Slaying the Dreamer

Slaying the Dreamer

Slay by Kiri
Name OriginNeopets, song title
Date of BirthAugust 13, 2004
Subspecies100% Canis lupus arctos ortus
ancestor: Canis lupus familiaris, husky
Birth placeAnak pack, Alaska
Previous packDahlia de Mai
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateApril 23, 2008
Leaving dateJanuary 1, 2010
Joining RankCircee
Most Recent RankVitis
SignificanceFounding member!
Co-RankHead Hunter

Big sleepy boy-wolf who likes flirting with his dovelies! No one ever learned his full name, as he always introduced himself as "Slay". He became Cercelee's mate and they ran off into the sunset together.

Notably, he was narcoleptic; presumably the first narcoleptic character played on 'Souls. Also Miyu's first 'Souls character. :D

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    4.   2.4  Life in the pack
    5.   2.5  Character Origin
  3.   3.  Abilities, talents and skills
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  4.   4.  Appearance
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    2.   4.2  Stature
    3.   4.3  Eyes
    4.   4.4  Scars
  5.   5.  Notable Threads:
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1.  Personality

Slay is generally a nice guy, disliking violence or drama. Most of the time, he is very laid-back and flirtatious, easy to get along with. He would be happiest surrounded by women, but alas, life is not always so kind. Around almost all men, particularly those older or of higher rank, Slay is withdrawn and anxious, and looks for ways to avoid talking to them. This is because of his father's abusive history, which is also the origin of his mild claustrophobia and subsequent dislike of human dwellings.

Around the ladies, well, he likes to come up with clever nicknames and show off his vocabulary. He is fairly bright, albeit uneducated. He acts a lot like a typical non-Luperci despite having the virus; he was raised to think shifting is wrong, and it takes him most of his adult life to overcome that taboo.

Slay does, however, tend to bottle up his serious feelings, and has been known to release his anger in destructive ways. He tries to use humor as a defensive mechanism, not wanting anyone to see his serious side. He is narcoleptic, a condition that causes him to abruptly fall asleep when he is stressed, and basically leaves him tired all the time. He is deeply embarrassed if anyone mocks this, though he tries to brush it off with a smile. He is insecure about many things, but would rather forget about his troubles than brood over them.

Slay sometimes struggles with responsibility, preferring hedonism or even laziness, and not wanting to fail at whatever he was supposed to be doing. He has a habit of stubbornness, and being over-possessive towards the ones he cares about. He has his bouts of self-doubt and introspection, and usually needs a helping hand to pull him out of it - but most days he is friendly to whomever he meets, regardless of his feelings.

2.  History

2.1  Early Life

Born "Dreamer" to a small pack of arctic wolves located around what used to be Alaska, Slay was the alpha's firstborn and groomed to take over some day. His bizarre markings were unlike any in the clan, a throwback to sled dog ancestors from before the apocalypse. Because of them, he was revered as the moribund bloodline's savior. His parents had no other children, and there were very few other puppies in the pack -- his only playmate was a female cousin named Aniketos.

The Anak pack, so steeped in old traditions and superstitions, refused to breed with any outside of their family, and the generations of inbreeding caused many unstable Luperci. They were also losing fertility, having less and less pups in each generation. Slay was born with the condition of narcolepsy, living up to his given name of Dreamer. His father, the pack leader, went insane a few short months after his son's birth and would not let him leave the den for anything. His timid mother was too afraid to intervene, but she tries to spend as much time with her son as she can, to ease his suffering.

Months of being trapped in the darkness left Slay claustrophobic, as well as distrustful of dark-furred Luperci like his sire. Because of the small space, Slay does not transform, even though his bloodline left him Luperci Ortus. The virus was one of the changes his tiny clan fought so hard to resist. After enduring endless raving about becoming alpha and being responsible, Slay refuses to take positions of power. He escaped his father and the pack during an avalanche, and has wandered as a loner since. He is self-conscious about his appearance and his condition, and it can be the easiest way to anger the otherwise laid-back male.

He is an incorrigible flirt, but generally does so out of a need for attention, rather than actual desire. Because of his narcolepsy and other such issues, he had never been in a serious relationship, and has issues with trust and dominance. He spent years wandering in the wild, unwilling to commit to any pack or partnership for long.

2.2  'Souls History

He wandered to the lands just after the fires, finding a chance to start a new life along with all the wolves that had lost their homes. Meeting with Cercelee and Colibri Soul, he became one of the five founding members of Dahlia de Mai along with Mew Sadira and Susquehanna, and took the co-rank of Head Hunter.

Packmates by Miyu

Haku Soul came to DdM, replacing Colibri and making Slay terribly uncomfortable. His close friendship with Cercelee made him fear the new leader, and for a time he largely disappears, wandering the outskirts of the land. DdM fights a war with Inferni; Slay refuses to take part, and only re-emerges when the dust settles.

By then the pack is once-again dwindling in size, and Slay wrestles with the idea of recruiting new members to please Cer, or keeping it small and comfortable to his own liking. He still misses Aniketos, but finds friendship with Mew Sadira and Cwmfen Nic Graine. He debates the merits of trying to shift, but still shies away from the new concept.

New members such as Sankor Koios and Ril'o join; Slay becomes uncomfortable with Cercelee's familiarity with them, combined with his mixed feelings about Cwmfen nic Graine, and gets in a fight with the Rosea. After storming off in a fury, he is calmed down by none other than Susquehanna, one of the original five that founded DdM, and makes amends to Ril'o. Finally, he seeks out Cercelee, and admits that he's fallen in love with her...

