one another during their travels: Range supported his sister physically—much more so after she was struck by lightning during their third year—and Melee seemed to be the only resolution to his mental disability. It was only after much battling that Melee finally managed to convince Range to bring her back to Nova Scotia, so that she might see it at least once more.







  • Date of Birth: 07 Sept 2010
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: —
  • Mate: —
  • Pack: —
  • Rank: —
  • Nickname: Ray
  • Pronunciation: reynj
  • Meaning: "scope, extent"
  • Origin: Middle English




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1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Wolf through and through, he has the typical coat pattern and conformation that his species would suggest. He bears a remarkable resemblance to his father.
  • Fur: Range has short, dense fur that sheds in clumps during spring and summer.
    • Optime Hair: He has thick, longish hair that is consistently styled and decorated by Melee. She is the only reason he allows it to grow so long.
  • Facial Features: Average with potentially stouter extremities.
  • Build and Size: Range is a medium-large wolf, trim because of a previously nomadic lifestyle and muscular due to constant work.
    • Lupus: A lean, rangy, and staunch appearance.
    • Optime: Proportionately tall, Range seems to have a build that can support a much heftier weight than he presently has.
  • Humanization: Low-Moderate; he allows Melee to accessorize him, but doesn't seem particularly interested in human artifacts himself.


  • Fur: A varying Brown Derby covers the majority of his body. Laser encompasses his belly, paws, the backs of his arms/legs, and the underside of his tail.
    • Laser also covers his throat and chest (separated by a dark "collar"), the lower half of his muzzle, as well as a small spot on each cheek.
    • Agouti-marked throughout his pelt are shades like Zeus and Cioccolato, while Paarl appears along the base of his primary coloration.
  • Eyes: Cobalt, right; Parsley, left
  • Optime Hair: Brown Derby, streaked with Zeus, Cioccolato, and (very minimally) Paarl.
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Night Rider
by James


Brown Derby (#492615)
Zeus (#28201B)
Cioccolato (#50290B)
Paarl (#A66B29)
Laser (#CCB075)
Cobalt (#0742B4)
Parsley (#2C601E)
Night Rider (#18130C)



89 pounds (40.3 kg) · 35 in (88.9 cm)

  • Sinewy and taut, he has a very sturdy stance and seems difficult to bowl over despite his weight at any given time.


177 pounds (80.2 kg) · 48 in (121.9 cm)

  • Boar-like, with arched shoulders and a broad, bullish forefront, Range uses this form most for fighting.

Optime (Preferred)

224 pounds (101.6 kg) · 6 ft 10 in (208.2 cm)

  • Range is long and powerful with a greatly fluctuating mass. His prominent musculature is always apparent but is more visible during leaner months.

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars:
    • Multiple miscellaneous, but noticeable small scratches on the insides of both arms. Some appear newer than others.
    • Similar scars along his lower chest and abdomen (only visible in Optime).
    • An old, jagged gash across the back of his right hand/forepaw.
  • Piercings: Four piercings on the outer edge of his left ear, from letting Melee practice on him.
    • He actually does not wear earrings.


Whatever Range wears, it is usually at Melee's insistence; He is otherwise bound to be bare. She also makes leather-bound bones, beads, and other naturalistic (and more eccentric) creations, that either turn out as jewelry or accessories for his hair.

  • Jewelry & Accessories:
  • Clothing:
    • A patchwork pair of cotton Capris and a torn, willowy pale blouse; rarely worn.
    • He has a vest and a large coat, both elementarily made from various pelts of moose, elk, and beaver.


  • Speech: His voice is fairly deep and sonorous, but reaches into higher registers when he is emotionally excited, a la Kevin Bacon.
  • Scent: Melee, wolf, earth, stone, metals (i.e. gold), and citrus.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Resolute, attentive, and easily welcoming. He generally gives the impression that it is safe around him.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
    • Range can choose to fall asleep at any time, in almost any position.

2.  Personality

The Champion · Almighty Janitor · Nice Guy · Stepford Smiler · The Atoner · Enemy Within · Mood-Swinger

  • Winsome, Devoted, Gentle
    • Kind, down-to-earth, and faintly spiritual, there is not a selfish or dishonest bone in his body. He has a vibe that radiates like a warm fire on a cold night.
    • He comes off as a confidant with his sociable and empathetic qualities (coupled by his general sense of goodness, as well as a fine physical fortitude), and he finds it just as easy to talk to others as he does relaxing in complete silence.
  • Afflicted, Conscientious
    • Range suffers from Schizophrenia. He is triggered at random, with results that vary in degrees of confusion and violence.
    • He is prone to long periods of silence after an "attack" -- from anywhere between several hours to several weeks, depending on the events that preceded it.
  • Defeatist, Paranoid
    • Though consistently successful when it is most pertinent, he commonly expects failure from himself (and occasionally evil), causing him to rely heavily on the emotional support of his sister. Range does not the view the world with such depreciation.
    • Fearful of his mental illness, Range would be fine with being chained to a tree until he dies just so he wouldn't hurt anyone. Melee disagrees.

2.1  Ideals


Genuine, humane, steadfast, grievous, and schizophrenic

  • Outlook: Pessimistic Idealist
  • Sociability: Moderate -- though he honestly enjoys company, he is relatively cautious around others because of his illness and it can make him seem distant.
  • Expression: Mellow and compassionate.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good; but schizo Range is Neutral Evil.


