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Hello there, I am Lullaby though you might know me through a few other names. I have been known as Illusions, Whiskey, Lace, and maybe a few others but now I am primarily Lullaby! I live in a rather large state called Texas, where I see that quite a few of us 'Soulsters live. I have been here about nine years as of November twelfth, as well as being with my beloved of the same time frame.

I suppose I've been around for a while now. When I'm not being a member of this awesome site, I am a cake decorator as well as a decorator of cookies!

I joined 'Souls with the character that I played fro a brief period of time, Oliver - but most people recognize me these days as with my later character, Juliet Moonsong. I am now currently active with Lyubov Hushhowl, who is my primary character..

On a side note, you might have noticed that all my characters are Adoptables. Making me one of those creatures that seems to stalk others and not make my own characters, look out, I might be stalking your created bloodline next!



  • Location: Garland, Texas
  • Joined:
1st: 26th July 2011
2nd: 3rd March 2011

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Lyubov Hushhowl

Puppy of Casa di Cavalieri

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  • lullaby is one of the sweetest people evarrrrr ~ Raze
  • You keep stealing all my adoptables! And I love it~ <3 Miyu
  • Lullaby is awesome. <3 you! Salena