Cer accepts him as her mate, much to the chagrin of Hanna. They take up residence in a church outside of the vineyard, and Slay's previous awkwardness about her rank has dissipated. Now the challenge is balancing their time between each other and the many disputes flaring up between pack members. Ril'o's brother, Svara's mother, and Haku's illegitimate daughters are all causes of arguments and brawls. Slay longs to spend time with his oft-absent wifey.

Fate pitched a curveball in the form of five puppies, Anyanka Halfrek de Sadira's abandoned litter. Cercelee took it upon herself to raise them, and Slay could not say no. He has been wearing himself out trying to keep them fed and trying to get them to like him, although one is more successful than the other. Catharsis de Sadira is the only one who seems willing to accept him as a father figure. One sleepless night, he strayed too far from the packlands and was viciously attacked by Corvus Vendetta, Cwmfen's unpleasant father. During his recuperation, Ril'o was murdered by the same wolf, further lowering Slay's morale.

After a month of recuperation, Slay finally snaps out of his unresponsive daze. Cercelee is still by his side, and in a sudden fit of claustrophobia and desperation, he makes his first-ever shift to Optime form. They reaffirm their love for each other, and Slay resumes his duties once again. However, the de Sadira pups all dispersed to find their mother, including Catharsis, and the lonely couple realizes perhaps they are ready for their own pups after all. They start trying to get pregnant.

That winter they are successful, and Cercelee grows heavy with their unborn children. The timing could not be worse as tensions in the pack rise to a dangerous level. Haku Soul is up to no good and pushes for a second war with Inferni, gunning for the position of alpha. He gains an ally in the form of Lillith Stormbringer, a cruel wolf both Cer and Slay despise. Haku then openly threatens Cer, challenging her to step down and relinquish leadership or face the consequences. Finally the couple decides they would rather choose the safety of their children than the well-being of their pack, and Cercelee and Slay sneak across the borders and disappear.

They are never seen again in Dahlia de Mai, although a little black and white puppy named Nayru finds her way to the pack some months later, after peace returns to the land...

Slay in the sky!
Slay in the sky by Miyu!

2.3  Pack Founding

Slay was the first male of Dahlia de Mai. He's proud to have been a founding member, but it makes him jealous (and sometimes even snobbish!) towards new members he doesn't get along with. Because he's close with the Rosea, Cercelee, he gets away with it.

2.4  Life in the pack

Slay has it pretty easy. He is DdM's Head Hunter, but rarely pulls his weight in the pack. Most of his time is spent sleeping or socializing... He shirks his duties on every level. He feels uncomfortable being in any position of power, so he doesn't try to get promoted at all. In fact, after his disappearance during the war, he was demoted almost to the bottom of the pack, and it was only through his leader's friendship that he wasn't kicked out entirely! Since then, he's gotten a little better at keeping up appearances, but still, he doesn't help out much.

2.5  Character Origin

Slay began his RPing career on Neopets, in a small private guild called Mijarae. There, fantasy characters were welcomed and encouraged, so his backstory and talents were more exaggerated back then. He was a seer, able to see visions of natural disasters. His character was much more carefree, only angst-ing when he had a premonition.

Old quote: "Alas, m'dovely, it seems you've tired of my self-absorbed company. Parting truly is such sweet sorrow - but fear not, for I can always be found! Wherever the living is easy and the femmes are pretty, I won't be far behind. Ah ha ha...if only it were that simple. I am always wandering, though - living my life, day by day, moment by precious moment. After all...isn't that the best way?"

When he came to 'Souls ((thanks to Kiri)), his story was adapted to edit out the fantasy elements. Since he's older than most of his packmates, he complains about being single a lot, and takes life a bit more seriously than he used to. He's also more cautious when it comes to fights. He used to be the sort to show off scars and swagger a lot, but he outgrew it.

Past Crushes

He has some history on Neopets, where he was first roleplayed - Tenova Eclipse, Faint Whisper, Shan Tia, and Amiokie are all listed as official crushes, although he's flirted with more... basically he liked a lot of girls, but never pursued any of them due to his commitment issues. It is speculated that he had a bit of an Oedipal complex, seeking out women that reminded him of his mother. ;)

He also briefly liked Iskata Sadira and was definitely attracted to Cwmfen nic Graine, and may have had feelings for Susquehanna, though he had to let her down gently. Cercelee is his one true love, though, and he never touched anyone else.

3.  Abilities, talents and skills

  • He's good at fishing, and knows a fair amount about hunting animals.
  • Simple survival skills are in his repertoire, since he spent so much time as a lone wolf.
  • He's talented at falling asleep during awkward moments, like when talking to Firefly Sadira.

3.1  Family




4.  Appearance

Photomanip by Requiem

Um... Drowsy?

Pale blue eyes, heavy black and white marked coat. Broad-chested and wide-pawed to denote diluted husky blood. Has white forepaws, black hindpaws, and a black-tipped tail. Spends almost all of his time as a Lupus. He's a big boy!

Optime form is very large and bulky - has the build of a more feral werewolf, as opposed to the clean-cut human-like sort. Wild shaggy mane, eyes nearly white. Colours are the same, but he appears very big and scary. :3

4.1  Luperci Forms

Slay is capable of shifting, but was too claustrophobic to attempt it for many years. He is nearly always in Lupus form.

4.2  Stature

He's a big guy! His build is wide, heavy, muscular - he could totally pull a sled if he wanted to. He doesn't usually act his size, though, meaning he's not very physical. His rarely-seen Optime form was gigantic.

4.3  Eyes

Very pale blue, almost clear when he gets upset. Usually bleary, since he's always sleepy.

4.4  Scars

None visible, surprisingly. He's managed to stay out of trouble in that respect!

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