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  • An actual ghost. Kinda socially awkward but also pretty nice in general, so I should hopefully be easy to approach. I might be slow to respond but I'm trying to get better about that -- descriptive titles like "question about thread" are better than "hey". It's fine to poke me if I haven't replied in a week!

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  • PM communication is strongly preferred for plots and other important things.

E-mail — magepaw@gmail.com

  • You can e-mail me if you don't have a forum account. If you do, I'd prefer PMs.

SKYPE — miyuchiu!

  • I leave Skype on all the time and it is my preference for IMing.
  • I'm always invisible so it's fine to leave me messages I'll read later.
  • Tell me who you are though, I block random friend requests :3

Hi, I'm Miyu, and I am a Wiki Addict. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ I use too many reaction gifs and kaomoji, and I run on candy and soda. You've probably seen me around the forum or Wiki in some capacity.

I'm just a regular player now, but from Oct 2012 to Jun 2016, I was a pack leader of Vinátta (with Florina and Colibri). Once upon a time I was leader of Cour des Miracles too, the doggiest pack of all~ And from May 2014 to November 2015 I was a Moderator (and I'm still happy to answer questions if you need help with anything!) Before 'Souls I only roleplayed on Neopets. :3

I stalk specific families, which usually leads me to claim an adoptable down the road so I can have my own. I especially like playing dog and wolfdog characters, as you can tell! Collies and sighthounds are my favorites. Long noses = <3! I own two shelties in real life, Abby and Leon, and occasionally can be found complaining about whatever trouble they've gotten into lately.

Outside the internet, I work as a barista at Sbux and occasionally take on art commissions. My spare time is spent watching anime and western cartoons, doodling, playing RPGs, and blathering on about said hobbies on Twitter. థ౪థ Some of my favorite games include Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Undertale, Hatoful Boyfriend, FFTA, and Golden Sun; anime/manga things I'm into include Yowapeda, Haikyuu, Tokyo Ghoul, Hunter X Hunter, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Mushishi, Kekkaishi, and Noragami. I tend to be an awkward introvert in real life but I'm more sociable here. ;)

Active characters


  • None

Inactive Characters

Future Characters

These characters have to wait to be born, for their plot to begin, or for my post counts. ;) Might be open for test-drive LASKY threads, but only with characters directly involved with them.

Inactive Characters

These characters were previously played and then dropped/NPCed for various reasons. They are not retired and may be returning eventually. Might be open for canon LASKY threads.

Retired Characters

These characters completed their story, and I don't intend to ever bring them back. They've earned a good long rest!

Azazel Collins
Colibri Haki
Lou Frost
Hati Catori
  • (Not yet born!)
  • wolfdog ♂
Florina Soul
Jontae de l'Or
Ninian Stormbringer
Domovoi Tarasova
Cosette Fauchelevent Trouillefou





Isolde Sawtooth

About Miyu

Threadsy Things

  • Reply times: vary a lot, but I am typically slower, ranging from several days to weeks. Please be patient with me and don't poke too often. :)
  • Word counts: vary from 300-500 for regular threads, and over 700+ for dramatic stuff. :O There's no need to match my lengths!
  • OOC endings: are fine for threads that are outdated. You can archive crusty old stuff without asking, I won't get mad. ;P
  • Mature content: I'm up for it if you are, although that is something I'd like to plot ahead of time. I don't mind fade-to-black either.
  • LASKY threads: are my lowest priority, so expect me to be molasses-slow. As such, non-canon threads are kind of a muse-killer.
  • PPing: I am not particularly sensitive to powerplaying, so I never mind if you do minor PPing without asking.
  • Plotting: I love long-term plots, so if you had anything in mind with one of my characters, try me!
  • NPCs: are listed here if you need a description - can be referenced in threads!

Adopty Things

Details listed on each individual page. In general, I try to be relaxed about adoptions, and will usually only reclaim characters born on-board with my puppy points. :) In addition, my characters are rent-to-own: characters played longer than 6 months with over 100 posts are yours, and will only be reclaimed if you vanish and cannot be contacted, or you choose to relinquish them back to me. I do like to be alerted to major changes such as leaving a pack, NPCing, death, etc. Freeform adoptables can sometimes be claimed as a companion NPC with discussion. ;)


'Souls History




  • January: Slay is dropped, officially leaving 'Souls forevers. Enjoy fatherhood, old buddy!
  • April: Due to real life circumstances, Jacquez is dropped and Cour des Miracles leadership was passed to the lovely Meghann and Shadow.
  • June: Colibri is dropped, and Miyu goes on hiatus for a long time. ;_;