Yindi is the dingo mother of Jindabyne and Joondalup. She was born in the Australian Outback, and spent most of her life as an indentured servant aboard a merchant ship. After an extended stay in Freetown, she has come to live in Anathema.

Yindi fell ill in April 2017, and eventually died from her symptoms.


By Miyu



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Date of Birth

28 October 2009




Birth place

Australian Outback






Pack Anathema
Rank Foras


Packs (Mon YYYY - Mon YYYY)
Omicron, Phi, Beta, Delta


Lines by Anti-Dark-Heart
Colored by Miyu


  • Eyes: Tacha (#D9C565).
  • Scars: Old Rose (#B77B6F).
  • Fur: Primarily Indian Khaki (#C5B292) and Whiskey (#D2AC66).
    • Cape Palliser (#9E6F41) hood over her ears and around her face, as well as dabs below her eyes.
    • Muddy Waters (#B48E54) stripes over her shoulders, tip of her tail.
    • Satin Linen (#E1DAD0) paws, muzzle, cheeks, underbelly.

Lines by Hlaorith
Colored by Miyu

Yindi is a dingo, with a tawny pelt to blend in with the sands of the Australian deserts. She has a shorter, stockier build compared to wolves or coyotes. She has short scruffy fur designed for a hot climate, and may need to bundle up during the Canadian winter, though years of sea travel has tempered her somewhat. She has had her tongue removed, and rarely opens her mouth, relying on her expressive golden eyes when she does not have writing utensils.

Yindi's torso is marked with Aboriginal scarification[1] -- the symmetrical markings are raised against her skin, and her fur will never grow over them. The sweeping shape across her chest signifies her as the property of her old tribe, and the mark on her abdomen is proof that she has the strength to bear children. Yindi sees her scars as a part of her self, and has no desire to hide them or cover them with clothing.





45 lbs (20.5 kg)
24 in (60 cm)

110 lbs (50 kg)
30 in (76 cm)

135 lbs (61 kg)
5 ft 6 in (162 cm)

Rarely uses Lupus form.

Rarely uses Secui form.

Typically seen in this form, carrying a journal to record her thoughts.



  • Piercings: can be added by adopter
  • Tattoos: can be added by adopter
  • Scars:
    • Sweeping wing-like shape across her chest, signifies her as the property of her old tribe
    • Arrow-like mark on her abdomen, proof that she has the strength to bear children


  • carries writing utensils such as charcoal sticks, quills and ink, or whatever else she can find at the time.
  • makes her own journals so that she always has paper.
  • can be added by adopter


  • can be added by adopter


To be expanded on by adopter! Yindi is known to be bright and optimistic. Despite being mute for most of her life, she displays a mischievous and creative intelligence, known to most through her writing. She tends to be submissive due to her time as a slave and concubine, but she fulfills her duties with hard-working enthusiasm, always optimistic that things will turn out for the best if she is patient. Now she has finally returned to dry land, and is ever-hopeful to find her sons again no matter how long it takes her.



  • Optimistic, to be expanded on by adopter
  • Extroverted, to be expanded on by adopter
  • Submissive, to be expanded on by adopter


  • Fears: can be added by adopter
  • Motivations: can be added by adopter
  • Traits: can be added by adopter
  • Alignment: True neutral



  • To be expanded on by adopter


  • Species: To be expanded on by adopter
  • Non-Luperci: To be expanded on by adopter
  • Gender: To be expanded on by adopter
  • Color: To be expanded on by adopter
  • Sexuality: To be expanded on by adopter
  • Age: To be expanded on by adopter


  • To be expanded on by adopter


  • To be expanded on by adopter


Some Australian Aboriginal nature spirits; more strong belief in scarification rituals for identity, status, coming of age, etc. She can perform the rituals on those willing to modify their bodies.


Key Relations

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  • Offspring: Jindabyne, Joondalup
  • Extended: Yindi has long forgotten her birth family since she was captured as a slave during her youth. If they had a surname, she no longer remembers it, but she could choose to make one up to represent her new beginning.

Minor Relations

Former Relations

  • Jacquez Trouillefou was her first love, although it was somewhat one-sided. She left Australia before he knew she was pregnant, and she never saw him again -- though she still writes fondly about him, and taught her sons that their father was a king.
  • The adopter is free to add more relations, such as other lovers, friends, slave owners, etc.


  • Speech:
    • Yindi is essentially mute, though she can make noises such as grunting or whining.
    • She largely communicates in writing, but sometimes resorts to simple gestures if nothing else works.
  • General Posture and Body Language:
    • Yindi is submissive and eager to please.
    • She smiles and wags her tail to appear friendly.
    • If not given a task to complete, she may follow around anyone with an air of dominance, waiting for her orders.
  • Scent:
    • What does your character smell like? To be expanded upon by adopter!


  • none yet
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  • Age and DOB:
  • Description:
  • Personality: The adopter is free to bring a cNPC with Yindi, such as a companion, child, or mate. Describe them here!



  • Writing — Yindi has a surprisingly wide vocabulary and likes to write stories for entertainment, as well as writing messages to others. She can also sketch pictures, but these are more rudimentary.
  • Domestic chores — Yindi can cook, clean, tailor clothes, and perform all manner of chores quickly and efficiently. She was essentially the maid for a ship full of sailors, and knows how to earn her keep.
  • Livestock — During her time at Freetown, she found work taking care of the animals up for trade. She is still learning, but can groom, muck, feed, and perform other basic maintenance tasks.
  • Scarification — Yindi is trained in rituals for identity, status, coming of age, etc. She can perform the rituals on those willing to modify their bodies.
  • Other strengths can be added by adopter!