Protecting Melee.

  • Beyond this, Range doesn't seem motivated by anything else.


Hurting others (especially Melee), isolation, becoming a monster.


He has a more pure, naturalist point of view, believing that there is energy and waves between each creature that either meshes or clashes. He doesn't often share this point of view, as he can hardly expound on it himself, but he isn't likely to sway from this idea.


Range generally has no biases and he isn't quick to judge.


  • Heteroromantic "...romantically attracted to a member of the opposite sex or gender."
  • Kinsey 1: Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual.
    • All homosexual encounters are results of his schizophrenia.


  • Likes: his sister, nature, any type of weather, sleeping, jokes, and deep conversation.
  • Dislikes: Melee dressing him up, his mental illness, being afraid of himself, being alone, and disappointing others.


Melee has introduced Range to several concoctions that relax him when he's getting overexcited. It is the easiest way to avoid a fullblown schizophrenic attack.

  • He smokes tobacco and marijuana to ease his nerves on some days.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Soul, Sadira

  • Extended: Stormbringer
    • Though biologically they are Soul/Sadira descendents, Range and Melee were adopted by Gideon and see him as their true father. As such, they consider members of the Stormbringer line as their real family.

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Melee and Range are emotionally closer than most siblings. They almost wholly depend on one another, and both of them get slightly anxious when too much time has been spent apart. Range relies on his sister to bring him out of his schizophrenic fits, as her voice seems to relax him.
  • Heaven was the first wolf he ever killed. He strangled her to death during his third "attack" and a lot of his guilt seems to concentrate around her. He thinks that she appears to him periodically and he becomes incredibly emotional when she does.

Positive Relations

  • Gideon rescued Range and his sister when they were only a few days old, and raised the two of them to be very kind, loving, and patient adults. Range originally fled Nova Scotia in fear that his affliction would greatly disappoint his father.
  • Peony Whitesea was a woman he met immediately outside of Nova Scotia. She was the daughter of pirates who taught him the meaning of freedom and how to appreciate life. He might have gone away with her and her family overseas if Melee had not found him the day the Whiteseas set sail.

Neutral / Negative

  • Though he never met Haku Soul, his deceased (biological) father, Range is aware of the type of man he was, and often thinks he is being controlled/influenced by his spirit when he is having a schizophrenic fit.
  • Yule Ford was Melee's lover in mid-late 2012 and the second to actively plague Range's conscience. Range killed him when his paranoia about Melee leaving him got too strong to control, and afterwards he began blaming himself for his sister's subsequent lack of companionship.

Minor Relations

  • Sex: —
  • Friendly: —
  • Enemies: —
  • Murders: Heaven, Multiple (unnamed) NPCs, Yule Ford

4.  Skills and Flaws

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Range was raised to be fair, respectful, and kind by young Gideon. He has grown out of any shyness (though not his insecurities) and if it weren't for his mental affliction, Range would be a complete physical manifestation of all that is good and just in the world.
  • Communication: Excellent at reading and conveying body language, he can easily have a conversation without speaking, though is just as well-off with the latter. Range is carefully inoffensive.
  • Valiance: Range has become very brave over the years, finding that his worst fears live within himself, therefore making the whole of the world an entirely non-scary place by comparison. He is able to react to peril with the level-headedness of a superior.
  • Influence: His blatant honesty and self-awareness makes him a duly trusted guy, even if he doesn't want to be. It is incredibly easy to become comforted by his presence and/or words.
  • Range, though large, has a very unassuming demeanor. It is not until he is stricken by his schizophrenia that he becomes a completely different individual.
  • He picks up easily on the vibe of others, and is largely capable of matching it if appropriate.
  • Not typically a dominant type, Range will only step up in such a way if it is required of him. Mostly he is content to be a follower.


  • Education and Learning: Taught to read at a young age, Range has taken a personal interest in learning new things as he has aged. His extensive travels have also attributed to his collective knowledge, though this is relatively slight given the fact that he has not been able to actively learn over time.
  • Language: Fluent in English, Range has a very rudimentary grasp of Spanish, French, and Russian.
  • Reading (Journeyman): Though not familiar with all words, he has a fine ability to sound out words and use context clues to grasp what he is reading.
  • Writing (Apprentice): Kindergarten-grade writing ability here.
  • Crafting (Journeyman): Carpentry comes relatively easy to him, as does cooking, and he enjoys the work. More recently he has taken to making primitive weaponry.
  • He has an affinity for asking questions and for knowing things beyond the tentative surface.
  • When Range reads, he reads for content and therefore reads very slowly.

4.2  Weaknesses


  • Nerve damage in his right hand (due to the wound there) causes the extremity to spasm, flinch, or painfully freeze up at random. His ring finger doesn't move at all and he can't feel it.
  • He does not hear quite as well as he should, and will probably be mostly deaf in his old age.


Range has a mild to aggravated case of Schizophrenia and on average has suffered 1 to 2 attacks a month since late 2011. However his record, in a single month, is 8.

  • They vary greatly in severity and length, lasting from anywhere between a minute to several hours, and there seems to be no specific trigger(s) for them.
    • 70% of his attacks are relatively short and harmless, involving minor confusion as to who he is, where he is, etc.
  • Melee has gotten quite good at making herbal remedies for him that serve as pseudo muscle relaxers and anti-psychotics.

5.  History