  • Communication — Since she cannot speak, there are inevitably language barriers Yindi cannot overcome. She can only understand and write in English, and resorts to gesturing and grunting if her writing is not acceptable.
  • Submissiveness — Yindi's willingness to please her masters is no longer so useful. She easily falls into the role of servant, and may take a long time to learn what it means to be free.
  • Other weaknesses can be added by adopter!


Yindi was born in the southern continent of Australia in a large litter. Her family was part of an aboriginal tribe of Luperci dingoes, though thanks to interactions with European traders, they speak English and teach her reading and writing at a very young age. The tribes frequently warred over territory and trading rights, and in her youth, she was claimed as a slave by a victorious chieftain of a more primitive warrior tribe. At this point, she was physically mutilated -- her tongue was cut out and her chest was ritually scarred, marking her as their possession for life. She grows up accustomed to their tribe and does not question her treatment, having only hazy memories of her birth family and her life before captivity. She is obedient as she grows into adulthood, but never loses her optimistic personality, and practices her writing in secret.

The tribe gives her a second scarification when she comes of age, marking her abdomen to ready her for childbirth. They intend to use her to breed future slaves once she goes into heat. Coincidentally, the tides bring former King of Cour des Miracles, Jacquez Trouillefou, to the continent of Australia where he is hailed again as a king by the primitive natives. Yindi's tribe sees his presence as good luck and ply him with alcohol and the youngest, prettiest female slaves as concubines. One of these slaves is Yindi, who naively develops feelings for Jacquez since he is her first and she perceives him to treat her as an equal, despite the nature of their interactions. She stays at his side constantly, absorbing the tall tales he spins to impress her, and memorizing the names and places he has been, wishing she could see them someday.

Yindi has her first heat and becomes pregnant with Jacquez's litter, and the tribe convenes to decide what should be done about it. The children of a slave would naturally be raised as slaves, but the children of a king should be cherished and it would be bad luck to harm them. Conflicted, they ultimately decide to sell her to the crew of a trading vessel, and let them deal with her pregnancy. She does not resist, because even though she will never see Jacquez again, it will give her a chance to see the world he told her about. She is put to work cooking, cleaning, washing laundry, doing everything for the sailors in exchange for her unborn pups' safety. She endears herself to the traders, and they treat her well. In May 2011, she gives birth to twin boys, and names them after places in her native Australia: Jindabyne and Joondalup.

Since she cannot speak, Yindi writes down everything, and asks the crew to read them aloud to her sons. As they grow older, they are taught how to read for themselves, and Yindi writes them all the stories Jacquez told her about Ireland, Nova Scotia, Florida, and everywhere else he has been. The traders are a motley bunch but largely goodhearted, and regale the boys with many stories of their own from all corners of the globe. After a year of sailing from port to port, the trading ship lands at Freetown, and Yindi asks her sons to leave her and explore their father's world, though she cannot leave the ship she is bound to. They are eager to step out and find their own story together, though they are sad to leave behind such an exciting childhood. The sailors promise to take them on as full crewmates if they ever cross paths again.

After her sons depart, the crew again set sail, traveling from port to port to trade. Yindi keeps up her chipper attitude, but the sailors begin to pity her, since they too miss Jindabyne and Joondalup. Eventually the captain grants her full membership to the crew, officially freeing her from slave status after all her dedicated hard work. She continues to act as their maid and stays with them until their next docking at Freetown, where she finally says farewell and steps off in search of her sons. She finds work in the stables, and learns how to care for livestock while she waits for news. After months of working odd jobs to keep herself fed, Yindi meets Panda, Venom, and Isolde of Anathema. They invite her to work for their pack in a more stable environment, and she accepts.

Her history after this point can be determined by the adopter! Past events cannot be altered, but can be expanded upon.



  • October: Yindi is born.
  • December: Her birth tribe teaches her reading and writing in preparation for a life of trading.


  • February: Yindi is captured by a warrior tribe, and marked as a slave. Her tongue is removed, and she readily adjusts to her new setting.
  • December: Yindi receives her second scarification, marking her as a breeder.


  • January: Jacquez Trouillefou arrives, and Yindi is assigned to him as a concubine. Naive and inexperienced, she falls in love with him, and tries to please him in any way she knows how.
  • March: Yindi is pregnant, but by Jacquez rather than a dingo slave. The superstitious chieftan quickly trades her to a sailing vessel, where she begins working hard to ensure her unborn pups' safety.
  • May: Jindabyne and Joondalup are born. The crew honors their promise, and treats them well.


  • June: The ship makes port at Freetown, and Jindabyne and Joondalup leave the crew and stay there. Yindi remains on board to finish her indentured servitude, diligently hiding how much she misses her sons.


  • January: The captain grants Yindi her freedom, having come to see her as a crewmate rather than a slave. She stays with them until their next docking at Freetown.
  • October: After months of caring for livestock and working odd jobs for food and shelter, Yindi meets Panda, Venom, and Isolde of Anathema. They invite her to work for their pack in a more stable environment, and she accepts.


  • The adopter is free to add new events, but they cannot alter existing ones.



  1. (NPC) I have been genetically predisposed to feel this (15 Oct 2013)
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  2. (NPC) My Skin is Burning but I Embrace the Pain with Open Arms (5 Jan 2014)
    Anathema, with Panda, Sixx. Yindi assists in a branding ritual.


  1. [2]? (DD Mon)
    AREA?, with CHARACTER?. Example of how to re-start numbering following section break.

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